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  • vivek_raahi 3h

    मेरे आदरणीय दादाजी कहा करते थे..

    वृक्षारोपण कार्य महान।
    एक वृक्ष दस पुत्र समान।।

    प्रकति में जगतजननी माँ शक्ति जैसी ममता भी है,
    महाकाल के ताण्डव से विश्वप्रलय की क्षमता भी है।

    अब ये हम पर निर्भर है कि हम प्रकृति के क्रोधाग्नि में जलकर भस्म हो जाएँ।

    या प्रकृति के ममता से परिपूर्ण आँचल में स्नेह का हरा भरा संसार पाएँ।।
    #vivek_raahi ✍��✍��

    हाँ विलंब हुआ लेकिन पर्यावरण संरक्षण किसी दिन का मोहताज नहीं������������

    #saveearth #savenature #planttrees #savetrees

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    इंसाँ में गर पर्यावरण संरक्षण का संकल्प आ जाए,
    प्रकृति के क्रोध को प्रेम से सींचने का विकल्प आ जाए।

    आदित्य की रश्मि भी शीतल हो जाए,
    यदि वृक्षारोपण का दृढ़निश्चय हम सब कर जाएँ।

    पशु-पक्षियों में भी नवजीवन आ जाए,
    जब लहलहाते जंगलों में दावाग्नि का संकट टल जाए।

    हर एक शज़र में मेहनत रूपी फल आ जाए,
    प्रकृति का फिर से हरा-भरा कल आ जाए।

    पोखर,निर्झर,तरंगिणी और सागर कल-कल के मधुर गीत गाएँ,
    तो क्यों न प्रकृति के प्रति हम सब अपना-अपना कर्तव्य निभाएँ।

  • abhipriyashrivastaw 1d


    The sky is crying..
    The earth is dying..
    What we did with nature..
    In return, dying all creature..
    Lets pledge..
    To save the environment..
    Making it beautiful..
    To enjoy your retirement..


  • amatuer__writer_12 1d

    And the nature is standing
    in the court of law,
    All the human are being punished
    by the verdict of lord!!!


  • a_pen_scribbler 2d

    Tomorrow its June 5th, Its called World Environment Day. Tomorrow you will be able to see some planting trees, cleaning the surroundings, etc, etc....... but remember you can see it only tomorrow, it happens only during these types of days.
    Don't just remember her for tomorrow's sake.
    Remember her and be thankful to her till you take your last breathe, even that belongs to her.


  • prakashinidivya 2d

    यूं मेरी जिंदगी आज थोडी तड़प उठी !!!
    न्यूज़ देख कर रूह मेरी धड़क उठी !!!

    मुक्कमल करने लगे यूं जिंदगी ...रहम ख़ुदा भी ना कर सकेंगे
    अभी इक वाइरस बदला ले रहा .. सैकड़ों और भी फॉर्म भरेंगे !!!

    सनक सवार हुआ होगा उनपर, पापी जीवन भर रहेंगे!!
    इल्तिज़ा जीने की होगी गर उन्हें, ख़ुद को पाप मुक्त कैसे करेंगे !!!

    सीने की तड़प उनकी, नदी भी ख़ूब चीखेंगे !!!!
    शान्त उस मां की तरह, आंखों से अश्रू केवल ही बहेंगे !!!

    "इंसानियत "जख्मी हुआ है आज ....देव रूप फिर बदलेंगे !!!
    कटाक्ष प्रहार अपने अंश का ,हर प्राणी से वो ले लेंगे !!!

  • gp0797 1w

    Remembrance to Lost

    Raining were the days and windy were the nights, sky full of stars and trees far till sight.
    Pure were our hearts just like the weather, with birds and animals at peace,
    Happiness and harmony at its peak and cleaner air to breath.
    Healthy was the food, with pure sweet water to drink , playful were the fields all around,
    Brotherhood with empathy and compassion filled in people we did surround.
    Demolished our nature and environment in every way out, purity died in silence and impurity left to shout.
    Gone are the days , leaving us all with regrets and sorrow,
    Taking than giving to nature , humanity was left out in shush and burrowed .


  • gp0797 1w

    Relive The Change

    Days are lost which made us felt happy, planting trees and samplings, bathing in clean water, and breathing in clean air..
    We have let ourselves down, in race heading to nowhere.

    Finding comfort has become a big deal today, happiness is lost and so is the care.
    We humans have deteriorated our earth , which surely is much harder to repair.

    Bring back that comfort, sleeping under the tree with cold and fresh air blowing around,
    Amity and peace between people with happiness and no boundaries to surround.

    Relive the old era, with much more compassion than pressure and stress, bring back that joy in every moment with happiness


  • gp0797 2w

    Conserve and thus Reserve

    Sleeping on the couch , finding more comfort than bed,
    waking up early heading on to work with eyes still painted red.

    Running all day long, pretending to be fresh and happy.. We have lost ourselves some where somehow ,
    We have set off our emotions, and hardly care of a thing now.

    Gone are the days we felt happy planting trees and samplings, bathing in clean water, and breathing clean air,
    We have definitely let ourselves down, in race heading to nowhere.

