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  • lovely_rachana 9w

    Oh! Did I Just Lie

    That day I thought life is hell
    I am sunk inside a deep inside
    I can't breathe anymore
    The relationships now entangle me
    The pain now eats me up
    Sometimes someone comes up with new expectation
    Sometimes someone knocks the door with new relation
    It's all like I'm in a dream
    Where the I'm no one's only I'm me

    Suddenly I want to give up
    I want to silence the inside
    I want to stop consuming this poison
    The oxygen which is not letting me die
    I want to hug eternal solace
    I want to jump above the sky
    But then from inside something strikes
    Is this all a lie

    Did I just lie myself
    Was not everyone worried when I was not well
    Did they not shed tears on my sake
    Did they not help me get back when I fell
    All of the did this for me
    Do I deserve to be so selfish
    Do I deserve to go forever

    The thought hit back again and again
    I felt I would just end up myself for a lie
    I would end the essence of myself
    I would have never got up stronger
    This lie will never haunt me again forever


  • damvpcode 9w

    The addiction of proclivities
    for feeding your mind with the lies,
    an attempt to escape the truth,
    the debilitated character
    unable to realize that the
    more you attempt to avoid it
    the more it traps you in it's clutches


  • hanshika_handral 9w

    Lies to myself

    Yes everything wil be fine..!!☺️
    Yeah everyone loves u the way u are
    No they don't lie in front of me
    About me there'll be no discussion beyond me


  • unknown_writes_25 9w

    I always lie to myself
    That's she wasn't cheating,
    But I know the truth,
    Sometimes it chokes my breathing.

    I really want her back in my life,
    Like oxygen,
    But knowing the truth,
    I stop those thoughts and slap myself every when.

    I always have dreams about her,
    But pretend like I forgot that chapter,
    And now I feel,
    That I've become a really good actor.

    I always talk about her,
    But act like it's because,
    With her I had a great time,
    But knowing that she was cheating,
    That time doesn't even seem mine.

    Believe me it's really hard to lie to yourself,
    The more you try the more you feel bad,
    Like you're in a loop of some thoughts,
    You find yourself halfway dead.


  • thinkster 9w

    I hate how i repeatedly
    Lie to myself that
    Those people i love who hurt me
    Didn't mean it and it was just a mistake
    Cause if it really was
    I won't be crying on my own


  • unleashedchaos 9w

    Often times we have to make split decisions and instantly choose
    Knowing each way has little chance to win but almost guaranteed lose
    Many use their persuasive manner to dominate and abuse
    And negate to listen to their conscience begging them to refrain and refuse

    I'm human as well and know the perils of this bipartisan life
    Inside we have two side that are constantly in oppositional strife
    I pray and manifest us all the wisdom and understanding in how to treat eachother right
    May we stop the comparison of skin color and see together we all can shine bright

  • emmagrace01 9w


    Lies are some sort of destructive potion,
    Once consumed,
    Destruction confirmed,

    When you start to lie,
    You form a shadow in yourself,
    That overshadows all your perspectives,
    You'll become paranoid,
    Where you'll see your lies are reflected in everyone else's eyes,
    That you'll perceive them as their lies,
    Then destruct yourself and others gradually,

    Lies are some sort of destructive potion,
    Once consumed,
    Destruction confirmed.


  • an_in_complete_story 9w

    Liar Liar

    I do lie to myself every day and night...
    ...and I've been lying since Seven years.

    Your presence near me is a lie,
    Your soul living with me is a lie,
    Our promises still existing is a lie,
    Our places of hangout is a lie,
    Those long rides is a lie,
    Those cuddles every night is a lie,
    Your guiding to dress-well is a lie,
    Your voice of doing things perfectly is a lie,
    The roads we travelled which I still travel is a lie,
    The memories we created which I still live is a lie,
    Those nonsensical argument's happiness is a lie,
    Those sharing secrets with a trust is a lie,
    That beautiful dance is a lie,
    That roses you gave is a lie.....
    .... Yes! I live with all those lies and believe me or not, these lies are more trustworthy than the truth of not having you.


  • rashu10 9w

    Modern lies

    Distance dont matter.
    We are one phone call away!

  • pallavimaruji 9w

    Liar, liar
    Everyone is a liar!
    Maybe to others
    Or to themselves,
    People lie
    Like they eat food!
    Some lie of being well
    While some lie of being okay!
    Some say they are happy
    While some hide their tears in a smile!
    Some lie for the sake of others
    While some try to defend themselves!
    Some lie to take advantage of others
    While some lie to save others life!
    Now if you ask
    What I do from above all,
    I would say
    I may have done each one of them
    Once in awhile,
    Or none of them
    In my entire life!
    But ya,
    I lie only when,
    That lie
    Saves someone's life!


  • lola_writes 9w

    Deceiving myself

    The biggest lie I have told myself
    The biggest lie I keep telling myself
    Is that,
    I am okay
    I am perfectly alright
    While in true sense I am breaking
    I am dying
    But no I can't
    There are still several wars to be fought
    This lie to myself will continue till it is time to rest
    Then I will ask myself the scary question
    Are you okay?

  • ak_avani04 9w

    Is it a lie or an excuse??

    It goes on, which deters my success.
    Aye, it's a lie but it's tough to accept.
    I can't do it, I've done beyond my fence,
    I better take a crack, I'll put off for now,
    I'm unworthy of it, I'm too tardy,
    This is what I reflect on.
    Alright, stop letting out yourself
    an excuse to be wrecked.
    Belief in, let your fantasy become a reality
    For the skeptics that once knifed you.

