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  • avishkari9079 13w


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    People are saying the right things because it is all over the internet !

    They are not convincing. I have seen them off line.

  • beensn 17w


    Webinars have become hot cakes in the edu-town,
    People are connected through the web during the lockdown.
    Every organisation is trying to conduct one or the other,
    How far it reaches the attendees doesn't matter.
    The resource person doesn't know who his audience are,
    The audience are busy in their own world, they don't bother.
    Private life may be exposed to the web world,
    If by chance, the camera is not turned off or gets unmuted.
    Every webinar is followed by a feedback form,
    Participants mark it as 'Excellent' by name.
    Organisers are happy with the successful completion,
    Registered participants are happier with the certification.