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  • daffodilsandbruises 2h

    As I sit here
    In these therapist places
    I'm becoming more aware
    Of the damage that you've done

    When they ask about you
    I unknowingly stare off into space
    Thinking about all that you've said and done
    As I'm shaking in fear
    With silent tears streaming down my face,
    The difference between flashbacks and reality is no longer clear

    As I sit here
    In these therapist places
    I'm supposed to feel safe
    But you stole all the safety I've ever known
    © daffodilsandbruises

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    As I sit here
    In these therapist places
    I'm becoming more aware
    Of the damage that you've done...

  • sonder19 1d

    The Death of Innocence

    She carried on with her task,
    Pressing the keys on the piano,
    Not missing a beat,
    Because at that moment the only thing that made sense
    Were the notes in front of her.
    The cold touch of his fingers on her skin
    Seemed like a caress,
    But there was no affection in those eyes.
    Too young to read the lust in them.

    The little girl carried on,
    As if her teacher hadn't turned into a monster,
    As if her innocence wasn't being brutally ripped away with ever passing second.
    He whispered in her ear
    To not tell her parents.
    She wanted to shrink into herself,
    But she carried on,
    For she could find no escape.
    The walls had closed in on her,
    And she was ensnared in his cruel web.

    That was the day she lost her childhood.
    That was the day she lost the gleam in her eyes,
    For she had opened her eyes to see the world for what it was.
    Not magical and filled with wonders as they made her believe.
    It was merely a desolate expanse filled with lost souls,
    And today her soul had been added to it.
    Destroyed and never to be the same,
    Still a child yet no longer one.

  • maitreyi02 1d


    It's back,the fear
    It's all still clear
    Since it left a stain
    On the main frame

    All I did was dress
    Now, that's just a mess
    I was abused
    Injustice was served.

    It was my fault
    For that assault
    I just wore the latest trend
    Society please don't judge.

    To go out in the world
    I need to hide my scars
    It's totally absurd
    How,I wish I would have become one of the stars

    I was punished on their behalf
    Society criticised me
    I need to hide my face with a scarf
    I think I'll never be free

  • jazzigang 1d

    That Angel

    Tears feel like bee stings
    those bee stings are my weak things
    Your words are like fire
    burning pain I don't desire
    deep inside it cuts my mind
    My soul I can't feel it rise
    Blurry vision my heart excision
    Why do you cause all these bad revisons
    It turned cold and I see those roads
    those roads to a nightmare untold
    Wipe those tears "It will be okay".
    he may have hurt you but a angel is one

  • ddeboleena 2d

    Indian girl

    Clothes ripped off
    Scratches on the skin
    Blurred eyesight
    And some screams
    Hurting as hell
    Mouth kept mum
    Keep calm,
    You're an Indian girl.

  • omega_the_virus 3d

    Even with a pocket full of change,
    You'd sell me out for a dollar.


  • miah_writes 3d

    If I had a barrel and a billion bullets
    I'd deface him with sporadic shots

    If I had the rage of a dragon
    I'd roast him for the ants to feast on

    I'd kill the beast that _messed me over_
    a thousand and one times

    Just like I had done severally
    in my head


  • omega_the_virus 3d

    I'm the problem?
    The problem is the door wasn't locked.
    You decided to peek your head inside.
    Let me fix that.


  • omega_the_virus 3d

    Breadcrumbs are for the ducks.
    Not for games with my heart,
    When you don't give a fuck.


  • the_young_gun 3d


    This one is for the followers of patriarchy..
    To whom belongs the kingdom key.
    Man occupies front seat in all,
    Earning, burning, or an army call.

    Leaving woman at a backdrop..
    She is satisfied, doesn't aims to reach the top.

    But now she asks,
    "Why am I forced to sit on the front seat?
    When you abuse someone in the street.
    Why those two words first come out,
    Abusing your mother and sister, "oh plzz shut your mouth." I request.

    There are so many other words to abuse,
    Women are not meant to be misused.

