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  • meaner_than_your_ex 2d

    Heya Guys! So I'm now Back with my Awfulness and Scribbles. Hopefully I get you all Thinking about Everything I Write here and Get You Light and Sassier. I'm Now Perfectly Fine. Survived Two Suicidal Points. Got Rid off last remaining Balance of The Past. So here I am. Writing without a Care about what anyone who reads shall Say, Coz I write not to Please but Make thee Feel.

    - Me ��

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld

    #Writersnetwork #Mirakee #comeback #surviving #struggles #overcame #beattheodds #survivor

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    My Comeback.

    I hope I Find Everything I Looked in Thee,
    Because you,
    My Dear...
    Didn't take me Serious. Back Then.


  • ___ziddhi___ 2w

    ना समझ हे ये दुनिया
    कुछ को तुम ना समझे
    कुछ तुम्हे ना समझे
    जो समझे वो चले गए
    जो ठहरे वो रूट गए
    ना समझ हे ये दुनिया
    किसको समझे और किसको समझाए

  • rhymesbynick 2w

    Talking with Myself by Me or Talking with Me by Myself!

    I have illogical discussions with people I know,
    We talk about some of the places we go,
    Talk about the wind and the rain and the snow,
    Sadness and happiness and laughter and woe.
    We're happy to sometimes just go with the flow,
    Or sometimes we like to just take over the show,
    Sometimes an argument will possibly grow,
    And maybe fists are soon to follow.
    We talk about wanting to be on top,
    And don't always really realise the cost,
    We talk when we're having to bury a loss,
    At times we don't always know what we can trust.
    There's a whole world out there that we really don't know,
    There are things out there that are really hard to swallow,
    Like war and pain and madness and tomorrow,
    Losing friends and loved ones and our mind through sorrow.
    We talk about life and it's meaning to us,
    And talk about the things that cause us a fuss,
    We talk about crap that makes no sense to us,
    Like why are we always running late for the bus?
    Success and fortune can sometimes be tough,
    The path we have chosen can be a bit rough,
    We sometimes like to talk until we go nuts,
    We don't always realise how late we stay up.
    Keep your chin up and walk tall and walk out that door,
    Or we'll find our face in the dirt on the floor,
    Self pity and hate these feelings so poor,
    No more feeling so sore and unhappy and raw.
    Talking with myself is a pain in the butt,
    This rhyming really helps me shut it all off,
    Keep running and lifting and making sure we eat enough,
    We are going to bed now as we've just had a puff.


  • shimmerandshine 2w

    Life is not easy,
    You have to make it easy.!

  • the_creative_mind 2w


    Demigods : Half humans, half gods.

    Ever imagined how it would be like to be A demigod!? Sons and daughters of God's!? Like Percy and Annabeth!?

    Yes!? No!!??

    Oh! in that case, what are you all waiting for!? My invitation!? Start imagining...

    Fellow demigods like you are still alive on this earth, even Monsters and God's are real, and breathing in this era.

    Imagine fighting the Monsters with A sword, and risking your life to save the world. The pain of losing your life would be unbearable, but you would be happy that at least you died saving the world. And life of A demigod is not easy, and they never have A happy ending.

    Now, stop imagining and come back to reality.

    In the mirror.

    What do you see!? A brave and strong human is starting at you. Isn't it!? No, don't even think that you are not strong and brave. Because otherwise you wouldn't have been alive, in this life full of monsters.

    Yes, we all are heroes of your own lives and troubles. And we all are demigods, we don't need to imagine. Our parents are not less than God's themselves. Without them we won't be alive on this earth and you won't be reading this now. They have gifted us our life.

    And Monsters you ask!? Well, all our fears, pains, problems and troubles are non-other than the Monsters. And fighting these monsters is equal to fighting real monsters. But, believe me fighting them is far harder than fighting real monsters. So, yes! We are more strong and tolerant than we think we are.

    And our biggest weapon!? Well, it can be anything that makes us, you and me, overcome those obstacles. But believe me confidence, self esteem and hardwork, are one among the many weapons which we naturally posses. There are uncountable weapons which we posses, using which we can overcome our fears.

