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    I hope this is good and makes sense��

    1. Penillion (here): A poem sung as a song
    2. Painstaking: involving lots of efforts (it takes efforts and thoughts to write a poem)
    3. Pabulum: nourishment (poetry nourishes a poet)
    4. Plenitude: completeness (poetry completes a poet)
    5. Prefulgent: extremely bright (poetry is a bright shine to life)
    6. Proceleusmatic: encouraging (poetry encourages a poet to live life better)

    @writersnetwork Iss baar bhi dhokha������
    Aadhe raste tak aakar chle gye ������

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    13 August 2020 5. 30 pm

    | Thalassophile |
    ~Someone who loves the sea~

    I'm standing on the shore, with my forehead burning with the light of slowly eclipsing sun. And the tides which are emptying sand beneath my feet, are making me realise how everything affects everything.

    The land under my feet kept eroding as the glimpses of the past kept playing in my vision. Stolen kisses to angry fights, tight holds to push and shove, long laughs to choked sobs, thank yous to goodbyes, gratitude to regret and revenge, passion to guilt, love to hate and affection to remorse, lovers to strangers and an infinity lost to forgetfulness.

    All the beautiful moments of life were drops whereas every heart wrenching moment was an ocean. Smiles were drops in the ocean whereas tears were an ocean in the drop. Love was a mirage and hatred a desert. Caressing breeze shy whereas stabbing tempest full of fury. A minute in love lost to a thought in vain. Frowns residing in the arched slope of eyebrows and smiles leaving the curve of dry lips. One touch ecstasy, another guilty, last touch betrayal. First kiss fantasy and last kiss frenzy. First impressions full of expectations, then a longing for a glimpse in the crowd of strangers and last scene an incomplete act, a song left in the middle, a poem unfinished.

    My love is invisible in all Polaroids of memories
    but in each frame of life I've delivered love that even
    I can't distinguish from my antics,
    I can't express through my emotions,
    I can't believe I've carried within my heart.

    // I've carried love in my heart while I was
    Searching for love in every crossroads of life,
    Seeking for what was in turn seeking me from within //

    Afternoon sun was warm and cheerful
    Golden yellow hues brightly shining
    Splendid silence surrounded the shore
    On one fine Saturday I began my journey
    Walked the shore for the first time in life
    Stumbling and giggling, legs unsure
    Smiling even when I missed my steps
    Falling down often and finding myself
    In the embrace of the golden sand

    Shore was never lonely, always crowded
    Childhood innocence built sandcastles
    Stubborn waves would hit, knock them down
    But we built them again, even with tears
    And then forget the fall when it stands proud

    // Ocean breeze caressed my tender footsteps
    Heartily waves carried drops of care
    Nuzzling and nurturing my every step
    One after other, leaving tiny footprints //

    Along the way, the crowd got labelled
    Friends, fellow-travellers, sailors of the sea
    Supposed to walk together the stretch
    Yet when dreams stretched the sandcastles
    And they grew to tower on the shore
    Every fear strengthened the waves
    Violent storms and falling structures
    Became recurrent nightmares from then
    Just like the sand beneath my feet
    Courage lost to my concerns countless

    Approaching sunset caused turbulent waves
    Insecure mind and irritating nature
    Added to the high tide, flooding emotions
    Castles broke down one after another
    Yet my mind was desperate to hold on

    // High tides struck me hard and loud
    With mind full of fear I gazed at the ocean
    Maybe there is a lesson I failed to find
    And the real journey is yet to begin //

    Moonflower bloomed in the eventide
    Twilight sky tangerine and enchanting
    Later in the silver lining and shining stars
    When the ocean glistened in glitters
    In a trance I fell for the beauty of night
    Along with that, to the songs of the siren

    Blue nights had a new shade of solitude
    One in which I lose to find myself elsewhere
    Mirrors and mirages played with my mind
    Oasis in desert felt like the ocean of dreams
    Magical waves serenading hearts so lost
    Often time I found myself falling deep
    With the thirst to touch the depths unknown
    Seek the treasure hidden in the ocean bed

    // Ocean waves enchanting my heart
    Silver sparks enriching every touch
    Temptation fueled my passion and
    An urge to dive deeper within and into //

    Midnight left me stranded on the shore
    Dusk fading, darkness rising to the zenith
    Serenading dreams turned to bewitching nightmares
    Fears feed on nocturnal life, kicking alive
    Phobias each held a mask to my face
    Autophobia, even when isolation was habitual
    Vast stretch of shore haunted me with space
    Even while I struggled with claustrophobia
    The horizon over the ocean was my home
    Yet I felt homeless, seeking shelter in clouds
    Finally the long love for the ocean also left me
    With the fear of death, finality, end of love
    Where a thalassophile lost to thantophobia

