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  • ajhemingwaypoet 50w


    Shoot for beauty, but if the arrow sways
    Quote the adage “beauty fades”
    Trouble your heart to bleed beyond
    The sheet the poet lives upon
    Go for gold if it’s yours to reap
    But settle for a good night’s sleep
    When inspiration shines her light
    Pen the walls to ceiling’s height
    Hold to truth when all else falls
    And fear no holy trumpet calls

    No matter what steps from your shadowed depths
    Spare no pain, hold no regrets
    Know your creature came to life
    Beneath your mortal lightning strike
    Hold your head, protect your child
    She may need to sleep awhile
    But when the moment comes to pass
    Loose the Kraken...free at last

  • ajhemingwaypoet 50w

    The Dirge

    When I was in my early twenties
    My mother gently sang one night
    The angel heard her passing over
    And carried her to brighter light
    My father wept upon the morrow
    Holding to my mother’s song
    And when the rhythm caught his longing
    My father went to play the drum
    My wife and I had but one child
    She wore a bonnet white as snow
    And when the fever leapt upon it
    Off she went to string the bow
    The grief a dirge to carry sorrow
    Through the ears of my wife’s strife
    Till the music came a calling
    Then off she went to play the pipes
    I lay me down the withered poet
    Forced to sing the song of life
    Yet yearning for the timeless sonnet
    To carry to my timeless wife
    I hear the timbre in the hollowing
    Trumpet wind that speaks to me
    My loved ones play to ask my pardon
    To join their holy company

  • ajhemingwaypoet 51w

    Radiant Breaking of Heart

    I was terrified the first time that I saw you
    Lying there looking at me
    Staring with eyes that had never before
    Born witness to agony
    Would I be the first to deceive you
    Is that every parent’s lament
    The knowledge that bruising the fruit that we bear
    Is a burden we’ll never forget
    I was frantic that you’d not forgive me
    I was tortured you’d leave me destroyed
    With this feeling I’d found this immutable sound
    This pulsar of purest joy
    I was terrified the first time that I saw you
    For I knew that one day we must part
    And I would be left as a lighthouse to cast
    A radiant breaking of heart

  • ajhemingwaypoet 51w


    I search for ways to tell you that I love you
    Now that we are grown and no longer meet to speak
    I reach inside our past that casts a shadow
    On the mysteries that separate you from me
    I remember when I walked up that gravel path
    And you greeted me as if I were the last of men
    Brother I am devastated by the gravity
    That pulls apart the lives of youth
    Your beauty which I remember from my infancy
    Reaches out its haunted hand to clarify
    That I abandoned hope who trod the path of knowledge
    And justified blindness with salvation
    If only I could find an avenue to tell you
    That the years have only sanctified my longing for
    A means to tell your heart that my heart is sorry
    Perhaps then I could tell you that I’d give my soul for you
    Your holy joy is worth more to me
    Than all the gold in Midas’ touch
    And your love
    Is worth twice as much

  • ajhemingwaypoet 51w


    You captivate my life
    Rip through the hate that fogs the borders of my mind
    You devastate my soul
    Like a tidal wave of blazing sunshine
    Call to me
    Disconnect my heart from my reality
    Breathe through me
    Swift as a breeze that undermines authority
    I do believe your eyes
    Possess the power to unveil this mask of mine
    Strip away the pain
    Reverse the choices that have bled my broken veins
    My Sunshine
    I do believe your heart has found a home in mine
    My whole world
    Is now a vision of this phantom of a girl

  • ajhemingwaypoet 51w

    Shadow Call

    The heart knows nothing of beauty
    That’s grown cold to the sorrows of men
    That’s forgotten how fragile a flower caress
    Can fall on enchanted skin
    That’s cast out the chalice of union
    To favor the atomic sky
    That treads on the moors of destruction
    Calling to shadows to die

  • ajhemingwaypoet 51w

    I see You God
    And You see me
    Hanging by a string
    I see You God
    As You see me
    And do nothing

    But watch me falter
    Watch me fall
    Smash upon the stone
    I see You God
    As You see me
    Broken and alone

    Pieces picked up
    Places found
    A life upon the mend
    A puzzle only
    Shows itself
    At the very end

    I see You God
    And You see me
    Waiting up above
    I see You God
    As You see me
    And do nothing...but love

