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  • firelily 3d

    Color in me

    I'm Red
    Sensitive and fire
    Flirtatious and cheerful
    Dominating and Domineering
    Spirited and vibrant
    I'm Black
    Mighty and compelling
    Your behavior determines
    The color you will know

  • teh_sid 2w

    Today is the day.

    Today is the day,
    I keep telling my self that;
    The day I will pour all my secrets to you.
    Today is the day
    That you finally realize I'm the one for you.
    To be with you when your nightmares awaken you.
    Today is the day; when you confide in me with your deepest fears and darkest regrets,
    To be with you in times of need and you with me will be my greatest reward.
    For today's the day I tell you I need you....

  • pendawn 6w


    This took a while ��

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  • _anonymous_00 9w

    "The fear of betrayal disappears when you aren't ashamed of your story"

  • kalp_cloud 9w

    To Maintain Your Relevance In Relationships, Don't Run Into Them Because of What You Need, Get Into Them Because of What You Have To Offer...

  • alishadogra 11w

    We both left home at 18,
    You cleared Jee,
    I cleared UPSC for NDA.
    You got IIT,
    I got NDA.
    You persuaded your degree,
    I had the toughest training.
    Your day started at 7 and ended at 5,
    Mine started at 4 till 9 and
    Some nights also included.
    You had your convocation ceremony,
    I had my Passing out parade.
    Best compant took you and
    Best package was awarded ,
    I was ordered to join my paltan
    With two stars piped on my shoulders.
    You got a job,
    I got a way of life.
    Every eve you got to see your family,
    I just wished to see my parents soon.
    You celebrated festivals with lights and music ,
    I celebrated with my Comrades in bunkers.
    We both married,
    Your wife got to see you everyday,
    My wife just wished I was alive.
    You were sent to business trips,
    I was sent on line of control.
    We both Returned,
    You hugged your wife,
    But I couldn't.
    Because I was lying in the coffin,
    With medals on my chest and,
    Coffin wrapped with tricolour.
    My way of life ended.
    You continued...
    #anonymous #mirakee #mirakee_assistant #future

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    Foji's Choice...

    It takes an endless amount of history,
    To become a stalwart warrior.
    Therefore we must always respect the choice,
    Whatever we aspire and inspire to become.

  • _infinity_writer_ 13w

    In love with a man

    She couldn’t stomach it…

    She knows the dark side of reality. She knows what’s hiding in the shadows. She was preached about this again and again by everyone around her. Be safe, walk properly, sit properly, dress properly, stay in the light, don’t trust where etched on her mind. She knew there was good and bad in the world, but she never knew there was bad and worse.

    “No one knew” he cried. “No one except my best friend” he sobbed into her hands. “ You don’t need to explain,” she said to him, thinking what's wrong with people. “I have to. I cannot lock it inside me forever and i- i trust you” I love you was left in between the lines which she read loud and clear.

    “It- it was our school farewell party, organized by students in some club. I- I was with my ex- girlfriend and her friends, some guys she- she knew . My fr- friends left early and i- i was about to leave. Sh- She wanted m- me to drop her. S- So I waited. Th- they gave me something to- to drink. I- i didn’t think. It was ju- just a drink i-” He broke off and started sobbing into her shoulders. She knew what's coming. She knew.

    “It’s my fault. Sh- She always initiated things, I- I was okay wi- with sex b- but it felt wi- wierd to- to- we were too young-” he sobbed. ‘Men should be strong minded and strong hearted’ Damn you society and your bullshit perceptions she seethed to herself. “How old were you guys?, you don’t have tell me if you don’t want to just-”.''she was a couple of years older than me. Sh- she was detained a year at sch- school.” he tried to get himself together. “Don’t. Don’t hold on. Let it go,”she said. you don’t have to be always strong he read in between her lines.

