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  • work2rise 6w

    ALJ: Affirmation: Work

    ALJ: Because my work ethic is a reflection of me , I am purposely and positively driven to make a postive difference within my work, and workplace atmosphere.

    Affirmation #85 Day 85

    Your Behavior Reflects Your Actual Purposes.- Ronald Heifetz

    What is right expands, what is wrong tends to go away.- Wayne Dyer

    Conflict is a violation of harmony, if you participate in it, then you're a part of the problem and not the solution.- Wayne Dyer

    ALJ: I desire only what is right to expand in my life and what's wrong to go away.

  • work2rise 6w

    ALJ: Affirmation: The Right Mindset

    ALJ: I desire to focus only on what's right in my life so that what's wrong will go away.


    Affirmation #84 Day84

    What is right expands, what is wrong tends to go away.- Wayne Dyer

    ALJ: I desire what is right to expand in my life and what's wrong to go away.

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    ALJ: My losses have been my greatest lessons. I depend much( less-on) people/things/places (for they change) and more on the values of my experiences gained from the losses I had.

    ALJ: Good connections (relationship(s)/ friendships) will only contribute to your purpose. If they do not, then its a distraction in your way .

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    If it is Lost, allow it to be and not become you, for what is yours will find you. And it will take you forward, further, and higher into your purpose.

  • work2rise 8w


    Let in what you need, let go of what don't know, and move on anyway, because true things are simple , not complicated.


    Growing Rising Learning #Heal

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    True Things Are Simple

    Never judge yourself for a situation that you did not create. True things are simple, never complicated. And fears are just lies that are not worth living to prove to someone else,
    who does not seem to have the security within themselves to trust people that have been found repeatedly deserving and trustworthy of their love.

    And no , you cant live your life based on someone else fears, because when you do, your love won't be fulfilled. Because their fears will withhold their love from you. And do you believe that the love you deserve from them should repeatedly be withheld from you? Do you believe that the time you've given or the good that you've repeatedly given to them, deserves to be withheld from you? What do you believe, because in truth, true things are simple, never complicated.

  • work2rise 8w

    Its NOW not When

    "Anything that is the opposite of supportive, permanent, enduring, and true, either remove me or let it be removed permanently from me so that my goodness and well-being can expand for the things that are meant for me. "


    Xx. For me its not a matter of WHEN, Its a matter of NOW.

    Growing Rising Learning #Healing
    #69daysofwriting #69daysofcreativity

  • work2rise 8w


    Focus determines the quality of our lives.- Tony Robbins

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    Focus:-What You Love

    When you focus on what you love, then what you love becomes Who You Are.

  • work2rise 8w


    Focus determines the quality of our lives- Tony Robbins

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    ALJ--> Affirmation: Living From Within

    ALJ: There is true peace in knowing that the world I want is found within me .
    And because of this understanding, my focus is strengthen, and my peace is sheltered (protected) from life's (outer) distractions.

    ©work2rise Affirmation #67 Day 67

    X. Strength (peace) is the ability to live from within, and not by the appearances of being affected by life's everyday distractions.

    Xx. When you focus on what you love, then what you love becomes who you are.

  • work2rise 9w

    Trust over Fear?

    While you're looking to find someone to trust, know that you'll never find it, you won't ever feel safe, until you first trust YOURSELF more than your fears.

    © Work2Rise

    Stop the hurt, if you know you're not ever going to trust the person whose treated you generously, loyally, respectfully or, kindly , let them go. Because your personal fears are hurting them MORE than its hurting you. #Feardoesn'tappreciateanybody

    Grow Rise Learn #Heal

    "Happiness is not in having, but in being."- Robert A. Russell

  • work2rise 9w

    Tried & Trusted

    As fear does not discriminate its unreasonable to believe that everyone is untrue or untrustworthy. But you can tell when someone you care about has issues of trust, especially when it involves you. There is a patterned behavior, that regularly happens between you often.

    They are in such anticipation of betrayal, abandonment, or fear, that they often find themselves emotionally and physically sabotaging their relationships with you or others just to avoid what they think is inevitable.

    But if only they recognize, and recognize sooner that their behavior is actually damaging positive or potential relationships. Simply by them allowing their own personal fears to control their behavior or decisions it creates, imbalance and lack of trust and commitment, within the relationship.

    Keep in mind, and keep encouraged that if they're personal fears or behavior is starting to affect you and your relationship with them, either kindly let them know, or kindly let them go.

    Because while they're waiting to find trust in someone, they'll never find it, unless they trust themselves, more than their own fears.