    Remembering the older days, let's bring back our past and Reviving back our earth as it was,

    Removing and eradicating the prevailing problem with its implanting cause.


  • leona_ 2w

    A mildly harsh, you could call it, reminder that the Earth needs our help and it's our duty to save Her! #savetheplanet #savetheearth #saveearth #harshtruth #sadtruth #globalwarming #climatechange #wecanifwewantto #wecan #nature #love #thoughts #life #mother #save #motherearth

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    The Question

    I have a question...

    Would you hurt your mother?

    If you would not, then...

    Why do you hurt Mother Earth?

    Why do you destroy Her like this?

    Why do you hurt your Mother like this?

    What if...

    What if one day She breathed her last breath?

    What if one day She could provide no more oxygen for you to thrive?

    What if one day... She ceased to exist?

    What if one day... All Her marvellous wonders were no more but a distant dream?

    A fading, distant dream you observed from afar while breathing your last breath because you destroyed Her like this?

    All She wanted was for you to be happy.

    That's it.

    She would die for you.

    It didn't mean She had to.


  • bazeela 3w

    I too lived in the greenary of nature,
    Lands bestowed with lakes and seas;
    Far till the eyes went,
    I could see waves all along;
    Waves of happiness,
    Waves of nature;
    We too had cover outside,
    The subtle boundary which long ago died;
    The rain brought pearls with it,
    Centuries have passed, and they no longer come;
    Sky was full of colours and fairies,
    Fairies roaming all along;
    The colour is no longer there,
    I can see only darkness around;
    The fairies, the bipiped, everyone is gone,
    It is empty all along;
    How is it, only I remain?
    Pinching myself, I feel no pain;
    Am I dead or am I alive,
    Then came a kindered hand, and I see light around;
    I live in greenary of nature,
    Land bestowed with lakes and seas;
    Far till the eyes went,
    I could see waves all along.

    Then came the angel and told me who I was,
    They called me Martian;
    The clay of Mars, they say,
    Feeble voices shouting 'Red Planet' all along;
    The angels took me along for a walk,
    Universe beaming in our path;
    Could see the children of Big Bang all along,
    Some dead and some still alive;
    There was my Mars,
    Hidden in the curtains of darkness;
    The surface looked drenched in grief,
    The heart burning red hot;
    As if it was struck by clouds of darkness,
    The vanward clouds of evil days;

    Is the universe empty?, I ask
    Had it been, they say;
    The Mother Mars even being destroyed,
    Turned to God and asked for help;
    Help not for her,
    For the human;
    Her eyes closed and head bowed,
    Listening to the wails in her burning heart;
    No force could have set her in motion,
    Then God accepted her notion;
    Earth was granted to the humans anew
    And she hid herself behind the queue;
    Happiness beaming in her burning heart,
    Seeing her children still alive;

    Then I tell them show me the Earth,
    A picture in my mind was shaken all along;
    She too was grieving,
    She too was weeping;
    The darkness engulfing her in its arms,
    She too was wailing all along.


    #poetry #poem #earth #saveearth #life #sadness #anger #fire #human #grief #nature #mars

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    I'm Martian

  • leona_ 6w

    Sometimes I wonder how long humans have left to breathe.


  • bazeela 6w

    We surely have no planet B, we should have saved Mother Earth.

  • mino_3370 6w

    Only We Can Change Our Planet

    This world is open to you and nobody owns the land because it depends on nature, try to understand that you stop fighting like shit.

    All living things have some names and are maintained by a human, they are crazy to see the sun and the moon before we end up like the moon and the sun, only they disappeared.

    The way we try to survive here eating for an animal or vegetables is only a generational stage, it is followed and we do not lie to anyone for the reason that we lie.

    Do not forget that what we do tomorrow will have an impact on a great epidemic and now we are realizing in this world how cruel we are to hunt anything.

    Try to change yourself and your mind. Make something change in this environment and save every natural thing that will take human precautions and save you.

    Time is in our hands, let's make it a proper way to find the right rooted path to feed this earth and we will save it, in common, lift everyone up.


  • s_riyansha 6w

    Celebrating beauty of earth on World Earth day:)
    #nature #earthday #nature'slove #lovefornature #saveearth #mirakee #saveenvironment

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    क्या कहूँ उसे?

    क्या कहूँ इस प्रकृति को; ईश्वर की नियामत या कुदरत की देन

    जिसकी एक झलक से नेत्रो को मिले सुकून और चैन

    क्या फुरसत से बनाया है इश्वर ने इस प्रकृति को

    पे‌‌‌‌ड़, फूल, पत्ते, आकाश और धरती को

    हर मुस्काते हुए पुष्प को देखकर ह्रदय प्रफुल्लित हो जाता है

    सुर्य की बादलो के साथ आँख मिचोली देखकर मनमोहित हो जाता है

    पर्वत की बाहो से नीचे कूद रहे विशाल झरने

    विहगो की उड़ान ऊँचे अम्बर मे

    फूलो से रंग चुराकर जब निकल आता है इंद्रधनुष

    संसार का हर एक मन हो जाता है खुश

    पुरा जग सुनहरा हो जाये सुर्योदय की पहली किरण से

    अंतस्तल भ्रमित हो जाये शीतल वायु की छुअन से

    खूबसूरत चमत्कार या ईश्वर की अद्भुत कलाकृति, क्या कहूँ इसे?
    कोई भी उपमा दो कम है जिसे!

