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  • jamesdavismcallister 5w

    You Thought You Buried Me

    You thought you buried me
    Now you'll see it's the beginning
    Resurrection,infection in your head
    And I'm in my prime call me Optimus
    Done living the lie
    cause it's my time to shine
    Like the big dipper call me flipper
    Making waves high tide
    On my grind living my life for the first time
    Not under your grip your slaves whip
    Hey man tell me hows my dick taste
    Shes just a waste
    You'll soon find out what shes all about
    Spreading her legs like a fucking disease
    Bitch bleeds 30 days a month
    You'll see shes just another slut
    Now have I said enough
    Bitch weighs more than a monster truck
    Like what the fuck
    Not just another metaphor
    Shes just a whore
    Wont stop til I settle the score
    Not taking shit from you or your fucking friends
    It all depends how you want this to end
    Cause I'm living my life for the revenge

  • leena_afsha_ishrot 6w

    Behind the bars,
    Does she know how starry nights be like
    Behind the bars,
    Does she know how streets look in rainy days
    She wears shackles
    She's ungrateful as a human
    Because she is void
    She is scared to raise voice
    What if they dumped her under the soil
    But she resembles herself with fireflies
    One who burns self
    To lighten the surrounding
    Behind the bars,
    Her dreams are chained
    She wishes she could have wings to fly

  • inked_feeling 18w


    जिंदगी मुझे सबने तो रिहा कर दिया,
    फिर तू क्यों मुझे कैद करना चाहती है।
    सब्र के पैमाने टूट गए कबके,
    फिर तू क्यों मुझे आजमाना चाहती है।।


  • rlc_coldquill 19w

    IlL Shyt

    Timing is impeccable, opposite of receptacle
    Playing with your ethical, I look at you and say typical. Me, topical looking through my optical, no illusion I'm dropping you. On a wave nautical. I blow by mark, I beat set go, hit mach, g status Midas the Maybach. Take ya life and you can't get May back. Have a seat back, strap that, I spit tacks. No lacks, slacks, or take backs I speak facts

  • aasheegarg_ 27w

    MEN DO CRY!!!
    passing by the countryside,
    I saw a "male bride"...
    yes! a "male bride"
    Coz he was crying with pride....

    many came to judge....
    but none wanted ,
    his tears to smudge...

    an uncle came ....
    to advice him first....
    or rather ,
    to quench his 'curious thirst'...

    trying to be humble...
    he said ' I understand your pain...
    but crying is not a solution...
    so you should abstain'

    second came an aunt...
    trying to be
    what she can't ...

    "what happened my child ...
    don't you worry,
    this pain is mild"

    everyone suggested...
    don't be weak , you are brave....
    as if they wanted to burry...
    all his emotions with that grave...

    long ago...
    he lost his mother
    just like now,
    he lost his father...

    I too wanted to try...
    to be with him...
    or at least give him
    a shoulder to cry

    although his age was
    to play with a toy...
    but now he stood
    only as an orphan boy...

    I wanted his story
    to give a pen...
    for he was not a boy
    but one of the men...

    watching that guy ,
    breaking the bars,
    revealing his scars
    I got to know
    MEN DO CRY!!!


    #men #cry #stereotypes #myth #scars #bars
    @om_nik @harshad09 @aasif_mirzaa @d_black_heartt @_ankit__ #poetry #thoughts #diary #nature #life #love

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    MEN DO CRY!!!

  • aswatha_victor 28w

    He : Will you Marry Me ?
    She : If you could Break the Bars Of Age.


  • venusphoenix97 41w

    Misunderstanding or Joke (Part 2)

    After several minutes, we arrived at the bar.
    The area is very crowded as it's filled with restaurants, bars, and lounges.
    We searched the area, but we couldn't seem to find our coworkers.
    Until we found another coworker who just arrived the area.
    We decided to have some snacks before continuing our search.
    While we were enjoying our snack,
    We saw another coworker who's walking towards a bar.
    We quickly paid our bill and went to the bar she entered.

