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  • todayis 7h


    It's Sep 27 Sun 2020

  • shailen_singh_ 1d


    Probably the lesson 2020 wanted to teach everyone is,
    Too enjoy and live in the moment today,
    B'coz what tomorrow might bring is uncertain and is unknown to all.
    Its better to be in today then tomorrow.


  • truenorth 1d

    carpe diem

    yesterday is not ours 
    and tomorrow is never promised 
    so today, make it count 


  • m3l0dic 1d

    Today & Tomorrow

    Divination is futile with full control over Present time.
    A power capturing events of the future as long as you have rule over your reactions in the face of temptations.
    That's what bothers me...

    At times I feel as if I have no control.
    Berating the Angel on my shoulder by giving in to my demons,
    Entering a state of mind where I simply ask myself,
    Why can't I be silent when I need to,
    Here and there...

    It dawns on me every single time,
    As I sift through memories of my past.
    Where I was told to be quiet if I did not want imprints of my Mother's leather belt on my back.
    Where my Mother and Father locked me inside of his car for an hour while being cursed at,
    As I watched them head upstairs,
    Ready to kick back and relax.
    Until it was time to face me again...

    I can see why my inner child yells so often.
    So sick and tired of being beaten by tyrants with a vision as blind as Hydras bobbing aimlessly through a sea empty of Light...

    One day he realized and showed me how I was born with a shine only God could see.
    How I make my own room dark every moment I shout and scream.
    About atrocities my mind should avoid at all times,
    By concealing the Light I speak!
    Into existence away from anyone who syphons my dire need,
    To bring happiness and peace!
    Back into my tomorrows...


  • s_aurabh 3d

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    टूटे हुयें सपने और रुठे हुए अपनों ने आज उदास कर दिया ... ! वरना लोग हमसे बेवजह मुस्कुराने का राज पूछा करते थे ..!

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    With me!

    Broken dreams and broken loved ones made me sad today ...!
    Otherwise people used to ask us the secret of needlessly smiling ..!!

  • kjumai 3d

    Tears have subtitles for effervescence , vivacious as its solemnity runs through our veins.

  • the_secret_pen_style 3d

    Tears are an epitome of emotions.

    They Blend along with a Smile and a Frown,
    It postures itself at both Ends.

  • heavenly_broadcast 3d

    This God we speak of,
    speaks and hears
    Walks and talks
    Holding the whole world
    In His hands
    And in the wars of gods
    Arrayed against him
    With just one breath
    He levels out
    All infantries
    It doesn't matter
    their number or strength
    He's Always the Last One
    Vibrantly Standing
    At the end of each War
    Untouched, Unscratched
    Unfazed and Unmatched
    He's Always the Last One
    Victoriously Standing
    Amidst the carnages
    of his hateful foes
    Like minions beneath
    The feet of giant Lords
    So are they crushed
    Beneath our God.


    FEAR NOT Isaiah 41:10 & 42:8

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    He gave us eyes that we should see
    Because He sees the end
    from the beginning
    Creating us in the image of Him
    He made us in His likeness,
    to be Exactly like Him.
    No one has seen Him yet
    No! Not Face to Face
    But His Glory we behold
    In the Face of His Son
    This is our creator and only source

  • anshika_ramrane 4d

    There was a tinge of sadness in her voice,
    For she knew that crying for her martyred son,
    who died while serving the nation,
    Will be a sin.

  • mwaniyaa 5d

    Love theory

    Loving you
    Is a game I can't play anymore
    Is a book I can't read anymore

    Because loving you is so expensive
    With conditions,dictations and regulations.
    Which have consequences of sadness,tears , emotions and regrets.
    Maybe I'm a burden to you and yourself
    Take all you want from me and leave.

  • mwaniyaa 5d

    My sorrow

    Quarreling with you is like shouting to myself.
    Hurting you is hurting myself.
    I'd rather die than see you hurt.
    All the quarrels you win and sweet talk me.
    A kiss a day keeps my anger away.
    My patience has reached it's limits.
    Save me the burden and leave myself.
    All I need is a queer place to live

  • thegranvillexperience 1w

    Today is a Great Day to let go.


  • iwasagnes 1w

    Kobe Bryant

    Haters are a good problem to have. Nobody hates the good ones. They hate the great ones.


  • henryniju 1w


    I Want to Restart my Phone
    But.....I Want to SEE your last Missed Calls
    For a Lifetime

  • kjumai 1w


    Not on
    Your struggles,
    Cos having souls,
    Now....these days, is all but gratifying.

