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    Pls don't take this the wrong way I. Just trying to say how kids never have a voice when they are the future of our world.

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    We the children!

    We the children.... need to be heard by the people!
    We say no more wars, why not peace! But that's all people ever want.
    Why can't we stop the protests? We children of the world, just want peace.
    We children... go to school every day and we go outside and we play with other kids, by the thing is we don't care about the color, gender, or belief. We make friends by choosing
    peace over protests
    acceptance over discrimination
    words over fights
    We the children want to live in a world were adults don't say look at the black child or look at that white child. All we want to hear is look at THAT child. Why can't adults listen to us kids bc to me it seems it's more about the adults pride than about peace. If adults can have a voice then so should kids because after all they are the future of our world. Instead of hurting why not find the cure to cancer or help the homless bc we nee More people like that. We need it more than wars.

  • ciara1 7w

    The Community Colleges Around The Globe Is Revising Its Curriculum in Response to Social Distancing

    The course
    is especially concerned
    with the how?
    And the Why?
    How are our children
    going to practice social
    distancing entering
    Back inside the elementary
    Schools and high schools,
    And there are thousands
    And millions of children
    in schools?
    Hearing that last week
    on the news.
    The mayor and the president
    Is discussing that topic.
    Schools are officially
    Opening up slowly
    In certain cities and countries.
    But it will be hard.
    Why is the world
    Are so in a rush
    To doing things and
    A virus is still occurring
    In our lands?

    The course
    Is concerned
    With giving police
    The ability to express
    But the way the law
    Enforcement is responding
    To society is cruel and
    Abuse. The police shouldn't
    Say nothing at all, they need
    To keep their mouths shut
    For what they did to George
    Floyd and our other
    Black brothas on the streets.
    The police officers needs
    Jesus in their mix.

    The course and society is
    Also concerned with
    Black Lives Matter Movement.
    The white movement is taking
    A stand on
    All Lives Matter Instead of
    Black Lives Matter.
    Well I am going to tell you all
    That are representing both movements, or one sided movement.
    Like it or not, these are my
    Words that the Lord has given
    Me as a black woman I understand my culture has suffered many, many, many
    Years of slavery, depression,
    Racism, police brutality,
    The Freedom to Vote, etc...
    But I am going to say it bold
    And clear.
    God represents all people
    And loves all people.
    As a black woman,
    I believe that All Lives Matters more, not
    Just my black bothas and my
    Black sistas.
    It is not just
    Black Lives dying today,
    There are Hispanics, Puerto Ricans, White Americans, Native Americans, Portuguese, Chinese, Haitians, Africans
    and Japanese are dying
    Everyday as well.
    I am a black woman, and
    I got that whole selfish
    Thinking out of my head and spirit that
    Black Lives just Matters,
    No, All Lives Matters.

    Like it or not, these are my
    Words that my Lord and
    Savior put in my heart this
    Stop the selfish thinking of
    One race, but every race in
    This world matters as much as my black people does.
    I hear a lot of black
    People say and think if
    A white person say that
    All Lives Matter is racist,
    But I come to tell you
    All those white people
    Are not thinking selfish,
    They think All Lives Matters
    As much as my black people
    Lives matters.
    Those white people
    Are being led of the Lord
    In their thinking of
    All Lives Do Matter and
    I commend them for that.

    Like it or not, I am
    A black woman who represents the Lord that loves all people
    For who they are and
    It doesn't matter what color
    You are, or what sexuality you are. God loves all people.
    And I am writing this poem
    To say it bold and clear that

    © All Rights Reserved


  • ciara1 7w

    The Community Colleges Around and to Social Distancing

    check out next post, it's very important

  • him_godson 9w

    I love you (antiracist)

