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  • decemberbirdshweta 5h

    #true love never ends#

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    Conversation between two❤

    Suno na, kuch khna hai tumse.
    Ye ankhe churane lge ho, kuch hua hai kya?
    Dil me mere siva koi bs gya hai kya?
    Chalo jb aisa hai to tumhari muskil aasan krte hai.
    Hm hi dur chale jate hai.
    Tumko koi bewafa na kahega r agr koi kahe bewafa to kh dena ha,"vo thi bewafa".
    Dur jana to na chahti pr jana hoga.
    Tumhe khona to na chahti pr khona hoga.
    Ye fasle lana to na chahti pr lana hoga.
    Ye pyar khtm krna to nhi chahti pr krna hoga.
    Ha mujhe aaj khud ko tumse dur le jana hoga.
    Chalo khush rho tum uske sath hme khud ko ab sambhalana hoga.

  • nitinnairwrites 15h


    If you can't even stay true by your words, then refrain from giving false hopes and promises to others.

    Don't ruin someone else's life with your lies.


  • why_cho_serious 18h

    Summa va sonanga vaalka oru vattam nu �� #true #story #big #small #circle #people

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    LIFE is a CIRCLE

    Every Big circle that we had

    Can never be the same

    Every single Days, every Months that passes, every Years that moves,

    It will make the Circle Small then Smaller and then at the end it'll becomes the one Smallest.

    Those who remains in the Smallest will last for you at any point!

  • enadas 1d

    An avert note

    A messy task is sign of a true and honest performer

  • khemakol 2d

    G - Just Another Letter?

    G, one out of 25 letters of the alphabet
    The christians say it stands for God and Grace
    The doctor would say it signifies gender
    The gender you already know
    A precious stone many would kill for
    An Angel we pray to
    The instrument of music perhaps
    The same one Vanessa had indoor lessons for
    Only to have Georgette a few months later
    Or it is something the security guy guards?
    A metallic object that offers you two choices,
    Your money or your life?
    Could it be the spoken words that people find confusing
    The dress the ladies wear to become David
    Or the doctor pregnant women go to
    Maybe it's the food that rises to the occasion upon the additional of water
    One letter different meanings.

    But what does it mean to the youth
    The terminus of 4 years right? Graduate
    The course code in the first year, GST
    An electromagnetic wave, Gamma
    The father of modern Physics, Galileo
    An end product for engines, Gasoline
    The spot in women some guys spend 10 mins to find,
    So they take a drink to increase duration by infinity, Gin
    Goal, if you love football
    The Arsenal nickname, Gunner
    Probably a street in Benin, Gapiona
    Ganja, if they refer to you as 'Your Highness'
    Gra-gra if you are stubborn
    Gift, the girl who responds to her name
    Maybe the disease the groupie gave you
    So much attached to one letter.

    G is simply inexhaustible
    But what does G mean to a Nigerian youth?
    It certainly isn't groom for the male
    Or goblet for the fiancee
    I'll tell you what it is.

    It's the Mercedes Benz brand,
    It's the Gucci watch
    Givenchy specs
    The fastest way to gain affluence
    Note, I didn't say influence
    It's the way to questionable riches
    The kind that spawns from value disorientation
    G for Yahoo
    But G isn't a letter in the word
    It's not even in 'cyber crime'
    So why does G refer to internet fraud?
    G still isn't in the advance format, rituals
    Neither is it in laptop
    I know, it's generator
    Definitely not!

    What's the G in 419?
    What's the G in street, press or boy?
    If you have the answer, let me know...

  • thecommon 2d

    Don't waste your in time
    with someone who doesn't deserves you,
    Treasure the ones who was there for you
    No matter the situation

  • _truesayings_ 2d

    हकीकत में जीने का अब हमने शौक पाल लिया।
    अपने सपनों को आँखों के भीतर खुद मार लिया।


  • ajit___ 4d

    सितम भुलाने से पहले सुनाए जाते है,
    गुनाह सज़ा से पहले गिनाए जाते है,
    रस्म-ए-मोहब्बतें भी तो यही कहती है,
    आशिक हंसाने से पहले रुलाए जाते है!

