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    हा मानता हूं कि आशिक़ हूं तुम्हारा मगर
    तुम गुलाम समझने की गलती मत करना

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    Hidden in this vessel for protracted periods with only my thoughts to identify "self"
    Who am I?

  • magaan_10 15h

    One reason to write these quotes is just to look at my mind's swing of moods over the period of time and to know the manipulations that the environment has made in decisions and changing decisions.

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    For self , be boundless & immeasurable.
    For self , be a critic and less displayed.

    Bg~ Beyond Normal.

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    Khudi wo, jo khud mei la- mehdood, paimaiyish se bahar ho.

    Khudi wahi, jo numayish kam khud ki naqad zyada ho.


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    ಸೋಲು, ಗೆಲುವು ಯೋಚಿಸುವ ಮೊದಲು;
    ಪ್ರಯತ್ನದ ಪ್ರಯಾಣದ ಹಾದಿ ಬೆನ್ನಹತ್ತೊನ
    ನಡೆಯುವ ನಡತೆ ನಿಷ್ಠೆಯಂದ ಕೂಡಿದ್ದರೆ;
    ನೋಡಿ ಆಡಿಕೊಳ್ಳುವರಿಗೆ ಅದುವೇ ಆಯುಧವಾಗಲಿ,
    ಬೆನ್ನು ತಟ್ಟಿ ಪೋಷಿಸುವ ಪ್ರೀತಿಪಾತ್ರರಿಗೆ, ರಕ್ಷಣೆಯಾಗಲಿ!


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    Some unknown facts about me -Antisocial

    I 'm antisocial,yet social ....
    I don't speak first ,but when someone speaks to me I "ll speak to them .
    Some people take this habit of my as being an Egoistic .
    I 'm extremely shy , quite and awkward in front of new people....
    But once you know me ,I 'm weird as Hell
    My mood swings frequently ..like somedays I 'm really annoying, irritating, aggressive, depressed and don't speak to anyone for weeks and months .....
    I 'm like a turtle in my shell like nah today 's not my day for socializing .. .
    The other day , I'm happy , excited and talkative...
    Being antisocial is not a bad thing .
    I don't have a welcome mat at the door of my heart ...
    Because I have no tolerance for fake, diplomatic people
    And liars
    I 'm just not user -friendly #antisocial ..


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    Nobody else can ever understand you better than you yourself. The day you were born to the day you'll die..it's just your soul who staysa and rest is all a phase which may last or may not.
    #Self love #Fight for yourself #Feel the vibes

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    To ourselves

    Khudko itna pehchano,
    Ki aayna phir tumhe tumse kya milaye.
    Khudko itna chaho,
    Ki kissi ki chahat banna hi na chahe.
    Khudko itna samjho,
    Ki kissi ka sahara hi na mange.
    Khudko itni mohabbat du,
    Ki kissi ki wafao ko tarsu hi na.
    Khud hi ka sahara ban jau,
    Ki kissi ki zarurat banu hi na.
    Ab apne har dard ko khud hi samhal lu,
    Ab apne rishte khud hi sawar lu,
    Ab apna pyaar khud hi se jata lu,
    Kyuki zamane mai qadr-e-ishq toh kam hi hai..
    Bas ab apni hi ruh mai samhale..khud hi mai jee lu.

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    Living a complete life includes,
    solving day to day problems.
    The key to happiness in life is,
    coming up with better solutions each time we come across the same set of problems
    as well as improving the level of new problems we get to face...!

    All of this comes from an exclusive "mantra"....which is nothing but EXPERIENCE.

    Do you know from where experience comes from?

    It comes from "literally living our lives " .


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    First time trying a Kimo ��

    #Kimo @mirakee @writersnetwork #Mornings #Mirror #self

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    Standing still, staring at the cracked mirror
    Shattered pieces of my self
    Reflects stories untold

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    My helpless self

    My helpless self is always finding ways to express...
    My helpless self trying to answer the questions that haven't been asked yet...
    My helpless self is always blaming itself for the things that are countless...
    My helpless self is in search of a spot where it won't feel distressed...
    My helpless self is constantly muttering to itself...
    My helpless self is busy trying not to act helpless....


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    अंदाज तो काफी हसीन था उनका .....।
    सुकर है वो मेरा मह़ज अंदाजा ही था ....।।


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    #love #smile #motivation
    #self-motivation #philosophy
    Numerous ropes tied in my limbs,
    Holding me back from world.
    Without letting me out,
    Without letting me breath,
    From the room of the Brits,
    I'm striving to be free.
    From this hopeless feets,
    I needed to be free.
    I know I should leave,
    It's scaring me through veins.
    I can feel my heart so hard,
    Thriving in the pain.
    I should find a way
    Or bleed my heart and stay.
    They are stubbing in deep
    II"L soon see my dead end.
    No I can't do it
    Iam craving for that chance
    I shall get it soon
    I can be myself schame
    Once they get tried
    They shall give up themselves.
    So i can go ahead
    Stepping on there heads
    I've got million trillion reasons
    To get out of it in and being alive
    I found it in my life
    In each soul and nature around
    I see many smiling faces,
    Faithful my strength
    If ignore them
    I can't wash away that sin.
    I can see many problems
    Ahead coming to me
    But i have got that full spirit,
    To face it when it strikes
    The only strength i carve
    Out of hope
    I have to do million of things
    I can't leave it and go
    I have many dreams to fulfill
    I can't let them bury deep
    I have to see more smiling faces
    I can't drop that target down
    I've got million trillion reasons
    To continue in my life.....

