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  • emotion_of_heart 1d


    Need someone who will be there to just calm me down and hear me out, whenever I shout...


  • mohatarma 1w

    सब के दायरे सीमित हैं और मेरी सारी ज़िंदगी।

  • sirfsadharan 1w


    Beautiful scenery of seaside can taught us what is peace and how to control our strength with emotion.

  • violetpixie 1w

    I see people around me, Smiling faces, good friendships, Laughter in the background. But none of that belongs to me I sit alone in this darkness with my Demons and me. There my only friends that’s there for me.


  • keithallencovell 1w


    I can only be one voice in this sea of madness. But my voice can be heard. Though, life just seems like a current to be learned. And why do I fall within it's unforgiving grip? To God or whatever...
    I'm sick.


  • spontaneous_flow_of_emotion 1w

    My sadness
    It doesn't stay still. It rages in my heart. I have bound it in shackles and every night it tries to break free.
    It grips the bars of my heart with hands clenched into fists, knuckles white and screams like her life depends on it.

  • mighty_are_the_fallen 1w

    Poetic Anger

    I thought I'd be over this,
    Been through this,
    I've discovered more to this.

    The ache in my teeth,
    Rot through generations.
    Ending in me,
    In decay.

    The spite I feel,
    The whip of generations.
    Their fear,
    Wanting to prevent me.

    Words that used to flow,
    Feel stiff and cold.

    The matter inside my skulls,
    Slowly asphyxiating itself,
    Becoming so dry.

    I feel the pulse behind my eyes,
    A dull reminder.

    Violence just under the surface,
    Coiled and ready,
    Begging for release.

    I've been angery for too long,
    It's no longer poetic.

  • mighty_are_the_fallen 1w


    Forgetting the things you said,
    Behind closed doors,
    The image of disguise.

    Forgetting the rot,
    All you created,
    Hiding in bags.

    Waiting for the day,
    When everything spills.

    Your God can see,
    The lies
    The sin
    The beatings
    The waste
    The hatred

    She might not hear it,
    But we can feel it.

    You are not hidden behind doors,
    Behind your confessions,
    Behind all your prayers.

  • aachiram 1w

    We are born naked
    We cannot predict the comebacks
    We cannot predict the next move
    We know it all gonna fade one day
    We know that nothing lasts forever
    We know that even hardest part of life comes to an end
    We know that regrets are temporary..
    We know love had faded away eternities ago
    We know that appearance will decide the ninety percent,
    We know that we gonna die alone,
    We know that nine to five always kills
    We know that children are happiest creatures
    We know that your own people stab on the back.
    We know the rules of the world....
    We know all the patterns,
    We know what the game is..

    Still we lose,
    We lose to people,
    Those who don't even deserve the attention of ours,
    We go to sleep at night with new strategy of winning worthless debates.
    We try to counter our own loved ones.
    We desperately search for joy, but never find it
    We lose hope, inspire of knowing that we never worked to reach them.
    We blame ourselves for something we never did.
    We allow our past to let ruin us.....

    We ruin ourselves.ಠ_ʖಠ

    We don't have hopes, we have expectations.
    We don't have kindness, we posses ego,
    We are not killed by people, our expectations kill us..
    we don't have haters, we have people who cannot reach our level anyways.
    We don't have partners, we have some machines, whom we talk to when we want naked bodies.....
    We aren't successful until we make two floors more than the neighbor's house.
    We aren't happy until we make people we hate cry.
    Fake love and true hatred lives in our veins and we are proud of it.ಠ ل͟ ಠ
    We are not even us,,,,
    We are materials...
    ಠ﹏ಠ ಠ﹏ಠ

    We are all clear.

    Things that might disturb you before you go to bed¯_ಠ_ಠ_/¯
    I feel it real,
    I feel it on my own.

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    #darkness #evil #ghost #midnights
    #lessons #reminders #reality #ego
    #anger #disturbed #mirakee #naked
    #selfish #note @writersnetwork

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  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 2w


    Anger is a catalyst that can sublimate glaciers of goodwill within split of a second.

