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  • infiniteconundrum 51w


    Perrault had an interest in literature
    To say that-
    would be the understatement of the century
    He convinced Louis - the fourteen
    (Who was great indeed )
    To name 39 fountains after 39 fables

    Perrault preached
    His Catholic teachings
    Perrault believed
    in the inherent goodness of human beings
    Perrault was an optimistic individual
    and saw good in every situation possible
    -such was his nature
    and such was his disposition
    that he did not think it apt
    to talk of a dance to death
    or to speak of mauling ,murder or mutilation
    One must speak prudently within the palace ,
    One must uphold propriety within the palace
    The heroine and her never ending sweetness
    And her prince who is ofcourse charming
    And their inevitable happy ending
    is all that is discussed
    nothing more ,nothing less

    While Grimm indulged in dyphesim
    Perrault engaged in euphemism
    A little editing here -a little editing there
    and the married king is a young prince
    The act of rape -a sweet kiss of love
    and there's no infidelity involved

    Not a nihilist
    a true theist
    When confronted with a tale-dark and dreary
    He seemed to become hard of hearing
    Stories ,he should call for cheering
    He upheld eunoia
    Narratives,he should bring euphoria

  • nnmenon 123w


    I've always asked why abide by the ancients
    Who lived by the sword, deliverance or sin
    They believed in valour, honour , clans
    Something as utopian as the neanderthal's kin
    The world today is far more bereft of
    Any chance towards redemption
    We've learned power from lions, wit from fox
    But couldn't master loyalty from a dog, man's best friend

  • mmbftd 126w

    I should have learned

    I should have learned
    To read the night sky
    Messaging me
    Through the velvet blue
    Orion burning on
    Three times you let me see
    That Virgo
    Bent and needing rescue.
    And those that came before us
    Knew so much more
    A multitude of burning discs
    Shining on in cymatics
    Vibrating with creation
    Eminating epiphanies
    Straight at us
    Yet we do not see
    We do not even
    Raise our self centered heads to the sky
    The abyss filled with light and sounds
    So many questions
    Already answered.
    We are them and they are us
    Points of light and song
    If we are anything at all.
    Astrologically speaking
    There is so much more to see
    Yet the ancients saw it all
    Mapped it out
    To show us their significance
    And we look down on them
    As they looked up
    To see their inception
    Their song of birth
    Billions and billions and billions of worlds and more
    Like Carl said
    He wasn't wrong.
    And I look up
    At those mystical 3
    Orion's belt has always
    Mystified me
    It beckoned and tempted and enticed my soul
    Like a carrot on a stick
    Who is it calling to me from there?
    Across time's flat circle
    That spiral round and round and then here we are right next to each other all along
    A string of quantum theories
    Played like a symphony
    And I think its just me up there on that burning fire belt of frequencies
    I think I'm calling to myself to see
    That we are all unique points of light and music
    One and the same.
    And we've been here and there and everywhere
    At all moments
    Its comforting to know
    I'd still take the time to say hello
    To myself from so far and yet so close.
    Maybe I'll take some time
    To learn to read our night sky.