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  • spadesunderground 1d

    Agonize my inspiration.
    And inspire my agony
    In perspiration
    Lies the evidence that
    What you tear down in me,
    I will turn to poetry.


  • darkskys_withblueeyes 1d

    Daily Struggles

    Day after day, night after night,
    The continuing urges one tries to fight.
    Hope is long gone, loneliness sets, This is where it's the start of many regrets.
    I will use, I will abuse, until I feel
    all my problems have let loose.
    The devil drug I choose to hidepain,
    has quickly shown what type of man I've become.
    When and if anyone would see me out and about,
    I assure you, that it wasn't me without a doubt.
    I have many demons that I struggle to hide,
    As I try so hard to not let others see that side.
    I've been homeless and broke, not a dime to my name. It's no problem for me to see, that I'm the only one to actually blame.
    Excuses and stories I can steadily tell, so
    many times I've been cuffed and thrown behind a cell. I don't mean to worry those who care, there is so much more broken, that one could even repair.
    Been in love with many broken hearts, my first and only marriage had ended with us, very far apart.
    Sadness continued to bury me as the years went by,
    I've been happy and loved that feeling, But then I had asked myself, Why? I wanted help and thought I could do it, If only, If only I had known it was going to make me feel lost n lonely. Tried and Tried to overcome my insecurities that I had. Suddenly realizing, the loneliness and darkness had now reached my dad. Wise one thought I will continue to use, I'll end this story by saying, I have now passed on because of my drug abuse.

  • sonu99 1d


    Pregnant elephant fed pineapple stuffed with
    crackers in Kerala,in God's own country of godless people.The poor creature died with tremendous pain.Shame on humans.....

    The only animal displaying cruelty is humanity,
    Lack of compassion with barbaric activity.
    Each life on the earth is precious,
    To kill the voiceless creatures for mean purposes is not judicious.
    The lively devil is human in form of a monster,
    Mercilessly and brutally torturing as a sinister.
    The helpless victims are the poor helpless
    Weaponless and speechless,facing their criminals.
    O stupid man!Stop abusing the poor beings,
    Treat them with affection,or else karma would backfire by cutting your savage wings.

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    Savage Mankind


  • prodyumno 1d


    We are at the top of food chain
    Treat other species with disdain
    Elephants generally play with dirt
    Humans just happy to play dirty

    Gestation period is about 2 years
    Plea for food fell on inhumane ears
    Injuries & pain inflicted on a mother
    Still kept her child safe from others

    No matter what humans did to her
    She still didn't attack anyone either
    Internal wounds took a toll on her
    They decided to go heaven together

    Trust, hope & 2 lives ended in a jiffy
    We committed yet another blasphemy
    Social media filled with outrage again
    Will this selective outrage go in vain?


  • vanessa_inivorytower 1w

    हसरतें बोहत थी की चाहू तुम्हे हमेशा
    ये चाहत भी मर जाएगी इसका नहीं था अंदेशा
    ना खुद को समझा पायी ना तुम्हे समझ पाई
    सिर्फ मुसीबतें और मनहूसियात् ही ले कर आई
    अब कोई शिकायत नही है तुमसे
    मै जानती हूँ तुम भी बोहत थक चुके हो मुझसे
    किसने क्या खोया किसको क्या मिला
    अब बस यही थामते है इल्ज़ामों का सिलसिला
    टूटी हुई हड्डी पे तो प्लास्टर लगा दिया तुमने
    टूटे हुए दिल मे कौन सी सीमेंट भरोगे?
    तुम्हारा घर खाली कर दिया है मैंने
    तुम अपना खालीपन कैसे भरोगे?
    ये जो आँखें सूजी है मेरी सुबह तक ठीक हो जाएंगी,
    पर इनमे भरे जो सपने फट चुके है उन्हे कैसे सिलोगे?
    नाक और गला जाम हो गये है मेरे
    पर सुकून का कोई रास्ता कैसे खोलोगे ?
    सर का दर्द भी डिस्प्रिं से चला जाएगा
    पर ये जो चोट मेरे मन को लगी है
    वो क्या ठीक हो पायेगी कभी?
    मेरे शरीर से निशान मिट जाएंगे कुछ वक़्त बाद.
    पर मेरी रूह पे लगे घाव भर पाएंगे कभी??
    ये तपता हुआ शरीर मेरा, सही हो जाएगा बुखार उतरने के बाद
    पर क्या सुलगती हुई उमीदें बुझा सकोगे कभी?
    मैं खुद को भूल रही हू धीरे धीरे
    पर क्या तुम याद रह जाओगे मुझे ??
    रास्ता बदल लूँगी मै अपना
    पर क्या मंज़िल भी बदलनी पड़ेगी मुझे?

