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  • theminimalistwriter 1w

    The dead begin to speak, they're here to give the advice that you seek. Will you listen, or will you allow your fate to become bleak?
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    The vail is thin
    Souls passed begin to sing
    Speaking their troubles and warnings to kin
    Don't underestimate the things that can't be seen
    They know all that you dream and all that you seek
    The blood within your veins once streamed within theirs
    They are you, you are them
    You carry wisdom within from their deaths and past pains
    Have an open ear and listen with unyielding faith
    Give your respects or you'll be greeted with wicked glee
    And a promise that you won't be just left to 'be'
    No doubt--they'll make you bleed


  • avigraceproverbs 3w


    A different kind of faith. A new level of belief. A belief that isn't just vertical, but falls into the horizontal, and always starts internal. My Imani's expression is in the Hallelujah I give, the hymn I hum as I light the final candle which lays to rest a yester-year and embraces the new birth of new year. Oh know my ancestors are here.

  • kishore_devnani 7w

    #firstquote #ideas #ancestors #steal #writersbay #bleedingwords

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    "First Quote"

    ‍♂️Dec 1

    All my original & brilliant ideas are already stolen by our Ancestors


  • james_taumas 44w

    Ancestral growth

    Prehistoric creatures
    Ancestors from the sea
    Time shaped
    Millions of years
    Clay in evolution's hands
    Transformation continues
    Biological additions and subtractions
    Individuality and community
    Hunters and gatherers
    Spreading across virgin lands
    Numbers don't stop growing.


  • maniman_ak 45w

    The name "corona virus" is a fear for so many, i dont know whether the abroad ppls had any specific culture. But here in India we had a numerous superior cultures spread all over, this is the land of magic. Our ancestors are great and they followed good diet and they used only herbs for treatment but we already influenced by western peoples and totally lost our memory of ancestors. We had lost many but somethings are remains as same and our response to save them.

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    கலாச்சாரம் துறந்து
    அந்நியன் வழி நடந்து
    வந்த வழி மறந்து
    மனித மந்தையில் கலந்து
    தன்னிகரில்லா இனம்
    என்ற பெயர் தொலைந்து
    உயிர் கொள்ளும் கிருமி
    அதை கண்டு பயந்து
    மனிதன் நிற்கிறான்
    இங்கு தன்னிலை மறந்து.


  • sha_ra_el 51w

    Ancestor, where?

    Sun set across the plain lands
    Air stiff and silent
    Drums being beat
    Wildlife all around fall silent to the beats
    She's listening and watching; nature
    People dancing, stomping the loose Earth beneath them
    With every stomp, Her spirits jumps through the beats
    Eyes closed, music and the people's chants get louder and louder
    Imagining my ancestors dancing with me
    Cheering me on around the fire in middle of us
    This isn't a ritual to summon the gods, but of one celebrating the living dead
    The beats get louder, the sun sets and under the moonlight
    More people appear
    Opening my eyes, a tear falls
    These aren't my people, seeing not a familiar face in sight
    A woman approached me, telling me to close my eyes again
    A voice so welcoming I haven't felt in real life
    I didn't want open them anymore, wanted it closed forever
    "Don't cry, you may not be ours but YOU are OURS."
    Eyes closed again, this time tears roll down my cheeks
    Smiling, I found my ancestors, my family
    Somewhere I belong
    Dreaming forever, waiting for one day to become like them

    ©sha_ra_el JAN. 27, 2020

  • jezzamorgan 52w

    New poem I wrote - the first in too long. Hope more will follow, if I can hold my jalopy-mind together

    #ancestors #loss #grief #anger #rage #forgiveness #hope #continuity #timeline #reality

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    Hey, don't be bothered

    Chips and fish don't mean much
    when others aren't out to lunch.

    Can't afford no crispy bits
    crumbs no more, just emptiness.

    Hear us now! Our ancestors proud.
    For we are here, you needn't be 'round.


