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    Apparently this was for a contest which closed a long time ago (2 years) #allpoetry #mirakee

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    Everyone is telling me about myself
    They know me better than I do

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    Apparently this was for a contest which closed a long time ago (2 years) #allpoetry #mirakee

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    Set me free
    Let me touch the moon
    Let me race the wind
    Let me make you see

    Let me roam
    Let me climb the trees
    Let me follow the river
    Let me show you home

    You are wild
    Born to soar
    Born to run and jump and roar
    Meant to howl, and to explore
    Rise, set fires
    You were born to be more


  • poetic_rhyme 34w


    There's something about his darkness that calls out to me.
    I'm captured unable to getaway even if I could I wouldn't run anyways.
    The more I read I am taken in by his spell the dark magic in poetry.

    If I could see his face then I would know for sure if we have met before.
    I feel like I know him even his name thirteen is firmilair to me.
    Did we meet in another life reincarnated to meet again to finish what was meant to be.

    My mind and gut instinct tells me thirteen is a damaged soul lost and lonely.
    But my mind likes to play tricks on me maybe he is a wanderer on a journey.
    I follow his clues written in poetry as I listen to the lyrics I know Priest is thirteen.

    Hidden messages that I see plainly a map to the secrets he keeps.
    I will follow this rabbit hole without the pill to see the reality.
    Truth is only found when you seek so I'm ready to play this game of hide and seek.

    Look into the darkness don't be scared of what's hiding you may find peace.
    Without day there's no night I'm living to die I want to see what's hidden behind the scenes.
    Down the rabbit hole the dark side thirteen dark prince Priest.

    13sonsofgod...Priest © a month ago, Candra Creviston   

  • poetic_rhyme 34w

    Hear You Moan

    I've got this craving down deep inside me
    I can feel it in my bones.
    Boy can I have a little taste or a sip please don't say no.
    I don't want to have to hurt you don't put up a fight or I'll bury you alive.

    I'm sorry but this is gonna hurt you as I falay you with my tongue.
    I want to taste your soul I wanna hear you moan.
    I've got this desire it's gonna kill me unless I feed soul.

    It's gonna be a little hot in here take off all your clothes.
    No one will ever find you in my own personal hell your new home.

    Candy81 © a month ago, Candra Creviston

  • poetic_rhyme 34w

    He Knows My Name

    I'm watched everywhere I go for I'm not alone a darkness lingers in the unknown.
    Maybe it's my destiny for the future will foretell what's to come.

    His face is firmilair I have seen him before maybe the day before at church.
    Someone I do not know a stranger follows me home as he watches through my window.

    This is the story of how I was murdered by a man who follows me home.
    The water is warm as it flows over my head to my toes I wash the day away once more.

    I grab a towel and dry off slipping into pajamas to keep me warm.
    I pull back the blankets and turn a night light on as I snuggle in my pillow I drift off.

    He awakens me gently touching my face I hear his voice assuring me I will not be harmed.
    He kisses me gently and I try to run as I feel something tight around my throat.

    I hear him say I brought this upon myself I should have never tried to run.
    He calls out my name to tell me to open my eyes so I can see what I have done.

    He knows my name how I thought as I open my eyes and do as he wants.
    I look into his eyes and I remember his face and where I know him from.

    My preacher the man who took the lords word in oath as he prayed for my soul.
    His hands tighten around my throat as he asked for forgiveness for my soul.

    Prompt: The Stranglers
    Image is Credited to Perchek Industrie on unsplash.com © a month ago, Candra Creviston   

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    Poem can be found at link below


    #allpoetry #PoeticRhyme #Mirakee #song

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    The Unknown

    You walk a treacherous path but you do not walk alone.
    For there are many who walk in blindness like puppets with strings.
    The puppet master is corrupt hiding his wicked ways.
    Cruel intentions he will bring upon his people famine and disease.

    In the darkness is an abyss of the unknown it's where peace is made.
    There are many thousands or more who are in the silence never speaking.
    They turn the other cheek ignoring the signs that were written years before.

    They do not dare disobey the commandments the puppet master made.
    So they bow their heads and pray to a God that will devour them all.
    They will forevermore walk with eyes wide shut and voices never heard.

    In the darkness of the unknown is a path never walked on before.
    If they would close their eyes then they would see darkness and find peace.
    The love they seek is in the unknown never felt before.
    The sound of silence with hearts unpure never saw the signs written on the walls.

    W/C 174
    Prompt Video

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    #mirakee #writercommunity #PoeticRhyme #allpoetry

    Poem can be found at link below


    !!Adult 18+!!

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    Behind the windowpane

    As I walk into the dark abyss I have no fear of the unknown.
    I hear the voices calling my name to come back to where I belong.

    Behind the windowpane, shadows form waiting to take me home.
    Dark Priests and Priestess gather on the lawn as darkness falls.

    Sex magic is performed as they lay me down on the pentagram drawn on the ground.
    Dark energies swarm as orgasms were made and our souls become one.

    Orgasmic energy fuels to its core dark Priest and Priestess in a sex manipulation orgy.
    Spells of magic orgasmic energy fuels the flames that Lucifer swarms.