  • kaosthekre8tor 2w


    Reflections reveal deep parallel rivers, shallow in perceived depth.
    And though in darkness no slumber has been slept.
    Pain stings and persist, and though Death sings, Life insists.
    Each night consist of eyes open and rivers never desist.
    Gardens of serpents with one apple on the tree.
    It ends as it began… At least it does to me.
    Day one or 100, nothing changes; normalcy, sameness, monotony.
    Pain and I are friends now. The best of; if truth be told.
    I need to feel something, so, with a tight grip, her hand I hold.
    Reflections reveal deep parallel rivers, their depths, to well explored.
    I’ll hold tight to the hand of my friend. She and I are of one accord.

  • crickett 2w

    I look around, I see black walls! I'm stuck in my brain! Waist deep in the mud while I'm trying to make it out the rain!! My soul is scarred with pain, I bet when people hear this they will say "Dang" my pain and your pain ain't the same! I look in the mirror I start to scream! I'm tired of this I'm tired I want out! Trying so hard but always having doubt! They say you should ask for help well I'm screaming.. but no one listens! Just wanting to hurt while I'm in rage! Sober thoughts are not for me!

    Wanted me to go sober so I did, I'm thankful I don't have any kids! What I look like being a failure? Setting no example.. for example here is a sample. Ticking time bomb that's what I am..scars on my body and my hands! Destruction is what comes to mind when I'm working on my self like construction! I just wanna break everything and it ain't right! But this is what my brain deals with when it comes to Night...or Day..I still pray but I feel like the sins I've done won't ever let me be okay.. my brain is really torn apart like it was put through a shredder! This the only thing I can think of to make me feel better..I need help & and I pray one day I get it if not just please visit every now and then I'm 6ft below resting.

    When I lost 4 family members in one month it turned me to a different person like a permanent numb...I can't keep a smile if I do I feel dumb. I'm sad I'm scared but in the end, no one will care.

  • devilfish 3w

    Slit Throat

    A skilled swordsman with 2 eyes to look
    And a third eye to see
    My tongue is a weapon that I only
    Yield in my home where I lay my head to sleep in sheets soaked in sardonic feasts dripping in gluttony, greed, grease, and the heads of my enemy
    Wearing necklaces of their teeth
    the beasts left in my bed at my feet where they fervently feed endlessly in tormenting agony as their hunger is cursed to never cease and their speech impediment dawn on the wordless pleads with salted fields of rotted crops and infertile seeds
    I sensed it easily the breath you tried to ensnare in your now bared teeth
    You don't scare me
    If my blood is threatened
    I Pierce through tension cut into flesh
    Into velvet mesh of a melting death
    Red rivers swept the current of conflict
    Where I stomp on your crown a crooked thorned now contorted crown
    Aborted from the wombs that put life into your body as it grew to arouse
    I'll grab the umbilical strings and hang you so your feet dangle 3 feet from the ground you won't ever touch until your heart stops to pound
    Cancer crab claws pull you into the opposition of my moon while I drag you to your doom and I watch bubbles dance as you drown to never be found an unsung tune
    I don't have the weak conviction of your splitting persecutory anxiety it elicited glitches of anger as it twitches seeping through the cracks of your limited vision
    Airways closing from the unrelenting constricted pipes not properly fitted
    Now riveting from the ripples that are ripping out stitches of your misplaced ego and tearing the friction from your fake caring
    You're cowardly clenching your pendant
    Don't offer me peace when you were a second ago so charged for this so daring
    I hereby declare war
    In an instant you won't be in one piece
    I won't leave until your existence is no more
    You enter my house and you don't close the door
    You try to get me off center
    A stupid splinter
    You won't leave until I satisfy rage at my Capricorn Core
    I'll destroy you until I hear your fear rip as your hypocrisy falls with your falsified fear
    As the world will hear the earth tremble as your head hits the floor no help to aid you here
    Let my Oriental Mars explode in a watery eruption my waves erode your mood contagion a cacophonous Crackle of cutting corruption
    That oozes in temperament
    An eminent artist and poet
    It's evident watch my essence glowing a ruby red floret growing
    Luminescent full as the Blood Moon
    My wrath a monsoon as it rises now flooding
    And suddenly the bud of eloquence blooms into a nightmare of your every fear
    You're decadent a fetus at it's detriment
    Declination a dilettante beast
    I consume you into the fertile soil where you decay away from the realm of all that is prevalent devoid of intelligence
    I seethe fumes and strike my desert of pity with a monsoon of fury

