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  • alxita 15w

    -- Song of Emotions --

    Singing a song made by my own peacefulness
    Ranging through the steepest octaves marking callousness
    As it shifts through the fragments of my opuses
    Marking its pitches representing my highness

    Through each of the chords playing on the piano
    As it sings the deemed tenor or the gloried soprano
    Dancing through melodies of the pianissimo
    Or aching from bangings of the striking fortissimo

    Laying as the compositions mark my emotions
    Rhythmic sounds soothing the secluded partitions
    Dividing each and every one of my sensations
    A colorful masterpiece coming to fruition

    #poetry #sounds #music #song #soothing #aching #colorful #melody #rhythm #dissonance #masterpiece #sensation #life #mirakee #alxita_april_twenty

    Poem no. 59
    Apr. 30, 2020, 6:10 PM (GMT+8)

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    Song of Emotions

    "Singing a song made by my own peacefulness, ranging through the steepest octaves, marking callousness"

  • alxita 15w

    -- Jigsaw Pieces --

    Two loving, jigsaw pieces
    That fit together in all places
    They are meant to be together,
    And bound to last forever

    Despite its adulterant impurities,
    They still strive to love indefinitely
    Their bond does not break easily,
    Strong enough to block off cruelties

    Despite its inanimate character
    They still have their emotions better
    At expressing their words and actions,
    And their love as it comes to fruition

    Two, sole jigsaw pieces
    That'll be together at all paces
    Perfect in its own, lovely ways
    And still continues so every day

    #poetry #love #relationships #bond #life #heart #jigsaw #pieces #expressions #true #impurities #thoughts #mirakee #alxita_april_twenty

    Poem no. 58
    Apr. 30, 2020, 2:11 PM (GMT+8)

    (Old poem written on Jan. 15, 2020)

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    Jigsaw Pieces

    "Despite its adulterant impurities, they still strive to love indefinitely"

  • alxita 15w

    -- Meteor Shower --

    I look upon the clear windows providing sight
    To the landscape with the meteors entering so bright
    Into the atmosphere during the tranquil night
    Showing their glorious tails as they irradiate light

    As I observe passionately with each twinkling star
    Along with the shooting stars that wouldn't mar
    As they ignite themselves and blind away the scars
    I can tell they'll survive even if they'll travel so far

    The meteor shower of the night is worth a lifetime
    Showing off an atmosphere that's never so divine
    Sitting down as I gaze among the celestial lines
    The bodies of the Outer Space, which we'd cherish so kind

    #poetry #cees_wow_chall #night #divine #landscape #meteors #light #bright #shine #stars #window #space #mirakee #alxita_april_twenty

    Poem no. 57
    Apr. 29, 2020, 6:15 PM (GMT+8)

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    Meteor Shower

    "The meteor shower of the night is worth a lifetime, showing off an atmosphere that's never so divine"

  • alxita 15w

    -- Ferris Wheel --

    Round and round, as we rise and fall
    The sunset wavers to where the horizon stalls
    Caused by our constant, relative ups-and-downs
    It has made a serene scenery devoid for frowns

    Fascinations grew into my dazzled eyes
    As the sunlight waves its last goodbyes
    The tenebrific night greets our place
    An aeonian moment meeting my face

    The ferris wheel shines its iridescent luminosity
    Amazed by the crowds as they wander around the city
    Ignoring the unsettling onism I experience
    As we go round and round, it has touched my inner sense

    #poetry #life #upanddown #ferriswheel #colors #beauty #experience #memory #life #hardships #hope #light #thoughts #mirakee #alxita_april_twenty

    Poem no. 56
    Apr. 29, 2020, 4:14 PM (GMT+8)

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    Ferris Wheel

    "Ignoring the unsettling onism I experience, as we go round and round, it has touched my inner sense"

  • alxita 15w

    -- I'm Not A Dummy --

    Spitting out some solid, genuine facts
    Synced with the glad candor I'll act
    But doubtfully marked by the distant distress
    From your avaricious actions of invidiousness