  • ajhemingwaypoet 51w

    Why Am I Here

    Why am I here said the man at his job
    Why am I here said the woman who sobbed
    Why am I here said the costumed clown
    Why am I here said the boy with a frown
    Why am I here said the teen in the crash
    Why am I here said the tramp in the trash
    Why am I here said the thief with the gun
    Why am I here said everyone

    You are here because if you were not there’d exist
    A hole in the world and it couldn’t be fixed
    A seat at the table a place in the line
    An irreparable tear in the fabric of time
    You are here because we are in need of your song
    For your voice is unique so you must sing along
    The picture’s not realized if it’s incomplete
    Like an 8 billion man puzzle that’s missing a piece

  • ajhemingwaypoet 51w

    The Lie

    True passion harbors deceit
    Have you been betrayed?
    With a kiss?

  • ajhemingwaypoet 51w

    Do You Know

    Do you know that they’re still yours
    The words I give to them
    Yours to cherish, yours to bless
    Yours until the end
    And as God’s a loving God
    As I found from finding you
    We’ll scribe our words on golden scrolls
    And start the tale anew

  • ajhemingwaypoet 52w


    I remember the first time that I saw you
    We had known one another for almost a year
    For the third time that day you had soiled our home
    I supposed that I hadn’t been clear
    So I locked you inside of a crate
    And for an hour you whimpered and wailed
    And when the time came and I opened the gate
    I found that you soiled your jail

    When we returned back home from the vet
    After he told me you’d acquired a bug
    I tried to amend the confusion that had been
    But you accepted neither pet nor hug
    So I locked myself inside my room
    And for an hour I whimpered and wailed
    And when the time came and I opened the door
    I found that the night now prevailed

    I stepped out to go find the place that you slept
    But I tripped over something too dark to view
    I switched on the light and when our eyes met
    I knew you were hurting too
    So we locked ourselves in an embrace
    And for an hour we cuddled and cried
    The moment had come and I opened my heart
    And I saw YOU for the very first time

  • ajhemingwaypoet 52w

    The dining room was shrouded in silence
    for ghosts don’t have much to say.
    She was safe just as long as the spirits stayed calm,
    she liked it that way.

  • ajhemingwaypoet 52w


    They tell me that you’re not gonna make it
    That the cancer has spread to your brain
    They say that you might not even wake back up
    And if you do you’ll be broken with pain
    I guess this is the scene in the movie
    Where the actor stares down at his toes
    And with tears in his eyes he recaptures their lives
    Well Mikey boy...here goes

    You were always a bit of a bastard
    And the women all called you a pig
    Your eyes weren’t straight, your nose was too small
    And your head was two sizes too big
    You never cared much for religion
    Said charity’s just a big ruse
    Smoked two packs to get you to breakfast
    And finished each sentence with booze

    But when all of the children ignored me
    You alone sat beside me at school
    You said all of these kids are just asses
    And none of them see that you’re cool
    You made me believe I was special
    You taught me how to have a friend
    And with every day you came over to play
    You showed my sad heart how to mend

    I don’t know how I’ll go on without you
    But I know that you’d want me to try
    I just wanted to tell you I’ll miss you
    I just needed to tell you goodbye
    From the moment you sat down beside me
    You shown like a light in the dark
    I will carry within me the joy that is you
    I will harvest your love in my heart

  • ajhemingwaypoet 52w

    Read Me

    There are words inside of me
    That if you took the time to ponder
    Could fill a breaking heart with joy
    Ignite the flame of wonder
    Transform a boy into a knight
    A prince into a pauper
    All one has to do is seek
    To seize what spells I offer

    Andrew what’s that dusty thing
    That’s preaching from the corner
    I’m on the phone with Jenny
    And I’m blogging about Warner
    The radio is playing
    And my bars are at full service
    Toss that thing into the trash
    It makes the t.v. nervous

  • ajhemingwaypoet 52w

    The Last to Go

    We crest the peak of Copper Hill
    A feeling like no other
    Saucers sleek and shining through
    With snow as smooth as butter
    Brian, Richie, Mark and Mike
    A pack of rowdy rebels
    And I the leader of the group
    The glue that holds together

    Mark and Mike are first to go
    The danger-seeking brothers
    Both upon a single disk
    To outdo all the others
    Sailing fast until the bend
    When Mike broke into laughter
    Shooting off the silver sled
    With Mark soon tumbling after

