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  • newbud 18w


    I love to go on morning walk, when I wear my shoes it gives me a felling of winner... However I am not going for any task... But a felling of competing my task of waking up early in the morning..... When I step out from my home ... I fell this day is just for me, the air is blowing just to welcome me, the sun is rising high to say me gudmrng, few people to whom I see.. Are welcoming me... Everything is new.... The fresh air, the little fog, the birds all are there just to welcome me.... Then I just walk like I'm the winner of this day... No worries, no pain. I see my dream in early morning to make them up... To push myself to do hard work....
    Try to wake up early in the morning n go for a walk u will also feel the same..

  • sujithr 63w

    A Walk

    At times all you need is a walk,
    Sharing of feelings, just a talk
    Holding hands of your love beside,
    Leaving all your sorrows behind
    Just a walk around the aisle,
    Bet, that will definitely bring a smile
    The talk need not be in words,
    Pure silence and just fly like birds
    All you need is a walk with your love,
    With whom, to spend a life, you vow

  • alias_poetry 127w

    Evening Sky

    There's a certain charm to this place,
    Calming winds, while the melancholy touches your face,

    There's something about the imperfection,
    That takes it far beyond the obvious deception,

    Sometimes Oblivious, although melodious,
    Full of disparity, yet so harmonious,

    The sky turns into a canvas so often,
    Artists envy nature, yet take inspiration,

    There is a certain charm of this place,
    Someone you miss, although there's love to embrace,

    Walks are disticntly passionate,
    Although you try but can't find a surrogate,

    You tempt, you entice, you lure yourself to someone whom you don't know,
    You repel, you weary, you detach yourself from someone far away you happen to know,

    Because you feel, you appeal only to reveal what you believe,
    You choose to heal, you repeal the doubt and choose faith to relieve,

    All this beauty is so rewarding, so calming, yet so desolate,
    The optimism inside is sometimes so apparent, yet so resonate,

    There's a certain charm of this place,
    Alarmingly quiet, yet you hear incantations of grace.


  • pushpanshupadhayay 138w

    A few steps

    Would you like to walk a few steps with me?
    I promise we won't be late.
    I promise not to leave your hand if you permit me to grab it.
    I promise to tell you all my secrets if you're ready to lock them deep inside your heart.
    I promise to keep all those promises you want me to make.
    Now that you're convinced, let's make a plan. Shall we?
    So I want you to wear the same pink shirt in which you look like a pink rose dipped in the milk.
    Oh! I haven't decided anything about me. So, why not I let you decide for me?

    I want you to know all of my needs and deeds.
    I want you to tell me about you too.
    I want you to tell me all those stuffs that you don't share with anyone.
    Okay rest is a surprise, when you come you'll know.

    When the walk ends I want you to remember it for like forever. So be ready....