    I am not your sole dummy to play with
    Not a single time I was, even at the piths
    Of my anguished face from your actions
    A nepenthean deed fed with your nutrition

    I'm not your subservient human being
    Why was I ever one? You are degrading
    My sole image of a versatile human as a whole
    I'm not falling for the same rabbit hole

    But since you've gotten the force in control
    I too, was included by your deeds to capture all
    And manipulate them as your dolls of the house
    Bringing malice as it was constantly aroused

    I am not the dummy for the night's dinner,
    Beguiled are the shadows of your hurtful thriller
    Of us being casually controlled hopelessly
    You sick human, you've caused anger stressfully

    #poetry #life #dummy #control #seize #manipulate #feelings #sad #thriller #anger #thoughts #mirakee #alxita_april_twenty

    Poem no. 55
    Apr. 29, 2020, 3:51 PM (GMT+8)

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    I'm Not A Dummy

    "I am not the dummy for the night's dinner, beguiled are the shadows of your hurtful thriller"

  • alxita 15w

    -- Cryptic You --

    It was a long time since I'd understand you well
    But soon, that statement has broken and fell
    You've enclosed yourself into a callous chrysalis
    Impassable by my words, you're now a simile

    Our bond condescended as you dissociated
    You've made me very dismayed as tempted
    As if you're a concave angle trying to seclude
    Yourself from the world, with belongings you'll include

    Now, you are an indecipherable object here
    The barriers restrict a lot so that I wouldn't interfere
    As I try to decode your sudden malevolence
    I continue on, finding no possible sentence

    Words won't even describe this anomaly
    Going as far as traducing my ideologies
    The cryptic language you've just shown to me
    You've given me the conclusion to never answer correctly

    #poetry #cryptic #hidden #mystery #sudden #drama #broken #heart #shadow #cover #seclude #life #relationships #mirakee #alxita_april_twenty

    Poem no. 54
    Apr. 28, 2020, 7:53 PM (GMT+8)

    Note: I've soon realized for myself that using just solid colors as backgrounds for my poems proved to be quite bland and a bit messy. So, from now on, I will be using images instead for representing my poems to give more life and color to it (starting from the poem Millions Won't Do, and so on), though because of that, poem stanzas will now be situated in the Captions area. Thank you all for your kind understanding and have a great day!

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    Cryptic You

    "As I try to decode your sudden malevolence, I continue on, finding no possible sentence"

  • alxita 15w

    -- Oneirataxia --

    Stepping on the soft, virescent grasslands
    Along the streets surrounded by homes that stand
    There, the people gladly walks along the paths
    As a charming day passes by so fast

    But, I was wondering again into a spiral way
    Down the funnel leading me to nowhere as I stay,
    It seems that reality was long defenestrated
    Oblivious to our eyes, as it's demonstrated

    Is it rather a replica of the thrown-away reality?
    Ignored by the public as they go on happily?
    Is it a fantasy that we were so nescient to know?
    That we'd pass by the "reality" as we all go

    Is it really true matter we're currently standing on?
    Or just a synthetic creation, the other long gone?
    But if I'd wash my eyes just to clear out the blurriness,
    Would it still be the same, or turn into nothingness?

    I'm still wondering as these thoughts circulate
    Around my crying head, aching as it suffocates
    Depriving oxygen needed for proper thinking
    As I'm devoid with answers I'll forever be finding

    #poetry #deepthoughts #oblivion #reality #fantasy #dream #blurry #truth #devoid #answers #life #landscape #mirakee #alxita_april_twenty

    Poem no. 52
    Apr. 28, 2020, 1:52 PM (GMT+8)

    Note: Oneirataxia is a word meaning "the inability to distinguish between reality and fantasy."

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    "Is it really true matter we're currently standing on, or just a synthetic creation, the other long gone?"

