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    GOD or SATAN!!

    If GOD is Good,
    & Satan is notorious,
    Then Look, the whole world is notorious but i can't find no good in here...
    Yk what i mean?

  • keates 12w

    •• DEAR GOD ••

    Dear Gods and Goddesses of all the
    Religions that were, are and will be
    I have a few questions for all of You
    that is if You do exist for real
    which I have begun to doubt now.
    Have You really left us?
    Like Danny Archer said
    Or have You always been that
    Just a figment of our imagination?
    I don't know. Maybe I will never
    But You have proven something
    and I thank You for that
    You don't care what happens to our race
    You don't mind humans losing humanity
    Why don't You stop the carnage that
    happens inside Your so-called 'homes'?
    Why do You just look and smile
    as those monsters feed on the children?
    You do nothing as innocent little lives
    are devoured by those same imposters
    who use Your name for their gain.
    Tell me! Tell us all! What was their crime
    That they had to face such beasts?
    Did they not worship You properly?
    Or were You too busy in Your heavens?
    Have You given up on the human race?
    Or maybe You've become a sadistic monster as well?
    I know You won't answer. You never do.
    Cause, my dear Gods, you've always been like that.
    I feel it's time for us humans, now
    to forget the differences, to join hands
    To unite together and save what's left
    For it already feels like, we're too late.

    © keates

    Penned on 16th April, 2018

    The more I see the world, the less I believe in some imaginary figure in the clouds who'll guide us. Even if there is someone like that, he won't help us unless we help ourselves. Humanity is the Greatest religion of all.

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    Is this the way you prove your existence by Torturing someone physically or mentally,
    who have lost faith in you???
    You have also given it a name "Karma"!!

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    Crossed hares,
    Lay me down.
    Before the dead son rises,
    Moves beyond the rock again.
    Before the eggs are stowed.
    Before the rabid children feast.
    Eagar maws drool
    At the sight of false-god flesh.
    More tempting than a brick of yeast.
    The decorous, wreathed, and sanguine
    Replaced by a mammal carved in chocolate

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    #Athiest #Kaafir #Pains.

    Created: 28/11/2019.

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    कितना कुछ लिखा था मेरी तक़दीर में,

    परत दर परत खुलती गयी,

    मैं हक़ीक़त से वाक़िफ़ होता गया.

    ज़ख़्म पे ज़ख़्म, फिर ज़ख़्म पे ज़ख़्म,

    एक हद तक झेले फिर क़ाफ़िर होता गया.

    ©Sumit Soni

  • radhu007 54w

    I am the Jesus you Pray!
    I am the Allah you Bow!
    I am the Buddha you hear!
    Who am I?
    A person mentors you in your Depression.
    I am that Satan you Hate !
    I am that Beast you Hunt!
    I am that monster you fear!
    Who am I?
    An ignorance to understand.
    I am that chocolate you lick!
    I am that sweet words you love!
    I am that elegant you love to touch!
    Who am I?
    A mask you love to see!
    I am that pain you cry for!
    I am that chain you cling to!
    I am the one fill your thoughts!
    Who am I?
    A Hope you built.


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    Theist or Atheist?
    What would the world be without a Religion? What changes would it bring, and for better or worse?

    Feather of peace society has once again brought to you its Weekend Special Contest. This time you are required to pen a poem about
    your views on " A World without any religion "

    The poem can be either in hindi or english language.The contest liberates the writers by not providing any direction or word limit to adhere to. So pick up your sheets and start pouring your imaginations for a better world.
    Submit your writeups at the instagram handle of @feather_of_peace Latest by Monday ,9th September before 11a.m.

    The best selections will be posted under feather hand-picked banner and would also receive shoutouts on page highlights + additional perks .
    Happy Writing!
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  • harshaintsatan 74w


    Im fu*king tired onto the up downs
    still unable to handle
    So i tryna control, sue it
    & Ducked to a situation tangled
    Coz then I don't have my parents
    to see me cry
    I have my friends having same wish for them
    & hope me to die
    .....now I'm sorry !
    i didn't felt my mother's care
    & I never still get loved
    too weird to end, but living is so like a dare
    Im here coz only hope he keeps above !
    & I'm Aware

  • __insane_species_ 81w

    Hello Fools,
    Visiting a Temple on Shivarathri won't get you a Lamborghini..??


  • danielkd 86w

    The Invisible King

    Sitting in the shadows;
    stirring violence.
    Your faith is frail and shallow;
    With pure arrogance.

    How tough is to open your eyes?
    See the light and translate.
    Feel the essence of love;
    Which is greater than hate.

    Young minds, you crave;
    Infect with intense loathing.
    Killing to prove blind loyalty;
    To your heavenly invisible king.

    If only life was reasoned more;
    More than the ancient texts.
    It wouldn't be too hard ;
    For you to infer life's contexts.

  • thesagacontinues07 97w

    "Only if they knew that it's a facade,
    To deal with the critics for not believing in God!
    I'm not an atheist, neither am I a preacher,
    Only God can help me have a clear vision of this picture."
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    Faith in God?

    What happens when faith is questioned,
    What happens when they squander all the conventions?
    Does it approve us, whether to believe or not?
    Or does it supress us because of its own selfish thoughts.