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    #memories #soul

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  • vanessa_inivorytower 1w

    Mental and emotional exploitation is worse than physical abuse ;because it leaves no mark on your body but scars your soul forever.

  • sobha_ 1w

    If you give abuse to others, firstly it describes about you.


  • rabirabi 1w


    Roses are bloody
    Violets are lifeless
    The demons have started
    To chase her in circles

    Only this time it isn't
    The demons in her head

    It's the screams from another
    That's making her feel dead

    She could fight them back if she wanted to
    She's done it once, twice or maybe thrice

    But what can you do to the demons
    That refuse to restrain their might?

    Darling you get up and leave the place
    Because what you are made to go through isn't fair

    It may be scary but it's the only way
    You can do this
    You can turn the dark into day

  • crickett 1w

    Look in the mirror and slowly the evil has left, looking around at myself like...what's left? I have my heart, I have my smile, I haven't felt like this in a while. Blessings on blessings. I smile because I didn't give up...use to wake up every day not giving a fuck abusing drugs and liquor was trying to make death happen quicker. I now wake up feeling like I have a purpose I just wanna let people know....I know longer feel worthless. I hope you find your way out...please don't ever give up when in doubt.

  • whispering_waves 1w


    जिस देश में
    आज भी
    अपनी आज़ादी,
    हक और सुरक्षा की
    निरंतर लड़ाई
    लड़ रही हो
    उस देश में
    किसी 'काली'
    या 'दुर्गा' का
    होना ही
    बड़ी विडम्बना है

    ©whispering_waves (काविश)

  • brokengypsysoul 1w

    I will teach my daughter.....
    .... What you failed to teach me
    I will break the cycle....
    .... So she doesn't end up like me....

    #daughter #mother #family #love #hope #trauma #abuse #breakthecycle

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    I will teach my daughter

    I will teach my daughter everything you failed to teach me
    I will tell her that she has every right to say no.
    I will tell her that it’s her body and her choice.
    I will tell her that she has a voice and encourage her to use it.
    I will show her strength so she will learn from me.
    I will never discourage her strong personality or put her down.
    I will show her to love her body as it is, through my own self-love.
    I will encourage mistakes as learning opportunities and not failures.
    I will congratulate her success, no matter how small.
    I will show her what love is through hugs and kind words.
    I will listen to her for the small things so she can come to me with big things.
    I will make sure she feels safe, loved and secure.
    I will use words instead of fists.
    Love instead of anger.
    Encouragement instead of belittlement.
    I will learn from your past mistakes so my daughter doesn’t have to bear the scars that I do.

  • __moonchild__ 2w

    Mental or physical don't stand for any of theae abuse. #violence #abuse #bruise.

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    You Know my weakness when you come close,
    You turned down them on me; my love can no longer take this abuse
    You broke me again and this time you left my skin with all these bruises,
    I've seen the fear Iam no longer afraid If I lose
    And being strong is the only option left to choose,
    I can write poems but you are longer my amuse.

  • in_fragments 2w

    "While the strange boy invaded my body
    like a butcher prepares slabs of meat-
    being just a warm carcass
    with no head
    or face,
    I stared into the ceiling and the walls,
    every atom in me paralyzed
    and shivering underneath
    the weight of such harrowing
    spiritual bedevilment,
    and as he prodded and poked me
    so unceremoniously,
    so enraptured by sordid
    and rapacious ecstasy
    he forgot I was there,
    my mind flooded
    and was abducted
    by aliens, so that I, too,
    could forget;
    the suffering of the flesh
    I urgently left behind
    for the refuge pending in space-
    I surrendered
    to complete
    epistemic oblivion."

    I wish to come back to earth now. Let me feel like a human again...
    #life #abuse #trauma #dissociation #healing #alien #space #mentalhealth #mentalillness #ptsd #selfcare #mirakee #writerstolli #pod @writersnetwork

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    I stared into the ceiling and the walls,
    every atom in me paralyzed...
    my mind flooded
    and was abducted
    by aliens, so that I, too,
    could forget...

  • in_fragments 2w

    Satan is so hurt he has to hide the pain even from himself.
    #poem #sonnet #life #abuse #narcissist #healing #mirakee #writerstolli #pod @writersnetwork

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    Even Satan is hurt by his own fire,
    it hurts him so bad he has to spread it
    to lessen the burden of his self-ire;
    a vain attempt to quiet the defeat
    that's always drumming deep within his ears,
    the emptiness that's hollowed out his heart,
    the sins he snuffs with flame and tortured years-
    smothering pain, the bastard will not part
    from, cannot pacify within himself
    his bitterness and inferiority-
    just a man, who lost control of his health,
    and so inflicts transcendental agony-
    agony not processed, instead passed on;
    new offspring marked by the Devil at dawn.