    “I- I didn’t know where i was when I woke up. It was painful. Everywhere, everything was painful, I couldn't walk an- and there was blo-” he hid his face in his hands and started sobbing again. Oh God, she covered her mouth. “It was some kind of hotel. My ex was sitting in the- there with another guy. They started talking ab- about be- before night. Laughing and teasing an-” he started pulling his hair. She took his hands and held it strong. “I- it was dis- disgusting. I- i shouted and sc- screamed. She just slapped m- me an- and sa- said ‘It’s sex. All guys like it. Don’t act like a simp’ I-I- sex is okay b- but-”, “Not okay without your consent” she finished it for him.

    “I- I didn’t have a phone, so I came down and called my best friend from the lobby. H- he took me to- to a doctor, helped me, lied to my mom that we had an accident, never told anyone. I-I couldn’t tell m- my mom. How can I tell my mom that her son-” he broke off, crying. He never lied to his mom. It was physically painful to carry something so traumatic. “My mom knew something was wrong. Later i told her i broke up with my girlfriend and mom thought it was the reason i was sad” he gave a sad smile.

    “You know when my dad died,a year before all this, everyone told me to hold on and be strong for my mom. I was’ the man of the family’ then. Everyone expects men like me to be strong and confident, but we are human. We have a heart and we feel all the pain, shame and everything. But where should we go and cry? Where do our broken hearts go? How do we heal if we can’t express the pain we feel?” he looked somewhere with raw pain and emptiness in his eyes.

    She hugged him tight and broke down in his shoulders. It was just two souls with raw pain, crying into each other's arms. She brushed his tears and kissed his forehead. “ You don’t have to carry everything on your shoulders. You can cry, you can break down, you can express your pain. You have friends. They would never judge you. There are people who would listen to you and help you heal. You have your mom and dad, your dad lives in you. There are people who like you and love you not in spite of your pain and flaws, but also for those.” she said, looking into his eyes. “Will you love me for my pains and flaws?” he asked with so much hope and pain in his eyes that it broke her heart. “I love you. For all your pains and flaws. All of you” she held his face in her hands and touched their foreheads.

    “Sorry you are stuck with a simp” he chuckled.

    No, I fell in love with a Man...


  • c_u_m_n 15w

    Future mysterybox

    Am i ready for what will be coming
    Or just here to spend the on going
    Or making my past recognizable
    Instead, making my future bright and reliable.

    It's something that comes with time
    Even if had been wasted a lot in waiting line
    But will be, worth the penance
    When it comes and remains as an experience.

  • _infinity_writer_ 16w

    10.✨ A Promise �� Sorry had too much work but this is fun one a promise i made with my best friend ���� like and share ❤️

    #bestfriends #promise #wedding #boycott #newyork #friendship #roomates #fun #memories #airport #passport #extratickets #signs #runwaybride #coffee #laugh #idiots #writersofinstagram #staysafe #stayhome #anonymous #infinity #storytime #storytelling

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    A Promise

    It’s been 2 years…

    She didn’t notice it first. She saw the date when she just woke up and came in search of her coffee. Memories flooded before her eyes and she started laughing. “ Why are you laughing like a maniac?” asked one of her roommates, coming and sitting next to her. She showed her roommate and long time best friend the date and they started laughing together.

    Flash back

    “Hey, you ready?” asked her best friend, coming into her room. Her wedding was in full swing outside, but she couldn’t muster up the interest. She felt wrong. Something was wrong. “ I want you to do as promised”, she told her best friend.

    “What?... NOW?!”, asked her best friend.

    “Yes, NOW!!”

    “But why?? Thought you liked him?? What happened?”

    “Nope. everything is wrong and i don’t want to get married”


    “You promised!! Please …” she pleaded to her best friend. “ Okay Okay. do you have your passport?” asked her best friend. Only idiots are my friends her best friend thought, pacing in the room. “ I have my passport and two tickets for New York, which I don't know why I booked when I was booking tickets for my honeymoon spot. ” she said, taking her suitcase which she packed for her honeymoon. Maybe it was a sign she thought. “Okay, we have to get down by that back window, go to my home, get my passport. Yes, plan. Change into something comfortable and hurry up. Lets go” her best friend said. Both changed into their pyjamas and got down the window with one suitcase with both their clothes. “Wait , let's throw out our sim cards and put our phones on airplane mode” her best friend told her. “ I love you and owe you so much” she told her best friend and did as her friend told her. “Yeah next time tell me a day before and you have the same promise to keep” her best friend smiled and they left.

