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  • eri_oye 10w

    The Rape Victim

    His violent arms have held me down.
    Somebody help me now!
    I'm fighting hard with blood and sweat.
    My screaming, to him, is not even a threat.
    His coarse voice sounds like a wild bear.
    Oh! I just wanted to disappear!

    With that evil thing of his,
    He's defiled this poor helpless miss.
    Every entry leaves a worse feeling.
    The next groan is deeper than the latter.
    To him, my pain doesn't even matter.

    Now, he's left me with this scar.
    He's done me too much mar.
    This memory will never leave me,
    But I hope, soonest, I'll heal.

    I still wish one thing though,
    Not to punish or take revenge tomorrow.
    But to this promise I will cling —
    Never to raise a delinquent as this thing.


  • eri_oye 10w

    The Bold Step

    "I'm worthless" is all that's in her head.
    "I'm useless, nothing but a living dead."
    Now, she feels less of herself,
    All she sees is an empty shelf.
    In the twinkle of her poor helpless eye,
    It was stolen from her, that which she held so high;
    Her virginity,
    This, she had vowed to keep from immorality.
    The tomorrow she imagined has gone with the theft.
    Now, all she has is nothing left.
    No more visions to cherish,
    Even the wildest dreams have gone to perish.

    But it is she who stands now in your presence,
    Only with a major difference.
    She's now made, she's all new,
    It feels like her dreams are coming true.
    "There's more for me that tomorrow holds,
    More, that even eyes are yet to behold."
    Suddenly, all these wishes have life again.
    Life now offers something outside pain.
    With this energy, she awakes day and night,
    To make real, this future of hers so bright.

    What could've happened? I know you're guessing.
    Let me quickly add, to save you from stressing.
    It is just some pep,
    That I call THE BOLD STEP.
    She spoke out, bringing to book,
    The evil of that rapist, the crook.
    Now, nothing can stop her from making a reality,
    All of her fantasy.