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  • fari_tales 2d


    I've always wondered, why do white princesses wait for Prince charming to come, rescue them?
    Do white parents put their daughters into shackles too?
    Can't they fly on their own, with their soft, bright feathered wings?
    Can't they dream for themselves, that doesn't need to wait for someone else's approval?



  • aritokurika 2d

    #Good writes...��

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    You're a beautiful long story,
    With a thousands of emotions,entangled within you,
    You're the poetry with beguiling haiku...
    An entire world,woven into your soul..
    So just remember before any man tries to convince you that you're less..
    Let him remind that you're not less but the most finest creation of god...
    @Sneha Chhetri...

  • moabyte007 3d


    Her sight is wonderfully evocative of love
    She shines bright with the perfection of beauty
    Her words full of holy ecstasies of love
    O she is the exemplar of beauty and glory

    A chaste virgin
    She has brought the exaltation of my emotion
    I must sing a hymn in praise of her
    A woman with her own rights

    I must take her,I persuade myself verily
    Her ethereal body drips most glaring romance
    O how cowed is my heart in her splendour
    And when the wish of my heart is gratified

    Thou shalt be called"My Delight"
    To fill me with hope and joy that sorrow can't quench
    Thou will be rapt in my marvelous tales of love
    And forever live in the spontaneities of my love.

  • mrinalaniteotia 4d

    An Inside Touch

    Woman means depth
    Wonder she can be touched from inside
    Her Vagina is an entrance to other world
    An entrance to inside Universe
    Every husband making love to his wife
    Is actually touching her from inside
    She allows you to come in
    She caressed you inside leaving no pain
    and twitches by your side
    You leave your penis to rest within those cushiony walls
    That's an abode to titillate your pleasure balls
    She keeps you safe inside
    You sense oneness with her at that time
    Can a man be touched from inside?
    Not at all, right!
    God created a hole in her
    A hole that carries a world within
    A deep universe within
    One day that whole let out your child
    Wondering? It kept your baby safe and save
    For a nine months time
    This is just one teeny-weeny place
    Powerful and the best
    A woman is said to be an incarnation of God from outside
    While she's truly a Goddess from inside

  • amimmy 5d

    मैने देखा है

    परिंदों से भरा वो शहर था,
    ना जाने कैसे दरिंदों से भर गया है,
    वादियों में छुपा वो शहर था,
    ना जाने आंसुओ में कैसे डूब गया है,
    लगता था जैसे कुदरत ने उसे खुद तराशा था,
    ना जाने किसने पैरों तले कुचल दिया है,
    खुदा ने उसे जनत के तोहफों से नवाजा था,
    ना जाने क्यों जहन्नम में वो बदल दिया गया है,
    मैने तो उसे परिंदों के साथ ही देखा था,
    ना जाने क्यों अब वो दरिंदो से भरा हुआ दिखता है।।

  • bottledmoonlight 1w

    Her Stare

    A woman's stare is Contagious.


  • puchka 1w


    Kamal bloomed of an unusual hue
    In between lavender and blue
    Beauty admired by only those few
    Believing fit for offer to the Devi in you
    Celebrating woman and womanhood
    Roots sprouting out of water bodies
    Lying in lands very old and new
    Perhaps the most ubiquitous blossom
    to heal the world, stuck under tarpaulin gloom


  • sarahrachelea 1w

    Cherokee Rose and Tiger Lily
    Both of them are two different flowers
    Growing from the same lovely garden mother

    No need to be touched
    No need to be picked
    Just need to be nurtured
    So they can fully bloom in the enticing spring
    For every year

    Both of them are in you
    Both of them are your two side of coin
    There are so many women in you
    Tiger Lily and Cherokee Rose

    ~ his story

  • marianotsaint 1w

    It's amazing how some men don't need to think twice before jumping into bed with us but the very next moment if we ask for a little commitment they suddenly become these spineless , wrectched cowards with hundreds of pathetic excuse.

  • writingsouls1 2w


    Bleeding, a sign of maturity,
    And 4 days of immense pain,
    At times, even a week they last,
    Irregular periods, a woman craving for her favourite thing,
    Also mood swings, the time where a woman needs care and love.

    A natural thing happening,
    Pads being a shame for no reason,
    Women declared as impure but periods is an honour.

    The blood which is medically impure,
    Made a woman impure because of the thinking of society.

    Men may not be able to understand the pain,
    But men try to do everything for their women now,
    And many teenager boyfriends ask questions too.


  • girlwriter 2w

    A clever girl may pass through the phase of foolish miss on the way to sensible woman.
    -Mary Lascelles

  • wander_world 2w

    A wandering mind with curiosities
    To say, A random girl with teenage heart.
    Looking this world with restless hopes,
    Ignorant to those harsh realities
    Caging her with endless ropes.

    WHAT IF, one time, she hadn't crossed that path
    Or had chosen silence over rebel,
    One never knows, how things had changed
    From all those bullies
    To a rainbow world with least of Hassel.

    WHAT IF, one time, she hadn't trusted that childhood friend
    Or just had trusted the instincts
    Leaving her beliefs aside
    Maybe then, she could have escaped death that day
    Of something very deep inside.

    WHAT IF, one time, she hadn't met that wrong again
    In hope of love, a safe haven
    Finally having someone to ease her pain
    Maybe then, she still had fought
    Her self-blame and nights of depressed thought.

