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  • aayush__joshi 2w

    I was the poetry you always read,but never really willed to understand.

  • dondee 2w


    Who knows its value better than us Indians? Our ancestors (especially a bald man with a loin cloth)have fought hard to give us what we now think as part of our regular life - The right to choose, to change, to defy...
    Would it be then right to intentionally do what the Brits did to us? Enslave a fellow God's creation?
    I feel so guilty but the proposition looks so damn attractive. If I do a Google to justify my sadistic pleasure to clear my conscience, Google's on my side. It apparently is a great stress buster and brings you cheer.
    You wondering what I am talking about? Lovebirds.
    I never thought I'd ever want a pet. Especially those fleabags with cold noses who are ever so happy to smell your crotch and those devil eyed super costly Persian cats.
    I don't know what came over me yesterday evening to leave my tandoor tea unfinished and walkover to the pet store on the other side of the road. I think its the sales girl at the store. No, she's not a looker but she sold me the idea of Lovebirds as pets without the baggage of high pet maintenance and care. They eat nuts I was told. They don't have good speech as them parrots but they could do a nice version of Calum Scott's Dancing on my own if you keep them next to your BOOM box for hours listening to calum on heavy rotation.
    And with just 450 bucks for a pair, it just costs a wee bit more than the world's fav bird - The Chicken.
    I'd have had them hanging in my balcao today but for the 'if looks could kill' eyes of the sister.
    No way, she said. Birds are meant to fly free, under the blue skies. Imprisoning them in a cage is bad energy and we are not paying for bringing that. Its like asking for bad luck.
    Well, whaddya think? Should I use my VETO? Flare my nostrils,flex my muscles and tell them folks in ' Schwarzenegger' style, I'll be back.
    And when the man is back, the birds will chirp hanging from the balcony grills, happily for me(I think)?

  • rinwang 6w

    Letting it be

    From then to now,
    what has changed?
    My heart still wanders,
    to that utopian place,
    of love and laughter,
    between kindred souls,
    of peace and chatter
    over gone yores.

    My mind wanders,
    to that barky tree,
    old and grey,
    yet so free,
    no one around,
    no one to see,
    living life
    and letting all be.

  • deb_arpitadeb 6w


    I want to feel you
    As if you're fire
    And in you,
    I want to burn.

    As if you're the descending stream
    I want to drink all at once:
    A sinking sun caught up in a trance.

    Like you're the moonlit night
    And I want to bathe in you;
    Like you're the heaven
    I've given up hopes on,
    But the gates I still want to get through.

    I want to run as wild as
    The Avenue that runs parallel to mine.
    I want to waste my chances upon
    The one that lures me the wrong way
    But would still bring me back to you.

    I see you
    Through the curtains
    In the dark room
    Shutting out the soggy afternoon.

    I see you: Gliding
    Across the still frames,
    Adding to the enchantment
    I feel about you.

    You look familiar, don't you?
    But you're just a stranger
    Spun by desire: just so adamant,
    Refusing to let go.

    What can I do?
    Somehow I too like the
    Scorching gravity about you:
    Planting waves in my heart-
    But not enough words in my mouth.

  • jeeths 6w


    You know what a girl who has slept with multiple men is tagged a slut,
    while a man who has slept with many women is asked for tips.
    *The world is sure a cruel place*


  • jay_lathiya 7w

    i think yes, that’s how it starts,
    From messy room to beautiful home,
    try to feel the silence instead of to stay
    In between the chaos,
    while mind was only the
    option for an answer,
    but now, suddenly like a magic;
    even heart start to listen your question.
    Ohh just wow!
    -jay lathiya

  • anaya_amu 10w

    Dil ki baat

    Bhut himmat juta ke aaye the
    Tumhe apne Dil ki baat batane
    Magar jab tum samne khade the
    Ahsaas hua mohabbat ki rah me
    Mai tumhe na kho du

  • theessence_ 11w

    Of Shadows and Soul

    These are my darkest of hours,
    I do not know what to do....
    I want to hide and cower....
    But that won't be of any good..

    These are my stormiest of nights,
    My heart breaks with the blackest of cries,
    These nights, they do not see the morning sun,
    They blacken instead


  • xmisseosx 11w

    Me: Finding a place I can freely express what I truly feel and being happy at all times. Also, creating my own novel ^•^

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #amateur

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    Christmas is coming, year's about to end,
    Is there anything you are proud to share?
    Unfinished yet soon to be accomplish things?

  • theessence_ 13w


    *Clears throat*

    I am ugly.
    A hideous exterior.
    I am ugly.
    All my life, I've felt inferior.
    I am ugly, no one wanted me.
    Living in isolation has been my guilty glee,
    I am ugly
    I do not have a story,
    My mind is a haze, probably not content with its wielder,
    Father left, mother said I didn't need her,
    They say there is beauty beneath the beast,
    To say the least, that could just be self appreciation,
    I am a forbidden creation,
    Nights upon nights I tried to end my very being,
    Became a surface for the guillotine,
    The tears would never cease, I can hear the mockery, even in the evening breeze.
    I have no friends, save for the voice in the back of my head.
    It whispers that I'm beautiful instead,
    That I'm graced with a heart of green and with words of silver,
    Says I should look up to Him, as my redeemer.
    Then, only then will I not wither.
    He says I'm worthy, I'm destined for the outworldly.
    "You're not ugly"
    "You are hidden beneath the earthly expectations of beauty"
    They even call the demons pretty.
    You are not a mistake, you are the fruit of my duty.
    Elohim's child, in you I will always abide.
    Let this always linger in the back of your mind,
    No seed truly grows until it dies,
    The real truth becomes important in the very presence of lies.

