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  • palaka 1w

    Solar Winds by me

    Soon I'll be an astronaut
    Venturing the stars
    May my star forget me not
    'Cause I'll be going far

    We'd all be flying destinations
    Towards our greatest dreams
    Our fuel's our imagination
    We'll fly in starry streams

    We'd venture down in deeper space
    And find some place to live
    Attracted by the stars, we stay,
    And place our love to give

    One day I'll be an astronaut
    Sailing through the stars
    Maybe it'll be all for naught
    If I could only reach to Mars

    'Cause there's a star I really like
    A star my heart holds dear
    A star that shines so really bright
    My shadows start to disappear

    I'll reach the star I love the most
    Would she invite me close?
    Perhaps one day
    From far away
    I'll feel the warmth she blows

    One day I'll be an astronaut
    Sailing through the stars
    Maybe it'll be all for naught
    If I could only reach to Mars

    Soon I'll be an astronaut
    Venturing the stars
    May my star forget me not
    'Cause I'll be going far

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    Soon I'll be an astronaut
    Venturing the stars
    May my star forget me not
    'Cause I'll be going far

  • knjwrites 38w

    I Wanna Be a Spaceman

    I stare out of my bedroom window
    Looking at the sky above
    Is there a world beyond earth?
    Is there life with love?
    Do alien kids have alien moms?
    And do their green fathers go to work?
    Do they have robots and weird humming songs?
    Do they have wild pink cotton candy trees?
    Or just a plain old birch?
    Toys in my box beside
    But instead i wish i was on another planet
    I wish that I could ride a spaceship; go inside
    I wonder if I could taste a strange otherworldly fruit
    What if they just have pomegranates?
    Maybe I can wear a space suit
    Maybe I will meet someone new
    Whatever happens I just want to see-
    A life outside of this window
    I want to be free
    See something other than earth
    Other than ocean, and deserts, and dirt
    Be somewhere completely different
    So I sit here think thoughts; i fantasize
    Wishing i could travel to a world outside
    Say my goodbyes
    And travel this universe far and wide

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  • eden_with_eve 42w

    I carry a whole atmosphere.
    Saturn's rings hang from my ears.
    A whole cosmos caught in the cracks of my brain.
    "She's beautiful, but she's insane."
    I ride meteors rather than be mediocre.
    Gravity, my least favorite choker.
    The universe is at the door, is it that easy to ignore?
    If you're too creative they'll call you crazy.
    Astronaut? A pipe dream maybe.
    If you had my imagination your skull would crack from agitation.
    Instead astrology leaked into my hair, astronomy the worst dye to the weak and scared.

  • james_taumas 42w

    Earth Orbit

    Days and nights
    Measured in minutes
    Earth passes below
    Kaleidoscope of colours
    Seas aren't just blue
    Many shades of green
    Deserts filled with life
    Desire to touch
    Glass and space walls
    Mesmerised by the show
    Can't stop watching.


  • yukihogosha 78w


    Lost conversations, how did we get to this point?
    No confirmations found at the end of this joint
    She said she wish I did, I know better that she won't
    I'm more aware of the trauma that I can want
    I'm sober right now and I see you're thankful
    But we were happier when I tried to kill the stressful
    I'm confused when I try to heal and I should feel better
    But I miss the me who had no worries and was lost in the ether
    Should I go back to the days I killed myself for you
    Or should I stick to this 'better' me who doesn't even know what to do
    There was a time when I felt no pain
    There was a time when you only called my name
    I thought I'd be better but it still feels like the same
    Just some thoughts of an astronaut at 1:35am

  • james_taumas 78w


    A black sequins curtain stretched across to the moon's horizon. The lone figure stood under the stars and eternal night sky. They could only hear the radio hum and their own breathing in their helmet.

    'This is Commander Aaron Connors.' The astronaut looked across the barren surface. 'We have returned to continue the legacy of the brave and distinguished predecessors. The moon is ours once again, but not for one man or one county, it is for all, the united people of the Earth.'

    Cheers buzzed in his earpiece.

    The astronaut skipped to the remote camera. 'Signing off now. Will speak to you tomorrow, mission control.' He switched the power off and the line clicked dead.

    'That's a wrap!' The director got up out of his seat. 'Great job all.'

    Studio lights ignited and the fantasy extinguished. The lunar lander and the moon surface's unsophisticated craftsmanship revealed.

    Aaron Connors swiveled his helmet. 'That dinner? God I'm starving.'


  • moondust 102w

    *Username Challenge*
    pt.2 (story)

    Moondust: Heartbeat of the moon

    Up in the sky, too far from here, an astronaut fell in love with the Universe. He looked at every planet and admired how beautiful their colors were. Green, blue, brown, orange, some smaller than others and some colder than what he could imagine.