  • abinabin2 52w

    Prolonged life

    Ever wonder how life would have been like,
    If we lived a couple of thousand centuries ago.
    People then lived for centuries or forever,
    If not all, atleast a few,
    Cherishing their life with their loved ones,
    Multiple generations together when we are glad if we could see one more,
    Fighting the battle to survive everyday as it comes and goes,
    Which we do as well but with more dependencies,
    Worked really hard to make ends meet.
    No sophisticated medical, transport or food,
    Yet they traveled, traveled across the globe,
    Inscribed their wisdom on stones, parchment paper,
    Wrote books, poetry, painted art and sparked new ideas and cultural change.
    Our being is a reminiscence of theirs,
    But would be survive all that.. Hmmm!

  • cosmosenmi 66w

    Hunter's Moon

    Even in the darkest skies you shine
    Not even the clouds can cover your light
    Not even the night can contain your light
    Maybe my eyes cannot really see
    I still feel your power, your call
    With your peace and mellow presence
    I still feel your power, your call
    As I still learn your ways
    And feel like another sea being impacted by your strength
    Your power brings me hope
    And tells me to keep stepping one foot at a time
    Because in this Hunter's Moon
    I will not be prey
    Like my ancestors were

  • stateofmind 71w

    What if they saw?

    What if the ancestors saw what the future might be?
    What if they saw how we'd become so hateful?
    What if they saw that we'd break apart?
    What if they saw us killing each other off?
    What if they saw the white man wasn't all bad?
    What if they saw what we have lost sight of?
    That we are all one and the same
    That we would have the bad with the good ones
    That, at the end of the day, all we need to do is UNITE.
    That what we don't know would make us wiser.


  • mrgrey 75w

    Spirit Animal/ancestors

    I don't know why they come to me,
    They keep me safe,
    I see them outside of their flesh.

  • misslittlecow 84w

    Ancestral Past

    When I see the past
    The past of my ancestors
    I see beautiful women
    Just like me
    Running through fields of corn
    Feeling the ground and soil
    With every inch of every step

    Beautiful women
    With skin made of gold and bronze
    With feet and legs strong as steel
    With hearts of gold and joy

    When I see the past I see me


  • mystyksaje 94w

    Their Way

    From now on, I will walk in the footsteps of my ancestors.
    I will listen to the sweet wisdom of my orishas, the messages in the drums.
    Starting from today, I will do it their way.

