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    ~~ Et cetera ~~

    There's a diamond at the muddy yard; still it ¹coruscates slightly, while the home's ²berceuse lingers. ³Abulia strikes when the spots have been left naked.

    Oh dear! When will the ⁴reticent words turn a heavily damaged mirror into its ⁵nascent form? Worried enough to stress, and ⁶sundry problems still exhaust the thickest smokes by the chimney.

    ⁷Desultory paths and cloudy skies twenty-four hours a day; the ⁸dissonant melodies turn into the ⁹falsettos of the dull diamond at the muddy yard. Sour enough and bitter for its receiving ¹⁰repugnance, when the world shouts at them all night.

    Naked and the arrows have never been the sharpest, piercing through the fragile skin. When the world still shouts at them, all problems turn into ¹¹insatiable waves that crash by the shores every minute. Every passing event is a ¹²quidnunc and an endless teaser for the upcoming ones.

    There's an opaque object at the muddy yard, while falsettos and ¹³conundrums flow, et cetera.
    -- SUMMARY --

    It tells about a person's eventual hopelessness in facing every single situation happening to them. All seem to go and go on like a movie that actually affects you and your well-being.

    -- VOCABULARY --

    1 | coruscate - to shine in bright flashes
    2 | berceuse - lullaby
    3 | abulia - an abnormal lack of ability making decisions or acting
    4 | reticent - tight-mouthed; reluctant
    5 | nascent - beginning to come to existence
    6 | sundry - various
    7 | desultory - marked by lack of decision
    8 | dissonant - marked by disharmony
    9 | falsetto - an artificially high voice
    10 | repugnance - strong dislike
    11 | insatiable - unable to be quenched or satisfied
    12 | quidnunc - gossiper
    13 | conundrum - a difficult problem

    -- NOTE --

    Happy Eid al-Adha everyone! Also, tomorrow is another new month of writing ��

    #problem #hardship #life #hopeless #strength #lethargic #restless #harsh #mirakee #alxitadailythoughts #alxita_july_twenty #ceesreposts #pod

    Jul. 31, 2020, 12:13 PM (GMT+8)

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    ~~ Wish you six feet down ~~

    Dear never, I was ¹bejeweled by the ²raucously ³jejune attitude of you. Never in a million years that you care for the rose flower we've placed in our vases. Never in a decade of ⁴apothegmatic words you've listened at least once in a lifetime. Never I cared, eventually.

    Dear thee, why is it that you never look straight to the eyes that have waited your ⁵oeillades? ⁶Parsimonious enough, and evident is the ⁷fathomless time frame of you astray from the paths we've sworn to walk together. When will you ⁸comprehend, that ⁹indifference hurts more than you hating me, if you ever did?

    Dear thy body, your mind has gone crazy to the point that I have also gotten crazy enough. Wish you never stepped in the ¹⁰demesnes of mine. ¹¹Inaneness has never felt so tragic. You looking away has never been so impactful, and I can't afford to invest my effort in someone that will never pay back the gratitude. Will you? It's already dim as you look away from my sights again.

    Dear thee, I wish you were six feet down, so you've never walked to the paths of mine. I wish you six feet down that you'll still move on in life with the goals that you want to score. I wish you six feet down, that you've never cheated to me. Wish you again, ¹²adieu.
    -- SUMMARY --

    It tackles about a relationship where one person seems to be unloving and uncaring to a loved one. It also talks about being cheated by your loved one.

    Wishing them six feet down, can literally mean them being under the dirt so they could've never met or even cheated you. Metaphorically, it means that you wish you never continued on with the relationship.

    -- VOCABULARY --

    1 | bejeweled - attracted or enchanted as if by jewels
    2 | raucous - rough or noisy in a high-spirited way
    3 | jejune - devoid of significance
    4 | apothegmatic - expressed in a short, but clear manner
    5 | oeillade - a glance of the eye
    6 | parsimonious - giving or sharing very little; ungenerous
    7 | fathomless - being without limits
    8 | comprehend - to understand
    9 | indifference - lack of interest or concern
    10 | demesne - an area or zone
    11 | inaneness - dullness; emptiness
    12 | adieu - goodbye

    #heartbreak #love #relationship #inane #unloving #goodbye #parting #path #truth #life #mirakee #alxitadailythoughts #alxita_july_twenty #ceesreposts #pod

    Jul. 30, 2020, 10:47 AM (GMT+8)

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    ~~ A ride at 9 PM ~~

    Walk down from the ¹limelight's radiation, until then, the shadows that've ²dislimned, and the lights that ³scintillated, have never been a cycle of my life. Walk as I'm below the starry night and a sudden ⁴epiphany of reality I am in. After a large handful of ⁵obsequious events in life, we just have to sigh and breathe deeply again.

    Walk down to the train station ​, as the ⁶delineated landscapes sing an ever-so ⁷melancholic melody that happens to be the second epiphany of life, in one night. As I take my ride to a destination I'll never know, the clock has ticked at 9 PM, where my lethargic body comes to a ⁸lull, unknown of where I'll go.

    While the buildings and trees go by, also the most unfamiliar​​ shapes of my sights, and the abstract images captured by the slightly ⁹caliginous vision, a thrid epiphany of life strikes, all in one night. Where will the train go? Realize that the train is nowhere by the tracks, and us in the night's ¹⁰firmaments encompassing the lands.

    A fourth epiphany strikes at 12 midnight, in which no matter where you go in the night, you'll come back to the starting point of the day. Meanwhile, I have gone to sleep by the train seats, as the surroundings pass by my drowsy sights.​​
    -- SUMMARY --

    The post metaphorizes a surreal train ride as a person's dreams while sleeping through the night.

    The specified time is 9 PM because personally, that's the usual time I would sleep at since I was young.

    This post is inspired by a graphic story called "PNR 2AM" by Bong Redila.

