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  • prettyproses 3d

    Mind in storm yet it desires to write
    Feeling breezy in this summer vibe
    This air soaking the warmth of sunlight
    Birds flying in air weave some poetic lines

    Then at dusk sun dissolves
    in ocean immersing completely
    with passing seconds its shine convolve
    Calming the uproar of tides in serenity

    Gently caressing those waves
    Illuminating every stream with sunrays
    Across the beach and around caves
    Teasing the sand covered seashells

    To meet my poetry it has become keen
    Starting its journey azure sky it greets
    Traverses its way with gliding dolphin
    And touches the bottom of my feet

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    To meet my poetry it has become keen
    Starting its journey azure sky it greets
    Traverses its way with gliding dolphin
    And touches the bottom of my feet

  • shiva001 1w

    The sky seems limitless until
    you lift your feets and explore.

  • egowin 1w

    You understand the value of electricity when there is a power cut and you don't have a backup to run fan/cooler/AC in the middle of hot summer day.

  • raman_writes 2w

    ये पूछती है मुझसे तुम्हारे बारे में ।

    #air #ask #cold #lapped #quote #quotes #atheist #raman_writes

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    आता है याद वो सुकून जो तुम्हारे आग़ोश में है ।

    ये सर्द हवाएँ बड़ा छेड़ती है मुझे तुम्हारे बाद ।।


  • nishigupta 3w

    All I am left is with the dust of your hypocrisy.
    Where breathing air is a question;
    Where damage on my body is repairing ,
    But my bruised heart and spirit upholds the wounds since forever.

  • joycemush 3w

    Whales Feast

    I hope this is the last one,
    That I write about you.
    I hope it will come true,
    Not like all the rest,
    That went down a wavy rue.
    As I hit a new street,
    Rounding into a new avenue.
    I discover for the first time ever,
    That there is someone better than you.
    And for the first time ever,
    I look at you and don't sigh like I used to.
    This is progress for me,
    Because I haven't seen anyone after you. 
    No one has caught my eyes 
    as you did once before,
    But this time though,
    My eyes landed on a prey,
    An ocean, a lake,
    That I want to swim, drink, and explore.
    That I willingly will sacrifice my all, 
    For the sake of a drown, 
    In the depths of his forest eyes...
    I haven't been in love before,
    But now, I will probably fall for the whale himself.
    Not the lions maid anymore. 

  • jazro_ 3w

    Losing touch with reality

    I want to paint a picture of the world I can sometimes see in my head. A world so colorful and vibrant, it seems almost unreal to dream of it.

    Helping hands to trust, flourishing forests to lie in, children playing to hear their laughter, clean earth and sea to keep balance, fresh air to heal sickness and so much more..

    A simple view of a simple child stuck in kindergarden. Just to grow up and realise how wrong he dreamt.

  • thatgeekgirl 4w

    Suspended breath swirls
    As cold envelopes the air -
    Such beauty found here!
    Visible whispers, allowed
    to exist in time longer...


  • obsovert 4w

    The Anxious Ones

    Well I am no more sixteen, I just can't be relaxed about any random shit that comes my way. On the contrary, I've realised that the irony is that I wasn't relaxed even when I was sixteen. I had always been a bundle of nerves. My life has been all about a cocooned existence draped in the layers of anxiety and I am quite sure that there are a hell lot of people who have encountered life in a similar anxiety ridden fashion, so folks welcome to the league of the "anxious ones". It's perfectly alright to be a little anxious about the unknown and unexplored. Each one of us battle anxiety, uncertainty and insecurity at some hour or the another but when it comes to me or I'll use a more inclusive term "anxious ones", I just can't figure out that why it's so screwed up and unfailingly I have always found myself stuck deep into ever growing quagmire of anxieties and insecurities. Everyone tends to have their own set of customized cum personalized anxiety and apparently anxiety isn't something that one could probably boast or bragg off or easily explain rather it makes one anxious when one attempts explaining it to others. Anxiety is an amorphous entity. Anxiety is somewhat like an unpredictable shape shifting ghost which won't set the possessed one free at any cost and one is bound to encounter it on regular basis and irregular forms. Anxiety is so deep-rooted that it gets dissolved in the air that one breathes and tea that one sips. There ain't any escape. It can crop up anywhere and confront the person. It's the cause of unending discomfort and perennial unease. One's much feared insecurities and anxieties have the power to make any amount of anxious one's pre planning redundant and futile in a similar way that it does take three business days to prepare myself for an ensuing social gathering. Impromptu gatherings have always been a nightmare and they are still hated with ages old panache. I sit and mentally rehearse an entire event in my head, which without any exception I mess up and relent it for another three business days thinking what better could have I spoken or represented at the actual hour of action. Anxiety tends to have many faces and shapes. I just can't help myself thinking about it as I've been doing the same shit from almost a decade and a half. If I have to go out and if it's unavoidable, I usually need a week to decide what to wear, not because I am a fashionista or the event is at par with Cannes Festival but I just don't want to mess it up and make myself more wretched and miserable and I am sure the esteemed anxious ones brethren court shall unanimously agree to that. This mind-boggling mindfuck ends in making me repenting my own choice which I had decided after meticulously employing my overthinking skills. Whenever I gather courage to ditch my cocoon and socialize a little, my anxiety makes it backfire without any exception and ultimately push me inside my shell. Anxious ones always feel that they are not dressed appropriately for the occasions they attend. Most of the time the anxious ones either feel to be too plainly dressed or they feel that their dressing sense is chaos on riot but those anxious ones are never able to derive contentment from fabric they adorn owing to their hardwired anxieties and insecurities. Anxious ones are grappled in phantom anxiety which tends to stalk them while anxious ones are scrolling through insta profiles or strolling on terrace or sitting in loo or going through group chats or the errands they run up to and so the list would run endless. Anxiety is omnipresent and it's much like pain in arse as anxious ones know that it's there as they can feel it but they can't tell anyone about it and they have to bear it on their own. Anxiety is so overwhelming that anxiety tends to choke me while I am trying hard to write something on anxiety without getting anxious for the anxious ones.