  • liza_doreen 13w

    Most of us don't really appreciate life because we are busy comparing ourselves with others; How they live? What luxuries they own? What lifestyle they follow?. All of these comparisons make us grumble and instill in us a sense of discontentment and thus we think our own life is a curse instead of a blessing. Hence, we turn to blaming God instead of thanking him for the blessings He showers upon us every single day.

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  • liza_doreen 13w

    Nature shows us how to be magnanimous.

  • liza_doreen 13w

    Act Fast!

    The thickness of the backwoods shows hopelessness
    The glabrous mountains are aching;
    The streams and springs are downhearted
    Oh! Mother Nature is dying.

  • liza_doreen 13w

    Sometimes we just need someone to pull us out from this loneliness.

  • liza_doreen 13w

    Recovery starts by being truthful to yourself first.

  • sensitive_soul_ 14w


    Was first

  • arziyaan 14w

    “वो भी क्या दिन थे”

    वो भी क्या दिन थे, जब हम बच्चे होते थे..
    हँसी-ठिठोली, गुड़िया-खिलौने यही सब सोचा करते थे।
    आइसक्रीम,चाकलेट, लाईमजूस और टोफ़ियाँ,
    सब साथी इकट्ठे होते थे शाम को चौक पर वहाँ।
    छेड़खानियाँ, शरारतें, ग़लतियाँ और झमेले,
    जब जाते थे सब मिलकर सिनमा और मेले।।
    ना चिंताएँ थीं ना थी टेन्शन, नहीं कमाकर करनी थी जमा कोई पेन्शन।
    वो भी क्या दिन थे जब हम बच्चे होते थे..

    फिर वो दिन आया जब हम थोड़े बड़े हुए,
    सखा-साथी, गप्प-शप्प मारी कॉलेज कैंटीनो में खड़े हुए।
    नया-नया सब लगता अच्छा, स्कूल से कॉलेज में हुआ तबादला,
    दोस्ती, ग्रूप, फ़ैशन और रूठने- मनाने का हुआ प्रारम्भ,
    कोचिंग,ट्रेनिंग और भविष्य बनाने का भी हुआ आरम्भ।
    अब सबकुछ जैसे बदल रहा, नयी ज़िंदगी का आग़ाज़ होने लगा।
    वो भी क्या दिन थे जब हम बच्चे होते थे...

    फिर बस ज़िंदगी बढ़ने लगी, नाखुश होने पर भी मुस्कुराए,
    खुश होकर भी क़ाबू में रहने लगे, जीवन में भी गंभीरता बस बढ़ती जाए।
    अब कुछ यूँ है समा की खुद को भूल बस बाक़ी सब के लिए जीने लगे, दर्द के घूँट भी पीने लगे।
    बाल मन अब हुआ गहन, ज़िंदगी जीने के बजाए अब काटने लगे।।
    वो भी क्या दिन थे, वो भी सचमुच क्या दिन थे...।

  • forlorn 14w


    हार की दहलीज़ पर खड़ा,
    आखिर है क्या सोच रहा।
    जीत का चेहरा अब याद नही,
    तेरा साया भी तू भूल आया कहीं।

    ख़ुद को धोखा देता चला,
    विनाश की यह अच्छी है कला।
    समय ने अपना खेल है दिखाया,
    जो बोया था तूने वही है पाया।

    क्या करेगा आगे अब तू
    क्या बदलाव लाएगा।
    मैं तेरी आत्मा हूँ
    मुझसे अब और सहा न जाएगा।

    बीती बातें जाने दे,
    दुनिया को जश्न मनाने दे।
    उठ,बैठ अभी और इसी समय,
    एक नया सूर्य तू कर उदय।

    छोड़ कर दुनिया का मोह,
    जब काम पर लग जायेगा।
    हठ होगी अगर तेरी तो,
    समय भी झुक जाएगा।

  • ggaines 14w


    ...then the loneliness came
    And the love went away
    You said we would be the same
    And that our love would not fray

    But I warned you my heart
    Could not take much more
    Distance keeping us apart
    Our love became a chore

    The excitement we once had
    Is now nowhere to be found
    I turned away from you, sad
    And left your heart on the ground...

  • prajukti 15w

    Late Nights

    The later I stay in the night
    The lonelier it gets,
    I want to know what magic does happen
    As 3AM on the clock sets.

    Like two rounds white pearls
    Tears roll down my cheeks
    I try holding them back
    But my two eyes, it just leaks!

    Nose dripping, mouth drooling
    I try to keep my hopes high,
    But negativity grips me tight
    Tired of myself, every night I sigh.

    Nothing good had been happening
    Lately things have been so bleak,
    Optimism is like a dream
    When stress and anxiety is at its peak.