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    Villainous night
    Murder in their hearts
    Tsunami charge
    Outnumbered and surrounded
    Odds insurmountable
    Mercy struck down
    Hope an unreliable ally
    Will to be strong
    Iron perseverance
    Athena's grace
    Heroes rise.


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    Never-ending Battle

    Depression is a continuous battle.

    Some days you're okay then one day it will come knocking at your door and you're broken again.

    You panic and curl down, starting to go over again the stuffs that will make you better.

    Then that thing will tell you again, “You're not really happy, those stuffs don't really make you happy.

    You're sad. That's what you are.”

    And you starts to cry, pleading, “Someone come save me please. Just someone, please.”

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    Colourland Series 4 Chapter 17 Part 1

    Chapter 17
    Easeion vs Crayon

    " Now this is just us " said Easeion. " The Bear has wanted this death for so long "
    " I will avenge Bill and Tara, I will be the big brother that they need "
    " It is what it means to be a Smithson, I am a Smithson and a Smithson forever "
    " Bear members are on their way here "
    " They will be disappointed to see that I am alive, I will not die this fight " said Crayon.
    " Hahahaha " said Easeion. " Not a chance in the world, without Challenger you cannot win "
    " He trusts so much in us " said Crayon. " He knows that I can do it "
    " He will end up being wrong and he will be sobbing at these great deaths " said Easeion. " Hahahaha "
    " Now we are going to continue your last fight ever "

    Easeion then charged up the Ultimate Thunderstorm while Crayon used the Heatwave Implosion to counter. They both were hit but they both got up, Easeion then started charging for the Bear Implosion.

    Crayon then used the Bird Implosion to counter the attack, they were both hit and knocked to the ground.

    Easeion then got up first, he grabbed Crayon.

    " Crayon, take this " yelled Easeion. " This is for all the Bear members that are not currently fighting with us right now "

    Crayon was slightly struggling but he got up and the he punched Easeion directly which made him start to slightly struggle.

    " What the fuck " said Easeion. " I am too great for this "
    " It doesn't seem that way " said Crayon.
    " My brother and sister need me to win this fight, Brett my father will be pissed " said Easeion.
    " He expected so much as a father, he wanted to take over with all of us "
    " I will win for him, let's go "

    Easeion then charged for the Bear Implosion while Crayon used the Heatwave Implosion to counter, they both were hit and fell to the ground.

    They both got up, Easeion punched Crayon while Crayon kicked him which they both went to the ground but Easeion got up.

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    We women, are more than enough.We can do anything we really set our minds to. Valerie

    #atticusxo #atticus #poetry #miraquill #warrior #queen #princess #battle #women #motivation #first

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    She's not anyone's princess,
    She doesn't need to be an heiress.
    She's a queen of her own castle,
    Like a warrior she fights her own battles

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    If You Wanna Win Every Battle then Defeat yourself first and If You want to defeat yourself then don't be an enemy of yourself.

    अगर आप हर लड़ाई जीतना चाहते हैं तो पहले खुद को हराएं और अगर आप खुद को हराना चाहते हैं तो खुद के दुश्मन न बनें|

    #inspiration #motivation #success #life #mind #psychology #philosophy #battle #war #win

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    Win War Before Start

    If You Wanna Win Every Battle then Defeat yourself first and If You want to defeat yourself then don't be an enemy of yourself.

    अगर आप हर लड़ाई जीतना चाहते हैं तो पहले खुद को हराएं और अगर आप खुद को हराना चाहते हैं तो खुद के दुश्मन न बनें|

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    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word short write-up on Earth

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    Stardust impulsed earth


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    Lady Earth

    It's raining here today
    I could see
    the particles of dust
    crumbling  into pieces
    I could
    smell the air,
    ripe with the pleasant,
    dewy petrichor
    as if the Lady Earth had her orgasm.

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    Colourland Series 4 Chapter 7 Part 1

    Chapter 7
    Alice, Easeion's Villainess

    Meanwhile Easeion was talking with Alice.