    Follow patriarchy blindly..
    Don't abuse your mother and sister kindly..


  • jackie_ 3d

    Face the reality of psychological abuse. Faaace it.
    #faceit #emotionalabuse #cptsd #abuse #Psychologicalabuse #invisible #wounds

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    Psychological abuse is invisible to most

    but it's as real as your face

  • milli_tales 4d

    When told I was in love
    Family turned up
    Said he doesn't fit family status..

    When told I was almost abused
    Where did they go
    Knowing abuser was from the family..


  • ladybug_apocalypse 4d


    My head spins like a merry-go-round-
    Wandering, lost in a fairground.
    Gagged with cotten-candy,
    Sweet but deadly.

    The chimes of innocent rhymes
    Echo in my abused mind
    Even after my bedtime-
    They can never be left behind.

    I don't mean for confusion,
    But this is all an illusion.
    For the circus doesn't exist.
    I just needed to be kissed.

  • abeksshally 5d

    Little did she know there are million versions of the monster that crossed her path.
    She fought daily to subdue her fears beneath her feet
    Trying to face life with a whole new pack of Strength
    To unleash the gory memories down a pit.
    But over and over, it reiterates
    The screen displays it daily, like a show on replay
    The radio screams it out loud
    Even the net ain't left out

    Her soul shatters right before her eyes
    Hearing stories told of other victims
    A fresh spring of anger swells up within her
    A voice screams in her head, " but there's nothing you can do".
    Another whispers voluminously, " you sure can write"
    A feign smile concealing her grief,
    As revitalization fan through her veins.

  • romantic_bdsm 1w

    The Demon Inside Me

    I got a demon inside me digging deep as it goes, I always keep my thoughts open, so the demon stays closed,stay on my toes and I know that nobody will see, that I struggle to cope with all the hatred in me.
    I look around as I walk by, nothing but fakes, they wear masks and pretend that they can relate, everybody claims, that they understand, but insane is a game I've seen hand to hand
    And everyday I dealt with it, I fought through the struggle, I never showed fear, it always got me in trouble, a slave to amuse, a young boy abused, you think you understand put yourself in my shoes.
    I couldn't even stare, you weren't even there, so don't ever fucking tell me that you cared!
    I was fucking scarred, I couldnt express my emotions, you know this, with all this fucking anger that you showed us, forcing me to fight, when I was just a boy, I was begging you to stop, but you only got annoyed!! I decided to quit, my brain was over heating, and discovered that my choice was self defeating. Get your ass up.. And I'll show you respect, slam this vodka and get your brain wrekt only 13... I was starting in life, and yet the demon started growing inside...
    As the demon grew bigger, my thoughts went further, I still hear him yelling in my head hit harder! I can hear his voice everytime I'm upset, everytime I reject, everytime I neglect to protect myself, nobody else but the demon, you may not get it, but I can still see him, he trys to control me from under my bones, and everytime I fight the demon I'm just fighting alone, So I try to let go of everything that I saw, I know I'm broken inside cause I feel nothing at all, So I live by myself deep inside of my mind, And I'm begging for help in a place noone can find.


  • magicalmystery 1w


    He flipped idly through the book,
    Calling it unrealistic nonsense;
    How could anyone be that dumb,
    He thought,
    To let themselves get beaten for love?
    Until he then experienced it all himself;
    The manipulation, the sin; the bruises, the scars--
    And now holds that book close at heart:
    It has become his only understanding friend.


  • universilje 1w

    #coparent #abuse #trauma #lifelesson #pain #love #power #games #know it's been years, and It still surprises me how someone can treat smother human. But now Im realising.. It was never me... Fears fading.. Slowly. Taking back my power. Taking no one's shit. But staying loving. At least learning to love myself.. About time. #peace

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    Bittersweet lesson in life

    You are fear, crippled by you're own self hatred to gain steadyness like a small child you pick on gentle humans.

    Kind, caring gentle.... Strong as hell humans and you stab with you're tiny pinky until they break.

