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  • neverforever 13w


    The first time you said "Hello"
    It was like a breath of fresh air.
    But what followed that was "beautiful"
    And that breath was stripped from my lungs
    The warmth upon my cheeks,
    Only shown what has begun.
    My heart was beating in my chest
    Or did it just skip a beat?
    My legs were stiff
    I couldn't move,
    Or do they feel like jelly?
    With your laugh,
    I felt the butterflies crash,
    All inside of me.
    I don't know what came over me,
    But something just felt right.
    So here we are,
    Filling our hearts,
    With the present that's been given to us.

  • __thought__catalogue_ 13w

    At first sight #part5

    I got shocked he looked at me and said" wow hello riya you are also of this course thank god my Hyderabadi gf is also my classmate now "…I was happy that Rahul is my classmate but those words which Poonam said were disturbing me a lot so I didn't speak to Rahul much …!
    After our professor left the class I saw Poonam searching for some one.. She suddenly turned back and saw Rahul sitting beside me, she came and said me to change my place saying its her place.. I didn't speak a single word and left that place and sat with asheema! I heard Rahul calling me Riya!! But I didn't want to turn back ..coz Poonam is really disgusting …
    we were done with classes that day and left the class, my mood wasn't good so I said I will come to room later to asheema.. They left, and I sat in the garden.. Many thoughts were running in my head "why shouldn't I talk? To Rahul.. Who is she to decide " .…Rahul saw me sitting in the garden and he came to me.. He kept on talking as usually but I couldn't and didn't give a single reply.. He said "I don't know why are you behaving this way riya if you don't want to talk to me please say it frankly don't behave this way "….and he left I don't know what to do.. And the day passed this way..

  • __thought__catalogue_ 22w

    #atfirstsight #part3
    #story #mirakee sorry it's "on my bench

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    Part -4

    I didn't understand why she was warning me saying not to talk.. I felt so bad .sheetal, asheema ,manpreeth consoled me saying "Riya, don't take her words on to your heart... She is short tempered! Chill let's go! " we went to our rooms back I talked to my mom on phone! And said about all what happened ..she said me not to get distracted to all those things!. After talking to her I felt good! We had our supper!
    I sorted out the dress to wear next day and went to bed.. I couldn't sleep.. Donno why my thoughts are going on to Rahul..! I somehow managed to sleep..!
    It's 5.30am asheema waked me up! I got up we all got ready had our breakfast and by 9.00 we reached our college block! We were early to the class ,I could hardly see four five members in the classroom... There was a bench beside window and I went and sat on that bench! Slowly class room started getting filled, but no one beside me …I started looking out from window!
    After few minutes I heard some shoes sound and the sound started getting intense I could feel someone sitting in my bench... I slowly turned my head on to my left ,I saw the same Nike shoeswhen I saw his face he was Rahul …

  • __thought__catalogue_ 23w

    Part -2

    After listening to the word "hyderabad" I couldn't control my excitement and I raised my head to see him... He was sooooo charming ..!
    But I didn't show that feeling on my face ….I also introduced myself saying "Hello! This is Riya and I am also from hyderabad"!…
    He was like what ?woww!!!! I found a cute Hyderabadi GIRL FRIENDD…I was like what.... He said you are girl, looking cute so cute girl friend..! I gave a smile.. He helped me in carrying my luggage till my hostel block.. And left saying c'yaa!
    I went into my room and it was too spacious, I saw ,four more girls in the room.. None of them except a girl asheema..gave a smile..!
    I started to sort out my things! And then all of us introduced ourselves! I felt a positive vibe with every one in the room except a girl Poonam she showed much attitude..! We all went to mess had our lunch and came back to our room , I had a nap for some time..!
    In the evening around 4pm we all decided to look at our campus, we started to roam in the garden.... There was a canteen ,we were feeling hungry so we went to have some snacks. Me and my roommate sheetal went to order snacks!

  • __thought__catalogue_ 24w

    Part _1
    Love story !

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    At first sight !

    And finally the day has come when thousands of emotions were running in my head…
    Should leave my family,hometown,and all my memories back.
    However I started my journey To my college (madhyapradesh)along with my parents which is miles away from my home town ,we boarded into the train and I As usually selected window seat..!
    Tears started rolling ,I was facing mental trauma and was really afraid of living without my parents..
    Seeing me my mom caressed me ,I slept on her laps through out my journey that was like heaven
    And after 14hrs of journey we reached my college
    … and sadly parents were not allowed into the campus.. That old watch man didn't allow my parents in I was feeling like hitting him with a stick..
    But I need to say bye to my parents and move in and I took my luggage and somehow managed to move with all pain !
    I was really worried about the people I am gonna meet there. I had to carry heavy luggage with me, and don't even know anyone to help me out..!
    But to my surprise I saw a guy coming towards me he was wearing black Nike shoes ,ripped jeans half sleeves black shirt... I don't know why but My heart started beating faster !……he came towards me and I heard him saying "Hello! This is Rahul, and I am from Hyderabad. Can I help you?"

    Part _1

  • kevinosullivan 68w

    At first sight

    Love, at first sight; hangs like a clean bed sheet being draped into place.
    Both do hang weightless, defying gravity as time itself ceases.
    Momentary possibilities flutter in the fresh breeze as two connect in form.
    But as the cotton soon will wrinkle from sleep so too will we wrangle away from perfect loving bliss. The stars but align once if ever, so its best to keep our eyes open.


  • behind_the_clouds 81w


    The day, when I saw you,
    I met you, I loved you.
    Your face,Your hair,
    Your spirit of a player;
    Your dimples ,your smile,
    Can you only be mine?

    You are so awesome
    That you can change the the mausam:
    From cold to hot,
    From autumn to spring ,
    You have the freshness of a mint.

    That special day of mine
    I thought of you till nine;
    When I realised, I couldn't see you again,
    Cupid went back to heaven.
    Suddenly my mom knocked the door
    And I fell into the floor.

    The injury you created
    Cannot be treated ;
    Even Apollo would fail
    And would make —
    A heaven of hell.

    But we met again
    And Cupid smiled to me from heaven,
    You came close to me
    You were a host to me;
    You offered me to dance
    And my heart started to beat fast!

    I gazed at your eyes,
    When you were telling you had a mice,
    You are still in my memory;
    Not like the one's which are temporary!
    When I saw you, I met you,
    I loved you

  • _avani_ 120w

    Initially i never believed in the concept of love at first sight .
    But, everytime I see you...
    i believe in love at first sight concept deeper & deeper.

  • aworthy1 145w


    Can I trust you to stay or are u gonna leave. can I follow after u on blind faith will yu be my support even when you can't find word to say? Can you vow to agree 2 disagree and hold me down cause i can't take it I won't settle for things any less cause what you give is what you get and this is what I promise to give to you for the rest of my days. So let me know baby are you down to take a chance, yes or no will you stay?❣❣