    Time to time, her shattered cries
    Killed the innocence, her world of lies.
    Still, she holds no regrets
    As now, she has known
    To be a pheonix
    In the world of clown.

    Burning in fire, the strength is born
    From teenage girl of innocent hopes
    To Woman full of fight
    A survivor
    Finally freeing herself from caging ropes.

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #ATalkingMind #questions #strength #woman @mirakee @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

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    What IF



  • the_nonchalant_one 2w

    Like poetry, only a few interpreted her the right way...
    She wandered around like a stray...
    Never knew where she belonged, living in a world turned, grey...
    Her eyes sparkled, lips wore the best smile...
    No one noticed her mournful cries.
    Like the sun, she shines in her... Own world...
    Wonders if she takes a little too much space or time.
    Like wine, she intoxicates you, slowly, then all at once.
    Like a spell, she conquers your mind, your heart.
    Her mind is the only maze you'd want to get lost in...
    So strong, someone you would love to let reign...

  • sapphire_scribe 3w

    I am not done; nor is she
    She has more layers
    Than I'll ever find out
    I'm not in a hurry; I don't
    Deserve to be enlightened of
    Her secret places and demons
    That torment her senses,
    I'll trace every inch
    Her beauty and also her flaws
    I love solving mysteries like
    I love her whole
    I am content to learn
    A new thing everyday
    To learn at a slow pace is
    Like peeling her many layers and
    Reaching her soul
    she's been hiding
    She's a lesson for a lifetime
    Beyond the common reach
    But nature gifted me her
    And all I can say,
    She is a precious rose;
    Perfect in anatomy
    Gentle in touch
    Beautiful outside and inside
    A sight to behold yet vulnerable.
    @odysseus @sarcasticbong @a_dream_book @poeticgirl @writersnetwork
    #rose #woman #solowoman #darkfiction

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    (Read the caption.)

  • stevenlgoosby 3w

    Body of Treasure

    She loves her body, her every curve, the way it

    moves the way it's postion, the way it is shaped

    Her body is her jewel, her treasure revealed for all to see

    A work of art to be discovered, to be admired
    as a masterpiece as if from a foreign land

    She drips of sweet due, her fragrance
    immaculate and alluring

    She loves her body, her every curve, the way it
    moves,the way it's position , the way it is shaped

    To find a flaw in her is to find a flaw in the eyes you see her through...

    She loves her body, and I truly love it to_


  • wisdomoverwhims 3w

    Who told you the lies that you have thin lips or too thick eyebrows that are not pleasing to the eyes. Your body was not full-figured or your face was gloomy. They said your complexion was murky and your hair was not long-winded, why do you absorb all the bitterness.If they had the profoundness they would have looked at your compassionate soul with goodness dripping from every inch of it, they haven't seen the temperament of your soul with which you fought the skirmishes, they won't acknowledge the beauty of your mind that grips attention with noteworthy conversations. Your body is not hired by someone else who can depict whatever they want. Your body is a sanctuary of your soul-nourishing it is the only obligation because appearances are deceitful.


  • sahajarao 3w


    lurking into retro
    lurking into prospects
    somewhere losing sight of moment
    blotting inks on paper
    crooked nibs and shaky words
    stumbling speeches
    nothing is worth such agony
    be ebony
    be diamond

  • ainorec 3w

    Woman - Blessing or a Curse?

    A woman is like a flower in this society,
    She has many varieties to play, but she is always present with anxiety.
    They make others joyful and cheerful like a daughter,
    Being a good companion in happiness and sorrows like a sister.
    Tender is its touch like a caring wife,
    Wanting to go on the same way throughout your whole life.
    As the honeybee sucks the nectar from flowers for making sweet honey,
    Every child drinks the blood of mother as milk without paying any money.
    As flowers can cure many diseases as it has many properties which are medicinal,
    Grandmother educates her grandchildren with her stories that are gift wrapped with characters that are fictional.

    She likes to fly higher and higher like a hawk,
    But she cannot bear to part her ways away from her stalk.
    Dancing beautifully along the wind or water from side to side,
    Unable to act on her own, due to many rules she has to abide.
    She always has to have a covering of thorns,
    Because if it fails, the society will make her life filled with mourns.
    Sunny or windy, rainy or snowy the flower has never hidden its beauty,
    Sick or tired, busy or bloody she always must complete her household duty.

    Smoother and softer are her petals and roots,
    She is still strong enough to bear the weight of all her fruits.
    The aroma she spreads is pure, sweet, alluring and enchanted,
    Even though her surroundings are dirty, polluted and filled with unwanted.
    Flowers are decorated in the wedding stage and cemetery to make them aromatic and beautiful,
    May it be happy or sad; her presence makes all the celebrations much more meaningful.
    Like the appearance of flowers, her skills and abilities will always give a surprise,
    If you treat her with respect and give her some love, she will show you the paradise.

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  • seaweed 3w


    Do I cry
    When you call me inadequate?
    Do I cower
    When you call me weak?
    You dare mock my battle scars
    And call them inferior to unblemished skin?
    I wear them proudly
    I wear them with love
    They tell a story
    Of girl who survived
    Of a journey
    Rough and long
    Beyond your imagination
    You take pity in my lost beauty
    I take pride that I outlived many wars
    You count my merits
    And say I have none
    Don't need your numbers
    I count by days, breaths and moments lived
    I die and get resurrected
    Every three days
    I am Lady Jesus rowing my boat
    My arms may be shaky
    But still going strong


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    Rowing My Boat