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  • parnagh 1h

    Hey am new here

    I don't know how much you guys will support me but your little support can make me feel happy .My doctor psycritist told me am in depression so am under medication .
    But I found a solution to get over this is only to write and listen music and make myself busy in things which I love to do.

    Small note from my side hope you are not bored.much love

  • blisslia 1d


    My throat hoarse but I can't scream anymore,
    My fists bloodied against this damned floor,
    But my mask is still safe,
    I still have my own place,
    It cracks and it shatters,
    My feelings don't even matter,
    Tears becoming blood,
    I was never truly loved,
    Piece by piece it falls,
    Staining crimson on these walls,
    My mask I worked so hard to seal,
    Now being ripped and pealed,
    I can't hide myself any longer,
    Demons becoming my very own stalkers,
    My place I worked so hard for,
    Now a field of war.

  • yours_fortune 2d

    How scary it's to see that, how badly I'm addicted to my own misery.


  • thebhavnasaxena 2d


    Kiss me feather soft,
    A brush of your lips on
    My brow, so that I may
    Finally wear the tint of
    Innocent love on the
    Brown of my charred skin,
    Hug me fiercely,
    Make your passion
    Squeeze my heart,
    So that the shade of
    Grief spills out of my
    Eyes, big, fat, black tears,
    Let me sit in your arms
    Under the midnight sky,
    The world all hues of green and
    Blue around us, and let me
    Cry about the things that
    I never got to mourn,
    I have been the war, the
    Warrior and the battlefield,
    Look at my armour of steel,
    How it has turned crimson,
    Tell me I can strip off my
    Armour and bare to you
    My deepest wounds, make me
    A quilt of your love, softer than
    Roses, warm as the sun, yet
    White like the moon, and
    In your arms, let me sleep

  • thebhavnasaxena 3d


    The sun is just a yellow dot
    In the faraway sky, what can it
    Do to warm my skin, when there is
    A winterstorm in my heart?
    The sea is cold, but even as I
    Embrace its waves again and again,
    It doesn't give me any solace,
    How could it, when my blood is
    Wildfire running through my veins?
    Garden of Eden, the nectar of heaven,
    I have tried them all, but where does
    One run to, when one becomes a
    Thunderstorm, what is wilder, I
    Wonder, is it the world or my mind?

  • oddgoddess 4d

    You yearn for me
    Are you willing to learn from me?
    Please don't turn from me when I show you all of my shades Blues and hues that don't seem inviting

    I hope they're to your liking and if not that you'll learn to love them

    Your demons were touch starved nights and honey-dipped lies
    I can love them to silence so they don't torment you when you close your eyelids

    Your skeletons can be mine and still kept private
    Love doesn't have to be sulfuric acid
    That's not how I want to break down your walls

    I want to grow in love
    Not fall

  • pakhi1738 5d

    They say you are free
    To do whatever you want
    If only it was true
    'cause now here you stand
    Trying to breathe in the air
    But breathing in chaos instead

    They say you are stronger
    Than you know
    When they know
    Nothing about you
    They don't understand
    What you're feeling,
    What you've been through
    They tell you that they care
    But no one ever really sees you,
    For you!

    They don't know
    That you keep yourself busy
    By burying your head in stories
    'cause it help slow down
    These unbearable voices
    That keep you awake
    When you're trying to sleep
    And won't let you wake up
    In the mornin'

    They say you were meant to be
    A doll from their dreams
    The one, born to fly
    So why do you feel suffocated
    All the damn time
    And would rather prefer dying

    So why do you feel like
    Locked up in a coffin,
    A coffin of their expectations
    Deep down the ocean
    Drowning you
    over and over again

    They say, you doubt yourself
    You underestimate your worth
    Then why does cutting yourself
    And bleeding to unconsciousness
    Sounds much easier

    It's funny, how they keep telling you
    You are ruining your life
    But never really care!
    You make heroes
    Out of the survivors
    Searching for hope
    But when it's you,
    It hurts way more
    And you know,
    God! You know,
    You are just another
    Ticking time bomb
    Waiting for one last blow
    To give up and finally explode

    You plug in your earphones
    And hurt your ear drums
    With the loud music
    All day
    To flush out the noise from your brain!
    You keep ignoring people
    Who really care
    'cause you're afraid
    You tell them
    Everything's all right
    When you just wanna say,
    "I'm not okay!"


