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  • nilayvation 7w

    Sierra is spending her days in a hospital, probably the last days of her life. There's someone she wants to see before she leaves. "Where's he? Where's my Jay?", she mumbles in her sleep asking for Jayden. Hours have passed and there's no one to be seen beside her. She struggles to open her eyes and look beside her bed- A bouquet of flowers which has rotten over the past few weeks with a note that reads-
    "I can't. I'm sorry.
    -Love Jay"

    Tears roll down Sierra's cheeks as she reads the note over and over again. "Was it me? Or my sickness?", she asks herself and struggles inside the sheets as she changes her position. Everything just seems heavy, in fact heavier than before. She has never felt so weak in her life, owing to her illness or absence of Jayden; she doesn't know. She thinks about their moments. They used to be so happy And all of a sudden, feels like they're struggling to be sad. "Did he stop loving me at some point?", a question that always meddles her thoughts. Will all her questions remain unanswered?

    Out of the blue, a weird feeling crosses her chest. Her heart is racing. The machines beside her bed start beeping faster and in no time, a whole bunch of people come rushing inside. She is unable to make out what's going on. All she feels is a struggle to breathe while the world seems to blur out. She hears a familiar voice, "I love you". She sighs and struggles, whispering, "I love you more". She wonders if it was Jay speaking in person or in her heart. She struggles to look around but nothing is visible except a few colors of the world, as if painted by a child. She doesn't feel pain or joy. She can hear her heart beating faster with every second and then; just a deafening silence and everything seems to go black as she passes out...

    Should I continue this story?
    @darkerthanblack @zeeshanjawed_ @tengoku @thefilthywriter @michael_angela_peterson. @aditi_geet_singh
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #love #beyond #abandon

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    (Catch up from the caption)

    कुछ लब्ज़ अनकहे; कुछ बातें अनसुनी
    आंखें थीं नम; सांसें गई थम
    हुआ करता था एक वजूद; अब जीना है बेवजह
    कहने को कमज़ोर है ये धड़कने; पर आगाज़ लगा रही
    आपको बुला रही
    हल्की सी आहट किसी की आ रही
    क्या ये आप हो?
    या देहलीज पर खड़ी मौत मुझे बुला रही 


  • mane_auraa 9w

    Like the Wind

    Sometimes I feel like the wind.
    Always drifting,
    Always moving.

    Invisible to their eyes,
    But a constant support.
    Why do they see all and yet see none?

    I give sustenance to them,
    Yet they break away my home.
    Am i selfish to ask for some love and support?

    I help in their growth,
    But now I've realised.
    Did I give them my all, and lost from inside?

    I give them my air,
    And they say I'm imperative.
    So how do they turn, and shake off my relevance?

    Sometimes I feel like the wind.
    Always present,
    With nowhere to go or even begin.

  • mysoultoyours 9w

    "I will not abandon my own truth merely to protect your lie..."


  • jaded_angel_ 15w

    The Threshold

    Numb. I can't think nor can I feel. I use to be passionate and loved with reckless abandon. Now I'm just reckless because I've been abandoned. I felt everything and now I feel nothing.It's like my soul is stuck in some deaden timeless loop, with remnants of purgatory. I see my spirit just wandering among the dead, and for the first time I'm not afraid. I realize now that fear no longer greets me when I see their faces because I too have become a ghost. I'm just more frightening because Ive manged to touch the threshold, with a beating heart. I've learned to blend with the dead while being alive. Maybe because life has left my soul. I'm the shell of a woman that I never got to be,but now I have to accept that this is the new me. I still laugh and I still have fun, in fact I'm content. I want happiness and got contentment. I wanted peace but ended up being numb.I wanted to stop caring about the bad, but instead I stopped caring at all. In the end they are both the same to me, one just has me at my best version while the other has me just doing my best. I am numb. I told others long ago, that if they kept hurting me, I feared a day would come where I'll no longer want what've wanted the most, which is love. I dreamt for love my entire life, I prayed to God,asked santa,threw quarters into wishing wells and made a wish upon a shooting star. I have given my all, and went over and beyond. Well, that day has come, I no longer dream of fairytales,nor do I pursue love. I just had it wrong. It's not that I'll ever stop wanting love, it's just that I can't feel it anymore. The love in my heart has left the building, now all is left is my voice echoing down the empty hollowed halls,though theres no one to answer back. I no longer can feel passion, for that reason I don't care for it anymore. I've changed, so guess my desires changed with it. I no longer care about feeble tales, and it's aesthetics. Instead, I want to explore this world and see what it has to offer before I completely pass the threshold, before I'm entirely dead and gone. Guess my life is still a fairytale after all, just a dark one. I'm not the princess who was saved from a dragon.Instead I was transformed into one,and now must learn to live with a fire that has now become a part of me. With each breath it rekindles. In life you either get burned by fire or you become the flame.