    " Alice, I will make sure that there will be stuff stolen for you " said Easeion.
    " What do you plan to do ? " asked Alice.
    " I will request it to the organization " said Easeion. " We should steal other stuff as well "
    " Easeion, you have been the villain that I need " said Alice.
    " I have been that villain for a reason, just like you have been that villainess for me " said Easeion.
    " I love you in the way that a villainess should " said Alice.
    " We must show that we now are together " said Easeion.

    Easeion then kissed Alice, she was very happy about it and then returned the favour after.

    Easeion then headed to meet with his father, Brett.

    " Easeion, my son what brings you here ? " asked Brett.
    " It is about Alice, she wants certain things stolen " said Easeion.
    " What type of things ? " asked Brett.
    " Lipstick, soap, shampoo, hair products " said Easeion.
    " I see " said Brett. " We will need to find one of those drugstores "
    " They may be at other stores, but the corner stores probably not " said Easeion.
    " We should still take from them though "
    " Yes, the organization always needs more " said Brett. " I am glad that you are one of my sons and I am glad that Tara is my daughter "
    " I am glad to see that " said Easeion.

    Brett and Easeion shook hands.

    Bill and Tara were talking with each other.

    " You ready to get out there " said Tara.
    " I most certainly am " said Bill. " Easeion must be avenged, I must be the brother that he has wanted me to be "
    " We need more stuff stolen as well " said Tara.
    " That is something that is for sure " said Bill.
    " Crayon and his friends will fall down " said Tara.
    " Hahahahaha " said Bill.
    " Hahahahaha " said Tara.
    " The Smithsons rule this place " said Bill. " Crayon's going down, he will regret ever angering Easeion "

    Everyone went to bed and morning came, where Crayon and his friends were resting.

    QuackQ did a morning broadcast about the defeat of Flora and Jessica.

    " Crayon did it " said Jack.
    " It means less drugs in Colourland, which is the way the country must be " said Bryant.
    " Crayon could eliminate all meth if he keeps fighting like this " said Amanda.
    " These drug dealers are connected to the Bear " said Jack. " When you see a gang, you know drugs are not far behind "
    " Numerians must be saved from these drugs, drugs have made them commit crimes " said Bryant.
    " The drug dealers are brainwashing Numerians into being criminals " said Amanda.
    " Crayon and his friends must continue fighting, we need Numerians saved from these influences " said Jack.
    " Challenger must be more of a leader during these times, he must take drugs seriously " said Bryant.
    " Being a leader is very Colourlandish " said Amanda.
    " Crayon is more Colourlandish than Challenger, Challenger has to understand what kind of country we live in " said Jack.
    " He must find that out and then make sure that Colourlandish people are not doing drugs and that drug dealers are not forcing their crime inducing meth on Numerians " said Bryant.
    " We have to go to a commercial break so stay tuned and remember to stay Colourlandish " said Amanda.

    Allie had arrived to visit, Crayon woke up.

    " So I heard you all won the fight " said Allie.
    " They sure did " said Challenger.
    " We did " said Crayon. " Colourea's new attacks did so much "
    " It is great to see " said Allie.
    " We must heal up, but you can continue training " said Challenger.
    " I will do so, I think about how Warbler is doing " said Allie.
    " He will take time, but he should be okay " said Challenger.
    " Good to see " said Allie.
    " It is " said Crayon.

    Time continued to pass and then Alice, Bill and Tara then headed out at night to steal with Bear members.

    " It really has been a while for this " said Bill.
    " It is good " said Tara. " Easeion is the man, we must do what is good for him "
    " I think about Easeion a lot, I will keep doing so " said Alice.

    Alice then saw a woman and then she fired off the Ultimate Darkness Blast knocking her out. The Bear members took the purse and the shopping bags.

    Bear members were attacking people and knocking them to the ground and they took wallets, knapsacks and necklaces.

    Bear members then headed towards this drugstore.

    They then rushed the clerk and then knocked him out.

    They then took shampoo, lipstick, soap, deodorant, money, gift cards, vodka and whisky.

    They met with other Bear members who robbed a corner store which they took money, gum, protein bars, lottery tickets, smokes and a wallet.

    They then saw another Bear member who had stolen a phone and a wallet.

    Bear members then were on a rampage just attacking everyone around the area and they took wallets, phones and purses.

    " We should head back to the hideout " said Bill.
    " Yes " said Tara.