    You do it because you know deep down they'll never react back.

    You have no respect for kindness because you never knew what it was like to feel kindness in you're heart.

    Especially to yourself.

    I could always relate.

    I always loved you.

    Sometimes my heart is bleeding with you're stinging little boy fear pierced by its poisons for years patiently waiting for the storm .

    To die down. ..

    So I can breathe...

    I am tired of holding my fort.

    And I know you must be so lost I still hold a little hope for you.

    And that's how I know I'm not everything you say, all those words...

    You despise about yourself.

  • j_xxi_xviii 1w

    The title is from Kanye West's song Mercy, buuuut he took it from the Bible. It is an excerpt in the Bible describing Hell.
    #dark #darkpoetry #poem #poetry #poems #abuse #triggerwarning #siblings #family #sadchildhood #writer #writing #originalcontent #hell #gnashing #sad #domestic #domesticabuse #hope #keepfighting #yougotthis #learn #freewrite #freeverse

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    It is a weeping and a moaning and a gnashing of teeth

    Wake up.
    to the gnashing of teeth
    allow tears to spill,
    tumbling down rosacea kissed cheeks.
    Listen to the wall.
    Listen as momma cries.
    Goosies pop up, as you jump.
    Daddy yells.
    A drum beats in your ears.
    Squeeze your eyes shut.
    Sleep. Sleep.
    They'll be normal in the morning.
    They love each other in the morning.
    Tap, tap, tap,
    It's Daddy.
    Bang, bang, bang!
    Better answer the door.
    Daddy's face is red, hands clenched, jaw set.
    The bed is safe.
    Spit flies as he yells.
    Now, you scream.
    Weeping and moaning,
    Daddy says he loves you.
    Arms tighten around your middle and you can't breathe.
    You're the little spoon.
    Stay awake.
    Daddy leaves as you pretend.
    Sight peeking through the slits on your face.
    The sun is out.
    Momma is purple.
    Daddy has scratches.
    You have scars.
    Momma hides her vodka in your toys.
    Daddy says he's sorry.
    Momma says you're ugly.
    Now you believe it.
    Momma says don't cry.
    You're confused.
    Because, Daddy crossed your wires and oh my Momma snipped mine.

  • magicalmystery 1w

    Future Me

    Interviewer: Congratulations on living to be 100 years old. The world would like to know; what is your biggest regret in life?

    Me: *Soft laugh* Ah, now that's a tough one. Let's see... My biggest regret in life is that I never had children.

    Interviewer: Oh? Why didn't you?

    Me: *Shrugs* I never found someone to start a family with. *Pause* To be honest, I never found anyone who loved me as much as my abuser did...

    Interviewer: Wait Your abuser?

    Me: Heh. Sounds weird, right? But seriously. I have never found anyone as crazy or as obsessive or as wild as them; after the things we did, I could never settle with someone who was "normal." I needed someone just as crazy as me.

    Interviewer: But you never did find anyone?

    Me: Nope. So therefore, I never had children.

    Interview: Why didn't you ever just adopt a child?

    Me: I could never afford one on my own. And even if I did--- to raise a child with no siblings and with me having a job, I'd never be able to provide my child with the love and attention they'd need: I refused to take in a child I would be forced to neglect.

    Interview: I see. If you could tell yourself one thing to your past self, what would it be?

    Me: Nothing. Because if I were to change one thing in my past, I wouldn't be here with all the knowledge I've obtained.


  • sen_orpheus_92 1w

    Ghosts of the past

    As he sat beside me,
    I felt a hand crawl up my thigh.
    As he touched my shoulder,
    I felt a hand against my breast.
    Engulfed in a familiar, yet eerie, scent of the past...
    I went down the dreaded memory lane.
    There he was, with no remorse on his face...
    Waiting to rewrite our story.
    Some ghosts of the past never die.
    Some are merely tucked away.
    Believe our stories,
    Because you're the only hope we've got.