    © 9 days ago, Candra Creviston    rhyme • spiritual • dark • adult   

  • poetic_rhyme 46w

    Cherry Flavor

    Ruby red lips with an ice cold kiss,
    the temptation to commit sin.
    Cherry flavor exotic symphony,
    rhythm in a sexual melody.

    She is made of lust with a flavor,
    you can't resist deflowering a princess.
    Sweetness like candy on her lips cherry flavor lipstick.


  • shaundele 46w


    As loud as a whisper,
    As quiet as a scream,
    I hear her voice echoing.
    "Hello!" she calls,
    "Is anyone there?"
    I try to answer,
    But she does not hear.
    For this inner voice,
    She only speaks,
    Not for a response,
    But to remind me I'm weak.
    To remind me of my yearnings
    And my broken dreams,
    And to keep me a prisoner
    For her will and whims.


  • shaundele 47w


    I'd finally found a home
    Safe and warm,
    I was no longer alone

    I cared for him,
    He cared for me,
    An even trade -
    Nothing is free

    But then I became a slave,
    I had been trapped inside this cage
    That I once proudly called my home
    There was no love, I worked alone

    Hand and foot,
    I only waited,
    No more comfort -
    It had quickly faded.

    I tried to leave,
    I sawed the bars,
    But there was no escape.
    Too weak to mar.

    I was a prisoner in my own hearth.
    And everyday I suffered worse.
    Until I saw my last resort
    If I did it right, it would be short

    A painless end to all the grieving
    Nothing to lose, my last goodbye
    A welcomed pain of silent heaving
    I slowly bow and close my eyes

    May We Rest in Peace
    - Your Heart


  • shaundele 47w

    Before "Hello"

    You don't know me, but you should.
    You don't love me, but you will.
    You don't see me, but I will make you,
    And I will start with just "hello".
    A smile will keep you entranced by my beauty.
    Mysterious eyes will keep you intrigued.
    The perfect conversation will keep you interested.
    You'll fall in love at just "hello".



  • poetic_rhyme 47w

    To Deep

    We don't get to choose our families,
    and I'm not blaming my family.
    For my fucked up life I made choices,
    I wish I never had made.

    I have tried to be kind to everyone,
    listen with an open heart.
    I'm good at helping others heal but,
    healing "myself, I'm" a mess.

    I can give advice and help others,
    but I can't take my own advice.
    I don't know if it's the way I was raised,
    or the pain I can't release.

    There's times I catch a glimpse of light,
    I grab hold as fast as I let go.
    Some say you're in charge of your own,
    destiny nothing is set in stone.

    I wonder if it's real or if our lifes are,
    paved good life bad life.
    Like lifes a monopoly "game, buy"  your way  too the top.
    That's where happiness is?

    I feel like I am in a grave and it's too deep,
    to get out or too see the light.
    I try to crawl  "out, but"  the walls crumble,
    pushing me deeper into my own grave.

    I feel like I'm not good  "enough, I've" never fit in girls don't like me only men.
    I wonder if it's because girls see darkness, in me that makes me different than most. 

    I know I will not give up or go down, without a fight.
    This is my life I may be in too deep,
    but I know I'm in charge of my future.

    No one else can change my past or,
    proclaim they know my future.
    My life is mine I'm takeing over,
    now if you play with my life be prepared.

    To dance with the devil herself fight fire,
    with fire and I'm gonna win this battle.

    Candy81 © 7 hours ago, Candra Creviston    pain • sad • death • family • society • adult

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    Sometimes,  the best answer is none at all,  or maybe it's 'maybe'. I can't reject it because I want it and I can't accept what's not mine to accept. © 4 years ago, Shaquan Edward   

    #allpoetry #svepoetry #confused #life #diary
    #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeworld #writerstolli
    @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writerstolli

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    Say Yes

    I can't say no to you, but I won't tell you yes. I won't say no to you, but I can't tell you yes. I can't say no to you, but I won't dare tell you yes. I will never tell you no, but I will never say yes.

    I know you're no good for me,  you're the worst at it's best. I can't say no to you but I will not say yes.

    In the darkest light, you show your face - you're a devil dressed in white.
    I adore the warmth of your embrace but it burns through me like magnite.

    Your touch is gentle like a baby's breath, but I know that each one brings me closer to death.

    Your smile is radiant, your heart seems pure, but you are the devil - of that I'm sure.

    Corrupt and dirty, evil and vile. I see what's behind that heart melting smile.

    You're beyond inhumane. You're sick, twisted, vain, but I want your love and it's driving me insane.

    So, while I can't say yes to you, I won't ever say no.


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    Poem can be found at this link


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    When I was "crazy, I" tried to,
    make you feel my pain.
    I said things I still regret,
    and it haunts my past.

    The way you mentally abuse me,
    causing a neurotic psychosis.
    You made me feel like a freak,
    that no one would ever want me.

    You took control of my mind,
    and a mad woman saved me.
    I threw things and I screamed,
    you hit "me, shook" me up.