    He felt happy to be able to sleep in the moon every night. His mom always told him to dream big, to have faith and so he did. Stars felt closer than before, way more close. He never felt alone. In fact he wasn't alone, not at all. There was a bunny living in there before he visited the moon for the first time. It was a little bunny, sweet and a good friend to feel in company. But one day, the bunny jumped away. He didn't know when, he didn't know why. How could he find something very small in such a big place? It was almost impossible, but he didn't give up. He knew it was possible for him to get lost, so before he left he wrote a note.
    ' For the one reading this note:
    I may not come back. If I don't, please, take care of the moon and make it your home like I did. Take care of Earth and every planet, take care of the sun and every star. I'm sorry for this but it's worth it, my little friend it's worth it '

    Then, he left. No one knows what happened next, no one knows where he is. No knew his name, but everyone call him Moondust. He didn't come back, yet. Maybe one day he would, he would find the bunny and return to his home. Or maybe not, maybe someone would write about him, about his story, about what he believed in and what he did for someone he loved. His note is now part of the moon, it sparkles with its light every night. It seems like a heartbeat, and it is, it's the heartbeat of two combined in one. Two friends, a friendship stronger than everything in the Universe. He left everything, but he lost it as well that day.


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    More than a word a feeling,
    a part of my soul
    a part of human existence,
    a part of us
    When the sun goes down
    and the moon appears,
    I look up to the sky and,
    for a moment,
    I forget about my fears
    Its light feels like a warm touch,
    an invisible hug that covers my heart
    and melt it down were I once belonged
    Were we once belonged
    As I close my eyes and let the ground
    I feel in my bones the sparkle of stars
    I missed this
    So I wave at the moon,
    it's been a while dear friend
    since I was this close to you
    But I promised that I would be back
    One day, and tonight was the day
    And this is why I fell in love with the moon,
    this is why I fell in love with the moon dust
    Because we belong there,
    or that's what I like to think
    We once were a star,
    we once knew each other so well
    that our light combined in the sky
    We were a constellation,
    a deep part of the Universe
    You're not just a person
    Look at your eyes,
    look how they shine in the dark
    Look at your smile, look at yourself
    Just look at you
    You're the children of cosmos.
    That's why I can say you're special to me,
    even without knowing you so well
    Because I did, too many years ago
    And that' also why I love this word,


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  • leaving 106w

    ❛ My brother is an astronaut,
    When we were kids, he promised me that he would bring me a star, secretly stuffed in his pocket
    You could find him gazing at the stars, at odd hours.
    He loved the way they twinkled,
    And I didn't have the heart to tell him that they were all dead and that the flashes of light we see,
    Have travelled millions of miles to be seen by a curious little observer.

    So when he saw a cerulean streak in the middle of his matte black curls,
    He knew his dreams were alive.
    Our world was a funny little place.
    They believed that your profession and your journey,
    Was based on the odd streak of color in your hair.
    Silly, right?

    I believed that too.
    After all, my raven black hair, were out of place wherever I went.
    So when I saw my best friend with a pink streak in her otherwise brown hair,
    I knew something was wrong with me.

    Today, I woke up at 5AM, to another normal day.
    But throughout the entire day I had an unsettling feeling of dread and fear creeping up my spine.
    A gush of adrenaline and sweaty palms.
    In history class we were given an assignment to write about a fallen kingdom.

    Fallen kingdom,
    Scarred red from the blood of it's people,
    Stripped of it's glory.
    You can hear the cries of the people who were wronged.
    An eerie silence warning you, to leave.

    So here I am, in the ruins of an old kingdom which was deceitfully defeated by foreign invaders.
    It had an interesting history really,
    The Royal family swore to fight, til the last soldier died.
    And they fell.

    I walked into that depleted building, which was once the Royal palace.
    I see a rusted crown and a sword,
    I lift up the sword and a red streak appears,
    And out of nowhere a green eyed boy, appears and says,
    "I've waited an eternity to meet you.
    It's an honor, your majesty."

    The epilogue:

    ❛ "A funny family, aren't we?". I said with teary eyes, "One loved the stars too much, and now is cruising between the cold dead graves of galaxies. Other was leading the revolution with such bravery, but now she's lying in the same palace, where she rose up from. Trying her best to fight".
    I see the stars in the sky. They don't look so beautiful without you here."

