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    Do you leave your dreams in the pillow too,
    Just to pick 'em up where you left but instead find a brand new...

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    Pillow talk

    Tucked on the lower right end,
    Safe and sound; I hope,
    As we part ways,
    Pulled in by their rope.
    We'll meet at post-midnight,
    An alternate Cinderella story kind,
    Where there is a new ending every time,
    A new prince, a new evil Queen,
    No happy endings,
    We never get to see these.
    A burning beam, or a deafening sound,
    Tearing our page in two,
    Joining it in someplace new.
    Once again, our own book is due.
    At times too.
    A sudden departure,
    Then again, here we go.
    We start once more,
    Never to reach the shore,
    No matter if we row or fly,
    Even if we live or die;
    No mercy, not even a chance, forget two,
    Still, I hope, one day my dream to dream, till the story completes,
    Will come true.