    -- VOCABULARY --

    1 | limelight - a center of public attraction
    2 | dislimn - to turn or make dim or dark
    3 | scintillate - to shine; to give off sparks
    4 | epiphany - a sudden realization
    5 | obsequious - very eager to obey someone important
    6 | delineated - vivid
    7 | melancholic - feeling unhappiness
    8 | lull - a momentary halt in activity; sleep
    9 | caliginous - dark
    10 | firmament - the expanse of air; sky

    #night #trainride #sleep #dreams #goodnight #stars #vivid #city #rest #life #mirakee #alxitadailythoughts #alxita_july_twenty #ceesreposts #pod

    Jul. 29, 2020, 11:51 AM (GMT+8)

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    ~~ Flower of the eye ~~

    Without a doubt that the ¹dolorous souls of the mind that ²encroach upon limits and limits of what the mind can possibly describe, wither and fall on the ground the petals of the eye that has blocked the sights with its ³fraudulent colors.

    ⁴Kalopsia has been painted in the eye by the ⁵remorseless flower, like a parasite of its own that has trespassed the boundaries of what it considers homeland. ⁶Connoisseurs called it art; we call it pain. ⁷Woebegone to the left and to the right, and pressure on top and from below. Never leave me alone, like a parasite of its own.

    What is ⁸grayscale ​​when the vivid colors are taking its place in all directions? What is emptiness with all the synthetic colors that take place in all levels? Illusions of fantasy and ⁹platitudes of "You're fine" have never been so dull in the passing days and ticking seconss.

    ¹⁰​​Fastidious enough from the ¹¹cognoscenti would like perfection upon an imbalanced and unstable platform that we were all made in. Devoid of freedom as they put upon a flower of the eye, deceiving me to its synthetically ¹²flamboyant colors, while the cognoscenti gains the pleasure and perfection upon their visions.

    Free us at once, and let us see the world, not in a ¹³delusional perception of perfection and flamboyance.
    -- SUMMARY --

    The flower of, or in an eye is metaphorized (personally) as the delusion of happiness and perfection that corrupt people bestowed upon.

    As they have done so, they expect us to be perfect around all times and places, and faking up the pain until you can't do it anymore.

    -- VOCABULARY --

    1 | dolorous - expressing mourning or grief
    2 | encroach - to advance gradually beyond usual limits
    3 | fraudulent - marked by fraud; deceitful
    4 | kalopsia - the delusion of things being more beautiful than they really are
    5 | remorseless - not sorry for having done wrong
    6 | connoisseur - a person knowledgeable and appreciative of arts and subtleties
    7 | woebegone - feeling unhappiness
    8 | grayscale - characterized by tones ranging from blacks, greys, to whites
    9 | platitude - an idea or expression used by many; cliché
    10 | fastidious - choosy; hard to please
    11 | cognoscente - (similar to Word no. 6)
    12 | flamboyant - marked by elaborate or colorful displays
    13 | delusional - having no objective reality; marked by illusion

    #perfection #imperfect #expectation #human #nature #colors #sadness #synthetic #thoughts #life #society #mirakee #alxitadailythoughts #alxita_july_twenty #ceesreposts #pod

    Jul. 28, 2020, 11:16 AM (GMT+8)

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    ~~ Give it to the gravestone ~~

    Gave them the ¹benefit of the doubt, and while ²spryly swerving among ³verdicts of the judges, tell it not to the face of mine that ⁴ensues the ⁵catholicon of all problems, tell it to the cracked gravestones with the souls embodying it still in the wakes of tragedies.

    Gave them the ⁶heeds​​, because the selflessly selfish mind of mine is in its own pursuits to benefit with in life. I did not intend for ⁷eleemosynary wishes in the ⁸tenements where my mind dwells, but gave my, and our ⁹florescences a taste to the graveyards worth of souls that have perished to the unfair ¹⁰juries of life. ¹¹Exacerbated enough in the devils' wakes that heed the warnings of disobedience, unfair to our senses, we all are ¹²coerced.

    ​​Even the ¹³frivolous phrases of good mornings and good nights still hold the ¹⁴ineffably special meanings that we may tend to forget. Hold up to the ¹⁵altruistic senses of care to our neighbors, and to the ¹⁶auguries that predict the future's ¹⁷beholden obstacles, let's stand up and help others stand up in the worst that has yet to come.
    -- SUMMARY --

    The gravestone here symbolizes the souls that have been severely affected from their low social or economic standing in life.

    The post tells us to develop a sense of altruism and care to our neighbors who may be affected by natural disasters or by economic issues.

    Even if receiving all the benefits in life, try to give a small portion of your selfless love to the affected ones who will also receive its benefits regarding their problems.

    -- VOCABULARY --

    1 | benefit of the doubt - a state of giving someone your trust despite doubts or skepticisms against
    2 | spry - moving easily; agile
    3 | verdict - judgment
    4 | ensue - to strive to attain
    5 | catholicon - something that cures all problems
    6 | heed - attention
    7 | eleemosynary - having or showing concern to the welfare of others
    8 | tenement - residence
    9 | florescence - a state of great activity; blossom
    10 | jury - a body of persons sworn to give a judgment to a matter submitted to them
    11 | exacerbate - to make worse
    12 | coerce - to give in to pressure
    13 | frivolous - having little to no meaning
    14 | ineffable - incapable of being described in words
    15 | altruistic - showing concern to the welfare of others
    16 | augury - a prediction
    17 | beholden - obliged for a favor or gift

    #altruism #peace #problems #pandemic #life #welfare #society #unity #judge #mirakee #alxita_july_twenty #alxitadailythoughts #ceesreposts #pod

    Jul. 27, 2020, 1:07 PM (GMT+8)

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    ~~ Scrutiny ~~

    ¹Persisting through ²xerothermic lands and ³frigidly loose wonderlands; walking through gateways of gold and the muddiest paths that behold; still they never leave away from the sights of all a living.