    As we enter the bar,
    We saw our coworkers there and they have their drinks.
    We noticed that we were separated because we are from different cultures.
    One side from Western countries and one from Asian countries
    We walked towards the asian side and as we walked passed the western side,
    I saw him, the guy from the bike, chatting with his coworkers.
    As he was about to take a sip of his apple cider,
    He saw me taking a glimpse of him as I walked pass him and we smiled at each other.
    We took our seats and the waiter gave me and my friend the menu
    We scanned the menu and our coworkers said that our leader will be paying for our drinks.
    So I ordered tequila while my friend ordered mojito.

    Our leader walked drunkardly towards my friend and gave her a hug as he knew that she gave him a farewell gift card.
    He then walked towards me and had a small chat.
    While we chat, he was standing wobbly like he's gonna fall
    All of sudden, he asked why do I hate him so much
    I wanted to say so badly that it was because I know his true nature under the goofy and innocent mask that he has.
    I was then thinking,
    Should I tell him that in this drunkard state or I should just leave it alone so that he would leave the country with no hard feelings?
    I could have told him the truth,
    But I chose not to tell him and just gave him a small smile.
    I'm not really sure if it's a wise or stupid thing to do.

    As the night passed,
    My coworkers and I enjoyed chatting while drinking.
    As I was taking another sip of wine,
    the second drink that I ordered,
    There was a tap in the shoulder,
    I turned around to see the guy from the bike,
    Smiling at me and asked whether having a good time.
    I was pretty surprised as everyone from the other side were getting too drunk to care.
    I could tell from his face that he's also drunk and I admit that I was touched that he came over to have a small chat with me.
    I smiled and said yes.
    He asked what's my name,
    I said my name,
    He couldn't hear as the place was too noisy for him to hear.
    I said it as loudly as I could.
    He nods and he gave me his name.
    I couldn't hear it very clearly,
    But I knew what he said.
    He went back to his group and the night passed

    It was about time for us to go home.
    My friend and I were about to leave,
    Until our coworker stopped us and said that we had to pay for our drinks.
    We were confused as the leader already mentioned that he would pay.
    Quite frankly,
    I wasn't suprised as I saw it coming
    While my friend couldn't help but feel extremely pissed about it.
    We paid our bills and leave quickly.
    Despite that incident,
    I enjoyed the night as I felt happy that I got to have a small chat with him.
    That changed everything.

  • sonu99 41w

    The iron bars of the cage can hurt my wings but can't stop my passion to fly high in the sky.

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    Free fly

    The iron bars of the cage can hurt my wings but can't stop my passion to fly high in the sky.

  • chabala_vii 48w

    I tried squeezing in whatever homonyms came to my mind. Lol


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    I see a sea in your eyes
    I'm not fooled by your guise
    Or the guys who spread your lies
    I see pain through your window pane
    Ravenous rain ended your reign
    And now all you do is complain!
    A broken queen on the scene
    The saddest thing I've ever seen


  • youngbloodmy 48w


    Leaving before you go home with some you shouldn't is called adulting.

  • lifeofshiv 49w

    I'm sick of this cycle
    Making me go psycho
    Where did the hype go
    You came back into my life and landed a low blow
    Should've just stayed out and made out with my best friend again yo

    My whole life I've known pain
    But I've been jotting down names
    My hit list is insane
    You better stay in your lane
    I'll kamikaze you with my Japanese plane

    Lately my life's been lame
    I just need a target I've got the aim

    Like a sniper
    When you see me don't dirty your diaper
    Don't tell me about how I used to be nicer
    I'll put pepper in your eyes like Peter piper


    #mirakee #writersnetwork @writersnetwork #bars

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  • shadyman 51w


    Sahabd mere laate bahar, hip hop ka dahar,tu sun mere yaar,shabdo me bhaar jaise ho koi pahad,himalaya sa mahan,kalam kare waar,subha shaam khana pina jaise ye mere bars,Zindgi ki maar na choti mere yaar,rai ka pahad,banao na baar baar,
    Log bhuke sadte sote in sadko pe,aur tu phekta khana khub jaake kachro me,teri thali ka niwala kon chin ra hai,bahar nikal yaha giddar bi to cheetah hai,sare piche haath dho ke pade hai,kon kiska yaha sare to nithale hai,muh pr baap pith piche ye shakuni hai,aur tu mahal me reh ke bi ro raha hai,
    zara sadko pr to chal,makhmal se zara uttar,ankh ko to khol,nange paao badh,sachai se rubaru,vichar ko tu mor,tere mathe ke niche resham hai inke mathe ke niche bi to kichar hai,ankh kholte to dikhta asman hai,utna hi to ucha inhe jaana hai,zara sun baat smjh asliat dekh,Fir soch ki tu kitna hai khushkismat.