  • writerspite_33 2w

    Give.But don't allow yourself to be used.
    Love.But don't allow your heart to be abused.
    Trust.But don't be native.
    Listen.But don't lose your own voice

  • in_fragments 2w

    "Trauma made me strange.

    Decades of severe hypervigilance,
    near-constant jolts and shocks of the spirit
    lead to:
    an uneven spine
    and a crooked jaw,
    wrists that click and skin that twists
    a loved one's touch to feel like
    tiny pinpricks
    stabbing bone.
    Constant tension, neck cracks,
    fire along my head and back-
    the heat of insulated fear
    and residual resentment-
    a body that never shed its stress.

    I swallow the pain,
    the resentment and the fear.
    Pocket breath in my chest
    and snap
    the limbs back into place,
    stretch them and wince
    as I knead the knots like rocks
    under my shoulders.

    I breathe through the agony,
    suffer it to get it out,
    for the sake of a healthier form
    and a reawakening
    of shut-off senses;
    for my swimmer's shoulders
    and pianist's hands,
    poet's tongue and survivor's thighs,
    hips that hold in rhythm
    and eyes that see galaxies
    beyond the sun.

    We are celestial inside.
    I no longer wish treat my vessel
    like a dying star."

    If I learn to love it, it will shine for me✨��
    #poem #mentalillness #mentalhealth #selfcare #abuse #trauma #recovery #mirakee #writerstolli #pod @writersnetwork

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    Strange Bodies

    I no longer wish treat my vessel
    like a dying star.

  • spadesunderground 2w

    Here I'll Remain

    When this is all done
    You'll go back to your jobs.
    You'll visit your loved ones.
    You'll go and eat out.
    When this is all done
    You'll find your new norm
    You'll find your new life
    With the love and support
    Of your family and friends.
    When this is all done
    You'll have changed a bit more
    Your heart and mind maybe
    Will have grown a bit too.
    But when this is all done
    I will still be in here,
    Surviving as I did,
    Before there was a virus
    A virus that's small
    And pales in comparison
    To the thousand tick marks
    On my growing wall of pain.
    You couldn't leave
    And neither could I
    But we both had our own reasons
    For wanting to cry
    For wanting to escape
    Or wanting to die.
    And I'm glad one day
    That your reasons will cease.
    You'll have then finally
    Once again your peace.
    And here I'll remain
    But you'll be okay, at least.
    I've lived in this cage
    It's all I've ever known.
    With someone standing outside it
    Swinging that key
    And smiling in my face.
    What you call home
    Or what you call free
    Is the very prison
    That broke me.
    What you call safe
    Behind your closed doors
    Was the place that continues
    To destroy me everyday.
    What you call free
    Will only ever be a dream to me.
    There has never been
    A quarantine for me.
    So go and enjoy this life that you have
    And make all these moments last
    Please do it for you
    And do it for me.
    Because no one will speak
    About the ones like us
    Who were never safe to begin with.


  • _mitakshi_ 3w

    My casket lies open on the side
    May my soul now rest in peace
    The air stinks of dolour of my being
    Not just words, this is my blood
    It's on your hands too, can't you see?
    Don't you remember?
    How you imprisoned me?
    Contaminated my soul with strife
    Yes, you! you did it to me
    The kick I took, it deafened me
    The devil in your eyes,
    Keeps me up all night
    Like mauler it hit me
    Aching for survival, I crept on my feet
    Yes, you! you muffled all my screams
    Embezzled all my dreams
    My blood is on your hands can't you see?
    You murdered my innocence
    Made me a child of steel, hard as a rock
    Stoic, with no feel.
    Your decadence makes even you antecedents scream
    Anger is what I brew
    Sick is what I feel
    Watching you stand in those two-goody-shoes
    Over my casket of dreams
    Before my silver silhouette leave
    I wish you could see
    I cry no tears, I fear no being
    Death has made me intrepid

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  • gladiator001 3w


    I am just words to you
    Yet you are my poetry
    My fixations are flexible
    But I cannot be free

    love demands too much
    Too much it can be
    To eat fruits of passion
    from a poisonous tree

    Like a rose kept on grave
    Its beauty is its enemy
    The petals of ecstasy
    have thorns of agony

    My soul begs to be yours
    Yet it only gets apathy
    Like a winds that wanders
    but cannot touch the sea

    Your failures are fatal
    Your flaws are deadly
    I ignored them enough
    But now it's time to see

    When love become an abuse
    When love is only a strategy
    My words won't be for you
    and neither will be my poetry


  • shivi04 4w


    Millennials misinterpret abusing and dissing as " Freedom of Speech".