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  • succomber 4w

    What to Believe in?

    The Eyes that see them.
    The Ear that hear them.
    Or the Gut feeling that you get about it?

  • weirdowriter 11w

    Look!!my quest for you led me astray.
    Now I am a Wanderer...

  • jaiswal_priya 21w


    वह रोई होगी वह तड़पी भी होगी
    पर तूने उसकी एक ना सुनी
    वह सहमी होगी वह डरी भी होगी
    पर तूझे उसकी पुकार ना दिखी
    तूने उसकी आत्मचीत्कार ना सुनी

    तू इंसान है या हैवान कोई
    ना बच्ची को ना लड़की को
    ना औरत को ना नवजात को
    किसी को तूने ना बख्शा
    सब की रूह से खेल गया

    खुदा भी आज शर्मसार है
    बेटियां आज लाचार हैं
    तेरी हवस की हैवानियत को देखकर
    इंसानियत भी बेज़ार है
    समाज आज शर्मसार है

    गलती तेरी होती है
    गुनाह तूने किया है
    पर इल्जाम इस समाज ने
    बेटी को ही क्यों दिया है
    बेगुनाह को गुनहगार बना दिया है

    एक बार तूने उसकी आबरू से खेला
    दूजी बार समाज ने रौंदा
    तीसरी बार सरकार ने कुछ ना किया
    चौथी बार मीडिया ने उछाल दिया
    और पांचवी बार वह आत्महत्या कर बैठी

    कब तक बेटियां सहेंगी
    कब तक बेटियां चुप रहेंगीं
    अब और ना चुप रहना है
    पुरजोर विरोध करना है
    बेटियों को आजाद करना है
    बेटियों को उन्मुक्त करना है


  • jaiswal_priya 24w


    Life is full of joys and sorrows
    It starts with joys and ends with sorrows.


  • jaiswal_priya 25w

    Happy Teacher's Day

    Dear teacher's
    Thanks a lot for making us what we are today.

  • thegreatpotato_ 25w

    "You led everyone astray, yet my heart still followed."

  • go_win_the_hearts 25w

    Ode to Lata ji ��

    #mellifluousc #astray

    //नाम गुम जायेगा, चेहरा ये बदल जायेगा
    मेरी आवाज़ ही, पहचान है
    गर याद रहे.....//

    "All names will go astray,
    visages will be altered
    My voice is my identity, if remembered."����

    My Old Murphy Radio would sing antiques
    late in the night.
    I heard it faintly when half asleep.��
    Ahh! a grave voice would announce,
    and You are listening to Vividh Bharti* and
    this is CHHAYA GEET* your favourite."
    My Father would add more volume.
    One after another all mellifluous numbers
    led me to my dreamy comatose world.
    Deep colourful canvas of alluring sights
    would dance in the background.
    LATA, the queen of melody
    magical her dulcet notes
    quite reminiscent of Cuckoo in the Mango bough.
    I just grew up listening to the harmony,
    the symphony of Dear singing wizard.
    For her religion is music
    knew no bound
    here to there quite familiar.
    Her voice is her identity
    that echoes young all glees and melancholy.

    Oh Queen of melody!
    Dear mistress of tranquility
    here rings your sizzling songs till the Doomsday.
    The whole universe will be mad like me
    after your heart elating numbers,
    endless melody.

    Your voice is your identity.������


    3rd September, 2020


    LATA: who doesn't know Lata Mangeskar, the Goddess of Indian music.
    VIVIDH BHARTI: The famous Musical Radio Service in India.
    CHHAYA GEET: A Popular music programme in Vividh Bharti.

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    @writersnetwork @writersbay @mirakee

    Image credit to Printrest.

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    Ode to Lata !


  • sproutedseeds 25w

    A s t r a y

    Why is my mind going astray
    when I want to display
    my passion in a poetic way.

    Why is my mind going astray
    when I try to write a play
    disturbing me in every way.

    I took a break to
    drive away my apprehension
    My entangled thoughts now in array
    enabling me to pen my passion
    in a very calm and clear way.

  • ashamurali 25w

    Here is the story of a woman who is an accountant by day and author by night. Word prompt being "astray"

    #astray #mirakee #writersnetwork @mirakee @writersbay @writersnetwork #pod #dadigotyourback

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    Woman gone astray

    Poetry and prose is what she loved,
    Immersing in sonnets and ballad,
    Daddy wanted her to learn accounts,
    Calculate, inspect, audit and count.

    She wanted to romance the rhymes ,
    Observing life's nuances fulltime.
    He gave her balance sheet to analyse,
    And the company’s profits to realise.

    Not for her the numbers monotony,
    She loved the magic of essays many,
    Hating the most exhausting “excel”
    Oh! Did she love the wonderful "word"

    Dreams may have their place,
    Reality is what we are forced to face!
    Dad  told her a job is the need of the day,
    And do you think words will ever pay?

    Her pleas were never taken into account,
    Alas! She was forced to marry accounts.
    Her first love, lyrics, however lured her,
    No one will ever know, he assured her,
    Lets keep our love a topmost secret,
    Don’t let anyone know about it yet.