    // Furious waves broke me in a frenzy
    I'm left alone on the shore to fight
    Either I fail to the storm or win my fears
    Ocean was the final push to fight for myself//

    Stranded.. Standing on the seashore
    Sight on the skyline, smile lost to the sunset
    Sorrow deep within soul, shadows sickening my skin
    Sadness surrounding mind, sighing to solitary waves
    Searching for solace, seeking salvation
    So far away... so lost... soul

    Alone I found myself, my stance, my vision
    As I fought numerous waves on my own
    Gathered courage drop by drop, in my sail
    Won tides with perseverance and determination
    I learned to see what is what and how is how
    Grasp why life is the way it is, what values the most
    How one moment led to another and finally
    How drop by drop becomes the ocean
    Moments become life, the picture of wholesome
    The horizon where the ocean touches the skyline
    Is not a limit but a goal to reach to - My home !
    How everything affected everything
    To paint the portrait of my life on the shore

    I'm standing on the shore decades later with a frown on my forehead and creases on my skin gazing at the sun way past the eclipse, but this time with a content smile etched on my lips. And every time the waves left with the sand beneath my feet, yet my stance is strong. With the leaving tide, I see glimpses of my life flashing behind my eyelids and I feel my vision getting broader. I've learned to look past the sunset. I've fought the high tides and storms that left me shaken and broken but made me stronger. My love for ocean never failed me but filled me with new hope. I've witnessed the dawn break on the shore of this forever ocean. And now I know everything happens for a reason.

    // Ocean at the break of the dawn
    Fighting the war with the waves
    And within, I own my struggle
    Standing invincible here to recite
    What the waves taught me win
    When I let what was seeking me
    Find myself and own the self //


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    Who loves
    the Sea


    Standing on the seashore
    Sight on the skyline
    Smile lost to the sunset
    Sorrow deep within soul
    Shadows sickening my skin
    Sadness surrounding mind
    Sighing to solitary waves
    Searching for solace
    Seeking salvation
    So far away
    So lost



  • bklyn464 6w

    These lightly levitating leaves loft in the air
    So lovely lilting so luxuriously lopsided without care
    Calling lavish leader laboring lifelong in a snare
    Long legged lady blowing leaves out of her lair


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    Lifting Liberty


  • tsalabutiejess 7w

    13 reasons

    I so desire to want to know every part of you
    Every way you look at me
    Makes me want to understand you
    I yearn to sit beside you sweetly in your arms
    Head upon your shoulder; should I fall so madly deeply for you
    The way a young kid awes at a puppy
    I want I need I wish to be with you
    Pretty please tell me...
    I so desire to be with you.


  • silly_lad 7w

    mending myself
    within meter distance
    made between me and you
    One day I'll learn to manage all
    without your presence along my side

    #alliterationc @writersbay
    bg: rightful owner

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    three situations could stroll him back
    won't stop his heart to again stagger
    whenever she gets into his sense as
    She matters to him this much even the scars carved over his back will soon getaway.


  • vidya_01 7w


    Take flight from the fraudulent fury of fear to find a form of peace,
    Turn tears into tokens taken to purchase a time when sorrow ceased.
    From the aftermath of ashes arrives an arbitrary thought,
    When did we wade away from the waves of wars once fought?


  • vidya_01 7w

    Once Upon

    Feel fate
    Glimpse gate
    Sense state
    Lost late
    Moist tears
    Calm cheer
    Soft sneer
    Fate fears
    Buzz blinds
    Mull mind
    Flood find
    Blood binds
    Prize part
    Heed heart
    Sculpt start
    Apt art
    Grip grit
    Wise wit
    Frames fit
    Bright bits


  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 7w

    Drowning in dewdrops

    Ocean or oasis 

    Tears, the tragic treasure


  • tigress_writes 7w


    As a child, I drew hearts on flowing waters, and watched them being washed away by bubbles.
    I should have learnt my lesson then. Hearts weren't a permanent creation.

    That day never ended, it's on a replay under different disguises..
    Tendrils of hope, tightened around my closed fist.
    Tumultuous emotions played Tabata inside.
    Tired and torn between being
    thawed and tethered.
    Among thousands of push-buttons
    None, remotely belonged to me.
    Trust was a fragile favour,
    laying in my ruins, like an overused pan,
    Leaking lavas of emotions,
    Between the labyrinthine Legos of life.

    ©Tigress_writes ��

    ¶4.8.20|7:30 pm(GMT+5:30)

    P. S I should just stick to prose, I guess. Poems aren't my thing. ��

    ~Pic from Pinterest

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  • blackbird_ 7w


    Scarlets & smaragdine

    Sauntering amidst starling's sweet soundings,
    symphonies stretched with sillage of scent
    Springtime scintillating scarlet sweet williams
    Shrubs,saplings,songbirds and streams,

    Surrounded with softened sunshine,
    soothing sound in solitariness
    sweet smell of soil, soaked strings of smur,
    slaking, solacing saudade,subdued spirits,

    swaying smaragdine sprouting spring
    under sky shining sublime serene ...