  • s_riyansha 6w


    हरी-भरी इस प्रकृति को लग गई ये किसकी नज़र

    चारो ओर है फैली गंदगी, है कुड़ा-कचरा जिधर-उधर

    कर है मनुष्य सर्वनाश, ईश्वर के ईस निर्माण का

    बदल के रख दिया चेहरा उसने इस सारे जहाँ का

    प्रकृति जो पहले हरी-भरी कहलाती थी

    शुद्ध हवा भी स्वच्छता के गुण-गान गाती थी

    वह सुंदर प्रकृति आज हो गयी बिमार है

    यहाँ-वहाँ सिर्फ कूड़ा-कचरा और गंदगी का हाहाकर है

    कचरे ने मचा रखा है शोर गलिया भी इस शोर से परेशान है

    मानव ने फैलाया कचरा आज वही ले रहा उसकी जान है

    जन्म दिया उसने कूड़े को, आज वही उसके सिर पर बोल रहा है

    पर्यावरण का संहार करने, बलशाली कुड़ा धावा बोल रहा है

    निसर्ग को करते हुए नष्ट, वक़्त जोर से भाग रहा है

    और ये बेपरवाह मानव अब निंद से जाग रहा है

    थोड़ा समय अब भी बाकी है, सुधर जा ऐ मनुष्य

    वरना देखना पड़ेगा तुझको तेरे ही सर्वनाश का दृश्य

    कूड़ा है तेरा महशत्रु ईस बात को तू जान ले

    बचाने पर्यावरन को ईस महाशत्रु की तू जान ले

    बच जायेगी ये पृथ्वी, अगर समझ गया तू ईस बात को

    अब सिर्फ तेरे हाथ मे है हटाना पृथ्वी से कचरे की ईस अंधेरी रात को

  • ankit_p 7w

    वनों की कटाई

    आकर देख रहे है वो जंगलो से यहाँ, तुम्हारी सड़को पर,
    की उजाड़ के घर उनका, तुम कितनी खुशी से जी रहे हो ।

  • ___alxita 8w

    -- Bomb of Yesterday --

    At last, another day of endless turmoil
    As real-life faces a pandemic that'll spoil
    The society's lives and economies too
    Only to realize, they're backfired by their selfless fools

    From their bombs set up from yesterday
    It's no wonder why Earth is crying
    Soullessly seeking help from its critters everyday
    To the point that their misdemeanors come back blasting

    At last, why not seek for some revenge?
    Or rather, some peace and quiet from humans
    For the nature she'll always help to avenge
    The unreal fires made by the scoundrels of land

    From the bombs of yesterday, it's now coming back
    Twisting fates, affecting lives, her revenge never lacks
    Humankind's pushed right off the cliffs
    As they battle off the crisis and will they again, uplift

    #poetry #covid #earth #saveearth #crisis #bombs #life #thoughts #soulless #humanity #society

    Poem no. 19
    Apr. 10, 2020, 5:41 PM (GMT+8)

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    Bombs of Yesterday

    "Soullessly seeking help from its critters everyday, to the point that their misdemeanors come back blasting"

  • m_shantanoo 8w


    कभी समंदर की गश्त लगाती
    लहरों से पूछो उनका हाल क्या है,
    कभी आसमान के ताज बने
    बादलों से पूछो उनका हाल क्या है,
    कभी धरती के चादर बने
    पत्तों से पूछो उनका हाल क्या है,
    दर्द उन सबके दिल में होगा पर बयान
    हमसे पूछे बिना करेंगे,
    ऐ इंसान! बदल सकते हो तो बदलो
    वरना वो(ऊपरवाला) पलक झपकने का
    मौका भी ना देंगे..

  • ___alxita 10w

    #saveearth #humanity #quotes #covid-19 #thoughts
    Quote no. 12
    Mar. 29, 2020, 9:46 PM (GMT+8)

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    The virus attacks, but hope never lacks
    It may last long, but hope's always strong


  • bhabana_deka 9w

    Let's go to the ancient times again.
    Let's live, let's play, let's love.
    Let the world live in its own way.
    Let us be just its component.

    Let the nature rule.
    Let the flowers bloom.
    Let the rocks erosion.
    Let the birds lay eggs.
    Let the clouds rain.
    Let the rivers flow.
    Let the trees grow.

    Let us go to the ancient times again.
    Let's just eat, just dance, just love,
    just laugh, just live.

    Let just be a part of the earth.
    Not the ruler.

    Let the emotions win, let the compititions stop.
    Let the developement of modernilisation stop.

    Let the GREEN live.
    Let the life live.
    Let's go to the ancient times again