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  • fizuaa 2w


    Some people feel being a writer is a child's play......you take a pen, paper and ideas start to flow but it's not always the same ......some days you really hunt for it and when you get it those are the shittiest ones

  • veronica099_ 3w


    Someday, somewhere will I belong,
    where there will have a little garden.
    where I will have my own share of Sunlight.
    When I would not be known as a normad,
    going with the flow.
    Like an unanchored vessel,
    staged in between contrasting currents.
    In one, abiding by the norms,
    other as the heart guides.
    When there would not be,
    these bloodthirsty fences.
    Where my voice be heard
    And my heart in bliss.
    I will win that day,
    so are like mine.

  • mili_______ 3w

    Life surprises us in times and ways we least expect, but never let that consume you. You're stronger than you believe yourself to be.


  • redneckwriter69 5w

    Devil Confiscated My Soul

    Started out peace ,, freedom free
    Happy that I once was
    No more did it come out to see
    Smiles lost brightness in the eyes gone
    Travelled some enjoyed sights
    Felt experiences and sorrows
    Crack would continue as life
    Awoken heart complete
    And intact from pain not known yet
    Sheltered she wasn't protection
    Not around
    Life's guarantee didn't continues planned
    Scarred from shock and pain
    That forever will remain
    Person tragedy came in waves
    Drowning and downward spiral
    One after one
    Crack becoming bigger ready to fall
    Happiness was thought come along the way
    Ended and one crack blew out a wall
    Made to split importance suffering in full
    Strong or weak will not fall
    Picking pieces of a cracked side
    And filling
    Whether a speck or a chunk
    Not faulter and failure will take
    What is trying to rebuild a soul
    Demons downward seeping never return
    Hold the reigns and stop the action
    Haulting in there steps overlapped
    By the powerful steps
    One-day victory will
    Managing the calmness and peace again..

  • __midnightsolace___ 6w

    Don't let anyone take control of your life. Don't listen to others. Everyone in this world will try to bring you down, they will demotivate you, they will hurt your feelings, they will talk behind your back, but don't... Don't listen to them. You know who you are and you know what you can do. Trust yourself. You know your strengths and weakness more than anyone else. Fight for your dreams, fight for your ambitions. There will be many struggles in the way, you will fail a lot of times, you will feel like giving up but don't... No matter how hard it gets fight for it. Work hard and take control of your life. You know what you want. Get it. Don't lose hope. If you focus on what you want and you don't let anyone stop you, trust me, one day you will achieve it


  • remmy7moon 7w

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    Make the world a better place

    To the merciless world that makes fun of every touching, shameful incidence.
    How the world comes with number of evil fare and it turns into a melodrama.
    How it involves innocent souls and shrinks them until their spirits evaporate and the remaining condense to the cold hearted character.
    It pierces them into a scream of silence.
    The vibration of thunder comes before lightening since they can't hold it together.
    It hurts to see the world making fun of the souls scrawling back to the trench.
    It hurts so much that no one holds their hands to say its okay to fall down but its not okay to remain down.
    The wave is blowing away the negotiable humans, the ones whose emotions are getting high, the ones whose fresh bodies are as weak as water, feeling no pain and losing control of their mind.
    Its a pity that some perceptions are never tried out but for once in our life time
    let us feel something and save souls that are drowning in deep oceans of thoughts, sickness, adultery, instabilities, emotional torture, honestly the list is endless.
    In a big way it will make the world a better place not a kismet.

  • __midnightsolace___ 7w

    Franklin Roosevelt was paralyzed from the waist down by polio but the illness didn't stop him and he became the President of the United States

    J.K Rowling the author of Harry Potter had lost her mother when she had just begun to write the book. She ended up with a failed marriage and a baby daughter who she had to raise. She hit rock bottom and struggled with depression. She later resumed her work on her book but was rejected by 12 publishers. Finally, the editor at Bloomsbury Publishing Company published her book and now she is an author whose book series has been translated into 73 languages, sold millions of copies, and accrued over $20 billion through movie adaptations and sponsorships.

    Michael Jordan the best basketball player of all times once said - "I've missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed"

    If we look at all these stories of famous people who failed, we see that they all had one thing in common - "They never gave up". It's not easy to pick yourself up after a failure but it's definitely possible. We just need to fight the motivation to keep fighting, whenever you feel like giving up, just remember why you wanted to do that task in the first place. The key to success is to learn from your failures. I believe in you and I know that you will succeed in whatever you do. No matter how hard it gets, keep fighting. Never ever give up.


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    No one is perfect in this world. We all make mistakes someway or the other, but just because you make mistakes doesn't means you aren't good at it or you should give up.

    Trust me, everyone in this universe has struggled a lot in their life, but the people who has achieved success are the people who never gave up. They learned from their mistakes, stood back on their feet, and worked hard to ensure that they don't fail again.


  • becoming 7w


    If you wish for an easy life, don't.
    Easy life leads you to saturation point where you are bored out of your mind and look for experiments to ignite a spark, which ends up burning up your whole world.
    On the contrary, a life that's challenging and demanding, turns out to be rather fruitful.
    You embrace every single victory of yours, you evolve and at the end feel content of every struggle you endured.
    ©Dr. Suez

  • mercileie_zealeaous01 7w

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    Death : End of everything ......