  • larasttar 16w


    Saw you in September
    Met actually in mid October
    Days went by emptiness raised
    The gods and angels I praised

    Yellow, orange, at the end red
    Of lies and misfortunes we've been fed
    It looks overly controlled this true scene
    It is not just a music or artistic theme

  • abhishekkamble 19w

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #writerstolli #scenery #city #abandon #hatred #home #sick #dream #evening #bus #travelogue #dairy #trending #pod #depressed #soulful #shortstory #poet #writings #scribbles #fiction #nature

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    Image credit to the rightful owner, unsplash.com
    Photo by ©Max bender

    The home was too sick to be an invisible person who always had a lively aura enveloped around you, I was stumbled now, when the bedroom door creaked, it behaved so hostile to a man who lived in for so long, but I somehow entered, tip-toeing to the bed, what my feet could do to the old and leftover courage? , the dusty and strong smell of the very past could only try to choke and penalize me for the resentment behind , I turned to click the light switches 'off', table lamp was now calmed down after burning for the dusky evening and the sound of serenity could make a distress call, " can you hear me? Please hear me out".
    I grabbed the pillow to put it under my prideful head searching peace and as I woke up, I saw that window I kept my head rested on, it was laden with teary sighs from in and dripping rainy drops from out and the sound I could hear sitting in this space was the desperate honking of a bus driver, I feared and raised eye-brow, had I left the city yet? I asked a self centered question, And asked the stranger beside later,

    Hey... Where have we come? Asked me in a troubled state.
    We are in the suburbs and what are you talking about? exclaimed the stranger in an annoying way.
    Anyway some flashback to the past when future tries to resonates to the present and it could only be a mistake if I believed to have been in present completely, maybe some strings remains tied for their knots if untangled will only set new one's.

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    A flashback in a nap


  • unboxed_thoughts 20w

    While she fights a battle with those
    never ending nights,
    Goodmorning texts explain the
    undefined darkness that came along.


  • preranarathi 22w

    खामोश दिल

    इस खामोश दिल की बातें तुम समझ न पाए,
    और कहने कि हिम्मत हम जुटा न पाए।
    खामोश रहे हम तुम्हारा प्यार पाने को,
    फिर भी तरसते रहे तुम्हारा साथ पाने को।
    हवाओ कि तरह हमने रूख ही अपना बदल दिया,
    अपनी ओर बहना तो छोड़ ही दिया।
    हमने खामोश रह कर तुम्हारा सम्मान किया,
    लेकिन तुमने उसे हमारी कमजोरी समझ कर टाल दिया।
    जो भी किया तुम्हारे लिए किया, हर लम्हा तुम्हारे लिए जिया।
    लेकिन आज तुमने हमें खुदगरज कह कर हमारा बहिष्कार किया।
    हम तब भी खामोश थे, हम आज भी खामोश हैं,
    लेकिन इस खामोशी कि वजह आज कुछ और है।
    पहले तुम्हारा प्यार पाना चाहते थे, लेकिन आज हम थक चुके हैं,
    जिंदगी के इस सफ़र में हम तुमसे हार चुके हैं।
    लेकिन तुमसे कोई गिला नहीं है अब हमें,
    मोहब्बत सी हो गई है इस खामोशी से अब हमें।

    - प्रेरणा राठी

  • k_unwinds 25w


    Only those who have lived it can understand the desolation within me
    The void inside me cannot be filled Or replaced with someone new
    I am forced to live with those scars forever
    No one knows how it really feels
    So i hide everything behind a smile
    It's inevitable
    Am I that unlovable?
    Or am I that worthless?
    These thoughts haunt me every now and then
    I should be over it
    My heart yearns to
    Put me out of this misery!

  • greenmatius 26w

    Good bye former best friend.
    I never hated or dislike you
    But it seems we are drifting further.

    I don't know is it me or is it you
    But I don't want to play the blame game anymore.

    I shall miss what we had
    And I shall miss you
    Although I don't think you feel the same.