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  • thebhavnasaxena 108w


    There was once upon a time a
    Little girl, who had a thousand
    Questions, she was never satisfied
    With the stories of magic that told her
    To be gentle, pretty, obedient, to wait
    For a knight to come save her, to borrow
    Glass slippers, to be back before midnight.
    She wanted to rise, rise high into the sky,
    Build her empire on the moon, she wanted to
    Tame dragons and ride them to the stars and
    Back, no she could never settle down to the
    Tiny expectations that norms had cast out for
    Her, today as she floats beyond galaxies,
    She tells all little girls good girls may go to
    Heaven, but bad girls go everywhere.

  • _story__of__life_ 110w


    "A Black Hole" she was,
    "An Astronaut" he was,
    When she taught she was just
    Void, inane and empty,
    He went through her, showed her an
    "Entire Universe"..


  • dimiedime 116w

    #UnI-verse 5

    An astronaut said space is amazing, will he drive me to heaven?

  • justaboyinspace 122w

    I'm the kind of person who would spend a million life times watching the stars being born


  • imkaushiksanyal 127w

    I had a thought
    When once, I felt
    like an astronaut,
    That so alone we were
    amongst the stars
    that we created sort
    and pushed ourselves to war,
    Now our own suit weighing
    too much and yet
    helping us survive
    the world we're on.
    So no matter the scars
    we keep giving each other,
    Our suits is in charge
    and we're its pawns.

    Kaushik Sanyal

  • soulscientist 132w

    #astronaut #sefishworld #mirakeeapp #writersworld #microtales #micropoetry #microtales #buddingwriters #followme #ifyou #likeit #soulscientist

    There will be always b negativity around you when you will feel miserable.But like the space there will always be a positive environment created by good people who will make the journey a liitle more bearable .You will be the astronaut of your life while the people will become the space craft.So get set ready for the awesome ride.

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    When i was a kid i always wanted to be an astronaut.Perphaps the “little me” also wanted to escape from this selfish world.

  • hells_angel 142w

    Do you think really you are sitting still?

    You are on a planet which is orbiting a star at 30 Km/s

    The star is orbiting the Galaxy in the rate of 250 Km/s

    The Galaxy is orbiting the Universe in the rate of 600 Km/s.

    God damn! Astronomy is so cool,right? And as you read this you have already travelled 3500 km approx.


  • nzuri_im_sorry 146w

    Astronaut (he was beautiful in September more than ever)

    I'm tempted to ask if the astronaut I sent to space is okay but my central control is saying I have to leave them alone, like my mind backtracked to 2003 when I saw his face as child, one without flowers waiting to bloom out of his veins, to me it's something beautiful but to him it was something terrifying it was a time where I wasn't numb like the medicine he wanted to give to his patients but he doesn't know if really wanted to help people because how could you watch people heal as you break into a silver spoon you'd use to slap your children. Like 1953 I sit by the window looking at the sky waiting to leave and all you can do is wait because action is illegal here in this time and this moment. Like a musical I watched when I was young, people who fall in love dance to each other again but what happens when the other is dead. What happens when you forget what love is, what happens when you realize you didn't knew what it was this whole time. Because what if your relationship is lies like your mother and fathers. What if you only feel it when you made eye contact, for a sliver of silver second you can see love but it fades into a promise that you break anyway. A ring you throw into the ocean these rings these rings have no meaning, because at some point their symbols mean nothing but sadness and a deadly reminder of something that transformed into nothing. When I was young I thought the one you kiss is the one you marry, but who was I to say, I was put on a puppet show and controlled and retold and was made cold saying don't fall in love. You could be something else. Because love leads to empty opportunities. That's what I saw and that's what I was told. And I thought my astronaut would teach me something different and to this day I don't know if it was the same. Was I wrong to say hello in the first place

  • turmoilmoon 147w

    Ancient astronaut

    I'm your ancient astronaut...
    My reign shall befall this modern Abyss..
    All you war lords... Obey!!! I'm your real God...
    Dungeons of plague await if you don't fall on your knees...

    I see holocausts spawned out of blasphemy...
    Arteries of earth blocked from abominated atrocities...
    Winter doesn't shred snow... Summer sees no sun..
    Timeless rain hides the moon... Trees burning With beheaded roots...

    All that nocturnal sacred beauty faded...
    All my signs of creation desecrated... Extinct of your race can't be evaded...

    I'm your ancient astronaut...
    I reincarnate to perish your derailed humanity...
    I summon a black hole to consume all war machines and souls burning with greed...
    Blue planet be just an another myth...
    I'm triggering the arrows of apocalypse...


  • aimannissar 149w

    Physics is like an encrypted piece of poetry,
    Once deciphered,
    Can solve
    Some of the most bewildering mysteries
    of the world.