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    Scarlets & smaragdine

    swaying smaragdine sprouting spring
    under sky shining sublime serene ...


  • the_speccy_outsider 7w

    The soothing sunrise,
    The dew drops on the lusty leaves,
    Lovely ladybugs on the blossoming buds,
    A breathtakingly bright morning it was.
    The commonly crowded street in tranquility,
    Bringing perennial positivity with it,
    Just like a serene scenario,
    Is all that a magnificent mind wants.



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  • pratibhajadhav 7w

    Some love letters full of funcky feelings ;
    lying on the floor...
    His fairy princess wearing fancy floral dress ;
    entered from door...
    His freaky face smiled freely in that Fantastic dream!
    For a while,He felt like living in a fresh fictitious film..
    He fallen for a fake, faintly faded, Fabulous flying angel...
    His frightened soul failed to get fragile fact, that love is fatal...
    - in perspective of a boy fallen in love at first sight..

    Guys, I am really sorry for this nonsense...
    It seems like I've written total madness..

    #alliterationc #pod #wn #writersbay
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Freely accept the apology of a faddy fellow, and forgive me...


  • lovethatneverfades 7w

    Alliteration challange
    Using the sound of letter 'W'

    Pic credit - to the rightful owner

    @writersnetwork #writersnetwork #mirakee #pod #writersbay #solivagantc #alliterationc #writersread #ceesreposts

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    Words. .!

    The unspoken words wanders aimlessly in my wonder filled weary mind, withholding my wrath,
    Waiting for my wailing self to ignite the wordsmith in me to wove the words embedded deep inside my wrecked heart into a wonderfully woven workpiece with wilfully wrapped words ,
    Letting the wilderness
    trapped inside me win


  • mann_se_ 7w

    Specks of sadness - tears
    Sapphires of sentiments - eyes

    #tears #alliterationc
    #Mirakee #Writersnetwork

    PC - Pinterest

    Thanks a ton for your kind repost @writersnetwork🙏🌹
    It is really a good source of motivation for me💐💐

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    Sparkling specks of sadness
    seeping through the sapphires of sentiments


  • readerssoul 7w

    Skies shedding tears
    Fails to flood
    My heart in drought


  • my_cup_of_poetry 7w

    Let her go , let her flow ��

    In the bg : एक आज़ाद आवारा और अजीब औरत :")

    #tears #alliterationc
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    tears : weird women rebels , seeking freedom
    behind your swollen walls.



  • szareinna 7w

    written by: szareinna

    Motley emotions melts my heart
    Sorrow sends a sharp sword to my soul
    Thumping and trembling with restrain
    Struggling to suppress my assembling tears
    A thousand words wavers between us
    Blown and buried by the biting breeze
    Our ending awaits on the street
    A forlorn farewell left my lips
    Tears rushed on my cheeks.

    #tears #alliterationc @mirakee @writersbay

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    I told you I'm not hurting,
    but my tears betrayed my words.


  • unloved_poetries 7w

    Long lost stories,
    Buried in the beaches
    Washed with the waves
    Merged with the mist
    Hidden in the heart
    Never to be said;
    What lied in the past.
    That little secret,
    Dwelling in the dreams,
    Once came and now never seen;
    Lies silently there,
    In the depth of nowhere.

    #alliterationc @writersbay @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    I'll tell you the secrets
    In the stillness of sunset.

  • aswiniram 7w

    #tears #alliterationc #writersnetwork #writersbay #pod #wod #Mirakee

    P. C.: Olga Bell, Pinterest

    //During parturition, the mother sheds tears in unbearable agony and after the labor, she sheds tears in extreme exhilaration. //

    Tears tainted her chubby cheeks,
    As affliction was past the potential,
    numerous nerve vibrations, violent,
    culminating contractions, intense,
    body withering with pain,
    breathing becoming bootless
    consciousness at a crisis, and then,
    invaded her ears are the neonatal cries
    Tears, tantalizingly, became zestful jewels,
    euphoria ubiquitously engulfing her
    as a blooming body accommodated alongside.

    P. S: Labor pain is the greatest possible pain. I don't really think that can be fit into words. But, I just tried to describe the exertion.

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    Tears embody extreme emotions, that no sesquipedalian words can express.


  • antheia_ 7w


    Transparent tender tiny
    driblets teeming with
    intense emotions..
    trickles at times
    owing to
    but very
    often as


    #tears #alliterationc

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