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  • at_sai 17w

    If you think smoking is cool then I'll always consider you as a fool !

  • backbench 17w

    dill lagi ki thi kabi dill ki lagi bangayi hai ab,
    labone se juda karni hai aaj na jane kal darde dill na banjaye ...!

  • sseja10 17w

    It's not taking your sorrow away
    It's just taking your
    life away

    Choose Health Over Tobacco
    A Beautiful Life Awaits You

  • reginaelizabeth 17w

    World No Tobacco Day

    Our once vibrant master full of life and productivity. now engulfed by the venom from tobacco. No stamina or durability, a perfect old cargo, looking haggard and tattered!

    It's my life, lungs and money you echoed but you forgot the day you set the house ablaze just by sleeping on your duty. How could you forget the chokes and screams.

    Its your money! yet the bills are piling because you only see the bills from your cigarettes. Education, family bond and friendship are starving because of your new found missing rib! Every conversation with you ends in tobacco!

    Did the tobacco industry forget to make you its ambassador? Or you didn't meet it requirements?. You seem a worthy tobacco ambassador to me! Is the tobacco industry ashamed to be associated with you?

    This is a plea to you, for the love we share and the bond that links us, let go of everything that connects you with tobacco let's go back to a world of tobacco free, a place where the only smoke we see and inhale are of mama's delicious healthy meals.

    A world with joyful lungs, a lot of bills comes with tobacco, remember! Lung Cancer is waving and paving way to you through the smoke, disappointment should be your reply.Dont let lung cancer and its descendants have access to you!!!
    We are here to help you!!!

  • tharisma 69w

    World NO Tobacco Day

    You think i never tried to quit
    I did!
    A hundred time, a thousand time, a million time.
    But i never get enough of it!
    The more i don't distance myself,
    the closer i get to the sight of the elfs,
    transporting me on their chariot,
    in the trance of opiate.

    Never cared about the evil shadows nearing,
    trying to steal me from Zeus,
    who bestowed me this life,
    Which i dedicated to taking puffs.
    If the evils triumphed over Zeus,
    they will thirst for my blood.

    Dealed with the demons that,
    I might not stop at one go,
    All i will do is try,
    For my days are numbered.

  • princesunnyrajput 69w

    अपने अरमानो को धुएं में उड़ाने से अच्छा
    खुदको बीमार कर घरवालों को रुलाने से अच्छा
    अपने होंठो से सिगरेट को लगाने से अच्छा
    या खुदको जला दो या उसको बुझा दो
    फैसला आपका आपका शुभचिंतक!


  • anshusshayari 70w

    aj ka din kitne tambaku kha chuke honge
    to kitne packet bhar cigarette pi chuke honge
    par inko pata nai inke sharir k aang Kar rahe dange
    chod do ye sab binti karte hn apse ham Jese bhikmange


  • anu_rathore 70w


    क्यों कश लगा रहे हो,
    अपनी जिंदगी धुंए में उड़ा रहे हो।
    क्यों तम्बाकू के सेवन से,
    अपनी बर्बादी का रास्ता बना रहे हो।

  • _poulami_ 70w

    Smoking, you said relieves stress ,
    Brings out pleasure, so that you can rest.

    One day, two day...
    To two months and finally a year
    Congratulations, You have turned to a chain smoker.

    At first you complained, friends convince you, brother just once, it won't harm much
    And then you started experimenting, two, three at one touch.
    Lied at home for extra classes, while I found you beside the roadside stall ,cheering with a few glasses.

    Your lips gradually turned black,
    Health started deteriorating
    But, you were like, who cares man
    Now I'm grown up, my life, my choices.

    Entering your room, now felt like a hell,
    Suffocating smell choked my breath
    How could you stay there, with all those hazy smoke ?
    The smoke that's silently killing you from inside
    Mouldering your organs and tissues apart.

    Opting out of this inclination is although yours choice
    Eliminate it, to welcome a healthy life
    Or let yourself drag into the world of nicotine ?

    Your heart is asking you to breath oxygen
    Lungs begging you to quit, because they can no longer hold on into the rib cages.
    Most importantly your daughter asking you the reason for your uneasiness and continous cough .
    Think! What shall you answer to her questions.
    If not for you, then Atleast for her.

    MAY 31

    Say no to all kinds of tobacco products.
    Stop smoking, consuming tobacco. Save your life, others life, save the earth.
    #quit #smoking #worldnotobaccoday #pod #tod_wt #mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli

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    Give up your Bad habits
    Or else
    Life will make its choice to quit you from this world with no regrets.

  • white_soul 122w


    Smoking is choice not mistake to him ,
    And eventually he choose the destruction of his loved ones.

  • kaaran 122w

    (ये धुंआ)

    ये धुंआ आखिर कहां जाता है?

    मेरे लबों को छू कर जो निकलता है
    हवा कहीं उड़ा ले जाती है इसे?
    या अंधेरा निगल जाता है

    इंसानों की आदत लगी है इसे भी
    सिगरेट से निकलते ही
    आसमान छूने को भागता है
    ये आसमान तक पहोचता भी है?
    या रास्ते में ही दम तोड़ देता है

    क्या पता? बस चला जाता है
    और पीछे छोड़ जाता है मुझे, हरबार

    ये धुंआ आखिर कहां जाता है?

  • the_innerself 122w

    It all started with a puff,
    to prove that he was rough and tough.
    Slowly it became a daily routine,
    with interest getting more and more keen.
    The health worsened as time passed,
    still couldn't give up the habit he grasped.
    And then one day he realised the pain
    of what he was losing with no hope to gain.
    All mattered was his will to give it up forever
    for time was now or it could be never.
    And thus with the help of his will and dear ones' support
    He was able to quit tobacco with all the effort.
    Its ill effects has although left its mark.
    But it was his choice to move towards light from the dark.


  • tumaku 122w

    #worldnotobaccoday #life is #precious one shouldn't waste it. spread #love not #smoke

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    i love you too much
    to let you go

    so please stop smoking

  • debashis_sarmah 174w