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    "Een lege blik in je ogen,
    starend uit het raam.
    Mond open,
    woorden lijken te vergaan.
    Handen reiken naar die ene foto,
    herinneringen komen als wazige beelden voorbij.
    En even lach je weer,
    stralende ogen,
    de hersenschimmen zijn nabij."


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    Often a stroll in the park,
    Sparks a conversation,
    That feels too old.
    Old enough to be on a page,
    Of Voynich manuscript.
    Encrypted in a lost code.

    Some morning.. (or maybe evening) ―

    I'd filled the colour of egg shells
    In the drawing book.
    It was the colour of Alzheimer's,
    Stolen from the empty spaces of
    Our photo album.

    It reminds me of the time,
    You'd scooped the dried musk,
    Of my last memories.
    Condensed in a mixed fraction,
    To the bottom of powdered bones.
    Lost from osteoporosis.

    Since when did the world
    Come to a place,
    Where fallen maple leaves,
    Are not a harbinger of old age?

    I wonder...
    If i was liquified
    To flow through taps,
    Running with opinions;
    Overflown on social media.
    When I don't have any.

    To get rid of this charade,
    And I'll place the order to have a senescence card.
    I will show who I am...
    Just tell me, what is my name?

    #Alzheimer #Old #Senescence #surrealism #memories #importance #life #love #poetry

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    Colour of Alzheimer

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    Alzheimer patients have it hard. But their families have it harder!
    Hope the self-composed write-up conveyed this message.
    #Alzheimer #ItHurts

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    First Love....

    "Who was your first love?"
    They asked.
    He replied. Giggled
    "She had big, brown weary eyes.
    She had long, black hair."
    "Do WE have the allowance to meet her?"
    "Oh, yes. Of course! She shares the same roof as me.
    "Oooh man!" They hooted. "You got yourself a keeper. That girlfriend of yours."
    "Girlfriend? Heck no! My Maa is the one!
    The mother who now has tiny, clouded, lifeless eyes.
    The mother whose hair is now as grey as those clouds above.
    THE MOTHER who now sits on a wheelchair, questioning if I am her son!

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    Thoughts racing to wreck,
    leaving a tiny miniscule speck.
    An ounce of capacity left,
    didn't expect we'd carry it's heft.

    A derailment of the mind,
    no words left to find.
    Train of fortune, long gone,
    slave to the past, a pawn.

    Frail retirement of the flesh,
    succumbing to a violent thresh.
    Harsh winter up ahead,
    binding us to a forever bed.

    - Andreina S. Cabral

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    천천히 추억이 나를 떠나기 시작 ...
    하나씩 내가 아는 얼굴들 ...
    내 기억에서 사라졌습니다.
    그리고 나는 내 자신을 잊기 시작했다.

    내 기억은 과거로 돌아 간다 ...
    젊었을 때 ...
    내가 너를 알아 내기 전에 ...
    전 세계와 그 내용을 이해하기 전에 ..

    너 아직도 날 사랑할거야 ..
    너 나와 함께있어 줄래 ...?
    내가 너를 몰라도 ... ??
    아니면 날 떠나야합니까 ..?
    너를 정말로 잊기 전에 ...

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    Perlahan-lahan kenangan itu mulai meninggalkan ku...
    Satu demi satu wajah-wajah yang kukenal..
    Lenyap dari ingatanku..
    Dan Aku pun mulai melupakan diriku..

    Ingatanku kembali ke masa lalu..
    Di saat masa belia dulu...
    Sebelum Aku mengenalmu..
    Sebelum aku mengerti akan dunia dan isinya..

    Akan kah kau tetap mencintai ku..
    Akan kah kau tetap bersama ku..
    Walau aku tak mengenal mu..??
    Atau sebaiknya kau pergi meninggalkan ku..
    Sebelum aku benar-benar melupakan mu.

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    Were breathing mixes with confusion.
    +Unknown emotions put together.
    +We feel woried about the situation and the handling.
    At last we conquer over time.

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    Worthless Writer ~351

    He doesn’t recognise me anymore
    I remember his scoldings though
    He doesn’t recall my name
    I remember him never leaving me alone

    The disease has wiped away his memory
    But the ageing face knows my touch
    His white hair knows my hand
    The pair of glasses know I will find them
    When he needs them
    To see me the most

    Alzheimer’s has taken my father away
    To far far land
    A land where the airplane doesn’t go
    Not even the paper plane
    He taught me to make

    I will shape him to love me back
    Teach him to stand up again
    Show him how to write the alphabets
    That forms my name

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    She: What will you do, if I refuse to recognize you the next moment?

    He: I will be here for you, forever.


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    Be there for them. They were there for you from the spark of your birth.

    #Alzheimer #Awareness #filial #family #Hurts #writersnetwork #soulwriter #mirakee #Health #readwriteunite

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    Are you there,
    I see him, eyes averting and mouth agap
    My child hold his callus grip,
    Aged with salty tears in hand
    Their gaze meet and flooded tears
    A warm endless love a-pouring
    He looked at her,
    His Life returning
    I heave a relief alas, briefly
    Before the terror took him once more
    He whispered,
    Trembling like a leaf to ear...

    Who am I again?


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    No more

    She's gone. She's no more.

    "The alzheimers has erased all her memories, her brain has stopped working and that's what must have caused her death", explained the doctor.

    "Then why was she screaming my name at her death bed!", cried her hubby.


