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    Today, like all other days recently, was a stressful day. Seemed like the days are getting shorter and the workload is getting heavier by the hour. At least I have my walk to look forward to.

    One day, I decided to take the scenic route back to home after a particularly tough day at work. Afterall, every day was the same. Wake up early, go to work, come back home just to eat, sleep and repeat the next day. I've been hearing about this park, not far from my office. So I gave it a try. The walk takes me an hour or so just to reach home, but I never just walk back.

    It's a beautiful gravel path surrounded by trees. I don't really know what kind but the leaves are beautiful and oh so bright in colors. There's green, red, orange, yellow and all the colors in between. Then there's this old stone bench right after around 40 minute mark. Nowadays I've started carrying 2 pieces of my favourite chocolate with me. I sit there for quite some time, listen to music, sometimes read a book, and savour my chocolates.

    This, is slowly becoming the best part of my day. Some weekends I purposely go to my office building just to enjoy the walk back. But, this one particular evening, everything changed.

    As I was reaching my usual chilling spot, I saw a shadow. Someone was sitting on my bench. I call it my bench because in my weeks of using that place as my own personal oasis, I've never seen a single person walk that way. Maybe it's not that pretty of a place, but it seems perfect in its own imperfect way to me. I contemplate going back the way I came, or should I just not stop for my routine? My feel were aching a little, all thanks to my stupid self for wearing the new pair of shoes I bought last weekend. So, I finally decided to not overthink it and just sit there. Maybe that person will go away.

    Reaching the place, I see a huge guy sitting there. And when I say huge, I meant mascular, and around my age. I couldn't see his face as he was sitting with head hanging low, resting on his palms, elbows on knees. Looked like he was either in deep thought, or was taking a nap. Who naps like that! What a wierd guy. Never mind, I sat down at the other end of the bench and started listening to this new playlist that I've created last night. So many new songs to listen to, my heart was happy and excited.

    After a few minutes of total silence and then I hear a loud sigh. It took me everything to not look immediately to my right. When I did, I could somewhat see his face. He had silky black hair, and was wearing a long brown coat over what looked like crisp business formals. Handsome and in his late 20s or early 30s, he was clearly going through stuff. Me being overly sensitive, I wanted to ask him if everything's okay, but scared of what he might think of me, I said nothing.

    Almost half an hour passed and I felt some movement to my right. He was looking at me, or rather staring. Do I have something on my face? Is what came to my mind. Man, he looked angry. Did I do something to offend him or anything! I smiled nervously to cut the tension between us. His expressions went back to neutral, almost like his mind did a reset. He was looking at the trees in front of us after that for sometime. God only knows why but I quietly slid a bright pink foil-wrapped chocolate on top of a tissue to my right near him. I was feeling generous that day and he looked like he could use some happiness in his life.

    He looked at it, then looked at me, back at it again. Almost as if he was in disbelief of what just happened. For sometime after that he didn't touch the chocolate and I was starting to feel pissed off and embarrassed at the same time. Oh, are you too good for a sweet treat now!!

  • ink_leaker 3d

    Her figure crystal clear I figured without color or makeup.


  • ink_leaker 4d

    My heart is not blind

    I have lost me in the world,
    and gained me without the world,
    I have remained constant above the odds,
    and If I get it or not, I'm not going
    to hit me against the wall,
    I have seen people who use microphones,
    but they silent a lot,
    And when you ask them they tend to say about all,
    having their deep rains even when the season is fall,
    to their beds, they land on the erosions of weeps as waterfalls,
    If life is a song then I have lots of bridges crossed,
    I have seen people who would rather be tall,
    just to get across every ball,
    Silently trying to walk alone,
    but my steps keep talking my walks,
    Been one of the people who lost their own
    treats far from close,
    Then broke their own hearts for a coarse,
    I have been through heat from a cooker or a stove,
    that takes time for rice, not the ice which it holds,
    If I was a cloud, I would cover me alone,
    I could have kept with me the sun in case I froze,
    I have seen a female filling a well with tears of her broken gul,
    Do they care to know how to water that, I just don't know,
    I hate handshakes and I hope it stays for long,
    I have seen people you know who shake and take whatever you hold,
    Make it then sell it as they own,
    Feel like I got a bell that reps a sacred place where even a hare can ignore,
    But, I hope that they bold enough to hold it through nights even if their feet catch a cold.