    ⁴Ransa​​​cked through the miniscule ⁵crevices that form the body of ours. Where is he? Where is privacy that ⁶embodies to the spiritual levels of my minds, yet I have never been left alone by these ⁷illicit beings that follow upon each nanosecond of my movements, and as ⁸echt as I would seem, it's because they made me pressured enough to synthesize each movement from freedom to disguises.

    Where is privacy, if the rivers I flow to will follow the leads of men dressed in their agent suits?​​ Should I ⁹cloak in the murky waters even if I lose my breaths so that they go astray from my sights? The darkness I've emitted still never makes them uninterested as they get more interested into ¹⁰scrutinizing the ¹¹abysmal levels of the unknown that they call "enigmas".

    The ¹²firmaments​​ surrounding the stars twinkling around the senses of mine are actually millions of miles away, which I call "freedom". Left in the woods to hide from their presences, and still searching for the light I have been all choking without.
    -- VOCABULARY --

    1 | persist - to continue despite diffulcties
    2 | xerothermic - characterized by heat and dryness
    3 | frigid - lacking warmth; very cold
    4 | ransack - to search through, with the purpose of robbery
    5 | crevice - a narrow opening usually from a crack
    6 | embody - to make a part of a body/system
    7 | illicit - illegal; inappropriate
    8 | echt - genuine
    9 | cloak - to conceal; camouflage
    10 | scrutinize - to look over closely
    11 | abysmal - extending far downward
    12 | firmament - the expanse of air; sky

    -- SUMMARY --

    Being scrutinized for people's own benefits is like using up all the energy of another and leaving them lethargic and vulnerable, is what the work symbolizes with throughout.

    #scrutiny #writing #freedom #identity #lost #life #mirakee #alxitadailythoughts #alxita_july_twenty #ceesreposts #pod

    Jul. 26, 2020, 5:38 PM (GMT+8)

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    ~~ Shade On The Rainbows ~~

    As for the ¹noblesse oblige of luxurious entities of the world, and ranging down to the rock-bottom of society's ²mischievous acts, oh dear, how will the rainbows ³outlandish enough to society's visions be ⁴pacified from the raging signs expressing ⁵condemnation upon such beings?

    It seems like those signs have been made hours on the end and used for decades of scorn​​ to the rainbows, which results to what? Will throwing shade at the rainbows still erase their rainbow states? ⁶Excoriation by the outrageous people, and ⁷colloquial insults used by the informal people; where does the intended path swerve to?

    Break upon into the wonderlands where rainbows will not exist, and nothing will ​​⁸colossally change, but the fact that rainbows are absent in the widest stretches of flat lands. Oh dear! Please don't ⁹frame and make meanings so ¹⁰nebulous! Will it cause and call for such abusive forces that have bled the rainbows into shades of red.

    Step on his gowns, and kiss on her muscles. Step on their hopes, and kiss on their wounds. Step all the way to the ¹¹nascencies that blossom into the birth of rainbows, and never we shut up about expressing such disapproval of such beings on Earth.

    Will it change anything? What does change is the mental behavior that rainbows maintain upon after decades of ¹²scorn. Wear masks in the shadowed lands. Wear disguises in the rough cliffs of life. ​​¹³Schisms and arguments that turn to nowhere, because we waste our lives upon it!

    Do you still want to throw shade upon the rainbows that have gone through ages?​​
    -- VOCABULARY --

    1 | noblesse oblige - the obligation of people associated in high ranks
    2 | mischievous - recklessly playful, causing trouble
    3 | outlandish - bizarre; different from the ordinary
    4 | pacify - to calm down
    5 | condemnation - a public expression of disapproval
    6 | excoriation - an act of criticizing harshly, often publicly
    7 | colloquial - tending to be used in informal speech
    8 | colossal - of a massive amount or quantity
    9 | frame - to contrive the evidence upon an innocent to be wrongfully judged.
    10 | nebulous - of an uncertain meaning
    11 | nascency - birth
    12 | scorn - open dislike towards something, often considered unworthy of
    13 | schism - a lack of agreement or harmony

    -- SUMMARY --

    I've taken my own perspective upon this topic.

    Rainbows symbolize the LGBTQ+ community.
    Shade symbolizes the scorn and mass disapproval from homophobes towards the LGBTQ+

    -- NOTE --

    This is now my 200th post on Mirakee! ��
    The idea of this post came from Taylor Swift's music video "You Need To Calm Down".
    #rainbow #shade #hate #disapproval #lgbtq #humans #society #opinions #judge #wrong #mirakee #alxitadailythoughts #alxita_july_twenty #ceesreposts #pod

    Jul. 25, 2020, 12:47 PM (GMT+8)

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  • alxita 8w

    ~~ Two Sides, Two Lives ~~

    Locked up in the bedroom, the clock moving ¹counter-clockwise; the other self plays behind the crystalline glass. ²Dubious ​​and ³equivocal as it is, no matter how much their tears flow, it still cannot erase the past, and may just flood themselves in their own secretions.

    ​​Still glancing at the mirror. Who is that figure? Two inches away? Two decades away? ⁴Convalesced by drinking the blood that soothed the senses, and the figure still imitates upon the person's actions. Tears, if bottled up, make the world's oceans we know of. Skin, if cut all way, still bleeds the red blood. ⁵Dithyrambs and a million miles away, will never reach to the receiver's ears.

    Why? ​​When the rocks tend to be the most ⁶illaudable, we still cry, because the rocks scratch us by the unpleasant ⁷rambunctiousness of it. We tend to cry things off, right? Except the fact that we can't cry out the blood that has leaked out from the scratch areas.

    ⁸​​Juvenescence speaks from the mouths of the other side of the mirror, because that identity remembers its true self at the other side that growing up is still phases away from stopping. We are still consuming our energies away until the infinite becomes ⁹finite. Oh life.. Is it imbuing upon us a sense of ¹⁰misoneism?