    They reached the airport . Sorry mom she thought to herself. “ Okay where will we stay??” she asked her best friend. “I don’t know why i did this but i called my friend in New york and told her about our promise yesterday. Before throwing out my card I texted her our plan and she will pick us up. We can be roommates with her” her best friend told her. “You are the best. We will go there, find a job and have fun. Yayy!!” she mused.


    “What are you two Idiots laughing at? ” asked their 3rd roommate, looking at two people laughing. “It’s been 2 years since I boycotted my wedding,” she said to her 3rd roommate, who caught up and started laughing with them. “ Well, Happy boycotted wedding anniversary,” her best friend told her and raised her cup. The three sat in the kitchen laughing and telling the same story.

    Still the best decision she made….


  • i_pst_58 17w


    Is it equitable to swap our frame of mind
    for this world without lights????
    Has changed his vantage point for this macrosm,which he never believed

    Has developed a kind of drolling and negligent character to the one whom he meet
    Acclimated his speculation,become a tummler from a truthfinder
    Was into an "electron" life

    Was acquainted with a double slit life,but in his case he himself was an observer
    Inspired by the artefacts,he amazed at
    Wanted to know the "Time", this drift lead him to how should he pass it

    One rebellion mind,enough to make lights
    but shouldn't be swap his kind
    Metamorphising his revolution to embers
    Questioning is it equitable to swap our frame of mind???


  • anjumz_ 20w

    Believing that you can is half the battle.


  • anjumz_ 20w

    If you want to win, go and meet those who lost.


  • anjumz_ 20w

    Don't you get it? This very second you could be doing something you love and dream about doing. So do it! NOW!


  • cute_pandaa 20w

    Koi Tere Sath Nahi , Toh bhi Gum na kar.
    Duniya me khud se badhkar Koi Humsafar Nahi Hota.

  • cute_pandaa 20w

    Yesterday I was Clever, So I wanted to Change the World. Today I am Wise, So I am Changing Myself.

  • cute_pandaa 20w


    You never stop Loving, You just learn to live Without...

  • the_crescent 22w

    The anonymous letter.

    Never have I ever sent a letter in my life.
    But writing this to you makes my heart flow
    like a river carrying sun's light!
    You never know how you used to strike
    my eyes everytime you entered the class.
    You're such a perfectly imperfect human
    who has my heart!
    My eyes used to follow in your direction and
    my legs used to dance in your foot steps.
    You never gave a gaze back and often
    the smiles are lack!
    But that's not what I seek.
    Your presence is enough from this geek.
    I never dreamt of us becoming friends because
    I never know what I would speak.
    I neither want this feeling to end,
    nor wrote this letter to send.
    A thought of you can make me smile and
    your smiles can crash my thoughts.
    If this letter can make you smile!
    Then I'm ready to let my thoughts crash!


  • lane_of_emotions 22w

    Ek adhoori khwahish meri poori ho jaaye,
    Mujhe yaad karna unki majboori ho jaaye,
    Khuda kuch aisi taqdeer bana de,
    ki unki har khushi humare bina adhoori ho jaaye..

  • anj_ahd 24w

    Some days all I wanna do is,
    Disappear to a place where no one knows me,
    To attain peace may be,
    Sing, laugh, shout,
    Express my heart out,
    Do all the possible mischief,
    Set my heart free from all sort of grief,
    Enjoy every single moment,
    As a bestowment,
    And at the end reappear,
    And perceive clarity of my mind's atmosphere...

  • aiman_bhat 45w

    In a state of acquaintance they became anonymous
    ©Aiman bhat