    You are not black, your melanin is the purest and bold ,
    You are not white, your biological crossover was made to differ from mine so you're gold ,
    Too many lies you've been told,
    You have the power to unfold the passive history until the first human that was mould(ed),
    The generic mutation made you adapt to different environmental conditions,
    I know under your so called race you love with no conditions,
    I know we posses humanity and have different ambitions,but look...
    We need each other to survive,
    This is not where I compete with you as said in the laws of science "the fittest will survive",
    I know in nature we're supposed to do what we told and follow the scripted system to survive,
    But this time we need to put our differences aside ,
    It'll be a slow process but let's learn to stand on each others side,
    Theres no need to fill hatred in our hearts and hide,
    I serve you to serve nature ,
    Together we serve God our creator,
    HIS biblical scriptures were correct to prononce love ,
    I haven't told you why I'm concerned about you,
    That's because I love you ,
    I love you through your messy black hair to gold neat that makes you differ from me ,
    I love you through your anger and fear to be part of my life,
    I love you through that indian accent that spiced up my sence humor,
    I love you through your skin color according to your race,
    I love you through your nationality ,country and hiding place,
    For we faught too many wars to fight again ,
    We lost too much to lose again,
    There's a better way we can build this world together man,
    Peace ,harmony and uni...
    White:"Stop right there you Kaffer!!!!
    You don't know what you are saying and you will never win this war..."
    HIM:what war are you talking about when my arms aren't armed, what winning are you talking about when I'm not competing.For if you feel as if our nation is better separated then you lack the love I haven't given you ,so here "I love you"


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    I love you (anti racists)

    There is no black nor white just skin colors,
    We are humans before races,
    Souls before our faces.

  • azhimomi 9w

    Plea of The Unborn

    I instigate my flight when-she matures and awaits him
    He runs toward the tube, swims hastily to unite
    Once united-none can separate: An ovum and sperm
    It is here my journey begins!
    Now, genetic materials are released
    And a thing called zygote is fashioned
    Zygote, a union of sperm and ovum
    It is here multiplication begins and foetus I become
    I'm developing everyday, rapidly
    I'm safe and secure inside my mother's womb
    Foetus is I and infant I'll be swiftly
    It is here I'm waiting for my tiny body to bloom
    I can feel your exhaustion, pain and pressure
    But please, do not think of terminating me
    Mother, will you keep me secure?
    I want to see, hear and touch you
    Mother, if you're having second thoughts about me, consider-
    That I'm not an accident
    That I'm innocent
    You may not plan me but God definitely did, so consider
    How I long to see the world outside of my tiny warm world
    How I long to see and love you unconditionally
    Mother, please give me the chance to call you mom
    Mother, please give me my right to enjoy the bliss of Life
    My flight is nearing departure
    Yet mother, you're uncertain about me
    But I'm certain that I'm planned by God and those still voices you hear is from God
    And now the choice is yours, mother- To listen or deny those voices, to keep or abort me!

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    Since when did human started to pity for another species. When did it all this begin! Now the lives of humans is at risk!
    #mirakeecommunity #humanlives #savehumans #savelives #BLM #alllivesmatter #poem #poemoftheday #noteoftheday

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    People are terrified expecting their past might repeat.
    "Nothing repeats" is the God's truth;
    But "it gets worse" is off the record.
    Pursuing the reality to match their focus is beyond the hope:
    Fortunately We fall, we drown and burn quantifying the endurance.
    This miscarriage is a Godly way for the survival of humankind.
    As time passes by we die often to live another day-another life


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    Earth Cry

    Like a dove in the talons of a hawk,
    Like the perched desert ground, longing for a drop of water,
    Like a captive in the hands of the mighty,
    Mother earth groans and ache in the hands of those that plunders and desecrate her.
    Oh will the grave forgive this generation, as they hire scavengers to degrade the place where our umbilical cords were buried?
    Let the earth reject them, raining hell and brimstone on them that plagues our land.


  • alyjnicole 12w

    An extremely long political rant.
    Of course I can't cover every intricately complex facet of each issue in a poem and this still excludes so much, but it's insight to a perspective. I will not defend myself in comment sections, so think and say what you want. Anger is good if used constructively. Just wanted to get people thinking.

    #libertarian #politics #liberal #conservative #Democrat #Republican #BlackLivesMatter #BlueLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter #racism #abortion #government #feminism #imigration #mexican #american #freespeech #history #truth #lies #violence #silence

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    Nación Sangrante

    No sé lo que quiero,
    Pero sé que quiero paz.

    Qué resolvemos si
    Todo lo que hacemos es luchar?

    My flesh is white,
    But my blood speaks Spanish.

    First generation, but my skin speaks for me.
    My father says, "Never apologize that they can't see your heart through your color."
    Still, I say sorry.

    I'm too cowardice to speak my mind,
    But at least I have pixels and ink
    To speak when I don't know where to begin.

    Pale flesh, blue cloth.
    I see human.
    Dark flesh, red cloth.
    I see human.

    Not every color fits the box they're forced into.
    Fuck the individual that stopped
    A heart from beating -
    That smiled in a puddle of blood,
    And screamed victory to a fire.

    A bullet.
    A machete.
    A match.
    A brick.
    A knee.