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    I've got million trillion reasons
    To continue in my life

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    Yes I'm broken but not enough to survive upon your bond to fix me up

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    Never try to put efforts at places where your respect is null.
    You feel void and shattered..don't let anything ever force you.
    #Fight for yourself #Self-esteem

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    Har roz..ek hi baat dohrae,
    Tera saath chikh-chikh kar bulae.
    Meri majudgi tera dard hai,
    Mera naam tera hatiyar..
    Seene mai mar jisse khushiya tu kamay..
    Teri mehfilo mai mere hi zikr ho,
    Arso ki badnamiya jhatke mai nikal jaye.
    Iss adhe se adhure se rishte ko..tu pyaar bulaye.
    Na mera hona pasand,
    Na pana hi tu chahe,
    Bas jeete jee zalili ke nazare dikhaye.
    Mere armano ko jhuta bulae,
    Teri kabhi jaan thi..aaj insan bhi nazar na aaye.

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    The #love, which I loved #you more than myself,
    The #pain, which I holded more, when leaving you,
    The #self #respect which became the #mask of mine, infront of you,
    Are the only #feelings memorized by my #brain, for which this #dead #heart, pumping the #unwanted blood.

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    The love, which I loved you
    more than myself,
    The pain, which I holded more,
    when leaving you,
    The self respect which became
    the mask of mine, infront of you,
    Are the only feelings memorized
    by my brain, for which this dead heart, pumping the unwanted blood.

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    Deciphered the text that had his life,
    Text weren't greedy enough,
    Rather selfish enough that ate him as a whole,
    Deviated from the path that paved for him,
    Pain crucified him, drowned his aim,
    Later every second he never understood,
    What time had left for him,
    Until the very blade that dipped his blood.


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    "There was a tinge of sadness in her voice"
    "I don't know Shruti, you know, she's a little girl, and from now only she's thinking that she's living unloved."
    "She's little, but her poetries are strong, as if any experienced writer has written"
    "Yes. But she never writes on love. Like you, just like you Shruti! Isn't she in love with herself? Why is she so much like you, damnit!"

    Hello people. I'm Shruti, a writer. And i don't talk about love. I talk about reality. And i believe, if reality is good, then there's love. But if reality is not good, then I pick out all those hatred emotions of reality and put them into my words. So that you all read all those hatred things in better, deeper words, and try to bring the change. But my this nature made someone feel that there's nothing like self love. So I write a letter this time, a letter to self.

    Dear Shruti,
    I don't know how to start a letter. I mean, it's easy to write letters to others, but not to self. Still, let's try. After all, you are not going to judge "A letter to self."
    So, let's start with this, you've always been an emotional fool. Don't you dare to lie! I know you very well! You're an emotional fool who cries about everything, every little thing! You loose a close person, you cry. You never loose a close person, then also you cry. A sad movie makes you cry, happy endings makes you cry.. why?!
    But I wonder, I wonder where your tears fall.. in your handkerchief? your t-shirts? on someone's shoulder? in pillows? You cry on everything, but not every time. I know you don't sleep, you cry during nights, and you think nobody is watching you? Silly. I've seen your tears soaking into blanket, that you keep with yourself not when you feel cold, but when you want to feel warm. You write on everybody, even I write, on you, because I feel, I believe, you're a beautiful heart. Don't get emotional. I know all about you, Love.

    You're not just an emotional fool, you're also a decent, better person. Not so smart, but you always try to do all good work. And (if) people appreciate you, you be like, "Not a big deal for me." You work hell lot, to make everything look best! But from so many years, I was wondering, why you didn't care about getting credits for your work, but later I understood, you care about happiness, not credits.
    And I love you for this, you know?

    And why do you fall in love with people so deeply? Did anybody of them ever understand your emotions? No! Did they love you back? Yes. Like you did? No. Never. Because your love is different from all. They didn't understand that how you gave your almost everything for their one God damn smile! And how openly they say today that you don't deserve good things, good people. And this broke you, right? But you still love without letting them know your pain. How do you do that? I don't know if I love you for this behavior.

    And your dreams? What are your dreams? Why this question has no answer of yours? You took Science, and now English, for interest! You write poems, stories, with better contents! Then why isn't there any content of your dream plans? Degree? Profession? Passion? Anything? Nope. But I know why you don't have them, your dreams aren't bounded into professions. They're beyond these degrees boundary. And I'll always support you to fly beyond everything.

    So, there are so many things about you, that you never share with anybody. Not even with me. But still, I want you to know that I appreciate you the most. Thank you, for caring, thinking about everybody, for loving everybody so much, for not being selfish but believing in self love, for being kind even when you have nothing.

    Thank you, for being a part of this hectic life, and still loving everything. Stay blessed.


    "Take this letter to that little girl, and every other person existing, who think that they're lost in others and their existence too is lost. Let everybody read this to understand that, we meet people not to explore only what they're. To different people, we're different versions. Their existence help us in knowing our versions as well, about which we were unaware. Love letters are not just meant for others. Love letters are made for you as well. If nobody else is writing you, then don't feel unloved. Write yourself a letter, with no fake condolences, no temporary feelings, only real words, real emotions, for a real YOU. Write, A letter to self, and fall in love with your corner."

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writersbay #pod #sadness # writersofmirakee #poet #stories #quotes #life #self love

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    A letter to self.


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    A Fake Mask we wear.
    More louder it sounds, more brittle we are from core.

    p. s : Not always! ❤
    Not forever! ❤
    Because there will arrive a time when we laugh aloud turning our backs to dark past ignoring all the scars it gave to break us.
    We can do it because we did take birth from that pain yet again.
    And Now we laugh aloud at them!


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    Unka kahna h !

    mai tumhy is hdd tk ignore kr skta hu .....
    Ki tumhy apni mojudgi pr skk ho jayga .....
    Mainy kaha !!

    Mai tumhy us hdd tk brads kr skti hu ....
    Ki tumhy insan hony pr trs ayega ....