    For dying one day you have to live so long ,
    By being getting better everyday & strong,
    Life's laughs at you & trying to pulling back along,
    But being by knowing slowly that it's journey going on ........
    Sometimes I think to run somewhere as being alone ,
    Things gonna jumbled & being struggling into many things as me as own ,
    When everyone keeps side me & thinking of theirs own ,
    I had decided to fight till that a bright dawn ,
    Or the end of the story with the everything as pain that one day must gone ,
    It's life & it's slowly teaches that it's like a sword with doubled edged knife ,
    You bleed until you don't hold right,
    It's yours life's you gona had to fight until the end of yours journey till everything gone fine ,
    Or may be just till the End of games or everything with the problems in yours lives ,
    & finally that's the ends of everything & it's the end of life's ...........m!!

  • prinscribe 8w


    Every single human being is going through hardship from the moment of their birth. It feels like hardships are unavoidable now a days.

  • wiredweirdly 10w

    To everyone who's here, you did good. You worked hard and survived. ��

    And the goals unachieved let's get to them in 2021 or just scratch everything down to make new ones.
    p.s.: The title is inspired from the Twitter's trend going on.
    image credit to the owner (found it on Pinterest)
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    Page 365 of 366

    I've beaten myself down
    quite a lot in this volume of '20
    I've hated, questioned, doubted myself
    in most of the chapters
    it feels like a nightmare
    continuing on from '19
    struggling to go out
    for a walk or talk
    one day holding onto
    the few pages of bliss from past
    other finding anything
    to keep me sane, distracted
    and not overthink
    now even reaching
    Page 365 of 366
    i shudder at the thought
    what else can happen
    in the last page
    to think that adulting would be this tough
    I'd go back to the kid me
    to not want to grow big
    but even so I want to grow fast
    be someone independent and reliable
    and hence picking up my broken pieces
    I'm ready to move ahead
    by crawling or walking or running
    let's do it all, give our all
    to cross these hurdles
    renewing upgrading ourselves.

  • theminimalistwriter 11w

    We only suffer
    because we identify ourselves
    with our suffering
    and too frequently our value is defined on how much money we make
    and how much pain we put ourselves through
    because we tell ourselves
    "I must"
    "it's worth it"


  • pranalishah 11w

    - Struggles -

    If I had wings...
    I would’ve probably had
    the same struggles as I had
    when learning to crawl,
    walk, chase and more,
    I was learning to balance myself,
    I was learning something de novo...

    For I know eventually,
    I would have one of the best view,
    Each time I’d spread my wings and fly,
    ‘Cause the struggle was only a part of the beginning,
    ‘Cause then in the end
    I’ll earn my share of what I’d deserve...


  • justwordsby_tha_ra 11w


    In battle between rights and wrongs
    Life suffers!!!!
    In battle between mind and heart
    Soul suffers!!!!


  • the_honest_thoughts 14w

    Don't you all agree that life would be so boring without challenges?!

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    Sometimes scariness and uncertainty are the things that make your life worth living.

  • nandhiniss 14w

    Falling in love is easy but the real
    struggle is to stay in it forever

  • aachiram 14w

    I'm not a materialistic body
    That bears countless manipulation of merciless world,
    I'm an avenger for myself,
    I avenge the fallen me,
    I teach me to get up,
    And reach that summit at the edge of infinity.

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    #alive #genius #life #focus
    #struggles #dare #mirakee #words
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    #potential #attitude

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    Don't ever
    assume that I have stopped,

    That avenger is still frickin alive in me.


  • ocean_elie 16w

    "they left.."

    soundwaves , echoing in my mind
    spreading through my feeble soul,
    the ocean reflect upon my tears
    as I saw your shadows gone and vanished

    you ruined the bridge between you and me
    and rubbed out the hues we paint in our vicinity
    grief and fear , spreading through my body
    as I saw your back , turns out , at me

    the sun supplant by a dreary night
    covering by , a shady clouds
    the stars , began to vanished and disappear
    as I let out the rants , that no one could hear

    I shout , but no one listen
    I cry , but no one cares
    I'm in pain , but no one stayed
    they all left , as the sun vanished.


    ps . things might be hard , sorrowful and or painful but every pain has a brighter reason , it also molds us to become a better person. People come and go , but to those who left.. will also left lesson into our life's , and for those who stayed , supports us and lift us no matter how strong the flow of rains , right person will never leave , treasure those people who stayed into your life no matter what.
    So , don't just give up easily , always do remember that , there's always a rainbow after the frightful and scary storm.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    the stars , began to vanished and disappear
    as I let out the rants , that no one could hear

  • rakshuk 17w

    In a path of life
    I was surrounded by pointed swords bleeding ,
    Blood on ground as drops of tears.
    My eyes are as dry as desert craving for a hint of humid happiness.
    I'm alive with a burning ache in my heart.


  • poetessangge 17w


    LOVE is full of mystery,
    like her amazing charactery
    The smile on her lips
    is reminds me of a red tulip.
    LOVE is everywhere
    and the truth is always there.
    I love you,
    but you don't love me.
    Love is so precious,
    just like your actions— suspicious.
    You are my everything
    But for you, I am nothing.
    Not all questions,
    can be answered by your one solution.
    Sometimes we need to feel hurt
    to realize the hardest part—the pain.
    I love you,
    but for you it's just a lie.
    I love you,
    but for you it's just a joke.
    For the last time I say, I love you
    but you said goodbye
    and now you left me alone.