  • ink_leaker 1w

    Poetic Adventures

    I'll slide on that marble,
    I'll go against the sun law,
    I'll be that reptile gecko,
    I'll be far from a bug swallow.

    I'll take a stance with my gun,
    I'll shoot to space just for fun,
    Feel the lack of my body for burns,
    Although I may grow hate for the sun.

    I'll take my heavy steps as a pedestrian,
    I'll see my feet on the edge of that mountain,
    I'll overthrow stress and it's armed adrenaline,
    Swim in my dreams but I will be a living amphibian.

    I'll put makeup on earth for the quakes in its face,
    I'll be one of my own poets keep crafting its base,
    Poetry is on the mirror I need my shades,
    Yes, it's very bright because It comes from a dark trace.


  • musingsofriya 1w

    A new day.

    Let the day begin,
    With smile, hope and gratitude.
    As every day is a new start and adventurous in it's own way.

  • mr_undefined 6w

    My Little Elucidation...!

    The person I love the most is me.
    The person I trust the most is me.
    My faith is in my awesome future.
    The world is lovely because I love myself and I am proud of being me,
    A little weird, A little jerk, A little storm, A little irascible. Despite of my littleness, My dreams are Big, my aims are high. That's the magic of me.
    To know me is to love me....
    I know me, I love me......

  • pen_mythoughts 6w

    #lifequotes #adventures #adventurouslife #demons #life
    Let us take the present situation we all are fighting with the demon called corona. That is also a adventure.

    Read my thoughts on mirakee

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    Life is a kind of adventure. Where we fight with different demons and win.

  • mr_undefined 7w

    Ungli pakad kar chalane wale hath! Jab hath chood dete hai,
    Toh na jane kon kon ungliyaan pakadta hai aur kis kis simth lejata hai....

  • mr_undefined 7w


    You don't always meet people by accident, there is always a reason behind it :
    A blessing or
    A lesson....

  • mr_undefined 8w

    Comfortable and Happy

    I am comfortable.
    I am happy. For,
    I am not seeking for someone to love me.
    I am not looking for an opinion or advice.
    I like myself,
    And, I like my company.
    I'm not shy or any introvert.
    This is who I am.
    I've stopped finding people to hurt me again and again.
    But, I have someone with whom I can share everything,
    And, I know that this one is going to stick around always.
    It's Me.....
    And I am comfortable and more than happy.

  • mr_undefined 8w

    We want to fit in.
    Fit in these shapes.
    Trying and pretending
    Our whole life to somehow
    Fit in the shapes.
    Many succeed,
    Many fail.
    But what if these shapes are
    Not really for the one who failed.
    What if they are telling us,
    It's time to create one of your own.

    #writers #mirakee #shapes #adventures #thoughts #poetry #book #heart #readers #okbye

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  • mr_undefined 8w

    And your Eyes

    I don't know how to fly.
    But I dreamed of it
    every single night,
    Hoping to meet you
    halfway in a
    timeless space
    with my pen,
    a notebook
    and your eyes.

  • mr_undefined 8w

    I am Unfolding myself...

    I am slowly unfolding
    behind this ridged Walls,
    Breaking layers,
    One by one each with
    different stories to tell.
    Some with happy beginnings
    And unsaid good byes.
    Some left me standing still
    Screaming without a sound,
    On the dirty pavements
    Above the devil's ground,
    Some left me joyful
    Like a naked child in the rain.
    I am clarifying
    The signature of the past.
    Some ink with pain,
    Of lovers that didn't last
    But oh my dear,
    Don't you see
    My heart has become so wild
    For flowers and lily's
    Give me the roses
    with sharpest thrones
    I'm unfolding,
    Wildly, into me

  • the_anon_alpha 9w


    A story of mine
    Tales unknown
    Stories untold
    How to tell?

    Too much darkness
    Trying to reach for the light
    Crawling from the depths of my heart
    Reaching to the depths of my soul

    Questions asked
    Answers told
    Mysteries left uncovered
    Histories left untold

    A beautiful ending
    To an ugly beginning
    An amazing adventure
    Therefore beginning

  • mr_undefined 10w

    Don't go out of your way to fix each and every aspect of your life. Focus on your priorities and you will see things falling into place.