    And our life is not as easy as making random lines on paper. It's more like making A self portrait, with challenges in ever turn. We can't see what is at the back of us, in store for us. All we can do is wait until that thing makes its presence known to us.

    And if something looks invincible to us, then all we need to do is see it from A different angle, A different prospective.

    Is possible.
    In Yourself.


  • sangolf2018 3w

    may you always keep flying️

    flying for your dreams,

    your freedom,

    your goals


  • divinesam 3w

    There is no pain that's in vain

  • taiwotobi 4w

    Easy, smooth sailing life

    I know you dream of an easy, smooth sailing life. That's all it will ever be...a dream.

  • sunshinecloudnine 4w

    Mental Health

    6th Oct, 2019

    Mental health...take care of your mind..and that will take care of your body too..
    Am a mom of a special needs son..special is still an ordinary word for him..super hero..sounds bit better..
    born premature..
    NICU stay for the first 18 days
    hernia surgery at 1.5 months..
    heart surgery at 4.11 yrs..
    diagnosed with cerebral palsy..
    wait..the bigger one..
    Intractable epilepsy diagnosed at 5 years of age!!!
    And I was just 25 when I gave birth to my baby..and its still sinking in..
    day by day..week after week..month after month..year after year..it just goes on and on..
    people pity on me..sympathise...I wish they knew what it does to me..I wouldnt want anyone to do it..it makes me feel so guilty..sad..embarassed. I dont have words ro express..Just be my side..listen to me..talk..understand us..dont pity..
    And they call me "strong" all the time..because am raising my child..the child who taught me unconditional love..the same child who kisses me 100 times a day and never fails to thank me for being there for him..the same little guy who always clings on to me saying I will always love you mommy..
    this is why exactly I live for..the strength that I get from his love..those eyes search for me..those hands reach out to me..
    This journey indeed requires a strong and sound mind..heart and body..without which its impossible to survive..not for ourselves..but those who need us..love us..and dependent on us..
    Its important to open up...share..talk..may be cry a river too...and get over it..for life is a journey..which never fails to teach us..and we being obedient student..should make sure that we learn from the lessons..every day..

  • mackruis 4w

    All the path's are never narrow in life!
    All the dissapointments are never made to break you....
    All the struggles are never of waste...
    You can never face a peaceful life....
    Without facing an horrible life..!


  • nasb4id 4w

    dear sylvia plath, i think it's time you changed your name

    i feel sick, sick sick sick in a way that doesnt let the silence even scratch the surface of my greying skin anymore.
    if i were you, i wouldnt talk to me too, covered in layers of blistering distance but yet you do and you still care for the shell i thought only a mother could love.
    its not that i still feel (i dont i dont i dont i dont i swear) but its that you still care.
    i hurt you once, twice, more times.
    ....and you come back, you come back and i feel more guilt than i should.
    you still speak, even while i fade out, morph into a Sylvia Plath complex.

    .....i think i would prefer salvia.
    a numbness would do better than the dead air, radio silence.
    "houston, we have a problem" and yet houston can't fix shit, because i'm no spaceman and neither of us have ever been to texas (yet im still floating and spinning and spinning and spinning into nothingness.)
    i wont stop you, even if i should. as daunting as the ocean is its the only thing keeping me fucking sane anymore and when i close the million miles, what happens?
    does everything stay the same or will we drift apart into the stratosphere like everyone else ive cared for?

    "dear sylvia plath, i think you should change your name" because the death you promised doesn't feel right at all.

  • tortoise 4w

    I saw you fighting for me today.
    Yes, you did fight for me.
    Like ships fight against
    the tides of oceans.
    To save it's people.
    I felt really happy.
    You became my hero.
    A hero that will save his heroine.
    Such a new experience it was.
    Nobody has ever fought for me.
    No one. Ever. Not even my parents.

    I remember, as a child,
    I was bullied for my chubbiness.
    I asked my parents to fight for me.
    But they never helped me.
    Never. I cried. A lot.
    Many times.
    Moti, the word they used for me.
    That word became my new name.
    I started responding to it.
    It started haunting me.
    Sometimes consciously,
    majorly, subconsciously.
    But, my parents were so adamant.

