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  • silverjade69 14w

    24 years of marriage

    My beginning and ending, use to revolve around you.
    It was pleasant at times and could be dreadful at others. The ups of love and passion, did not out weight the downs of control and damage you caused my inner bring. It was a long trail of broken dreams, and the pieces that shattered about were so many I couldn't count. You no longer consume my core and thoughts. But I'm still mending and looking for the broken pieces, of my heart.

  • the_speccy_outsider 15w

    If I could only stick the broken stems together that once supported the foundation of my life and obstruct a tedious process of the dying of summer and letting the cold and dark winter take away my sanity through its creepy grasp.

    To face the fatalities, I cut down all the thorns. As they often hurt the ones who wanted to bloom by my side. Thus, I was left vulnerable, without my armour.

    How foolish of me to think that detachment could help me cope up with the nosedive I was experiencing. When a flower is left forlorn, segregated from the fragrance of fellow buds, it is an arduous task to survive. To be away from the pack, all alone.

    To stride into the cerulean caelum being inebriated by the azure, one feels blessed. Watching the silhouettes of orphic hues. The journey comes to a halt when the melancholic grey encompasses the sky. One suffers a nosedive. And it hits hard.

    There aren't any dew drops that kiss you every morning, a zephyr that helps you relinquish the pain, and the dear petrichor that brings peace and serenity. All one has are the scissors of vanquish. Cutting every pulchritudinous memory that once made you feel valiant.

    The beginning and the end of a nosedive is in our hands. The power to manipulate it rests with none, but us. To give it a proper ending, or to not give it an ending. Leaving various blanks to fill, according to one's desires. Or to forget that there ever was a nosedive.

    //I regarded it as if it had happened years before, or as if it had happened to someone else, or as if I had only heard of it, or as if I had only forgotten about it// The Castle (Franz Kafka).

    Bestowing one the power to change everything. And to look beyond the horizons of self-doubt and the cimmerian sky. Towards a yonder land where one is about to bloom, among fellow buds. With just the apt avidity.


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    Picture credits: To the rightful owner.

    Edit: @writersnetwork Thank you so very much for the fifth repost! ��

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  • felix__anima 16w

    'Always Too Young For Dead Ends'

    Stories, Chapters, The novel of life
    each page turns to another climax,
    endings begin with finished beginnings
    and a new page begins with priors The End.

    I wonder what leaves more impact
    what emotion you let dominate the other,
    the joy of turning to a new story
    or the agony of leaving a familiar one behind.

    /One heart breaks while other is mending
    one door opens while other is closing/
    but should I be happy of new doors, I'm scared to explore
    or mourn closing of doors, I was used of seeing.

    We stick to our past, because of familiar faces
    we scare new doors, life adventures are pretty scary
    past bids farewell with no goodbyes
    and future welcomes people with no prior information.

    The surprise of beginnings
    the heartbreaks of The Ends,
    the ship of our life trembles
    in inconsistent 'go with the flow' waves.

    A roller coaster of emotions this brain feels
    the hormonal rush with considerable impact,
    the emotional changes, equivalent of physical wounds
    are we not always too young for dead ends?

    Hippocampus, amygdala, the emotional brain
    dopamine the pleasure, with an urge to return back
    oxytocin the love, need to feel cosy again
    adrenaline the fright, scared of The Ends after beginnings.

    Few stories begin, maybe to end
    few of them end, to weave some new
    but isn't this binary too complex
    for way too emotional human brain.


    #baec (sorry for the late attempt)
    #writersbay #genuine_readers @writersbay

    (The lines in slashes are from some dice media series.)

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    |Always Too Young For Dead Ends|