    ​​All the unpleasant thoughts collected, and ¹¹pervaded like the seeds spread and germinated into the its blossom of life. Well, sometimes the flowers of ours never blooms right. Seasons pass by our room, and nothing changes.

    Will you still be looking at the mirror? Question the body that has turned ¹²haywire from the ¹³dissonant musics of life? Question the fact that your self and the mirrored self is two inches away, and two decades away?

    Questions and not a single one has ever been answered. Will someone be listening? That's because it is us that will answer such questions.​​​​ The mirrored self still wanders away into the clouded depths of thoughts, while the true self, lies just ground level with life's mechanisms.
    -- VOCABULARY --

    1 | counter-clockwise - moving opposite as from the usual rotation of the clock's hands
    2 | dubious - giving rise to uncertainty
    3 | equivocal - (similar to word no. 2)
    4 | convalesce - to recover, as from a condition
    5 | dithyramb - a formal expression of praise
    6 | illaudable - deserving no praise
    7 | rambunctious - having uncontrollable exuberance
    8 | juvenescence - the state of being youthful
    9 | finite - of a limited amount; not infinite
    10 | misoneism - the hatred or fear of innovation or change
    11 | pervade - to spread throughout
    12 | haywire - going wrong or out of order
    13 | dissonant - marking disharmony

    -- SUMMARY --

    Insecurity tends to make us look upon ourselves to a mirror, reflecting such. But, the mirror reflects upon you a future reality that you can always pursue with if you be confident enough with yourself, and overcoming hardships in life.

    The mirror was metaphorized here by my own perspective.

    #standup #hope #reality #uncertainty #life #mirror #bodyimage #hardships #challenge #mirakee #alxitadailythoughts #alxita_july_twenty #ceesreposts #pod

    Jul. 24, 2020, 5:31 PM (GMT+8)

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  • alxita 9w

    ~~ Bedroom Veils ~~

    To the left is a wall. To the right is another wall; the ones east and west are nothing, and exposed would be the whole.

    People think that hiding in your bedrooms will wipe out the fears and role​​-played tragedies that have occurred. What else would ¹effectuate? The bittersweetness at the tip of your tongue? Hiss in the moonlight showers, and us will be hypnotized, our own foolishness ²begets.

    ³Ancillary ​​bonds rejected; souls still having the guilt, choking them away from getting a single breath. The truth is, we all choke ourselves because of someone, and they themselves choke in their bedrooms too. Oh, the irony. If it wasn't for that, then would the world be a better place?

    It's unfair. All our ​​genuine feelings turned ⁴unprofitable to the hands of what is a corrupt person. In the voids where nothingness even ceases, there you still stand by it, unaffected to the blackest depths of the unknown, and us you want to lure inside it; you instead go out and lock u​s here.

    ​​Where ⁵anaphoras and ⁶epistrophes of approving change goes, people won't erase a fact that is permanent, and ignorance by running away won't do either. So, what to do? Lock yourselves into the box of your own air? No dear. Even the lack of sunlight, and windows ⁷barricaded won't change a constant line of a graph with ink already marking such result.

    We flee away to the space, and we forget the fact that we have no space suits on. We run astray to the paths of what we consider as paths, and never ⁸r​​ecollect to the directions of which we took. As ⁹beaucoup as the pressures were, we never faced the fears, and feared the faces of our fears. We never will, if we don't stop running to our bedrooms.
    -- VOCABULARY --

    1 | effectuate - to be the cause of
    2 | beget - (similar to Word no. 1)
    3 | ancillary - subordinate
    4 | unprofitable - gaining no results or good
    5 | anaphora - the repetition of a word, phrase, or expression, especially at the beginning of a line
    6 | epistrophe - the repetition of a word, phrase, or expression, especially at the end of a line
    7 | barricade - to cover or block off, especially by a barricade
    8 | recollect - to bring back to mind
    9 | beaucoup - great in amount or quantity

    -- SUMMARY --
    We tend to ignore our fatal errors and unknowingly walking past, when it will still always leave a stain upon the place and time it has occurred. We are cowardly, or corrupt enough to do so.

    Bedrooms here symbolize the "area" where we escape to; what we consider our "safe spot".

    #bedroom #escape #life #ignorance #coward #facehardships #astray #path #direction #clear #mirakee #alxitadailythoughts #alxita_july_twenty #ceesreposts #pod

    Jul. 23, 2020, 5:57 PM (GMT+8)

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  • alxita 9w

    ~~ Protea ~~

    ¹Quaint in the meadows of ²ceaselessness, crossing forth and thy wheels roll over forward to the roads. Free from their ³injunctions, but still the scars crept in the mind as time brushes by the concepts of life.

    Realize, and we still crawl by the endless road​​ as we carry by ourselves to the heights and depths of what life ⁴unveils. The road still stretches across the ⁵redolent and ⁶pungent senses of the land. Us, spending ⁷multiplex units of time into the steady road, and unaffected by the tidal movements.

    When is it the millisecond of time that the road ⁸swerves ​​by its trajectory? ⁹Predicaments that follow since the imperfect us never polishes itself magically; still we live through mazes and ¹⁰tempests of what life throws upon us. ¹¹Anachronous will be the obstacles that are unstable; foundations will never be the most stable.

    But, don't give up when your legs have burnt away into the atmosphere. Blossoming by the failed shards of glass are the protea flowers that enchant the reasonably open wounds with its ​​¹²arias of hope and willingness. The roads have swerved, but your hopes won't if you stand up even without your legs, and prove such.