  • james_taumas 51w

    Drunk night

    Another night
    New and old friends
    Wander around neon sunlight
    Ducking into establishments
    Bartenders' greetings echo
    Rounds shared
    Spirits raised
    A beer to chase
    Temptation in a smile
    Numbers exchanged with promises
    Onwards to the next.


  • shadyman 54w

    Vent out

    I am going to design these rhymes,
    To tell you how life takes a dive,
    Everytime you want to take a flight,
    Someone comes and takes a jibe,
    I don't know how i don't know why,
    Jealousy always finds a place to ripe,
    Everytime i see a strike of light,
    Darkness comes to take a piece from my slice,
    From my plate which always stays empty,
    I just think everyone else got plenty,
    So why dont they share some with me,
    They dont see what pain i carry,
    All they see the smile which rides with me,
    Hate to say but what u see is nothing but an illusion,
    I am a big man with lots of confusion,
    All i want is some help to create a big bad fusion with the world so help me out,
    Let me vent it all out.

  • james_taumas 57w


    An empty bottle stirs
    Chisel into the cerebral
    Blunt sunlight blinding
    Laughing in the sky
    Sweetened bile lingers
    Swallow the rest
    Crawl towards sustenance
    Crack of am egg
    Bacon fat frying
    Devouring that cholesterol scent
    I'm alive again!


  • iam_varun 61w

    Khud se Ladd pda,
    Bdle haalaat Apne..
    Door rkhe jazbaat Apne..
    Fir main rhu ya na,
    Pr Aj mere Sth Apne..

  • ridgereigns 62w

    Time II

    Fly, rise
    Glide through the sky
    Eyes open wide
    Never fear to get high
    Let it flow through the mind

  • queenfivehead 63w

    It all ends the same...

    I make boys beg in bed
    He said he wants me for my personality while hes dry humping my leg
    They beg
    Oh they beg
    They beg to give me head
    They beg to give in hopes to recieve
    Chasing a nut
    Happy ending
    Cum is pending

    Yet i am an alleged slut
    I might cuddle with your Nigga
    And then with consent touch her butt
    2 faced Venus virgin
    That's down to earth and urban
    sex to me sounds like a burden
    I'll leave him crying
    I'll leave him hurting
    Im a bull when i see red
    I'm what makes him precum instead
    I'm the one with the golden, bronze, black, thick curvy legs
    Im what he wants in his bed


  • iam_varun 65w

    Everything will be ok


  • queenfivehead 63w

    I walk in my truth...

    I only want your heart
    I dont want the baggage
    I sza on the weeknd
    Natural body; no plastic
    Heat me up with static
    Angry fist bic fight classic

    We go to jail now
    We live in hell now
    I'm trapped
    Chipped walls
    Blank stares at halls
    So I takes hearts in free time
    I see them fall in love
    I suck up all the air and am intriguing to even bugs

    He wish i would let him taste me
    Let him spread my hips wide so I could have his baby
    I am a of a good breed. Regardless hes thinking of me
    He might be fucking you
    But in his dreams hes making love to me
    Theres levels to what's real and what's fantasy

    Not you
    You just do what you do
    You know your place
    In my presence hide your face and know not to be rude
    Im not bruh or dude
    I'm love or lady
    Sweet heart or a brazy pretty baby
    To talk to me
    Its not for you to see or understand

    He cant handle how my body moves and beats
    Up and down
    Goes the groove
    Mixing meat
    Lock it down before it moves
    Princess with cute big boobs
    With a queen sized seat
    Its my skin; not a bruise