  • my_tiny_chapter 16w




    Something inside me
    at the sound of your name.
    Some say this is love,
    but I know this is pain.
    With the cloths of fabrication
    wrap perfectly along your body,
    The deceit.
    The resentment.
    The lies;
    The ill intentions-
    have coveted the means
    for resonance and rehabilitation
    In the sense in which
    you lack and cannot maintain.
    The fear drives away the fire
    from my soul,
    brought by the zephyr of the night,
    Making me feel weird.
    Like the churning of the ocean,
    my soul sinks,
    knowing depths are relative -
    knowing I'm never coming back.
    A thousand bejeweled words, 
    are buried
    under this forbidden desire.
    This ache and this bile,
    rises with a forced smile. 
    The last one I gave
    as I drowned
    in the waves of the night.
    I am thinking about 
    your embrace,
    encompassing me 
    like water running to land,
    while I am completely submerged 
    in the way
    you call this sinking feeling love.
    Drowning me
    with false dreams,
    Choking me
    with saccharin hug,
    Blinding me
    with your beams.
    A repetitive pattern
    of falling in vain,
    But eventualy,
    they all feel like death to me.
    I remembered
    one of the wise saying,
    "We are not drown
    by falling into depth
    but rather
    by staying submerged in it!"
    Lying on the ocean floor
    devoid of light and sound
    Waters washed my scent away, 
    and my own self-pity
    was like a buble bath 
    in which
    my crushed bones were soaking.
    I've burrowed into my existence.
    I can't find the hinges
    that hold our worlds together,
    Or the patterns
    that could help me try,
    As you -
    You poured darkness
    upon me...
    Leaving me
    forever damaged
    full of love and hate.
    swirling within the troposphere
    the zephyr touches my heart,
    guided waves to shore,
    playing in grand sound,
    as I whisper gratitude,
    For celebrating
    A new life -
    A new emergence
    Exploding outward 
    defying confinement
    in my own commitment
    to a reality yet unknown.

    Image found from Google
    And is credited to rightful owner / artist

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    "We are not drown
    by falling into depth
    but rather
    by staying submerged in it!"

  • zehrish_ 16w

    The subtle
    ending of the
    day holds my
    loneliness into
    it's arms like a new
    born under the sunset
    amid the daisies and
    wraps me up in a comfortable
    blanket of emotions and my thoughts
    to mark a beautiful beginning
    under the same black sky and
    the path that leads to heaven inside.

  • wilmaneels 16w

    -the beauty in complexity-

    Their beginning was unorthodox
    Felt more like an ending
    Because both had to let go of baggage
    That were not needed anymore
    Though they were judged by outsiders
    The following chapters of the book
    Were for their eyes only

    The outsiders could only guess and assume
    We all know what happened to assumptions

    So even though it started out like an ending
    Their beginning was the most beautiful thing to watch

    Especially to those who understood the complexity

  • rekhuu 16w

    A city buzzing with inter caste weddings and its shenanigans all around, takes me back to the time when I imagined our very own such special wedding. Alas, not all beginnings have the kind of endings as desired. Here I am wishing off everyone a "happy married life" and cursing myself for falling in love with "the wrong guy". The negativity brewing betwixt those lies and the broken promises making me loose my humane self. Year after year as I inch closer to the desperate thirties without having tasted "any" sort of success, the parental concern and societal pressure mounting at an alarming rate. Research says that every relationship serves some purpose. I do wonder what the reason was for our fateful crossover. It's sad that "we" should've been the unlucky ones to face God's brunt. I choose to turn to the seraphic verses to drive out melancholy from my soul. . .


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    A journey to celebrate the painful endings which leads to eventful beginnings


  • the_lost_melody 16w

    / and i know what my heart was made for
    to love you forevermore /
    - you are my everything, gummy

    and I want to tell you
    that I've loved you from the beginning
    when I didn't know what love was
    but my heart was still set on you

    like the flapping of butterfly wings
    the sun that shined brighter
    the first rain that i shared with you

    like all the stories
    that I no more speak of
    the words that I hold within
    because love comes stealthily

    like stolen glances
    and sand castles in mid summers
    my name that wouldn't slip past your lips

    like everything that i've always known
    the world i've seen from your eyes
    my first love
    that stays beyond endings and eternities


    #baec @writersbay

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  • sara_maliha 16w

    At the end of a journey
    make sure that the destination is
    worth your patience.
    If it is not,
    keep journeying.


  • blinganshu 16w


    There is not much to talk about
    The beginning and the end
    They were both jinxed.

    Me and my favorite person in the world
    My dearest father decided to watch
    A movie together.
    We were both very excited
    It was happening for the first time
    After a long time.

    The movie we decided to watch
    The one which the channel decided to show
    Our excitement was full-blown
    We would finally watch the full movie
    You all know it.
    The classic 'Sholay'.

    'Why so much fuss about a movie?'
    My mom asked
    'You know nothing about it.'
    My dad sassed.
    I agreed with him in my heart.
    Being a movie buff and
    Still never being able to watch
    The beginning and the end
    Of this legendry movie
    Only the two of us know
    How does it feel?

    We switched off our phones.
    Closed the curtains
    Took the popcorn bowl
    Made our way in front of the TV screen
    The movie was about to start
    We waited with thumping hearts.

    It happened again.
    The TV turned off
    We heard my mother's scoff
    We got up and checked.
    There was some problem with the plug.
    By the time it was fixed
    The part we always miss
    Had already finished.