  • juanogando 9w

    Liar Liar

    I’m happy, blessed
    This is true but there’s more.
    I’ve been hurt and abused
    As a child and the bully lives
    Within. I make life beautiful
    But the voice ridicules.
    Finding my insecurities
    To exploit. The liar.
    But the liar is also a teacher
    Glaringly pointing at what
    Needs to be developed.
    Educate myself. Sharpen
    The blade. But the blade
    Self inflicts new cuts future
    Scars. The means for fulfillment
    Or more self abuse. It’s chemical
    The new spiritual. I seek
    The silence beyond the voice
    Who confuses rather than enlightens.


  • avigraceproverbs 9w

    Lies I tell myself

    No one will ever love me as a woman. That my womanhood is somehow lessened because it wasn't experienced as a birth privilege but I had to fight for my stilettos. I fought so hard that I will never be stealth. My "right of passage" was turned inside out and hanging... teaching me to hang in there even when my life seemed to be upside down and inside out, don't let my clouds cast doubt.

  • jbhavika 9w

    #liarliar #antitruth# kya ye sahi h ??

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    झूठी तसल्ली

    झूठी तसल्ली...
    क्या सही है ?
    Khudse ये बोलना की तुम कर सकते हो , पर कर ना पाना,
    Khudse ये बोलना कल से पक्का , पर वो कल कभी ना आना ,
    Khudse ये बोलना की I am the best , पर हर चुनौती में हार जाना ,
    Khudse ये बोलना की I am ok , पर अन्दर से टूट जाना

    क्या ये सारी झूठी तसल्लीया सही है,
    या ये हमें ऐसी राह पर ले जाएगी जिसके आगे राह ही नहीं है ??


  • irzu09 9w

    Bad dreams

    I am too deep hoping
    I know it's a false truth
    I lie to myself that...
    she loves me so bad
    Too bad
    Too sad to face reality

    I lost love to self


  • garusha 9w

    While revisiting our old photos, I soon realised that I was already reading our old late night chats. And when I looked out the window and at that twilight, I thought only few hours of evening had passed but then my morning alarm went off.
    I remember how people around us misjudged us as a couple. I remember how you said you liked me and I friendzoned you. But it was after then that we became best friends who talked to each other 4 hours a night on call, despite being together the whole day. Then one day, a new friend entered your life and you've been busy since then.
    Since then, I have held onto my maybe's. And I wish, that one day will come when my maybe's will come true, maybe.
    #liarliar #antitruth #together #love #friends #toobusytotalk

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    Maybe, it's not all lie

    Have we lost the touch?
    Do you still remember the scent of my hair?
    Am I still wishful of your moon time?
    Do people still link us together?
    Do we now care about the things we never cared about before?
    Has it been too long?
    Do our families remember each other's faces?
    Do you still revisit our old memories like I do?
    Do you still remember those memories?
    Do you still remember me?

    Maybe you're just too busy. Maybe you'll remember when you're not that exhausted from work. Maybe you're still the same and it's my sight that's gone bad. Maybe I'm overthinking and it's all a delusion. Maybe, you'll again call me babe. That one day will come when my maybe's will prove true, maybe.


  • pnair87 9w

    I’m living says the liar in me ...
    I’m existing says the candor in me ...


  • anonymous_562 9w

    My biggest lie to myself ...

    I am happy right now


  • totallynotadrugdealer 9w

    #layers #liarliar #antitruth I'm late to the promt party but eh, who cares.

    In French, La Comédie has two meanings:
    1)A funny movie/play
    2) The art of faking it

    //La Comédie//

    I lie to myself so to be able to sleep at night,
    And I lie to myself to be able to wake up from bed in the morning. From the looks of it, you wouldn't be able to tell. After all, it's a skill I've developed over years of practice.

    I like to throw around big words because they shadow the miniscule nature of my thoughts. But it is as they say, what matters isn't the big things you haven't yet thought of, but the smaller discoveries about life you have achieved in general. Factor in, the ability to create wonderful facades, although I like to keep them just to myself, at will, I could loop in another to find their eyes blinded with the colours I want them to see. Ofcourse I don't do that unless the extreme need be, because morality or not, I still know what it feels like to be a puppet.

    But oftentimes, everyone runs into something bigger than themselves. And I did too. I somehow came with an all-controlling switch that can shut off every thought and feeling in my head. Or is that a lie too? And so, that brings me to the present, an obfuscation of my reality. To the extent that I'm not even sure what part of it I'm living and what part am I faking.

    I've always thought that ghosts aren't actually people. They are memories and pain. And regret and love. It's an unholy confession but that's what it means to be human, something I'm to scared to be. It's almost as I've become the person that I viewed with disdain. It's almost sacrilegious, but it's still human, and that what makes it worse. Reality? Reality.

    1502 hours, next day.
    Rest in peace Connor. It's weird how I barely knew you existed and yet I'm writing this. But it's funny too, because, you know, it's almost as if life itself kind of reminded me of the initial image I had of my future self (as opposed to the path I've recently been on in the process of turning into). And I'm in a conflict with myself over what I should choose to be. Because one part of me has grown tired and doesn't want to care for anyone's feelings anymore. Why be the goody two shoes, when you're the one who's always left alone? Why be everyone's therapist, when in the you're just a liability to them. Why? Why get involved and start caring for them in the first place? And yet, here I am, stuck within this conflict. Why should I bear the world's burdens on myself? Altruism is the human psyche's single most undecipherable element.

    I often find myself getting lost in the pitch black of the night. It's so peaceful, and quiet. Comes with a gift of freedom as well. Of thought, of emotion, of being. I've made so many versions of my life in my head that I'm not even sure which one I'm living in right now. I get happy thinking of imaginary scenarios. But my smile gets whisked away by the wind as soon as I think of reality. Its 1:47 am. Who am I?


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    La Comédie