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  • jaysights 10w

    #writersnetwork #mirakee
    ✍️ This is for all the kids suffering from the effects of domestic violence.
    May you never loose the hope of a better tomorrow!
    #ViolenceIsNotTheWay #DomesticViolenceIsEvil

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    I want to change the story
    I want to draw a line
    Reality is a pain
    And my bum already hurts

    The lashes got my back
    And spread out to my legs
    My knees buckle against the tears
    I want my mommy now

    Never have I seen days as dark as these
    There's a fire burning
    I want to run a mile and breath
    I want a ride to freedom

    Panting! Danger! The night is right behind me
    Beside Mee! Before me! I swear I think it in me!

    Daddy never broke a sweat
    A tear is mere formality
    Mommy always chewed her lips
    The dark was her's before me

    The night it took her away from me
    It turned and met me staring
    Oh now I saw the demon
    The one that always ate her face
    And gave her shades of purple

    It took me long enough
    Too long I regret
    Now I'm all alone
    Journeying to nowhere
    But at least now I know