    If we ever meet
    I shall be civil
    But to protect my own heart
    There may be walls
    Just as you have put up yours against me.

    Thanks for the memories
    Both the great ones
    And the ones I felt abandoned by you.

    All the best in your journey
    I hope you would be happier
    Than I am now

  • veerakanellore_bhavana 31w

    A life filled with a fear
    Will someone abandon me??
    When I need help will people abandon me thinking I'm useless
    And so to not make them feel like that I should always act happy and be like I have a best life.
    In love, thinking if one would be just for fun and then abandon
    And so to not fall in trap, I should never get into a relationship.
    Relatives should never abandon me
    And so I should always get good marks and be a good person to make them stay.
    When life is yours why is this fear about being abandoned.
    Live your life, make it beautiful
    And at the end see that it gives you happiness

  • rritikaa 34w

    All you have is you
    Everyone will abandon you
    But you always have you
    Rely on yourself
    #rely #ourselves #abandon #ritikaaa

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    And in the end we can just rely on ourselves.


  • miss_contendo 41w

    What is ur deepest fear??

    Fear of being abandoned..


  • june_lonely 44w

    Let it be anguish, even to torture my heart, Come!!
    Come even if only to abandon me to torment again...


  • miss_annonymous 44w


    A feeling of being worthless, based on someone's baised view and irresponsible behaviour.

  • alxita 46w

    -- Corps-sans-organes --

    Stringently locked up at just one road
    In the uncivilized land, it isn't broad
    Only a passage leading to its destined place
    An endless stretch of it at its sole face

    I want to explore life's secluded secrets
    Run myself into worthwhile moments I can get
    It's a whole new world to talk about such thing
    Beyond the present frame, I want to see what the world brings

    But it has given me a dead-end to recognize
    If my wholesome body can't fully energize
    As its visions are stuck at this linear road
    How will I go, for the world I want to decode?

    My mind's struck with ambivalent thoughts
    I seem to be aimlessly running around a lot
    In my mind, which is still in its frozen state
    Indeed a robotic motion they'll easily indicate

    I seem to end with no thoughts or choice
    But to rip myself down to my spiritual voice
    Of my soul, leaving behind the abandoned body
    There I am freer, I can go now unwaveringly

    But I've left alone my inactive body
    Its wholeness has long been gone, sadly
    As I go now as the invisible souls of the land
    The body without organs will forever historically stand

    #poetry #life #regrets #decision #thoughts #road #explore #abandon #costs #journey #mirakee

    Poem no. 39
    Apr. 20, 2020, 6:16 PM (GMT+8)

    (Corps-sans-organes is a French phrase for "body without organs")

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    "As I go now as the invisible souls of the land, the body without organs will forever historically stand"

  • tomia_keed_depoet 46w

    Day 2- Locked In.

    You know, if you had asked me a week ago if there was any 'regular' word I disliked, I would have answered in the negative.
    Earlier this week while talking with someone, he made mention of the word 'Abandon' and I went cold immediately. It was so reflexive an action that I did not pay so much attention to it. Until today.
    Today. Today, he mentioned it again and I went cold...again. But I noticed it was that word and finally figured it out.
    You see, there are so many memories and events locked up in our heads. Those we choose not to consider. Or think about. And it takes the slightest thing to bring it all rushing back.

    I'm still evaluating myself. Was it just the word 'Abandon' or the 'you' he said after it or the combination of both?
    What about you? What's the one word you dislike passionately?


  • jyotishreedas 48w

    When did I stop waiting for you?
    You estranged me forever,
    abandoned me on that dark island
    where the days passed by
    crying and regretting only.
    And I still wait here for you,
    in this vulnerable state of mine.
    Am I breaching, abusing myself?

  • musingsofriya 53w


    The wailing in the cradle grew loud as if the baby knows parents were fighting
    The cry fell in to deaf ears as they screamed on each other,
    The crying stopped as the baby got tired and fell asleep
    That was just a start, which was realized as every night crying to sleep with no one to hear the heed became a ritual
    The warmth of arms was never known,
    The kisses on forehead was just a craving
    The love, yearned for was only answered by their abandonment
    As it was the first thing they both gave to the baby who came to world through them.

  • capricious_heart 55w

    Hope can do some real shit to your mind. It builds you up and when you lose it , it leaves you abandoned .
    The moral :
    Hope just compels you to keep hope , have faith , believe , keep hope , have faith , believe .........
    The damn cycle never stops.
    Hope in one word 'sucks'.