    I wonder, why God is there?
    I wonder if God is real or just a tale.
    I don't understand, if he exists, and we all are his children,
    Why doesn't he shows himself, is he forbidden?
    Why is that everyone has a blind faith,
    Without ever questioning, they simply accept it as their fate.
    Why is that we do believe in heaven and hell?
    If God is good, why there evil still casting around so many spells?
    I always find it hindering and pricking to notice,
    No one ever explains, they all just go with it.
    Now I'm not on either side, I'm staying neutral,
    Neither am I claiming nor am I denying the fact that its real.
    This is surreal, and a little confusing,
    Everything others find in God, I never find it amusing.
    I want to know, what should I do.
    Should I or shouldn't I believe in this thing they call it a guru.
    Now again, I squal for explanations.
    But it takes over to a squalor rather than a justification.
    I'm still searching for it, the answer to my question,
    Whether to walk my own path, or follow the old conventions!

  • kritighai 103w

    I don't believe in ghosts,
    doesn't mean I don't have fears.
    I am an athiest,
    doesn't mean I don't have faith.
    I don't believe in fate,
    but I do trust my instincts
    to make things happen.
    I dream big,
    doesn't mean I can't
    handle reality.
    I like to go with the flow,
    doesn't mean I don't have
    I am bold,
    doesn't mean I don't
    have a soft side.
    So let's just say that
    not every situation has
    a cliché consequence.

  • _srm969 103w

    You know an atheist is dumb when he says, "I'm yet to read a science book that tells me to kill others ", and at the same time claims to know all about science, the Bible and other religious books.

  • gauravkasture 117w

    Bro.. many girls came into your life. But out of them, you often talks about that particular girl only. Even though you both broke up a long ago. Why? His friend asked.

    "Coz as you know I'm an atheist. But only she has the power to make me believe in god." He replied.


  • aniketmoreartist 118w

    My Appointment With God

    A palace, divine, crumbling and crushing the living in my mind.
    God! Oh sacred deity, your appointment is due, come save me.
    Dust, I will become, return to the land.
    Come fucking save me, you ruthless traitor!
    What have you given to me? This nightmare called life?
    Why do we dance upon the bodies of the dead? Why do we hide behind them when we shoot with riffles?
    The ground opens a scar in healing, the world is in chaos and my God is late. He is fucking late. She is fucking late.
    Do you remember that I'm rotting in silence and time and your so called scriptures that they deem divine.
    The barrier is broken, I'm choking, dementia approaches.
    Rotting universe, rotting is the idea of being, rotting everything.
    The moon shatters in to pieces, white and grey-gray.
    Uranus, Saturn collapse to the planets and are no more, the earth is no more.
    I'm floating in time and space, in life and death.
    Love lost, a mental thought.
    I'm an immigrant here in space, I'm no longer home.
    My world is destroyed, my home is destroyed. My god never arrived.
    It's past his appointment. Where the fuck are you?
    Now it's no more, nothing can be saved and I'm floating in dead space.
    My god has finally arrived. Why, oh why did you take so long?
    And with his ascension he pushes a dagger through me betraying me leaving me as a dying atheist.

    © Aniket More

  • thataviguy 131w

    Society will ignore all my wishes and prayers I pray in front of God,
    But can't ignore me when I'm an Atheist.


  • discreetliterature 131w


    "I am nothing"
    Said the god,
    In the mind,
    Of an atheist,
    And then,
    the Idea of god,
    Was gone,


  • writersparadigm 147w

    Is God real?

    I read somewhere - Is God real???
    And I thought and thought and I reached only one conclusion.
    It doesn't matter.
    What matters is the faith and till it's true , God will exist.
    You have to believe , one of the hardest yet the most powerful thing in the world.
    Maybe god is just a figment of imagination of people long ago , but for all he symbolises , for all the good 'he has got us to do' , for all he 'makes us protect' , I believe in him.
    The thought of there being a celestial power high above us , who strives to protect the good and punish the wrong appeals to me.
    And it's true if I believe so.
    And I if I don't.
    That would be fine too.
    The world will be the same. Full of believers and non-believers living together governed by laws and terms and habits they themselves created.
    The only difference will be that I won't have someone to go to when I am scared , when I am down or when I need guidance. I will feel more alone than others. More mortal. More normal.
    The point is not about God , it's about faith.
    Yes , people say that faith sometimes takes you to the wrong path but that particular path was paved by the person himself , his faith only showed him the way.
    But yes , it's a dangerous but Important thing.
    As I once wrote myself -
    Faith is a priceless yet fickle thing,
    Takes years to find yet moments to lose,
    Some follow it blind yet others with an eye open,
    Blessing for the wise yet a curse for innocents.

  • siddhant_scribbles 155w

    Some questions... About faith!

    So this is about me, what I have chosen to believe and what still remains a mystery for my psyche to uncover. No, please donot take me for an athiest or a non-believer because I believe in love and that it spreads faster than any other epidemic. But the fact that I donot understand anything mystical or supernatural or psychic confuses me. I mean, from where do people derive strenght to pray to somebody throughout their lives who has only existed in idols and photographs? How do people chant continuously with so much conviction when half of them don't even know the meaning of what they are saying?

    What is this phenomena people refer to as God? How do I decipher this strong bonding between man and something which might be a mere creation of our own mind? Life is a simple biochemical process from mating till death and still there is so much faith in karma and renaissance. Is it so difficult to differentiate between what is righful and otherwise that we need a higher power to tell us that? What if there is nothing of the stature of the God that people believe in but just a fluke to scare them and make them do what is necessary to lead an ideal life? Mankind has always trusted its instincts through the evolutionary process which has resulted in us delapidating this very planet giving us all the resources necessary for survival.

    Life is always going to pose questions and I am going to trust and believe what I can see and touch and feel rather than falling in line with everyone chanting and ringing and singing and praying.
    Does that make me an athiest?
    Is believing in love and rightfulness not enough?
    Is God the only path for resurrection of humanity?