    Still, we didn't lose hope
    So what if we missed the beginning
    We will definitely not miss the end
    But it was just our wishful thinking.
    It happened again
    The TV screen was again black.
    It has happened to us
    Innumerable times.

    Talking about this movie
    There is not much to talk about
    The beginning and the end
    They are both jinxed.

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    Jinxed beginning and Jinxed end

    There is not much to talk about
    The beginning and the end
    They were both jinxed.

  • strangledsoul 16w

    the raw cinch mocking the windows and door
    Yet failed in persuading the agony in me

    Holding the inner truce, inciting the recalls
    of her holding hands and cuddling back

    taking the seat beside mine
    adores gushing through vocals

    she possesses unique spells
    plunging me to her oftentimes

    At the moment, just alone
    sipping coffee, she likes the most

    the warm latte, dangled
    over the lips seems appealing

    Emotions flooding hastily
    with the thought of proclaiming

    the soul urging mine to
    demand love with
    everything I own

    beginnings enunciated
    the moments and endings
    yearns for them ever

    plant me in your garden
    and be my companion
    to embed my leaves
    and fruit flowers with little
    captures of days and nights
    full of life and not fearing time

    however, the time, challenged
    my belief and faith
    for the moments I strived
    daily from minutes to an hour

    fiddled as the piano tiles
    of bleak fame I earned
    when you fade

    fate, scout initiating time
    when body involved
    and ceasing the motions
    when the freedom call.

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    @writersnetwork @writersbay #pod

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    Time was running out and I was sipping coffee

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  • pallavi4 16w

    Beginnings and Endings

    The ending that came all too soon
    Was like a book that was shut abruptly
    Without warning, without pretext
    Appearing out of nowhere, suddenly

    I broke down like a smashed teacup
    Into thousands of unmendable pieces
    Got lost in a moving crowd made up of
    A thousand indifferent faces

    The feeling of being hollow inside never left me
    Of being a tunnel without an end
    No matter how hard I tried, I lost myself
    In a vortex without any hope of being mend

    Spiralling downwards I was like Alice
    Falling down a seemingly unending rabbit hole
    And then one day I hit rock bottom, just when I
    Thought there could be no hope for my soul

    Could there be any restitution for one whose spirit
    Had been shattered, splintered, subdued?
    Whose insides had been scared by the glass like
    Broken trust, trust that had been abused

    Climbing out of that complexly bizarre state
    Where you’d left me obscure, without any illumination
    Every day, every step was excruciating
    Like being on a path of damnation

    Covered in grime and muck- I dug my way out
    In the hope of finding myself eventually again
    Not only did I find my way out of all the turbulence
    I stopped hurting or feeling any pain

    Like a new leaf that sprouts in the spring-
    Without any protection it chooses to bloom
    Gradually as the sun came out, I found a way
    To not be defined by my gloom

    The moon shines all the while bearing scars
    I chose to wear mine with pride yet plough ahead
    I hope I find a new direction, a new goal
    A new beginning for me to tread


    5th of October, 2020

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner - Mysterious silhouettes stand in surreal portals to imaginary new worlds by Nate Hill

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  • shilpagk 16w

    Affirmations and refutations

    And when the caterpillar thought it's the end of its petty life, it began to have wings to fly!

    Opportunities are waiting with open arms, only if you know how to detach yourself from refutations!


  • bhawna__ 16w


    // I'll witness the endings someday,
    I'll talk to the beginnings someday,//



    because I'm always afraid of writing,
    because I always leave my words unfinished,
    because I accept the death of the victory even before the fight,

    and still, I call myself a warrior,

    because I'm still fighting with the beginnings,

    I'm meditating every day to breathe the dark lights,

    I don't have time
    And I can not fight with the time,
    so I started having a war with it,

    To shine more and having a smile that can show my shining eyes,
    That I'm having the wars with my crimes,
    That my words aren't there that I thought of having beginning kites,
    that always wanted to freely fly,
    high in the sky.