    But then, I grew.
    Grew out of it.
    I fought for myself.
    I was a slow fighter,
    just like the tortoise.
    And a determinant one.
    There I learned how things,
    can be avoided by, taking it to humor,
    or by simply stop reacting.

    A lesson, I learnt early in childhood.
    That saved my future life!
    That was the first battle with myself.
    And I won. I won.
    My parents were more proud
    than I could ever be.

    But today, you fought for me.
    It's like, the ultimate pleasure I get.
    In that single moment.
    I feel, how you can always save me.
    How can you always protect me.
    From all the evil. From all the bullying.
    How I wished, if you were there with me
    in my childhood.
    How the story would be changed.

    And there! There I realised,
    the momentary pleasure
    turning to fumes.
    Like the puff of a cigarette.
    Or the shot of vodka.
    Momentary satisfaction.
    I, immediately, felt, so weak.
    So weak, so dependent.
    All the years of struggle
    felt useless.
    I'm not saying I'm
    the best version of me.
    But a better one, for sure.

    And you, you my love,
    you're hindrance to my growth.
    Thank you, that you fought for me.
    But please, understand,
    it's my growth.
    It's how a seed grows,
    struggling with the land,
    barren or fertile.
    It's how a bird learns how to fly.

    Your love needs to add
    meaning to my growth;
    never the obstruction.
    N e v e r.


    #mirakee #writersnetwork #love #obstruction #relationship #fight #struggles #tortoise

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    Love, the obstruction

    Your love needs to add
    meaning to my growth;
    never the obstruction.
    N e v e r.


  • artheartpoetry 5w


    It’s a race against the clock and
    death comes so close.
    Especially when you sit on a
    constant precipice of an overdose.

    I never meant to be this way.
    I actually swore completely against it. I wish I could have kept my word when I said “I’d never...”, but actually meant it.

    So nowadays you can find me outside
    in every blizzard, storm and hurricane.
    You can see the girl I used to be pleading that she’s never been the same.


  • rachnajadhav 6w

    Don't forget all the strength that's running through your veins,

    For the one who arises from all struggles is the only one who reigns.
    - Rachna Jadhav

  • samanthaharper 6w

    For all those who suffer from trauma, PTSD, Bipolar, BPD, MDD, Anxiety and many more mental health illnesses. You are warriors.


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    She walks a different path than many, a path full of struggles and lessons to be learnt. Lessons of love and heartaches, lessons of friendships and friendships lost. Her path can become so dark she struggles to see, she falls to her knees scraping them on broken stone. She may have to crawl through the intense pain but she never gives up. Even when others would she keeps moving forward till. She finally is able to stand on her feet again and a sliver of light can be seen she moves forward not resting or feeling the pain she is becoming a warrior with every new obstacle that is thrown her way. She is strong and more fierce than ever before. She is becoming the person she was always meant to be. She walks a different path than many.

  • sangolf2018 6w

    let not hardships defeat you..

    convert them into opportunities,

    and beat them


  • chiranjeet 6w

    Why keep struggling? Why not flow with the tides once?

  • broken_being 6w

    Never Did I Envisage,
    This Moment, This Image.
    Anticipating Such Abrupt Pause,
    My Life Fades, As Lady Death gives an Applause.
    Devoid of Life's Satisfaction,
    Hell Calls it's Benefaction.
    If Only Could this Moment Just Stay Still,
    But Sadly, It's not upon my Will.


  • broken_being 7w

    Laga tha Sab kho Gayi Main...
    Yeh Zindagi ke Bhaag Daud Main....
    Par Qa Pata tha Mujhe....
    Koyle sey hi toh Kohinoor banta hai....
    Zindagi ki harr haar ney hi....
    Mujhe Seekh di, Kaabil banayi...
    Zindagi Main haar seekh ke hi...
    Safalta ki ehemiyaat aur khud ko samajh Payyi.


  • pragya_shree 7w

    Log puchte hai mujhse ki
    Zindagi se itni mohabbatt kaise hogyi mujhe?

    Ab kaise smjhau unhe kisi apne ne maut bohat kareeb se dikhai thi mujhe.