    ​​While the ¹³caliginous days flow by the visions, it still finds its way to the ending point of the road, attaining for that is their own ultimatum in life. We are left astray, but ourselves are never astray.
    -- VOCABULARY --

    1 | quaint - odd; bizarre
    2 | ceaselessness - a state of having no end
    3 | injunction - command; a statement to obey by
    4 | unveil - to show; to remove the veils of
    5 | redolent - having a pleasant, scented smeel
    6 | pungent - having a strong, stimulating odor
    7 | multiplex - bring by large, sometimes indefinite amounts
    8 | swerve - to suddenly deviate from a direction
    9 | predicament - a tricky or difficult problem
    10 | tempest - storm
    11 | anachronous - having an error in chronology
    12 | aria - a melody in an opera sung by one person
    13 | caliginous - dark; dim

    -- SUMMARY --

    Protea flowers symbolize diversity, courage, and strength. This post represents the winding courses of the road as the obstacles of life, and the eventual facing of such with strength and hope.

    (The flowers in the image may not be the protea flowers. Search on Google to see for yourself.)

    #flower #symbolism #road #path #swerve #obstacle #life #hope #courage #mirakee #alxitadailythoughts #alxita_july_twenty #ceesreposts #pod

    Jul. 22, 2020, 6:12 PM (GMT+8)

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  • alxita 9w

    ~~ Burgundy Burglary ~~

    E​xpressing utmost ¹clarity, ²post meridiem and the sunset glows its crimson shades to the ever-so darkened environment. Still, he who steals, still lurks like the ³unobstrusive entities of the forgotten day.

    Does the sunset reply back to the fears of our unknown?

    He who steals, still​​​​ rotates our perceptions into the vast never-lands of fantasy. Are we still foolish enough that the ⁴rigid structures of ours have been blown away by the strong ⁵zephyrs?

    Has my ⁶burgundies ever felt the same i​​n the crimson sunset? Unblended in its glory, and still the ⁷perfidious humans never saw the utter truth that is held. He who steals, still left our bodies in the woodlands.

    He who steals, still stole the words out of our mouths, and ⁸evaded ​​away from our sights and ⁹sublimed quietly into the gaseous atmosphere. Oh ¹⁰larceny! Tell me! Have we ever violated your harmony, enough to commit ¹¹unlawful deeds?

    He who fades away, left us wounded in his actions. Bled enough to stop crying, and screamed enough to stop talking. Take my words, take my land, and what will the owner ever grant?​​

    Take the burgundies that define me; take away the truth out of the cake that has fallen to the voids of nothingness, but nothing will come back to where it belonged.​​ ¹²Exasperated enough, and the branches still sway by the zephyrs of his presence that stole the reality of mine.

    Burgundy burglary
    ¹³Larghetto larceny

    ​​Still he eventually stole the entirety of me.
    -- VOCABULARY --

    1 | clarity - the state of being clear; truth
    2 | post meridiem - being after noon; also an abbreviation of PM.
    3 | unobstrusive - invisible; inconspicuous
    4 | rigid - devoid of flexibility
    5 | zephyr - a light breeze
    6 | burgundy - a reddish-purple color
    7 | perfidious - disloyal
    8 | evade - to avoid or dodge
    9 | sublime - to turn from a solid to gaseous state
    10 | larceny - unlawful taking and carrying away of property without the owner's consent.
    11 | unlawful - not bound by the law; immoral
    12 | exasperate - to aggravate; irritate
    13 | larghetto - characterized by a slow tempo, slower than andante, but not as slow as largo

    -- SUMMARY --

    Burgundy symbolizes ambition or power.
    This post expresses the eventual taking away of one's character, and leaving off as an undefined and wounded entity that will live through the night's dangers.

    #burgundy #thoughts #ambition #stealing #burglary #life #society #character #unknown #sunset #enigma #night #mirakee #alxitadailythoughts #alxita_july_twenty #ceesreposts #pod

    Jul. 21, 2020, 12:20 PM (GMT+8)

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  • alxita 9w

    ~~ Cathartic Day ~~

    Pulled out the blackest of the days, to the dullest of the sharp, and take a break, before you break down.

    ​​​¹Derelict of my ²overridden lands are the ³cathartic tones that childhood has never spoken up to until the exact minute of the present. Oh.. the voices act as the ⁴heavies, not heavens, and reddish, not bluish. Did Thursday morning ever ⁵spangled with lights, or is it an illusion in its greatest forms of ⁶pantomimes, abstract in its purest sense?

    Can it justify the vines that have crawled over the ⁷incessant body? Does it ⁸bridle our ⁹invariant paths with its hostile reds? Can it? Can the ¹⁰verdures still live without its eventual ¹¹asphyxiation caused by such rogue entities?

    Dear... oh dear! Have we lost our minds into the spectrum of ​​¹²uncanny acts? Have we lost our minds for the ¹³brevity of our lives that are looked over? Tell me. Do you forget to sleep out the sleepless nights? Do you still gulp in the poison for which the days have granted you with?

    Dear... oh dear! It is time to let go of the ¹⁴vectible​​ matters, all carried and stacked through your mind. A certain mode of ¹⁵tranquility is the healthiest breakfast and the most peaceful good night upon your soul. Every action is a whole ¹⁶sprachgefühl of meanings, and to take a rest from the flaming rocks you step on is always never a bad one.

    So, will you promise to rest your body and soul at least once? Will you ever maintain your only self, before life eventually pulls off its black umbrellas upon your future grave?​​
    -- VOCABULARY --

    1 | derelict - abandoned bt the owner or occupant
    2 | override - to prevail over
    3 | cathartic - bringing relief from strong emotions by expressing them
    4 | heavy (n.) - an evil or unprincipled person
    5 | spangle - to shine as if by light; shimmer
    6 | pantomime - a movement of the body or limbs thay expresses or emphasizes a feeling or idea
    7 | incessant - continuing without interruption
    8 | bridle - to keep something from exceeding a desirable degree
    9 | invariant - not varying; unchanging
    10 | verdure - green leaves or plants
    11 | asphyxiation - the deprivation of oxygen that may result to unconsciousness or death
    12 | uncanny - mysterious; unusual
    13 | brevity - shortness of duration
    14 | vectible - able to be carried
    15 | tranquility - the state of peace or quiet
    16 | sprachgefühl - the essential character of a language

    -- SUMMARY --

    Even if we are able to face all the dangers with or without fear and doubt, it is still always good to take a rest once in a while and recollect and maintain ourselves.