  • tauheedshahbaz 96w


    नदियों हम किनारों तरफ़ लौट रहे हैं
    नाज़ुक मिले इशारों तरफ़ लौट रहे हैं

    शहर के शर्तो पे जी कर आजिज़ हैं
    सो अपने पुरखे प्यारों तरफ़ लौट रहे हैं

    उदासियां रह रह लौट आया करती हैं
    हाथ बढ़ाए दो सितारों तरफ़ लौट रहे हैं

    छूट चुके कल की तलाश में निकलना है
    और बिछड़े हुए सारों तरफ़ लौट रहे हैं

    बदलने से कहानियां बदल जाया करती हैं
    बदल कर गुजिश्ता बहारों तरफ़ लौट रहे हैं


  • tauheedshahbaz 98w


    कैसे कैसे उम्रदराज़ दरख़्त
    जंगल के रखते राज़ दरख़्त

    एक सदा को उठ खड़े हैं
    किस मिटटी के होते दरख़्त

    दुआ में हाथ उठाए रहते हैं
    जमीं से आसमां तक दरख़्त

    मिटटी के इतने खिदमतगार
    दिल के कितने गहरे दरख़्त

    पुरखों का सारा खोया पता
    चिटठी पत्रों को संभाले दरख़्त

    कल की ही बात थी और आज
    वक्त से क़ब्ल बिछड़ गए दरख़्त

    कहां के दाना थे कहां को पहुंचे
    मुहल्ले से लेकिन न रूठे दरख़्त


  • s_o_p_e 99w

    The Aftermath

    At times the world is a gloomy dark space
    Filled with potholes of our time
    Causing a rift between the Swift
    The birds peck on the maggots, swimming in the zobo of war
    The cries of the lineage of zobo are heard from a distance
    The wasted destinies seek revenge from underneath
    The juju of our land rest not and seek no peace
    Do the god's hear our cry?
    Oh blood of the dead!
    Please, forgive! forgive!
    Do the dead hear our cry?
    Oh anger of the gods!
    Release! Release us from the punishment of our sins of time past
    We are mere mortals of time past, of now and of the future.

  • miss_s 100w

    Title: What are you fighting for?

    For people who still fights, make arguments, being rebels, just to change something that will grant your will, can't you just work peacefully and stop fighting against it like they didn't support or help you? Can't you just do what's proper for your age rather than rebelling? Are you still ungrateful?

    What are you really fighting for?

    By: miss_s

    #poems #poetry #Filipinos #ancestors #fighting #government #education #Philippines #teens #freedom #abusing #rebelling

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    Fighting for freedom is what our ancestors did,
    took risks and worked hard for many years.
    Yet Filipinos of today fighting for something is a trend,
    disregarding the fact that they're abusing the government.

  • purpleenigma 101w

    Painted in blood
    Born of wind and wild
    Hurricane in heart
    Eyes as rough seas
    In the shadows
    Following ancestors
    Becoming dust on Earth.


  • thebhavnasaxena 101w


    They have almost always
    Dismissed it as banal, nobody
    Writes about it, guess there is
    Nothing poetic about the way
    Hunger makes thieves out of
    Innocent children, but I recognise
    The power of this primal emotion,
    For I hunger, I hunger for the life
    I never had but always dreamed of,
    I carry hunger within me as a reminder
    Of how my ancestors fought, hunted
    And killed before they could farm,
    I embrace hunger as the friend who
    Will keep me going through all trials
    With the ferocity of a beast
    Fighting for its very survival.

  • magicalmystery 106w

    Be Wild With Me

    People walked everywhere before cars.
    Now we can hardly stand for three hours.
    But I'm not included in that "we", for I have started walking more and more for my own benefits.
    We in America live in a society where movement is no longer necessary. Machines do everything so our brains work less: it takes years of practice to learn how to build a fire with sticks, but only a second to flick a lighter with your thumb.
    The wonder of nature is lost to the neon colors and lights of our screens. We can't even hear the birds anymore.
    We don't even try to.
    Animals are so smart in a hundred ways that we don't know about. Think about it: if you were born in a mill and sold to live in a cage, your intelligence would depend on the activities your owner allows you to take part in. Otherwise, you circulate in that cage in a pattern of madness.
    We stunt our pets intellectual growth by caging them, by showing them nothing but doses of affection mixed with angry shouts and scoldings. We treat our pets like pets, when they should have never been caught in the first place.
    Animals in the wild are much smarter than the ones in cages at petstores. But the ones in labs are even more so, because they are given tests which challenge their pattern of thoughts and behaviors, but most likely in a cruel way.
    So which are we? We are not wild people. Not anymore. We don't live like people that need to survive. We live in comfort, our only quarrels being those in our household or those at our jobs. So we with either in a caged lifestyle, or a laboratory lifestyle.
    But we need to go back to our roots, before our ancestors roots are all dug up and paved over in concrete.
    Never forget where you came from (whatever your definition of this may be); we are all walking different paths in our lives, but we've grown accustomed to sitting down far too long.
    Stand up and howl, you dogs behind fences; bite the hand that feeds you and start feeding yourself.
    Let's form packs of like-minded individuals: those of us who no longer want to be caged or ran through mazes.
    Let's be like lions and show the sheep what true pride really means; let us all be wild and free.
    We were never meant to be tame.