    P.C.- @azureabyss

    #hide #fear #silence #smoketrail #hope #readytoletgo #pain #fall #heartbeat #palpitations #storm #anxiety #frozenheart #semicolon #thegirlwhowrites #poetess

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  • candicehasley96 5d

    One Big Tragedy

    I'm screaming but no one can hear
    Alone with all this fear inside of me
    My life is just one big tragedy

    Is life worth this pain?
    Can somebody please explain
    My mind has made me feel insane
    I try and try but yet I still wanna die
    The night sky brings me to my knees
    I pray and pray to not live another day

    I'm screaming but no one can hear
    Alone with all this fear inside of me
    My life is just one big tragedy

    Is life worth this pain?
    Can somebody please explain
    My mind has made me feel insane
    I try and try but yet I still wanna die
    The night sky brings me to my knees
    I pray and pray to not live another day

    Sitting in the dark with a gun to my heart
    Why is it so hard to pull the trigger?
    Figured this would be the easy way out
    Never thought I'd go down this route

    Is life worth this pain?
    Can somebody please explain
    My mind has made me feel insane
    I try and try but yet I still wanna die
    The night sky brings me to my knees
    I pray and pray to not live another day

  • paulwrites 5d

    #poetry #heartbreak #lostlove #poem #poemoftheday #writersnetwork #anxiety #depression

    Sitting on the back porch
    Staring up at the nighttime clouds
    Voices in my tortured head
    Once quiet become too damn loud
    It seems I can barely separate
    The truest facts from painful fiction
    And now thoughts I never wanted
    Cause nothing but endless friction

    Why won't it rain so I can dance
    Every worry into the darkened sky
    Above my head the stars laugh at me
    As every memory makes me cry
    And I just want to let it all out
    Every feeling I can't express
    But if I can't find peace of mind
    How can I even begin to rest?

    Sitting on the back porch
    I think I feel the beginnings of rain
    But no it's just those returning tears
    Little drops of falling pain
    I turn my head hopelessly skyward
    Trying to see where it all ends
    But it just keeps traveling on and on
    Lost loves rarely return again

    By paulwrites March 2021.

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    Back Porch Poetry #1

  • odd_ramblings 1w

    This is inspired by 19 year old me. #poetry #anxiety #thoughts #selflove

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    Close your eyes,
    Shut it all out,
    What's there to control?
    I have been here before.
    I have seen the darkness,
    Not everyone get anxious all the time,
    For me, its when I lay in the dark,
    I curl up around my pillow,
    Trying to shut voices in my head,
    What's there to control?
    They come for me every night.
    When I smile in the sun,
    When I do my laundry,
    When I clean,
    When I am sitting alone, wanting to talk to a friend, so this feeling of emptiness can go.
    I know it will come again.
    But, now, they won't.

  • baby_blueberry 1w

    Attentions Sour Center

    You see me and expect someone just like you
    You want perfect in all forms
    But don’t brag, be humble
    You see me and expect the next Annie Lennox
    Be smart, be talented, don’t fail
    But remember your place, you’re still a child


    You watch me each day and analyze me actions
    Quiet moments, excited actions, anxious breathing
    You think I’m just acting out
    You remind me of my age. You point out my mistakes
    “You’re in highschool.” “You always give a monologue of an excuse”
    You think I’m doing it on purpose.

    I am

    You admit to your actions. Your hateful words
    You know what you say cuts with harsh lemon
    But you will never stop
    I cry to your voice, to the sour drip
    As the stars watch me cradle myself to sleep
    Singing sweet melodies with my cries

    I am not

    You control my life with each twist and turn
    I step one toe to the left, you pull me three feet to the right
    Like Master and Slave
    My future is yours, as were my past and present.
    You live life through me, succeeding where you failed
    I’d tell you I was okay with it but…

    I am fine.


  • misskadambari 1w

    The night

    The night holds
    so many thoughts which cannot
    be unearthed by anyone
    else solely just by


  • yours_fortune 1w

    To all the man/woman
    Who had done enough for a relationship and if nothing worked between you two, it's time to move And live a life you always wish to.
    #womenempowerment #relationshipgoal #notallrelationshipstaysforforever #acceptit #moveon #anxiety #dipression #toxicrelationship #possesivepartner

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    When she loved you, worked for you, took care of you, listened you, obeyed you, for you she was doing too much.
    But now when she moved out, breathing for own survival and happiness when she don't give a damm about the world and their words and about you, you started getting mad.