    Then I woke up to the abuse,
    that's when I walked out on you.
    When I was "crazy, I" didn't see,
    the "abuse, but" now I do.

    Candy81 © 9 hours ago, Candra Creviston    crazy • pain • love • family • sad

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    Bury Me Alive

    It's cold down here, no one
    can hear me.
    I know you are there, I smell
    your foulness.

    Is there a reason, you're here,
    why are you just standing there?
    It's wet and moist down here,
    where am I, where have you taken me?

    I'm "alive, please" "sweetheart, don't" bury me.
    It's wet down here I can't breathe, help me!
    I need "water, there's" a pungent taste and its hard swallow.

    "No, "sweetheart" I didn't
    do anything, that's not me laughing.
    You can trust me just let me out,
    so I can kiss you again.
    It should be you down here,
    you pathetic cry baby.

    Bury me alive, I still will not die
    I will haunt you awake or dreaming.
    Dig my grave 6 feet deep and
    I still will claw my way out of here.
    They will find us in my grave with a suicide note you wrote.


    Prompt song
     © 19 minutes ago, Candra Creviston    death • pain • love • sad • nature   


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    Home is where the heart is

    I will follow you "anywhere, no" matter where I go or where I been.
    As long as I'm with you I'm happy, you keep me smiling and laughing.

    Some say they miss home the place that held childhood memories.
    No matter what city or town home doesn't discriminate.

    I hold my childhood memories close to me they are a part of who I am.
    We grow up and move on to start our own homes.

    Home is where the heart is not a place or a memory in the past.
    When I'm with you I have no "regrets, you" make anywhere we go feel like home.

    I hold on tightly afraid of letting go I don't want to lose you, "you're my home".
    My home is where my heart is and that's with you a beat in my chest.

    My heart belongs to you and baby I will always love you.
    So never doubt or forget my love for you is bullet proof.

    "Yes, baby" it's "true, I'm" crazy over you and nothing can make me stop loving you.

    Dedicated to my husband Michael Creviston aka Mrblack on AP © 6 minutes ago, Candra Creviston    love • sad • pain • rhyme • society

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    Poem can be found at link below


    #allpoetry @mirakee @mirakeeworld @mirakeenetwork @writersnetwork

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    You Will Be Missed

    I have never tried to make you look guilty or bad.
    I've never pretended to be perfect I've always been who I am.
    I wanted to say I'm sorry we had to "end,"but it's for the best.

    I hated to see you "go, but" I want you to know.
    You will always be a part of me in some old fashioned story.
    We will live on in our "past, I" hope you never forget me or our memories.

    It's time for me to let go and move on and make new "memories, it's" just how it should be.
    That doesn't mean I will ever forget the good times we had.
    So don't "worry, don't" be sad.
    Try to be happy now that you can do your own thing.

    You're free from a bondage with me so be single and happy.
    We were only teens when we married and started a family.
    Our kids are grown and started pursuing their dreams.

    So it's time to say goodbye and leave behind any hard feelings.
    We both made mistakes and choices that was selfish and sad.
    Try not to reminisce and bring back the past.

    Move toward the future don't be stuck on trying to fix things.
    We were never meant to be it's time to face reality.
    It's time to go now I'm sorry for everything.

    "Someday, maybe" you can forgive me.
    When someone asks me if I know you I will smile and say I use to.
    So don't forget I did love you even when I seemed mad.

    You will be missed and our memories will always be apart of me.

     © 19 minutes ago, Candra Creviston    love • sad • pain • society • family

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    My Church

    Sage burning a cleansing releasing any negativity around me.
    Salt at the doorways keeping out energy vampires trying to drain my mind and body.
    Visualization white light surrounds my home and body a protection
    The feeling of grass between my toes as the wind blows and leaves falling.
    Nature is my Church a witch's place to practice her craft in peace.
    The ten fold law harm no one so mote it be.

    candy81 © a day ago, Candra Creviston    nature • spiritual • fantasy

  • poetic_rhyme 52w

    Dedicated to my husband Michael Creviston

    Poem found at link below


    #allpoetry @mirakee @mirakeeworld @mirakeenetwork @mirakeewriter @writersnetwork

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    In His Kiss

    In his kiss magic is made a love that most think is imaginary.
    Something I never felt before its strange but not scary.
    In his kiss a love that causes no pain.
    In his kiss is my safe place.

    W/C 38 © 5 hours ago, Candra Creviston    love • pain • family

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    All these silly scary things that make you scream are my type of bedtime story.
    I've got friends in low places like Lucifer and his crew.
    Hell is my own personal heaven I dream of a demonic orgy.
    Nut in me so I can have the devil's baby I hope he/she looks just like his daddy.
    Lucifer is my king he owns me and makes the world suck his dick without a condom on.
    Pain excites me set me on fire as I beg for Lucifer to fuck me.
    Double penetration a hellachious gangbang my own sexual ring.
    Screaming begging for mercy that's one hell of an orgasm only Lucifer can bring.


    Image found on Google © right now, Candra Creviston    love • pain • death • spiritual • society