    -- NOTE --

    I've delayed in releasing this post, because of a sudden stomach ache that was not messing around. Thankfully, it is leveled down and I am feeling more comfortable on my bed.

    #rest #sleep #peace #war #burden #life #virtue #happiness #maintenance #soul #body #heart #selfcare #mirakee #alxitadailythoughts #alxita_july_twenty #ceesreposts #pod

    Jul. 20, 2020, 7:30 PM (GMT+8)

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  • alxita 9w

    -- NOTE --

    I'm afraid to say that I may want to discontinue the WTCC story. This new series I'm trying myself with is, in my opinion, a lot more expressive than what a narrative story can only do. Also, story writing sometimes makes me tedious enough to take a break from it for a few times.

    If you accept the sudden announcement, then I highly appreciate it! Thank you again. Continue on with the new post.
    ~~ Outside The Box ~~

    ¹Adjuring thy self, locked up by the ²fetters that have surrounded your limbs. ³Inept to where the body sings just its own groans; clearly we have ignored only so much, that a fairytale is guaranteed to be the only reason for thy problems.

    Oh dear, why are fairytales the new escape acts of the century? Where are thy eyes granted upon your body? Is it behind your head? Oh dear, give them the ⁴esperance to open the large box that encapsulates them, trapped ⁵twofold, and twice will now be the fear shivering down the reckless spine.

    ​​Is this fantasy? Is this a ⁶paradigm that successors must follow? Will they follow a path that leads to the lavas if their eyes were behind their face? It's ⁷passé. ⁸Exonerate us from our wrongdoings, but daring enough to do another replica is highly foolish.

    Where is knowledge? Did he leave out of the brains that ⁹sojourned as the ¹⁰me​​asly guests? Where are you, ¹¹incentivizing such fantastical tales that would blanket your visions? Still, you are in the box with your body, and a concept called reality lies just outside.

    Are you ​​¹²inclined enough to get outside the box? Will the tales ever fade out and turn your sights to what reality is telling? You may be missing the comets that would serve as the ¹³belle epoque of your life! Are you willing? Can you breathe the true air that ​reality provides, and not that of a synthetic one?
    -- VOCABULARY --
    1 | adjure - to give advice to
    2 | fetter(s) - something that restrains movement
    3 | inept - lacking qualities or fitness to do a job
    4 | esperance - hope; expectation
    5 | twofold - two times; twice
    6 | paradigm - someone/something that serves as a basis for imitation; prototype; role model
    7 | passé - archaic
    8 | exonerate - to free someone from a charge of wrongdoing
    9 | sojourn - to temporarily stay
    10 | measly - insignificant enough to give little to no attention of
    11 | incentivize - to provide with an incentive
    12 | inclined - having a desire
    13 | belle epoque - a period of high artistic or cultural development

    -- SUMMARY --

    Don't stay inside the box (metaphorizing fantasy) forever! Be willing enough to face reality in whatever ways it will show itself upon.

    #reality #fantasy #dream #wakeup #outside #life #society #escape #light #mirakee #alxitadailythoughts #alxita_july_twenty #ceesreposts #pod

    Jul. 19, 2020, 5:48 PM (GMT+8)

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  • alxita 9w

    -- NOTE --

    I will make this kind of post a series, progressing through. This is the tag for it: #alxitadailythoughts

    Inspired by Melanie Martinez's song "Tag, You're It".
    ~~ I Scream ~~

    Clear to where the ¹diaphanous windows face the rigid face, ²entrenched would the ³fallaciously vague ⁴abstractions that you wouldn't mow down through simple sentences of ⁵éclaircissement. Will the person now be hoped upon as to clear up the fogs around them?

    The ice cream truck chants its enchanting tunes that have been imbued since childhood. Memories ⁶effervesce​​ into flashbacks; grayscale turns into vividness. But, today is a rather different turn that follows an ⁷amalgam of joys and nostalgias.
    Spot the difference, or spot the similarity?

    A pair of eyes was given to each and every human being to see clearer than being one ​of the cyclops. A pair of ears were given to hear the surroundings well than one ear can do independently. But, if you have to take benefit of it, you have to use your mind! Don't come off so ⁸gallant with an unstable foundation!

    To where the opening of the truck meets the body of the person, asking for an innocent ice cream that purely, is yo​​ur ⁹archetypal characteristic. Oh no! The chrysanthemum flowers bloom straight from the dirt to where the feet stands on tall. The ice cream was put with an undesirable component that can ultimately stun them in ¹⁰ambiguous uncertainty.

    How have we ¹¹inured ourselves into the depths of the unknown abysses when a single shot from the gods have ¹²decimated your sole innocence? Why? Don't ask me. Now, the victim succumbs into the hands of the demon, with the ¹³rutilant eyes of his, expressing attainment of his certain goals.

    Purely for their ¹⁴edacious appetites​​, ¹⁵construe the pieces of their highly evil acts, and hope for the reservation of many innocent souls.

    Ice cream; I scream
    My scream; his dream​​​
    -- VOCABULARY --

    1 | diaphanous - very thin, and easy to see through
    2 | entrench - to embed; implant in or as if in surrounding matter
    3 | fallacious - tending to deceive or mislead
    4 | abstraction - an act of imagining or picturing in mind
    5 | éclaircissement - a enlightening explanation to something previously obscure
    6 | effervesce - to show liveliness
    7 | amalgam - a mixture of different elements
    8 | gallant - showing no fear
    9 | archetypal - typical; representative
    10 | ambiguous - the state of having uncertain meaning
    11 | inure - to make able to withstand pain or hardship
    12 | decimate - to destroy
    13 | rutilant - having a bright red glow
    14 | edacious - having a big appetite; voracious
    15 | construe - to make understandable

    -- SUMMARY --

    The post discusses about an ice cream truck, its evil worker, and the poisoned ice cream, metaphorizing traps set by evil people. Gullible people tend to fall to their traps, and eventually, it may deem harmful to them, or even lose their innocence or their own life from it. Be careful!