    Grow Rise Learn #Heal

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    "What We Feel Is What We Give, And What We Give Out Is What We Get Back."

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    On the Outside Feeling In

    Empty words of praise,

    You're the best,
    You're great,
    You're awesome,

    to now living pushed on the outside of your life, wondering what I have done, when I haven't done anything,

    but be great, right?

    But what If I hadn't done anything for you at all from the beginning.

    What if I had done absolutely nothing for you all this time, in contributing to the meaning of us.

    Would I still be great to you then, from doing absolutely nothing?

    Does that look good to you, having people interested , but never really committed?

    Hence, maybe it takes the presence of nothing to see something. I may be locked out now, but I'm looking in now.

    ©work2rise x.

    Growing Rising Learning #Healing

  • work2rise 9w

    Letting Be What Isn't

    I Got too comfortable with our routine

    Got too comfortable with believing that even on a worse day

    You would stand to know and trust me more by my support, consistency, and effort than by some unfortunate event that hasn't even happened between us,

    For I Am not your past, and never will be,
    I didn't create the doubt or confusion between us-- you did:

     Walled In/Shut Out/ 
    Unresponsive/ Non Communicative/ Cold/Unconcerned/Absent

    I never stood to create habits that was never really between us or a part of us, until now. 

    But you did.

    For I am Not Your Past, and never will be. But You always seem to be the 1st and the only one, between US, 

    to doubt ME. 

    Yet, if this is the last , that you'll ever learn or know from me,  know that I've Never Ever doubted you first, 

    until Now.

    I'm Letting Be What Isn't.

    Growing Rising Learning #Healing

  • work2rise 9w

    ALJ-->Affirmation: Deserving

    ALJ: I Am receiving/getting what my heart and soul deserves.

    ©work2rise Affirmation#59 Day 59

  • work2rise 10w

    What YOU Feel is What YOU Give

    If your habits or behavior is not producing a greater experience within your own personal relationships with others, then thats a personal habit that you need to change and work on within yourself. Because if you are constantly receiving the same experience with everyone, then its not everyone, its YOU.

    Your behavior/habits only gives out the experience you want to receive. So if you're withdrawn from everyone, or difficult or easygoing, unkind or kind, shy or charismatic ,untouchable or reachable, prideful or humble ,caring or uncaring, hopeless or hopeful, joyless or joyful, whatever personal experience you are having within you, will be the habit , energy or behavioral pattern given (from you) to all your personal relationship(s).

    ©Work2Rise x.

    Our Behavior Gives Out The Experience We Want To Receive.

    Growing Rising Learning #Healing

  • work2rise 10w

    Up Against A Wall

    No one can ever really show you What To Want,
    when you're all walled up inside,
    because you have yourself ,
    and that's all the trust you NEED
    Yet while keeping your trust to yourself,
    no one else seems to have it
    Or is even comfortable standing by,
    because they don't really have your trust
    Nor can they depend on your pride
    because your actions willingly discount their faithfulness
    In order to push them aside
    For no one can ever really show you What To Want
    But when you finally learn to trust what you want, hopefully, the experience
    will still be there when you need it
    Because every experience worth Wanting NOW is a moment worth counting (having) NOW
    Later is just too late.

  • work2rise 10w

    #ALJ#Work2Rise#TheWordArtist#TheWordhealer#Mirakee��Millie Jackson- Just When I Needed You Most,Millie Jackson- Kiss You All Over, Millie Jackson- All The Way Lover/Millie Jackson- Give It Up

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    Come Easy

    "Only your behavior can show me what you do not want, and it ain't me. It ain't me, the person whose actions never really gave you a reason to build a wall between us in the first place . But next time come easy, because you're too hard to climb ."

  • work2rise 10w

    Prevention & Avoidance: The Difference

    Just what is the difference between avoidance and prevention? 

    Most often the experience or the person that you wish to avoid, will often appear right  in front of your path. Because anything that you're already avoiding is impossible to prevent.

    But what does it mean, and how does it make you feel, to spend an insurmountable amount of time doing your very best not to focus on the experience ,person, place or thing,  that your actions only end up leading you directly to the very experience or person that you are trying to avoid. 

    But could it be that the unresolved or emerging issues, between your experiences with the person, place or thing, is going to continually reappear unto you , until you work out, what you need for yourself, or with the other person.

     By first determining your own personal reasons for your avoidance, could it be that you're avoiding the experience because it is bad for you or to you,  or that the experience feels too good and true that its causing you to fear its goodness and longevity. And if fear is the reason for your avoidance or absence then it will soon become apparent to you that you're  willingingly allowing your personal fears to sacrifice your happiness by causing you to avoid the things or people you need. Although, if your primary reason is that the experience or person is negative or bad, then , its best to prevent the continuation of the experience by setting up clear borders or boundaries with protecting your peace so that your personal space can be rightfully honored. 