  • ansari_aliza 4d

    Ache log ko uper se neik or ander se snake type log hi kyu milte hai ...������

    #TRUE #emotional #diary #bejubaan #thoughtful #deepthoughts

    @suryarock @shayarbezubaan @rani_shri @ansarisofia

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  • undefined_visionary69 4d

    You Don’t Know Where You’re Going
    Every Way Is The Right Way
    Pick Your Path At All Cost Stay True
    To You
    It Won’t Always Be Sunshine There
    There Will Definitely Be Some Storms
    But Just When You Think You Don’t
    Have Nothing Left
    You’ll Surprise Yourself


  • ansari_aliza 4d

    Kyu yakeen karna hai gairo par jab chalna hi apne pairo par


  • theswordandtherose 5d

    One should be concerned when opinions become the norm for justification
    instead of facts...


  • samidhasingh 5d

    When darkness was all around me
    And sadness took over me
    You held my hand, my angel
    When hopes left me
    Winds blew me off
    I caught your hand my angel

    When nobody I trusted, I say
    You said, you won't break me
    All your moves just made me sway
    My thoughts from years got change

    You gave me motive to stay
    You walked with me all my way...❤

  • are_you_mature 5d

    Maturity is when you realize that both sided love (or mutual love) is an impossible coincidence.

  • jerrydieselfire 1w

    I am scared of losing you . #Mirakee #love #true #missing

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    Weird Si Ladki Ya Mujh Jaisi Ladki

    जैसे जैसे में दस्तावेज़ खगोल रहा था
    मेरे मन के भीतर छिपा डर बड़ रहा था


  • ibi_ss 1w

    Last Seen

    Your last seen doesn't bother me anymore
    Stay active all night, now
    I don't even care.

  • riya_04 1w

    Cycling trip with friends...

    Warmth was availing, but no sweating. We continued shivering. Trying hard to get the caught of little warmth, we remembered our PT teacher who had once told us to sweat by exercise. We were on the same point–to sweat by cycling, a very useful exercise.

    We three friends had decided to go on a cycling trip to a nearby village. We had decided on spending time there with the villagers and return back to home by night.

    The next day being sunday, we started off on our journey. All laughing with friends, with cold winds touching our face, we found it to be the best combination. We took a small break in between for 5 minutes then started off again, dedicated to sincerely complete the journey. But then suddenly while paddling, i got snag in my cycle and i was eventually left behind both of my friends who were completely unaware of the happening. I was alone there on the road, with sight of no one around and no network in my mobile phone. I then realized i was lost with no ideas how to contact anyone for help.

    I sat on the side of the road for some time, crying and in a dilemma whether to go back home or wait for my friends to come back on the way finding me. Then i caught the sight of a truck coming towards me. I stopped it and explained my poor situation to the driver. He then asked me to sit inside and put my cycle in the empty space at the back of the truck. I was confused rather to trust this stranger or not. But i went with my instinct which guided me to trust him. I sat inside and we moved ahead on the road, leading towards the village where we friends had decided to visit. In the interior of the village, i spotted my friends. We rushed towards each other and hugged. They said they were finding for me in the interior of that village, wherein they thought i would be lost.

    It was evening by that time and even i had got my cycle repaired in that village. We headed off back towards our home. It was a terrible incident.

  • soumen_sonu 1w


    कुछ पल बिता मेरे साथ
    तुझे तेरे ज़िंदा होने का एहसास दिला दूं।

  • enjoway 1w


    ना तो किसी के लिए इतने पागल हो जाना
    और ना ही किसी से इतनी उम्मीद रखना
    कि फर्क सिर्फ आपको पड़े

  • thecommon 1w

    Am I the only one
    who thinks that
    the red heart emoji
    is only meant for true love❤️