  • jeetspeaks 1w

    Just write down when you feel like writing

    The best way to set yourself free from the anxiety of writing is simply jotting it down whenever you feel like doing that.

  • mystical_writer26 1w

    #anxiety #poetry

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    Dark room, dark thoughts,
    people think so, but there's lots and lots;
    It's not always when you sit alone in the dark,
    it's also when you sit in the park.
    Grim concepts wander through the deserted mind,
    each one different,depressing and undefined.
    Sitting under the sun but feeling like falling into an endless pitfall,
    that is when you know your anxiety hopelessly calls.
    Losing interest in the most interesting things,
    cutting the dreamy chromatic wings.
    it's all when you start feeling empty,
    although you have everything and plenty;
    there's something in the future you see
    and it makes your mind for escape plea;
    that's when anxiety hurts,
    it makes the sadness reassert.
    Before you realise it makes you void
    and in little time completely destroyed


  • yours_fortune 1w


    If someone is really into you, wants you, understand you and appreciate your presence around them, so you don't have to keep begging them for a text, call or to spend time with you.

    They will do it if you are a PRIORITY

  • eva_17 1w

    She was so done with everything she was going through. She looked fine but there was a chaos raging inside her. #tired#rage#fear#anxiety#mirakee

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    Every night she ends up being tired....
    Fighting with her own self
    Fighting with her own emotions
    She wants liberty
    A bird of golden cage,
    Wants to be a free spirit

  • pakhi1738 1w

    Five years,
    And it still hurts the same
    You hold on to that one last picture
    As all the other memories fade
    Painting your own hell
    In your head
    This whole time!
    A hell to hold you
    And scold you
    For eternity!
    As you dig your nails
    Into your sensitive, cold skin
    Trying to ease that aching
    Of your frozen heart and,
    And that burnin' in your brain
    Finally burning you to the ground!
    So much anger and hate
    Inside of you
    That it hurts when you
    Look into the glass!
    Holding up your neck
    With your cold, shivering hands
    You still patiently wait
    For you to explode some day
    'cause you know you will
    You hide it all inside of you
    Bundling it up
    In your heart beat
    Like a storm!
    A storm, To carry you far away
    Tossing you all over the place
    Making all that pain
    And anxiety bleed away
    You don't talk sense
    You've lost your mind
    Feeling so small
    And just waiting to fall
    You don't really talk much
    'cause you don't really hope much
    And you know
    Oh, you know
    You're still ready to let go
    Of this dying smoke trail
    But the only thing that's changed
    Is that now you grab your pen
    And showcase your pain!


    P.C.- @azureabyss

    #hide #fear #silence #smoketrail #hope #readytoletgo #pain #fall #heartbeat #palpitations #storm #anxiety #frozenheart #semicolon #thegirlwhowrites #poetess

    @the_alchemiist @u_star @innerthoughts_ @mirakee @wannabecreative @johar_alfaaz @shaliya @writersnetwork @mirakee_assistant

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  • msoffia 1w

    I was standing on my rooftop
    Looking down below
    The cold cement and tree
    And I was in deep thoughts
    Years ago, I wished to jump off this place
    I wanted to fall on my death
    And I wanted it to hurt

    But now, here I am
    Despite all my attempts
    Despite my suicidal thoughts
    Standing here again, I am sober
    From all my wishes to die

    It's melancholic, I survived my dying thought
    I think, back then, I never thought of surviving this life
    But I am doing better, there's not much happiness unlike what I imagine
    It's a contentment and my comfortable self
    Being alive and enjoy all the moments


  • mercynitya 1w

    I can't believe it's been a year that I've lost my grandma. My heart still choses not to accept it and I don't know what to do. I'm so sorry if you lost someone who were close to you. I only hope you find peace ��

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #mentalhealth #panicattacks #anxiety #pod #life #health #emotions #feelings #love #hate

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    I lie awake at night
    Reminiscing all the moments I've spent with you
    Of us laughing till our stomachs hurts
    And with tears in our eyes

    Only if I knew
    That one of them would be the last ones
    I would've laughed a little longer
    And hugged you harder

    I now lay lifeless and still
    Waiting to move on
    With a stubborn heart
    Which refuses to accept

    I try
    Not to think of that day
    That took not your life
    But mine away