    #saturday #thoughts #danger #innocence #ceesreposts #life #society #soul #trap #icecream #hazard #mirakee #alxita_july_twenty #alxitadailythoughts #pod

    Jul. 17, 2020, 5:34 PM (GMT+8)

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  • alxita 9w

    -- NOTE --

    I have assured that I will make a vocabulary list from now on for such posts, to give at least clearer meanings to deep words. Such words are marked by small numbers along with them in the post.

    The fourth paragraph is mostly metaphorical, and is not seen in a literal sense.
    ~~ What Is "Too Much?" ~~

    After a Thursday and the rains that've ¹bedraggled the areas, it's obvious that the sun rays went back to dry up the puddles created by the rains. Now, who is the ²enigmatic figure that have shown upon the ​chrysanthemum roads of my dreams?

    That's it. ³Kleptomaniacs can't really be blamed upon. ​​Why? It's because their impulsive nature has become their defining feature unique to our own senses. We can continue with our engines and move on- No.

    ​​"Too much" is a phrase of two words. Why is it too much though? Aren't kleptomaniacs free enough to distinguish themselves as unique living beings? They can steal whatever they want, and let society's ⁴lividity ⁵palliate down the cushions as they come off without being behind bars. Too much?

    X marks the spot, where treasure is nowhere below and is a decoy to confuse us. We are blinded by the rays of negative light! We come off stealing others' identities and mark it as our own. ⁶Plagiarism perhaps? How many times have they stole our money? Try counting all your money without breathing; you will now be six feet underground in the next few days.​​​​

    Now, let's do ethnic cleansing and move on with our lives- No. As the principles say, ​​everything has a value, whether it'd be your trash bin or your certified medals. You can't be so ⁷unscrupulous that you come off overly ⁸hypocritical. There's a limit, and fighting fire with fire may not be the best solution regarding such issues.

    So, there are limitations! There's a balance between light and darkness. "Too much" of one side will break the grounds and prove difficult to return back to the same road.​​ ⁹Acquiesce or protest ¹⁰ravenously, set limitations, and do with limitations.
    #truth #limitations #balance #hypocrisy #light #society #life #reality #mirakee #alxita_july_twenty #alxitadailythoughts #ceesreposts #pod #philosophical

    Jul. 17, 2020, 6:54 PM (GMT+8)

    -- VOCABULARY --

    1 | bedraggle - to leave wet as if by rain
    2 | enigmatic - unusual; mysterious
    3 | kleptomaniac - a person who impulsively steals, usually not by an economic motive
    4 | lividity - a display of anger
    5 | palliate - to calm down; appease
    6 | plagiarism - an act of stealing one's works without credit
    7 | unscrupulous - unprincipled
    8 | hypocritical - acting contradictorily to one's stated beliefs or feelings
    9 | acquiesce - to comply passively
    10 | ravenous - with a large appetite; voracious

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  • alxita 10w

    -- NOTE --

    I kindly apologize for at least a week of inactivity! It's kind of hard to go back to writing during that time period, but now I am starting to come back slowly.

    This is a different post than usual, and this may be my style for the coming days as I try continuing WTCC that has been delayed at the same time duration. Have a good day! I may catch up again on earlier posts of yours.
    ~~ Thursday Thoughts ~~

    Good morning, perhaps a bad morning. Why? You don't know dear? Will you know though? Are you willing to know? Assuming, I may imply? Will it be revolving around our own subjective senses?

    Now, breathe. Are you breathing yet? Don't skip a breath, because that's what we're all supposed to do. But, will we be forced as if a punishment will be served as for violations? Isn't that all fun and games?

    Look up at the sky. ​​Is it ¹sepulchral from the clouds ranging from whites to grays? I do enjoy the dark skies sometimes. Though, will I be considered a ²maverick for accepting such thought? Perhaps a ³memoir and an ⁴anamnesis will recall us in the ⁵indoctrinated ⁶dogmas that we used to believe.

    Hey though, do I feel quite sad after saying all these stuff? We are now at the fourth paragraph, but it seems like thoughts are all revolving. Like the hands of the clock that rotate; like metal that eventually gains rust after time; wait though. Those scenarios all progress to an certain point. Where do my thoughts progress to though?

    ​​Sadly, I am not a ⁷clubbable person, lacking ⁸convexity that surely is present only within me. But I'm not six feet underground! You may symbolize me as that one irregular beat of the heart, ⁹iconoclastic to your typical sheet of rhythms displayed among us.

    ​​Isn't irregularity a normal thing though? Past lessons tell us that every person is unique, and is bound to present such uniqueness through irregularities that define each and every one of us. I may sound like I am giving off a ¹⁰peroration that would sound mostly meaningless; there is a meaning.

    You could've heard that everything has a meaning, and that is what governs life. Life simply doesn't live without a meaning! Every object, every person, animal, and even in the ¹¹infinitesimal dimensions of space, have meanings.

    ​​​​Yet, we are here, setting up and ¹²mandating such stereotypical beliefs in our world, that one violation upon it can result to a mass extinction of our own rights. Our worlds live in co-existence, yet we are here living ¹³heterogeneously.

    Perhaps that's the reason why we are ironic. We come off so brilliantly determined by our words, but word can't really equate to actions. There's a difference! Actions speak louder! One who is ¹⁴quondam to the world, and lives under the soil is a body ignored by the changing weather.

    Now, look at the raindrops falling now after overcast clouds tooks place an hour ago. It's falling. Each raindrop marks its end when it hits the grounds. Oh dear! Isn't each raindrop an atomically shortened movie? Yes. We go back to the fact that everything matters for a reason!