    Richie picked up Brian’s sled
    For it went even faster
    Zooming off while Brian chased
    The distance growing vaster
    Thinking that he’d made it clear
    Richie started bragging
    Until a branch unhorsed the thief
    And Brian went to bag him

    All at once the years decayed
    And time began to teeter
    I alone was left to gaze
    The aged and weathered leader
    Mark and Mike had died at war
    And Richie passed in prison
    Brian who arrested him
    Was now a cop in Heaven

    As I sat upon my sled
    I knew I must be going
    Gave a push and off I went
    Into the great unknowing
    Past the ghosts of ageless friends
    I still can hear their laughter
    Echo in the wilderness
    As I come tumbling after

  • ajhemingwaypoet 52w

    My Treasure Chest

    You’re gone
    And you’re not out getting your hair cut
    Or off somewhere fishing with Jack
    You are gone
    But I am still sitting here waiting
    For you to come back
    Sometimes I put on your jacket
    So sad I don’t know what to do
    I just wrap it so tightly about me
    And breathe in the beauty of you
    The scent is fading
    Like rain after a storm
    Or the hope in a heart waning
    That keeps you warm
    Remember when you said you’d love me forever
    But sometimes a love has to hurt
    You told me you’d carry that burden
    You promised me I would go first
    You can keep all the diamonds you gave me
    Take the jewelry that I have left
    All I want is the space for two hearts to be placed
    Inside my treasure chest

  • ajhemingwaypoet 52w


    The mirror always shows you what you most believe in
    The mirror always shows you what you want to see
    Maybe if we smashed all of the mirrors
    All of us could see what we really need
    Once you find that life is just a place for heros
    And monsters must remain under the stairs
    It’s hard to hold your head high in the sunlight
    If you find it hard to breathe the air
    Maybe all the vampires are just thirsty
    It seems that Frankenstein was just alone
    Perhaps they wouldn’t need to cause commotion
    If one of us had offered them a home
    Everyone is searching for a feeling
    All of us are holding to a hope
    Maybe if we looked beyond our mirrors
    We could help the monsters all to cope
    Next time that you look into the mirror
    Try to tell the image that you find
    What could really benefit from your attention
    Is everything reflecting back behind

  • ajhemingwaypoet 52w


    Your eyes burn like a sunset
    Dancing off the mud
    Your hair blows like a cool breeze at the beach
    Cascading down your backside
    In tangled chestnut chunks
    On second thought it’s more like tumbleweeds
    Your face is as an angel
    A bit after the fall
    That hit some trees and landed pretty hard
    Your breath is fresh as peppermint
    Growing in a patch
    Of cabbage at the waste disposal yard
    But when I step over that doorway
    And see your wagging tail
    Teeth resembling candy corn in tar
    You’re the most enchanting creature
    That this boy has ever seen
    Through eyes of love that gaze out from the heart

  • ajhemingwaypoet 52w

    The Toughest Man I’ll Know

    He’d rise at three o’clock
    Take coffee black as tar
    Two pounds of bacon every day
    Then off to keep the barn

    His hands were like the rock
    He tilled out of the ground
    Sometimes he’d go a day or two
    Without making a sound

    The cold was like a quilt
    The heat was like a fan
    Weather could not get to him
    Hard rain just washed the man

    His steely eyes stayed fixed
    On every job he did
    And only when the moon was high
    Would he trod off to bed

    When I was just a boy
    And fell off of my bike
    My father held me in his arms
    Said son you’ll be alright

    He told me that all men must fall
    When life seems just too much
    And it’s the job of all of us
    To bend and pick them up

    He taught me that to keep my strength
    When times were getting hard
    To carry hay within my hands
    And love within my heart

    Built to weather any storm
    And bred to help all life to grow
    My father is the toughest man
    That I will ever know

  • ajhemingwaypoet 52w

    Fishers of Men

    As we drive past the home pushed off to the side
    Where the concrete daisies cover up care
    My wife turns to me with a tear in her eye
    Promise me you’ll never put me in there
    Promise me you’ll never set me aside
    Like a toy after Christmas a leaf after fall
    Discarded by children and cold in the night
    Lost in the cloth of the curtain call
    And in some of those windows I see those doomed eyes
    Viewing their fate like a fish in a net
    Fighting for truth in a web full of lies
    Desperate to remember a world that forgets
    And I can’t help but thinking is this what they taught
    In those Sunday school classes I went to back then
    Mercy be shown to the merciful lot
    Follow me I’ll make you fishers of men