  • de_ife_7 2w


    Where else could we search
    Uranus neptune pluto
    the stardust of grace carried by unknowing gorgeous butterflies

  • talesoftheedge 2w

    L O O S E

    And now I'm lost to my worries
    No longer a slave and floating free,


  • broady 2w

    The unknown battle

    If this was a story written on paper, this would sound so crazy and so unbelievable you'd think it was made up!!

    A pandemic, a world wide epidemic, they said we must stay at home to protect and save lives, for which we all did, cos its part of are duty and what's
    Simply just right,

    We followed all the guidance and did as we were told, like lemins we blindly listened as the government took hold.."yes you have symptoms" they sternly said..

    A sore throat, a cough, sneezing! Basically a cold!.. Day by day the death rate explodes,
    It's covid 19, it's the unknown?
    Statistically out of proportion its all was blown..

    As each day goes by new symptoms are born, like there's no taste or smell or whatever it is we just need to stay at home be 2 metres apart and social distance alone..

    Life as we knew it before was just tossed up and thrown, like trash to the bin discarded!! Nothing left, no work, no gym, no haircuts or trims, just 4 walls and the gardens where trapped in..

    In a bubble, each day felt the same, it was no different to the next, like groundhog day, but then all of a sudden 5g they started to blame and all the towers they built went up in flames, "cos they were radioactive and apparently frying all are brains..

    Opinions arose which devided the nation..
    From the left "its a conspiracy" they claimed!
    But to the right, all them people are just insane" They said..

    All using social media to play there games
    "it's to control the masses and bill Gates is to blame and we all must choose a side to be on either way!! Well or that's what they say??... ,

    Ticktock the days tick on, but neither side actually knows where they really belong? They just whisper. "it's not us who needs to worry its the old and the young, for them all hope has gone"...

    But then one day.. The day suddenly seemed to changed like a book as you turn the page unexplained, like when right feels wrong or when the bad is in fact the good, it was just torn apart as the first chapter is written by Blood for its his last breath is where it all begun..

    A 21st century crime from a man in blue, streamed live all over the news, so blatant his power that he abused, as we bare witness to a life we never had to lose..

    but it started a revolution, protests and riots ensued. Was it all part of there plan? To control the people by deviding are fellow man, no questions asked or subjects to debate..

    To control us, so we all discriminated unconsciously to are brothers of a different race and like a mouse we took the bate, they fed it to us on a open plate and in return we gave them hate!!

    Not knowing what they were doing and what they had done, the elite at the top the number one's..

    Stealing are children or so they say, missing and taken, on a lavish island, opon a private flight, bitten by the devil's with a poisonous bite that's hidden in Plain Sight..

    No need for weapons, money was there gun
    Pain and torture they loved for fun, the unknown battle, they thought they had won.. but in reality the war had just begun...

    So let's all stand up, no more left or right, black or white just decent human beings, ready to fight.

    Yes we were once blind but now we can see and yes you may take are rights and change the laws to push us aside to destroy are life's..

    But we will never let you bring us down again cos are minds are now free, for the lies you told are cracking at the seems and we will now never believe in you the elite,

    Cos we as the people now dare to dream and must never let are colours to devide us, united together we will strive,

    From the shadows of the darkness we have become the light, the light of unity that once separated us, now shines so bright, it brightens up the night sky and with it became one person,

    Like a mountains standing tall, for apart we are no more than a leaf blown in the wind alone, but where like the ocean, when it meets the shore brought together as one united we will never fall...

  • de_ife_7 2w


    Beauty is a gift
    bestowed upon His image; a privilege to recognize.
    Like the Egyptian pyramids, the comeliness of a peacock
    You've never seen anything like it before.

    Beauty is mother
    Like the resolution of a virtuous hen,
    it preserves it's chicks day and dusk
    from the deadly soar of loneliness, of poverty.

    Beauty is father
    like the pride of a swollen ego
    it boasts of the household he has well groomed.

    Beauty is that friend
    whom we danced in the days of better
    and together cried in the days of bitter
    Like the faithfulness of a dog,
    He never let go.

    Beauty is truth
    In the awkwardness of one's anxiety,
    the caution to speak the whole truth
    in honour of the benefit of difficulty.

    Beauty is me and you
    in the sparseness of the world's deceit
    attaining full passion for each other
    like Rapunzel and the charming prince
    in honour of the sacrifice of genuine love.

    ©de_ife_7 @_de_ifee{TWITTER} @_deife_xp{IG}

  • kumarmp 2w


    Today is the investment for tomorrow