    Its also important to keep in mind that anything that you are already avoiding is impossible to prevent. However,  you can prevent things from happening further or repeatedly, by setting up boundaries so that you don't have to repeatedly avoid the issues, the person, the place or thing.

    ©work2rise. #57daysofcreativity #57daysofwriting

    Prevention is setting boundaries & maintaining comfort, order and personal control within space /

    Avoidance - False sense of self protection by avoiding the experience or person, to avoid experiencing difficult emotions while, leaving pending issues unresolved

    Growing Rising Learning #Healing

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    #ALJ#Work2Rise#TheWordArtist#TheWordHealer#ALJAffirmations#Mirakee�� Saweetie feat Quavo- Emotional/ Saweetie- Tap In/ Saweetie- Tip Toe

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    ALJ-->Affirmation: Emotional Reliance

    ALJ: As I have a gift of being an emotionally dependable person. Now within my own healing, I am now growing to learn the importance of becoming less independent emotionally and more involved with trusting and appreciating emotionally reliant loved ones , that are genuinely supportive and accessible for my emotional well-being and emotional needs too.

    ©Work2Rise Affirmation #56 Day 56

    X. Growing Rising Learning # Healing

  • work2rise 10w

    Fear & Anger Only Complicates

    "If you hadn't allowed your fears and your anger to assume your options about us, then we would've had each other by now."

    ©Work2Rise x.

    Growing Rising Learning #Healing

    Words by an Unknown Author

    Love someone who is honest. Honest with you, with others, and with themselves. You cannot love someone you do not trust. Find someone who willingly shares responsibility. You will be a team in every single sense. Find someone you cherish togetherness with. And someone who understands the importance of alone time. Someone who values your opinion. Someone with a willingness to learn. A person with an open mind. Find someone who makes it easy to feel grateful. For everything. Wit is important. (((Life is too short not to love someone who loves to (((laugh. )))Make sure they are somebody who lets you cry, too. Despair will come. Find someone that you want to be there with you through those times. Do not settle for second best This sort of love is out there. Believe it.

  • work2rise 10w

    #ALJ#Work2Rise#TheWordArtist#TheWordHealer#MirakeeALJ: When we don't communicate our needs , we may become so distracted by our unmet needs or desires that we start acting out in ways that causes mistreatment or confusion towards others or more frustration, because we are simply frustrated with our inability to communicate what we need. But yet who should we be more frustrated with, ourselves for not speaking about our needs, or others?

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    ALJ @ 32 years 7 mos & 28days

    ALJ: I am a very joyful, funny ,dependable ,reasonable, and reliable person. My character does not give out reasons for anyone to doubt who I am. But if I am to be doubted or rejected without cause or reason. I know who I am, I know the good that I've given and the more good that I am capable of giving.

    So I am not going to fight to show who I am, or fight to prove what's right or fair, for its not worth my sacrifice nor theirs. For I am not made in the image of any persons beliefs about me, I am made in the image of my creator and is continually remade each day by the renewing of my mind and kindness in my heart. And daily is my spirit and energy drawing nearer to like mindedness while also repelling me from confusion or distractions .

    ©work2rise x ALJ: When we don't communicate our needs , we may become so distracted by our unmet needs or desires that we start acting out in ways that causes mistreatment or confusion towards others or more frustration, because we are simply frustrated with our inability to communicate what we need. But yet who should we be more frustrated with, ourselves for not speaking about our needs, or others?

    Growing, Rising and Learning

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    #ALJ#Work2Rise#TheWordHealer#TheWordArtist#ALJAffIrmations#Mirakee �� Pharrell Williams- Happy/Puff Daddy feat Pharrell Williams- Finna Get Loose/ Daft Punk feat Pharrell Williams- Lose Yourself To Dance/N.E.R.D- ESP/ N.E.R.D- 1000/N.E.R.D- Anti Matter/ N.E.R.D feat Andre 3000 - Rollinem 7's/ Chandra Currelley- Peace

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    ALJ--> Affirmation: With Favor

    ALJ: My hands are up, I'm free: I don't have to challenge or change anything or anyone . Because of WHO I AM what's due, just and right for my peace is going to simply work out for me with favor and without hindrance from others or interference from me. All things will either be DONE on its own or REMOVED for my peace. And so I decree, this shall Be done in peace.
    ©work2rise Affirmation #53 Day 53