    Thus started her journey of double life,
    Word’s lover and an accountant’s wife!
    Satisfying accounts all through the day,
    When in darkness, word has his way.

    One fills her pocket with money to spend,
    The other fills her with joys that transcend,
    One makes her work without a pause,
    The other has her addicted to applause.

    One ensures that she is nameless,
    The other gives her a name no less.
    Is it strange, that she lives this way?
    Is she the woman who has gone astray?

  • unquiet_spirit 25w


    By fantansy
    A bit astray
    They were led
    Which slew the pure for
    Pure bloods to shed

    From devil's smile
    Apparently an angel bloomed
    Their realm collapsed
    And Witnessed doom
    Unspoken words
    Their tongue awaits
    The citadel , survives no more
    Once Burgeoned with smiles
    And Exhilaration,
    Now a vacant store

    Broken strings wavering in sky
    Yet ambitious
    To reach high and fly
    But so hollow and fragile
    Delicate and void of hue
    With Lost virtues
    Amidst chaos
    Ephialtes and blind vision
    Overcasting days with
    Sophisticated ammunition

    Flowers bloomed to
    Die again
    Repeated itself
    For recurrent pain
    A conflict within
    Made pen like swords
    Ink oozes out from veins
    For bloods enough
    Had been poured
    Rapport 'tween
    Solitude and melancholy

    Their heart awaits
    For our tongue to speak
    But Our tongue awaits
    Unspoken words
    In our hearts, concealed


    #pen #pod #astray #mirakee #writersnetwork #soulwriter

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    Flowers bloomed to
    Die again
    Repeated itself
    For recurrent pain
    A conflict within
    Made pen like swords
    Ink oozes out from veins
    For blood enough
    Had been poured


  • a_weirdo 25w


    A little girl wrote me a letter
    Beginning with Dear Melanie,ending with yours truly Davina
    With words dancing on the page she wrote:
    I and Mama miss you a whole lot.
    My heart broke,sadness filled my soul
    My journey was futile but I couldn't go home
    I was consumed with needing to prove myself
    My mind was set on following my choice
    I was deaf to whatever spoke
    I intend to keep going this way
    Even if the path is astray
    I'm sorry Vee
    I'm doing this for me

  • dipsisri 25w


    The first thing which is running into your mind just after reading the title is must be that why is this "untitled"?
    So let me tell y'all that the feelings and emotions which I am going to tell you is also "untold and unknown". Basically the feelings of teens,in the days of being a teenager they hide their feelings from their parents and rarely from friends also.If you'll look at their behaviour scientifically you can say that their mood swings, continuously changing emotions is all result of hormonal actions and puberty.They get trapped in their own cage.They get confused in their own feelings and they don't even want to tell this to anyone.Teenager is the most fragile stage of life.So,What they truly need is a deep heart to heart ❤ conversation.A short term conversation but touching.They need true guidance.So let them learn from their mistakes.#teenfiction ❣

  • jaiswal_priya 25w


    आज मास्क लगाकर थक गए लोग
    जो कभी औरत को पल्लू में रहने को बोलते थे

  • sanguinstic_soul_bimmy 25w

    जिंदगी गुनगुना रही हैं।
    एक हलचल सी शोर मचा रही हैं।
    ना जाने कितनी तमन्नाएं लिए ।
    ये जिंदगी मुझे बुला रही हैं।

  • inkinitdown 25w

    Just smile

    When you kneeled down,
    Made me a part of your heart,so fragile,
    It made my soul smile,
    When you first kissed me,
    Every part of my body was in a mystical ecstasy,
    Your mere thought,
    Made me smile,
    When you left me greif-stricken,
    Not wanting to believe it anyway,
    It led me to astray,
    My heart smirked,
    "grin smile from ear to ear,
    cause he doest care."
    You had me forever,
    But I believe,
    Nothing lasts whatsoever.

  • anitha 26w

    There are few wrong turns , few diversions ~ one can always learn and tread in the correct direction towards your destination.

    #mirake #readwriteunite #writersnetwork #astray

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    Going astray in the woods
    is expected

    Then , why not in life ?!


  • free_elf 26w

    Just be determined about your dreams and keep moving.
    Your path will be automatically created
    Even if you will astray from it.

    #Mondaymantras #astray @writersnetwork

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    Even after astraying in their path, the flowing water reaches their destination

  • purple_ 26w

    Life is a muse ;
    To the poetries flowing astray
    In the waters of sweet smiles and
    painful cries.
    A jingle ;
    To the lyrics of gaiety and

  • japsjk 26w


    Life is too short to go astray
    Keep your focus dear
    there are many out there
    Who might betray

  • bklyn464 26w


    Was it your voice which led me astray
    Or was it your eyes which led me to think you had gone away
    That the early morning dew sitting in a field of snapdragons was okay
    Or was it the calm cool breeze rippling on the sea today

    Or as i continued in my funk of forlorn
    Was it the clamorous motherbird chirping incessantly at her young chicks
    To come home for their breakfast this morn
    Or is it the heavy tractor trailer
    Urgently on a deadline bleating its horn

    Like a ticking grandfather clock
    Tick Tock Tick Tock
    I've yet to hear my heart stop
    And fade away the memories in a instant chopped