    #mirakee #writers #adventures #focus #success #failure #life #inspiration #thoughts #diary #poetry #love

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    Only focus on the things you can control.


  • kyeiii 14w

    I live an unexciting life, where I desperately cling on to the hope of future adventure.
    My life has been a monotomous routine, where I forlonly await an eventful climax.
    I wake up everyday and I'm at the same place, see the same people, walk the same streets, engage in the same conversations and do the same things, I'm stuck!.
    I feel like I am entrapped in an irreversible time loop reliving the same old story over and over again.
    I feel like I am half dead on the inside, yearning to feel completely alive.
    I feel like I am stuck in a place I do not want to be, waiting for a moment to break free.
    I feel like a flightless bird.
    I feel like I need adventure.

    The days go as fast as they come, it feels like they only flash by.
    The days speed by so fast right before my eyes like they were competing against Usain Bolt in a marathon of eight runners.
    The days just move by in their usual cycle, each week facsimile to the previous week like a draconian way to remind me I'm not living right.
    A day feels like it lasts for just seven hours,
    and last year feels like just seven months ago.
    The clock rapidly ticks and I'm still not where I want to be.

    Day turns to night, night turns do day,
    and my sense of fulfilment hangs by a thread, mirrored by the gloom of a boring life.
    I'm gifted with life but my time is squandered by repetitive and uneventful episodes.
    It's impossible to battle against withering time.
    With every tick and tock, my distress slightly increases.
    I know I will be rolling with disatisfaction and bitter regret in my grave should I kick the bucket today unforseen.
    There is so little I have done and so much I want to do.
    Adventure calls my name,
    My body tingles at the thought.

    I closed my eyes shut and I day dreamed I travelled the world.
    I was at the evergreen grasslands.
    I run barefoot in the meadows,
    the tickling sensation of the grass under my feet was extremely exhilarating.
    I inhaled the fresh air of the country side.
    Air so pure and clean,
    It entered right into my soul.
    Every breath gave me life.
    I then found myself starring into my lover's mesmerizing eyes,
    beside the Eiffel tower in the city of love.
    We swore our undying love for each other.
    as a nearby guitarist sang songs of love,
    and a small gathered crowd clapped and cheered right after I received a yes to my marriage proposal.
    I climbed mountain Everest just to relish the thrill of a moment at the top,
    far above it all, at the highest point I could possibly get from the ground.
    I threw a coin into a sun-baked fountain in the beautiful streets of Spain,
    I wished for for a life without pain.
    I danced to the indegious African drums.
    In tune with the rich, flamboyant culture and heritage, I delightfully raised my arms.
    In New York, I was blinded by the lights, streets heavily populated on a weekend.
    I was alive and connected to humanity more than ever, I prayed the feeling would not end.
    At the Sphinx and pyramids,
    I tried to picture life in ancient Eygypt.
    Great pharaohs long dead, but bodies mummified and remarkably life-like.
    What I would give to feast my eyes on Cleopatra's beauty!.
    I jumped into an icy cold river just to feel a literally freezing chill in my spine,
    I hesitated but I eventually did.
    I danced without rhythm in a loud club, simply caught up in the moment, allowing the upbeat music take control over my body, it was refreshing.
    My eyes were fixed on Alaska's bedazzling auroras dancing in the silent night sky, truly artistic.
    At Kenya, I took a front seat at observing wildlife in a safari.
    A pride of fierce, ferocious lions,
    The seven feet long neck of the giraffe,
    The Hyena's horrifying teeth,
    The circle of life.
    I spent the night at an igloo village in Switzerland, surrounded by the cold night winter snow and desolate mountains with a starry sky above,
    steep, aerial glaciers just miles away.
    In India, I danced like I was the dashing male lead in a Bollywood movie dressed in my aesthetic Sherwani clothing.
    My heart broke at the sight of damage caused by wildfire in Amazon rainforest,
    I prayed the forest would be restored.
    I found myself in Wuhan, China just to take a peep and continue my travel.
    I sand surfed in the sweltering deserts of Saudi Arabia,
    distant sand dunes looked like a work of art.

    I opened my eyes and there I was,
    back to my room.
    I was back to an unexciting routine life.
    Daydreams are only a virtual projection.
    Reality hit me hard.
    My greatest desire is to see everything.
    We all deserve to adventure.
    For now, I'm making plans.
    Will you come with me?.