  • surajnsm 4w


  • ammypunjabi2 4w

    Jindagi m universe ko smjhne lga jab se
    Tab se mai us universe se harta aaya hu
    #surprised me every time
    #still on losing side My soul still be ' don't just feel too bad yeah what universe just wants you to feel '
    Still on losing, what I had gained is way beyond than what I had lost
    Hm vo hai jise tum gira v doge
    Fir v ham dobara uthenge jrur

  • spontaneous_flow_of_emotion 5w

    Wild is the taste of the wind
    From where we belong.

  • spontaneous_flow_of_emotion 5w

    Freedom is being able to breath in fresh air not polluted by the society's smoke.

  • isid57 5w


    Sometime I exhale, asking the air to take it to her and let her inhale the pain I feel...!!

  • _aesthetics_ 5w

    शीशे जैसी दिल के जो टुकड़े किये हो, कही वो तुम्हारे जख्म का कारण न बन जाये।


  • maheengazi_22 5w

    The air is warmer than before,
    Bcoz now it knows all my emotions

  • queenofhearts1491 6w

    A Walk along the Riverside

    Let me take you to the riverside,
    With clear water flowing through its land.
    Just listen to its sweeping sounds,
    Like a symphony of a bright blue,
    Splashing against small stones.
    A calming melody,
    So beautiful and pure.

    Let me take you to the riverside,
    With an azure sky shimmering above your head.
    Just watch the illuminated clouds,
    Like puffs of white magic,
    Passing by at their own pace.
    A soft invitation,
    To follow their floating journey.

    Let me take you to the riverside,
    With a fresh breeze wavering through the air.
    Just feel it messing with your hair,
    Like nature's cool breath,
    Asking you to join its play.
    A mesmerizing mixture of scents,
    Of clear water and wildflowers.

    Let me take you to the riverside,
    With rays of sunlight brightening the day.
    Just feel their warmth on your skin,
    Like the comforting touch of a loved one,
    Making you feel safe and understood.
    An affectionate hug,
    You don't want to miss.

    Let me take you to the riverside,
    With trees made of a luscious green.
    Just listen to their leaves whispering in the wind,
    Like a choir of a million voices,
    Telling secrets from long forgotten times.
    A group of soft giants,
    Who has witnessed so much.

    Let me take you to the riverside,
    With wildflowers blooming along the way.
    Just smell their enchanting scent,
    Like an exotic composed perfume,
    Reflecting their soft beauty and innocence.
    A rush of colors,
    Both fragile and strong.

    Let me take you to the riverside,
    With agile fishes swimming in the water.
    Just watch their small family passing by,
    Like a horde of children,
    Enjoying their each and every move.
    An energetic game,
    To awaken their animal spirits.

    Let me take you to the riverside,
    With a butterfly sitting on your hand.
    Just observe its bright shining colors,
    Like an old master's painting,
    Breathing nature's spirit through its lungs.
    A brief encounter,
    Before it leaves, goodbye.

    Let me take you to the riverside,
    With wild birds flying high above in the sky.
    Just listen to their cheerful songs,
    Like a vibrant choral singing,
    Inviting you to dance and feel free.
    A sweet promise,
    Of a peaceful and secure future.

    Let me take you to the riverside,
    With all its beauty and enchantment.
    Just embrace nature with all your senses,
    Like an escape from your daily race,
    Giving you hope and time to breathe.
    A decent offer,
    That it's your chance to take.

    ©queenofhearts1 491

  • my_queendom 7w

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    In the room full of ventilation....
    I felt suffocated...
    Just by hearing his name.....
    Even after three years...
    I think this continues even after many years....

  • aashuu43 7w

    I want to Pour

    My World in your glass .


  • shubhi27 7w

    Let me be the sunshine.
    Let me be the dark night.

    Let me be the music of life.
    Let me be the elegy of eyes.

    Let me be the free bird in sky.
    Let me be hidden inside.

    Let me be the fruit of pride.
    Let me be the shedded leaf behind.

    Let me be the azure sky.
    Let me be the depth of ocean unfound.

    Let me be the water of eyes.
    Let me be the fire of desires.

    Let me be the ink of pen.
    Let me be the unrest words for them.

    Let me be the taste of sweet.
    Let me be the pinch of sour.

    Let me be the fallacy of fantasy.
    Let me be the truth of dreams.

    Let me be the air of triumph.
    Let me be the story of glimpse.

    Let me be the rain in dry.
    Let me be the beauty undefined.

    Let me be who I am.
    Let me be the way I am.

    #sunshine #elegy #life #eyes #sky #bird #rain #air #story #beauty

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    Let Me..

    Let me be the sunshine.
    Let me be the dark night.

    Let me be the music of life.
    Let me be the elegy of eyes.