    Take a knee or choke on it.
    Choke on facts or swallow them.
    Fuck the government.
    But violence is what they want.
    United we stand.
    Divided we fall.
    We need to be smarter than this.

    Blood has showered streets for too long.
    We gave power to the ones allowing it.

    We need to open our eyes
    And realize who's been lying to us.

    The truth has been so obvious,
    But the screens make us oblivious.

    Lincoln. Jackson.
    Reconstruction. A trail of tears.
    Which party was born for the underdog?
    How are the federally supported natives living today? Where is their voice? It doesn't help the vote, so why would they care?

    Nixon. JFK.
    What did Watergate reveal that outrage concealed?
    So many blown away by ghosts for silence.

    Malcolm X. Martin Luther King Jr.
    Be weary of the white conservative,
    But don't trust the white liberal.
    Don't be afraid to dream
    And don't let them silence you.

    It's sad that slaughter is more effective than truth.
    And a death only matters if it strengthens a narrative.
    Because that's all an agenda is anymore.

    Don't forget about the CHOP,
    The quiet lives lost on that block.
    Where were the cops?
    Who let this happen?

    The DNC. The KKK.
    There's no difference to me.
    Planned Parenthood
    Pushed in what neighborhoods?
    Talk about mass genocide. That's eugenics.
    The 1% funds it.
    Handouts to keep us down.
    "If you ain't Democrat you ain't black."
    Who's the Uncle Tom?
    Anti-fascist wearing masks
    And limiting speech.
    Erase history to erase who's truly discriminatory.

    Erase God.
    Give power to man.
    Even an atheist can recognize the importance
    Of omnipotence in the line,
    "In God we Trust"
    Because we should never trust man.
    Unalienable rights disappear.
    But cast the first stone ye who has not sinned.
    Loving thy brother more than others,
    Skin to skin,
    Is nothing akin to murder.
    To be a good Christian:
    Only God can Judge.
    Always remember,
    "The body is not one member."

    Feminism isn't about the length of hair on your fucking arm pits.
    Let men cry, let women fight
    If that is their nature.
    The wage gap is a lie.
    Engineer or Teacher.
    Statistics are a piece of the pie.
    Keep your hands to yourself.
    Respect two letters N and O.
    It's more than two letters -
    You should already know.
    Can I walk the streets in broad daylight or answer my door without the reasonable fear of being made a whore?
    Let strength be strength and
    Aim to lead together.

    Kids in cages
    And the conditions bring heartache.
    We can't keep up with influx.
    Borders unprotected.
    Harder to go than to come back in.
    Grant amnesty to children and clean records.
    A stop sign shouldn't write a one-way ticket.
    Good people come in,
    But so do the evils they're fleeing.
    Mara Salvatrucha Trece
    Dismembered "bitches" but they're
    Still called saints.

    You can't paint with all the colors of the wind
    If you ascribe easy labels to opposing
    Thoughts you've been taught not to

    Fuck the goverment.
    Fuck the party system.
    They breed ignorance.
    We listen to respond.
    Why do we let them instill a fear of violence
    And perpetuate silence.


  • colourfulgreys 13w

    //for #poets_pen_for_peace campaign. Thanks to @carolyns_challenges and @nivi07 for this humble initiative//

    Words birth infinite power
    Feelings within the love they shower
    Creators of a world of kindness
    Clearing our visions beyond this mortal blindness
    Showing us that our world is iridescent
    No shade to praise no shade to resent
    Peaceful lives matter for all
    Lending support to those who fall
    Black, Caucasian, brown or pale
    These colours can't make humanity fail
    Bestow grace to all you meet
    Share your love with all you greet
    Sexuality is a rainbow and we all are a part
    Prejudice can't hamper our romances or art
    A world of peace for the poorest of poor
    A world of support for those who are fewer
    A world of peace for people of all shades
    A world of peace for the pride parades
    Let's create a world that is more forgiving
    Bountiful, merciful and a better place for living.

    @writersnetwork #mirakee
    #supportlgbtq #blacklivesmatter #alllivesmatter

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    A Place For Peace

    Black, Caucasian, brown or pale
    These colours can't make humanity fail
    Sexuality is a rainbow and we all are a part
    Prejudice can't hamper our romances or art

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    Just a few weeks ago the world spoke up for George Floyd. No one could forget it. As said, time vanishes in seconds. People forget faster than even trying to remember. A similar incident took place in the southern part of India. The father and son were brutally injured to death by cops. When such things happen in America the whole India raised it's voice and support. Now it has happened in it's very own land.! We don't ask for protest on street. We just ask for support and voice against injustice.