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    Pantoum is a poetic form with no meter, no length limit and written in quatrains (four verses). The scheme of a six stanza pantoum would look like this; ABCD, BEDF, EGFH, GIHJ, IKJL, KCLA (repeated lines not rhymes)

    #Alzheimer's #lone #dementia #pantoum #poetry #pod #mirakee
    @writersnetwork @mirakee @sammusaafiir @night_huntress

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    The eyes once filled with love
    are now void and lone
    all emptied to nothingness
    without an iota of memory

    Just void and lone
    is what remains of you
    without an iota of memory
    I watch you become a stranger

    Is this what remains of you?
    lying on bed all day
    watching you become a stranger
    your friends and family

    Lying on bed all day
    I reminisce those moments we had
    with friends and family
    and the books you read to me

    I reminisce those moments we had
    the horror, thrillers and crime novels
    the books you read to me
    all drying their tears with dusts

    The horror, thrillers and crime novels
    all replaced with nothingness
    are drying their tears with dusts
    the eyes once filled with love


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    The moment my eyes flew open
    I gawked at the figure Lying on the bed...
    His parted lips, wispy lashes, those sculpted cheekbones
    I realised how I could still fall in love with him all over again
    And boom!!!
    The realisation dawned upon me
    I was pulled out of my chimera to face the sober and naked reality
    The reality tht he didn't remember me
    Tht he didn't remember who I was or what he was to me
    Evn after all these years I wasn't used to his short term memory due to Alzheimer
    Once again I'll climb those unending steps, stumbling nd struggling to find my recognition in his spiral of memories
    Nd i m afraid to fall
    M afraid to fail
    Once again I'll chase the clouds
    I run nd run, gasping for air bt still trying to get hold of tht cloud and as I raise my hand to catch it
    With a flash it's gone
    I look at my bare hands and there's nthng
    It stings seeing him ask abt the lunch 20 times in 30 minutes when he just had it...
    Or when he is elated abt Christmas when it's 5 months away
    Nd when he is joyful to see the kids bt doesn't recounts they're ours...
    It leaves me devastated when those beautiful eyes seems hollow...
    Nd the shimmer is long gone...
    Nd while m pondering over this in the middle of the night
    While the moonlight is casting wonders outside
    A chill ran down my spine nd I can't help when the tears roll down my cheeks...
    Bt i'll try all over again with all the strength left nd I know today it'll be a fresh yet the same old morning again...

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    She screams at me
    "get away from me please."

    To which I say "i'ts me, Abhi don't you remember?"

    And she said "no you are not Abhi. The only Abhi I remember is the one I loved who is dead now."

    Now how can I make her believe that I am alive? And even if I do she won't remember anyway. The Alzheimer's won't let her


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    Even the heart suffering from Alzheimer felt the hollowness inside when he left.

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    An Alzheimer's Nurse Shares a Patient's Story That Reveals What True Love Really Is

    "Reliable Rodney" was a nickname given to an older gentleman who never missed a single day of visiting his wife of 60+ years, and a patient at the Assisted Living Facility for Alzheimer's I worked for.

    Rodney had earned this nickname because for the 8 years his wife was a patient in our care, up until the day she passed away, he showed up, dressed to the nines, flowers in hand, on time - every single day at 5:00pm - on the dot... When visiting hours began. And everyday, he was as excited to see her as a teenager on his first date.

    Yet during his visits, he would be awash with heart break as he began to notice more and more that his wife would look blankly back at him as her memories of him slipped away until one day she insisted he was a stranger to her and we knew that she would not recognize Rodney again.

    Reliable Rodney was not detoured however... he would just explain to her that he was a secret admirer and Just wanted to have dinner with her. This worked for a while, but Alzheimer's disease is truly horrible eventually it's victims usually become quite angry and bitter toward everyone around them. They can be down-right mean and often are. It's just a known side-effect of this horrid disease and Reliable Rodney's wife was no exception to this unfortunately. His visits got shorter and shorter as she got more and more intolerant of his presence. Reliable Rodney, oftentimes after having to end a visit early, would sit in his car for a good 5 or 10 minutes before driving away because he had to dry the tears running from his eyes. As a nurse who works with Alzheimer's patients, I will tell you, the real victims of this disease are the loved ones of those afflicted and It was especially heartbreaking for us to watch this process happening with Rodney as we had all gotten to know him so well due to his daily visits.

    Seeing the emotional devastation that Rodney was going through day after day after day, was heart-breaking. When a patient reaches the final stages of this disease, as nurses, we are trained to sit down with their loved ones and discuss the possibility of discontinuing future visits so as to avoid any further emotional traumas for themselves. As cruel as this sounds, we understood that the patient would have no idea if loved ones stopped visiting, but that it was the loved ones suffering every time they saw the patient. From a practical sense, accepting some cruel realities and being able to walk away and let go is best for the loved ones of those Afflicted with this disease. Me as well as all of the other nurses within this facility often tried convincing Rodney of this as we truly felt it was the best thing for him, emotionally speaking. But we couldn't seem to get our message through... he would just say, "Thanks for the advice, I'll see you tomorrow."

    Rodney would always show up the next night to again try to wine and dine his wife of 60+ years but was often responded to as a stranger and criticised for anything and everything he did for her. One night, after a particularly difficult visit he had with her, I saw the tears Welling up as he signed out for the night. I went over to him and asked, "Why do you come in everyday to see her when you know she's not ever going to remember you? And I'll never forget what he looked at me and said. "She may not remember who I am, but I remember who she is."

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    As he hugged her, she wondered who he is..
    Little did she know that he was trying to get back her scattered memories out of the swirls of Alzheimer's...