  • angelshah 3w

    Was it me?
    I asked myself when I meshed up with people. Just because things get out of control, anger took place, and no one can find what’s going on.
    Deep down, I am feeling dark, exhausted. There’s no one to hear.
    There’s no one to understand.
    I chose to stay calm and zipped my lips.

    But one day, scenarios repeated. This time it was not me to control my anger, to control my emotions. Rather than explaining in words, I chose to react, and that reaction surprised me too. As I have never found myself acting like this or behaving like this. That is something darker.

    I controlled my anger for more than 5 years. And people loved me because I was greeting them with a smile, respect and affection. But today, for the 1st time, I behaved differently and the opposite of everyone’s expectations. Today they find me wrong. Why? Because I didn’t oppose anything before. Now I just reacted.

    I am not happy even after losing my cool. Also, I am disappointed. They are yet finding different excuses to protect their misbehavior. But I am not gonna stay calm all the time. I have decided, and maybe that’s why I reacted to that critical situation that occurred by them.

    I am confused with my inner self. What am I?
    The one who always spreads love, smiles, and happiness, never loses cool, the one who never reacted angrily!

    Or the one who spoke today? Fearless, angry, and quite out of control?
    Was it me?

    #myself #fearless #doubts #love #anger #inngerfight

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    Was it me?


  • yourbrownbard 3w

    Why shouldn't I be mad at you?

    Why shouldn't I be mad at you
    For leaving me here all alone
    Don't really know what shall I do
    Now that you are gone.
    Mad because the betrayal came from you
    Now me & you are unknown
    Maybe I don't want it to be true
    You've shaken me to my every single bone.


  • wise_man 3w


    I want to be the reason for someone's happiness,
    Not the reason for someone's

  • _riaa_ 4w


    Raging anger burning flames
    You broke my heart, I'm not the same
    Tell me was I just some game?
    But keep lying you bully


  • warriorofthenight 4w


    We tend to think of the moments we showed anger or sadness or fear as a bad spot, an incident when we lost control.
    That it not right.
    Happiness is not the only good emotion, and the sooner we learn that, the sooner we will be true to ourselves and the world.

  • the_unknown_writer_20 4w


    Anger destroys the beauty of the heart as well as the beauty of the face.


  • soumyadubey 4w

    So, it took me a lot of time to finally get back into business.
    Certain things make you to stop.
    Instiaging you, you cry.
    And there's a plentiful of emotions. And it's hard to bear them all at the same time. So I still, tried to keep my writing alive.
    And I'm back now. Maybe, better.. stronger.. and with a clearer perspective..
    And all I need is your support. Your love.. as you'd always been showering at me.

    I won't be tagging anyone here. This poem is about someone very close to my heart. So do share it and help this piece find a bigger audience!

    Thank you��

    #love #traditions #sky #boundaries #network #people #fear #anger #crying #emotions

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    Your face feels like a glory.
    Can I ever see myself in those eyes?
    That very fear of looking at your face
    Just blows up my mind.

    I'm stuck in between my words of hope, of despair.
    I look at you through my words.
    Try to carve out the perfection that you are.
    It still seems unfinished.
    Your art is flawless.

    You're that morning beauty!
    A charismatic smoke!
    I know, it's hard to find you back,
    So I keep these sheets tucked
    somewhere right to my chest
    Just to feel your presence around.

    You know!
    My diary has only a few pages left now.
    I tried to capture you.
    Your scent, air, your smile,
    Never knew that it'll make me desire you more.
    But you're more than just a person now,
    You're a feeling,
    A past that still brings joy to my face.

    It's a tradition!