    #Adventures #Daydreams #Travel #pod @writersnetwork

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    Adventures and Daydreams

    Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventure
    -Lovelle Dranchman
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  • mr_undefined 14w

    Heart adventures are soul heartbeats.

    Life is built on the pursuit of heart's quest. The soft whisper of soul are felt and lived in heart's adventures.

  • mandiradebnath 16w

    #one-sided love
    #school crush
    #hurt feelings
    #soundless weeps
    #sleepless nights
    #breakup songs playlists on repeat
    #love selena gomez
    #no confession
    #second chance
    #new chapter
    #adventures of life
    #a good feel

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    A Love Letter

    The online conversations , the melody of each word ...
    Ringing in my ears , and beating in my heart...

    Discovered a new me , under the same old skin...and was happy .., until I realised that it was the same old me which I had lost under the layers of pollution.

    I know I have a strong feeling , that warms up my cheeks , and pulls my lips to the edges of my face , stretching beyond my limits.
    You too know that , at least this is what I think , but don't know that , now my soul rhymes for you...
    And the harsh reality says_
    " Not every beautiful poem rhymes..."
    I know that ours is beautiful...
    and it aches to see it is missing your verses , that could rhyme
    our purpose
    on this planet of dream so known.
    I am having mood flux for feelings unknown.

    Pain is in the glory.
    Glory is in the pain.
    This is an incomplete love story ,
    and I have nothing to complain .

    It is a beautiful feeling.
    And I wish to fly.
    I jumped off the cliff
    and remembered , my wings were clipped.
    But you were there , who stretched your arms ,
    to every bones , muscles , nerves and cells , and brought me back to the top , giving me a new life ...... while ending yours.

    I don't care , whether my poem rhymes or not.
    I just want it to be forever
    and mine

    Pages written in gold and silver and blues and hues.....are not mine.
    Mine is written with the blood of the love you killed......
    of colours now unknown to your eyes.

    Maybe , it's the darkness or your blindness which is preventing you from seeing ....what is your eternal search,....
    .....lies right in front of you.

    All I know , that I am singing and crying and laughing and smiling and , somewhere ......the reason is you.
    Forever You .

    Hold my hands and never let them go.
    Keep promises and I will always be there for you.
    I am not a poet , I don't rhyme, it is my feelings which ink it down from my heart.

    What a lovely , lovely eyes ......
    What a lovely , lovely words ......
    Embrace my soul....with my flaws and perfections as a whole.
    Sum up the beauty with the thorns of my pain.
    And there is no loss in finding the truth , there's only gain.
    I can't open my heart , but I open my soul
    Accept me with my secrets and unviel your role.

    A family I can picture , with beautiful smiles on face ,
    It hurts, that it will just be a memory
    only in my mind ....till my death.

    Where's the soul ?...
    Where's mine , where's yours ?
    Neither do I know His plans , nor yours.
    I just know that I am right here
    and you are right here
    But still there's this fear ,
    fear of losing you forever.
    I am not great at this
    I am not a quitter.

    But still I shall let you go
    cause there's the famous saying
    If you love me , you will return....
    but there's no guarantee whether I will be staying.

    Loved your lilies , loved your roses.
    Though you never bought me flowers ,
    I loved their essence , in my imagination
    loved that candlelight dinner,
    loved that starlit night.
    loved the sound of the ocean
    through the shells of the queen and knight.

    Many famous loves in the History are incomplete
    Ours might be the same.
    But , what hurts is that no one will ever know your name .

    Lovers and singers are trying to rhyme.
    A poet is dying to reach the prime.
    I don't know if any of my words make sense.
    But I know the feeling and it's not a game.

    I was played out...not once , not twice but more.
    I don't have guts to go through the same once more .

    So this heart will beat forever with a feeling for you.

    This is my love letter.....but you will never know that the lover is you .

  • wingsofheart 19w

    When your alone,
    You start to realize,
    Adventure is endless in our own mind,
    Nothing is never enough,
    Follow your dreams,
    It doesn't matter how small,
    Answer that call.


  • irishjigsaw_xo 25w


    Give me those
    deep kisses,
    wild memories,
    to those
    midnight swims,
    and our
    talk whatever
    Because baby!
    that's how life