    #JusticeForJeyarajAndFenix #AllLivesMatter

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    "George Floyd"
    This name created a huge mark
    It's not over!
    No one forgot yet!
    Yet no one respected yet...
    Another brutality..!!
    Another violence against life..!
    Not all men in force are hard..
    Non will deny..
    They stood in front!.!
    Protecting my days and guarding my nights.
    But.., not do all deserve praise or raise!!
    Stop being cruel!
    Stop being in just!
    Fight for right...!
    Let's pay respect in bringing up justice..!


  • dr_scolly 14w

    If a piece of land is lost...
    I can still live in peace!

    If a patient's life is lost...
    I'll live in pieces!

    ©Dr Scolly

  • damon_diaries 15w

    All Lives Matter

    Black Authors/Poets you can check out

    Audre Lorde
    Maya Angelou
    Philis Wheatley
    James Baldwin
    YRSA Daley Ward
    Gwendolyn Brooks
    Shirley Chisholm
    IDA B Wells
    Langston Hughes
    Toni Morrison
    Nikole Hannah Jones
    Lucille Clifton
    James Weldon
    Rita Dove
    Carolyn Rodgers
    Terrance Hayes


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    New video out

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    Lockdown Diaries of a Child - Page 1

    My mother is home most of the days now.

    I should have been happy. She doesn't have to wear that bright magenta saree nor colour her lips in that nasty red nowadays.

    I should have been happier. I don't have to wash that magenta saree that often carried a pungent musty stench to it.

    That new disease from China was the reason. They called it Karuna...my mother had told me. It was infectious and spread from one to another like mushrooms sprouting in the monsoon.

    Her clients were afraid ... what if my mother, their sex toy, infected them? They had to put life before lust then.

    Well, I should have been thankful to that new disease. How I hated that smell! Now I have my mother...all to myself, just as she is...she doesn't have to pretend like anyone's toy ...or force that contorted....seductive expression on her beautiful face.

    Yes, I should have been grateful to Karuna.... I should have been happier.

    But as I sit and watch our meal portions becoming smaller and smaller day by day, I doubt if I ever will.

    Aaah I should have been happy with my mother beside me, without a man touching her with his lustful hands ... but now I'd rather they do...hunger pangs, they sting hard...

  • arunaarjunram 15w

    How are you alive,
    watching me die?

    I can’t breathe
    and I have died,
    but I will watch
    you die as long
    as you breathe
    to survive.


  • h_yuki 15w

    #AllLivesMatter #mirakee #writersnetwork #tod #writerstolli
    Picture credit to the rightful owner.

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    Everyone is a beautiful flower.
    Deserving to be nurtured,
    And worthy for a chance to bloom.

  • wordsbykakul 15w

    I cannot understand humans I suppose because one day we worship them , another day we hurt them . What kind of dissociative identity disorder is it that people beahve in such intolerable manner ? Not even being in any state of vengeance , people attack animals . People can't even understand the difference between right and wrong . This is shameful . We being a living organism , have to strike for #alllivesmatter #animalsmatter . Isn't that basic , literate or illiterate doesn't matter . Try and be human.
    #alllivesmatter #animals #animalsmatter #savehumanity #mirakee #writersnetwork #poets #wordsbykakul #instagrampoet

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    Animals are not garbage

    You hurt and kill
    Can't you see
    Blood and poison you spill
    Animals are not garbage
    It's your conscience , that's too ill


  • irishjigsaw_xo 16w

    All life matters

    Who cares what we are
    tan, cooper, brown, white
    etc. What really matters
    is each and every one of
    us is different that's the
    point. Why, judge that when
    really you're just judging
    yourself. Nobody wins
    like what do you get out
    of it hurting people. It
    shows who you are as
    person I'm all about equal
    I dont care what nationality
    or where you're from. You
    are somebody. No one has
    that right to take that from
    you. I just care for respect
    the world we live in still
    don't get it. But, what should
    matter is your life does matter.
    All lives matter.

  • thandebaste 16w


    रंगों को भेद करूं मैं कैसे,
    तारों बिन काली रात जो जैसे।

    रातों का विश्वास करूं मैं कैसे,
    परछाईं बिन खाली इंसान हो जैसे।

    इंसानियत की बात करूं मैं कैसे,
    दिल बिन बेसूद दिमाग़ हो जैसे।