    No one lives off without a story. At the same time, no one is worthy for discriminatory acts that ¹⁵disparages them from them. Uniqueness is a fact, our own views just an opinion. Everything, progresses.
    #thursday #thoughts #welcome #ceesreposts #life #society #beliefs #freedom #raindrops #mirakee #alxita_july_twenty #alxitadailythoughts

    Jul. 16, 2020, 6:50 PM (GMT+8)

    -- VOCABULARY --

    1 | sepulchral - desolate; lacking cheer
    2 | maverick - a person who deviates from commonly accepted beliefs or practices
    3 | memoir - biography; history of a person's life
    4 | anamnesis - a recalling in mind; reminiscence
    5 | indoctrinate - to teach or lecture
    6 | dogma - the basic, guiding principles of a person or group
    7 | clubbable - sociable
    8 | convexity - a part that sticks out of a general mass
    9 | iconoclastic - not conforming to usually accepted beliefs or practices
    10 | peroration - a highly rhetoric speech
    11 | infinitesimal - extremely small
    12 | mandate - to make mandatory
    13 | heterogeneous - consisting of many things of different sorts
    14 | quondam - former
    15 | disparage - to belittle scornfully

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  • alxita 11w

    -- Humans Don't Fly --

    Humans don't fly by their wings
    Nor raise the a priori reasons
    For which we hang on and sting
    "Gospels" to descant as sermons

    In the solaria gazing at the stars
    Why is it that we can't reach them?
    And a requiem holds us into tears
    That wings don't grow by theorems

    Does a theorem grow like a fruit?
    Bearing by the trees held by roots
    Fruits don't fly as gravity beholds
    And trees in captivity remain old

    Dreams go nowhere when we know
    It's just for delight our eyes bestow
    We don't fly 'cause gravity does so
    And limitations hold bitter so low
    #reality #wakeup #dream #fantasy #truth #wings #fly #sky #freedom #limitations #life #acceptance #mirakee #alxita_july_twenty #ceesreposts #pod

    Poem no. 139
    Jul. 7, 2020, 6:13 PM (GMT+8)

    Humans that don't fly is a made-up metaphor of restrictions that limit us from complete freedom, since this is reality, and not that of a fantasy.

    As said, two poems were released today to compensate for my recent irregular activity here. I may come regular again very soon, but boredom is like the illness slowly creeping and recurring as always.

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    Humans Don't Fly

    "Dreams go nowhere when we know
    It's just for delight our eyes bestow
    We don't fly 'cause gravity does so
    And limitations hold bitter so low"

  • alxita 11w

    -- Laurel --

    Do you think beauty is graceful?
    Does it hold an angel inside?
    Do leaves hold greens as greens?
    Are we blind as by visions keen?

    If you throw a nuke towards me
    Will you still love a garden of me?
    A garden of death, of eerie beauty
    Is larceny always the solution dearly?

    Subjective would be our own bodies
    Since skin hides the organs stalely
    For the poison not only of your gaze
    But as well be your mental craze

    Laurel, in the garden you are toxic
    Silent by the daylight, now chthonic
    After a punch from your green poison
    Keep us apart from this liaison
    #poetry #plant #poison #hiding #deceptive #lies #reality #life #society #touch #cyanide #truth #beauty #shadow #mirakee #alxita_july_twenty #ceesreposts #pod

    Poem no. 138
    Jul. 7, 2020, 6:07 PM (GMT+8)

    Laurel, a plant poisonous if ingested, is metaphorized as beauty that allures us deceitfully, not knowingly of a rather hideous background lurking behind the scenes, eventually affecting you as well.

    To compensate for my recent irregular activity here in Mirakee, two poems will be released today! Have a good day.

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    "Laurel, in the garden you are toxic
    Silent by the daylight, now chthonic
    After a punch from your green poison
    Keep us apart from this liaison"

  • alxita 11w

    -- Classify --

    A box is given out to classify
    The people inside as we rely
    On its supreme glory as we deny
    And denial still taints with lies

    Oeillades, and a juxtaposition
    Compare, contrast, we identify
    In lairs, aghast, in our renditions
    White and black, still wonder why

    Straight and gay, construe the art
    Separate and filter, set all apart
    Gross and elegant, so multifarious
    Yet impurities are not voluptuous

    God, did you instruct our bodies?
    Since people don't like differences
    Did you make us all different slyly?
    Worthy of judgment by preferences?

    Morning comes, asinine us remain
    Evening lulls, asinine us so deranged
    Classify humans by what we all want
    Classify others, gossips as chants
    #poetry #society #unequal #inequality #unfair #fantasy #wakeup #reality #judgmental #life #mirakee #alxita_july_twenty #ceesreposts #pod

    Poem no. 137
    Jul. 6, 2020, 11:02 AM (GMT+8)

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    "Classify humans by what we all want
    Classify others, gossips as chants"

  • alxita 11w

    -- Talk to a Stone --

    Talk, talk, conversing all a night
    A redolence of goodbye implies
    From a stone weathered in sight
    And us deem presences and sighs

    Talk, talk, will the stone ever reply?
    Good night and a day will still pass
    Just us at the bay won't comply
    Still opaque, stone's not clear glass

    Dancing a puppet, oh highly crass
    Insecurities need those pills
    For all a delirium in a canvas
    Still cry, when the tea does spill

    Mistaken, since we're still all chill
    You hold water when it still falls
    Forcing water? Pay all the bills
    Stones and a graveyard enthralled
    #poetry #dead #family #relative #delirium #fantasy #wakeup #reality #stone #darkness #light #life #mirakee #alxita_july_twenty #ceesreposts #pod

    Poem no. 136
    Jul. 5, 2020, 10:43 AM (GMT+8)

    The stone metaphorizes someone who passed away, and the person implied here does not accept the truth, and would still live off a fantasy of that someone still "alive".

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    Talk to a Stone

    "Dancing a puppet, oh highly crass
    Insecurities need those pills
    For all a delirium in a canvas
    Still cry, when the tea does spill"