  • alxita 15w

    -- Kettle --

    Aim lifelessly at their soft skin
    At their brittle face which is just akin
    The heat of their boiling blood
    Comes out as the steam, red-hot

    Today, they will experience another time
    Of being scorched from day to nighttime
    By their deathly whistles of distress
    Spewing irrational anger as burning ashes

    Yesterday, it wasn't so problematic
    But society never fails to become fantastic
    In their kettle, there lies the concoctions
    Full of souls ripped apart by their dissatisfaction

    Night comes, the iron kettle whistles
    Yet the gruesome society does not settle
    Their boiling temperatures continue to scorch
    As there I'm seen, leaving the dark porch

    #poetry #kettle #whistles #deathly #dark #scorch #fires #steam #society #life #anger #distress #mirakee #alxita_april_twenty

    Poem no. 51
    Apr. 28, 2020, 1:45 PM (GMT+8)

    (Old poem written on Mar. 2, 2020)

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    "In their kettle, there lies the concoctions, full of souls ripped apart by their dissatisfaction"

  • alxita 15w

    -- Lily of the Valley --

    She went through all the harsh realities
    Dolorously walking with wavered sanguinity
    The only thing that ameliorates her pain
    Are the melancholic tears that she used to retain

    But she decided her fate as she continued to walk
    She would not be treating this as selfish talk
    As she convinced herself to aim for strength
    That will guide her in passing through all lengths

    In all seriousness, she'd be willing to face hell
    As sonorously as she would, even at every cell
    As she enters through the valleys of fierceness
    As the innocent lily, she'll still enter with all hopefulness

    #poetry #strength #hope #guide #light #shadows #lily #valley #fate #innocence #soul #life #mirakee #alxita_april_twenty

    Poem no. 53
    Apr. 28, 2020, 5:58 PM (GMT+8)

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    Lily of the Valley

    "In all seriousness, she'd be willing to face hell, as sonorously as she would, even at every cell"

  • alxita 15w

    -- 13 o' Clock --

    Twelve midnight, the clock is not AM already
    It's still stuck at the PM, which is an anomaly
    It's stuck as if it's violating the harmonious rules
    That make up today's mankind, it made such a fool

    But the stars coruscate blindingly, strangely
    Is there a reason for such an event rarely
    Happening, but now it is showing to our eyes
    As if it's just a normal, sparkly tale passing by

    The trees and the stars blending as a whole
    Turning into a shimmering beauty of gold
    As I enjoyed such an other-worldly experience
    The clock past 13, was ignored with my diverted sense

    #poetry #senses #clock #time #beauty #light #bright #stars #trees #landscape #rare #mirakee #alxita_april_twenty

    Poem no. 50
    Apr. 27, 2020, 1:44 PM (GMT+8)

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    13 o' Clock

    "As I enjoyed such an other-worldly experience, the clock past 13, was ignored with my diverted sense"

  • alxita 15w

    -- Sweet Little Lies --

    Oh sweet little lies,
    The words we use as an excuse
    Or to accuse, we have abused
    It so much, we can't pay the price

    Those light, delicate words,
    Its origins so blurred
    Pierce like a stray arrow
    In the veins where blood cells flow

    Oh those precious lies,
    Just to escape the disaster
    Like insignificant flies
    How is it not bolder?

    Oh sweet little lies,
    How you roll the world like a dice
    You twist the shameless truth
    Into an endless place of ruth

    Oh sweet little lies,
    How long you'll do in order to suffice?
    How long you'll do in order to hurt?
    How long you'll do until it's too absurd?

    #poetry #lies #truth #arrow #pierce #reality #little #words #hurtful #absurd #mirakee #life #society #thoughts #alxita_april_twenty

    Poem no. 49
    Apr. 27, 2020, 7:54 AM (GMT+8)

    (Slightly revised version of an old poem written on Dec. 8, 2019)

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    Sweet Little Lies

    "Oh sweet little lies, how long you'll do in order to suffice?"