    October 5, 2020

    #baec #writersbay @mirakee #MondayMantras @writersnetwork #pod #penandpaper #ink #upsc #universe #victory #hope #dreams #soul #fear #courage #war
    #life #writing

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    I wanted to be a great writer when my brain was shuffling to get out of the mess,
    that I am having a lot of questions,
    This was the great beginning of a great aspiring artist,
    who always wanted to create the questions,
    and always wanted to make the portraits
    of the answers to create new questions,
    so that my brain can think of more answers to create further ones,
    But, whenever, I tried to put my ink to draw the biggest palace,
    which is having the uncountable stairs to walk,
    and walk till the graffiti does not make the straight lines to make the reverse of that,
    I just found myself with the infinite endings of the questions,
    I always felt helpless whenever I got to select that colour of the ink,
    from which I'm going to write the blurred letters,
    My brain always betrayed me with the questions that I'm gonna write,
    and with the answers that I'm gonna create,
    with my coward soul,
    If I'm gonna begin this movement of battle with my soul,
    I'll be dead in the moments
    when I will not get the courage to turn that question into the answers,
    and I'll not be able to create the next question,
    just because of that fear,
    the fear of getting into the drawings of hate wars,
    and my portrait of questions and answers will be an ending scene of what I never dreamt of,
    and I fall again in this trap,
    and here I again stop writing, ~~~~~~



  • lightnessandark 16w

    The ending of us will be a beginning of a new me

  • pallavi4 16w


    You exist in fragments now,
    In moments that are
    Lost to time....
    In memories that are jaded,
    Faded but still held
    By loose threads.
    I keep picking
    Through these moments
    And looking at night sky, studded
    With the stars we used to count
    And wondering .....
    Was it our beginning
    That decided that
    Our ending was destined
    To be this way
    Or did we do this to ourselves ?


    5th of October, 2020

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • kuhelika 16w

    Goodbyes are only the end of moments.
    Deep down there's no true endings.
    And who says endings cannot be beautiful?
    Is it the time you want to run away or to chase another?
    Some may be real and some just a phantom.
    At least you're brave enough to be unreal for a day!
    Many do coexist between the two having no idea.
    Having dreams can be a daunting adventure.
    But who says you're not a good rider?
    Mabye not all of them will be done.
    Some maybe left barren and some untidy.
    But nothing ever and ever ends.
    It will take its U-turn to be back to you.
    Maybe in an attire you don't recognise.
    But when things seem ending,
    Your life wants your new beginnings.
    Go! Lord from heaven is blessings you.

  • ablaze_writer 16w

    Goodbyes are hard!!!

    Perhaps this too is the end
    a beautiful end, which I hope to be a comma and not the fullstop.
    I opened this account 4 years ago on a whim to write everyday and I tell you I was not very successful. I began again and again for it has been 4 years and still I was not lucky to do so. Then the lockdown happened and I got a lot of time at my hand that's when i gave this another try and wrote.

    And I'm so glad that I could really write each day, some poetry or quotes or anything but I could just write my heart out. The other thing I'm most grateful for is that I got so many friends here, I made bondd which I will treasure for a lifetime.

    Now the time demands to be dedicated to some other journey of mine, and maybe that is the new beginning I have been searching for. The goodbyes are hard but when time is right they have to be said. So, yes whenever time permits I will try to sloth here.
    And my best wishes to all new beginning's of all lovely people here.


  • ashamurali 16w

    In the beginning
    There was a tax on breasts for a select few,
    did you know?

    In the beginning
    There was a ban on covering the upper body for a select few, did you know?

    In the beginning
    There was a ban on entering places of worship for a select few, did you know?

    In the beginning
    There was a ban on entering some roads for a select few, did you know?

    Dont rake up history! Dont open closed wounds! I have heard people say.

    Yes I totally agree that some of it is sorted out. But is it enough?Alas! History, like karma, if not read and reviewed, has a nasty pattern of repeating itself. Situations are different but the crux remains the same. Let us recognize oppression and deal with it suitably.

    We owe it to those visionaries who first recognized the social evils.and dedicated their entire lives to make the world a better place.

    Unlike our forefathers, we have powerful weapons of awareness and technology. Let us use it to once for all change the ending. Let us not subject the next generation to deal with any of these issues.

    Dedicating my post to Periyar E.V.Ramaswamy who has worked tirelessly towards women empowerment, and creating awareness on discrimination.

    #baec #life #readthisj #mirakee #daadigotyourback #writersnetwork #pod @writersnetwork @writersbay @mirakee #iamfordalits

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    Change the ending

    In the beginning
    There were many wrongs
    Most of it rectified
    By the sweat and blood
    And endless toil
    Of select few.

    There is still work unfinished,
    Still issues to be sorted out.
    They have done what they could
    They have paved the path to follow
    High time we widen it some more!

    Oh! To let their efforts go in vain!
    Having a mantle just to let it tear!
    Time to wake up from our slumber
    Our contribution is crucial
    If we want a better ending.