    Bill, Tara, Alice and the Bear members then headed with all their stolen stuff to the hideout where they were greeted by Brett and Whites.

    " Glad to see you all back here " said Brett.
    " Let's see what was stolen "
    " Money, phones, wallets, purses, vodka, whisky, smokes, gum, protein bars, gift cards, lipstick, shampoo, soap and deodarant "
    " Excellent to see, this is so much "
    " Yes, this is a good day for the organization " said Whites.
    " Alice, we will give you the lipstick, hair products and soap " said Brett.
    " Thanks, I am glad to see what Easeion did " said Alice.
    " You are all dismissed " said Brett.

    They all went to their areas in the hideout.

    More days passed, Bear members continued training their abilities.

    Allie and Challenger did some training of their own as well.

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    Colourland Series 4 Chapter 4 Part 3

    " Hahahaha " said Easeion. " Man, I am so happy to see this shit "
    " Hahahahaha "
    " Hahahahaha "
    " Is this that funny ? " asked Colourea.
    " Yes, now there is no date for here " said Easeion.
    " There is nothing you can do now, I have succeeded and it feels amazing "
    " I have cockblocked you, Crayon "
    " But why do you want to do that ? " asked Crayon.
    " I want my revenge for what happened, I am so happy to see this " said Easeion.
    " We have cockblocked you " said another Bear member.
    " We intend to do things like this " said a different Bear member.

    A Bear member was recording all of this when it happened.

    Bear members had taken the wallets of all the people who were knocked out. They then saw a screen which they removed and they stole it and added it to this knapsack that they had.

    Flora and Jessica entered the room.

    " Man, this got even worse " said Crayon.
    " We have succeeded " said Flora.
    " We have cockblocked you, we will follow you two to where you go " said Jessica.
    " Damnit " said Crayon.
    " My siblings will love this, they want this " said Easeion.
    " Why does the organization want Crayon cockblocked so much ? " asked Colourea.
    " The Bear is very frustrated with what happened to Blackin and Blackina, we will get our revenge " said Easeion. " The organization is very upset with Crayon for what he did "
    " Cockblocking does not achieve that " said Colourea.
    " Look at how frustrated Crayon is " said Easeion. " Soon enough, the tears will follow "
    " When that happens, the Smithsons are laughing "
    " I won't let you do this " said Crayon.
    " You two would have to face three elite fighters at once " said Flora.
    " You two cannot do that " said Jessica.
    " We have succeeded in what we have done, no fucking thing can stop that " said Easeion.
    " Hahahahahaha "

    Crayon and Colourea put their hands behind their backs and were charging some energy which blasted everyone, they ran.

    They then started running for a few minutes and then went inside Colourland's Pasta and Pizza to eat instead.

    Bear members were angry, they took all their stuff and the headed to look for Crayon and Colourea.

    Crayon and Colourea were enjoying the meal they got when they arrived.

    " Wow, this is awesome " said Crayon.
    " It sure is " said Colourea.

    Easeion was very frustrated about this.

    " How could this happen " said Easeion. " They will regret this "
    " I will get my revenge on them, it is what the Smithson family needs "

    Meanwhile, Colouruke and Artby were talking.

    " I bet they are having a great time " said Artby.
    " I hope so " said Colouruke.
    " Bakers want them having a great time " said Artby.
    " Bakers ? " asked Colouruke.
    " They do " said Artby.

    Crayon and Colourea headed home together, Bear members then headed back to the hideout.

    At the hideout, they showed the stolen stuff to Brett.

    " So wallets, a necklace and a screen with shows what can be ordered in the restaurant? " asked Brett.
    " Crayon was cockblocked at first but then they got away " said Easeion. " It felt good cockblocking him but I hope they went home in frustration "
    " I hope there is tears "
    " Me too, Easeion " said Brett.
    " We recorded it " said a Bear member.
    " Good, all the members need to see this " said Flora.
    " They sure do " said Jessica.
    " The wallets have credit cards and gift cards " said Brett. " By now we have lots of credit cards, we will need Bear members to swipe "
    " I will send in more of them for that "
    " You are all dismissed "

    They went to their areas of the hideout, Crayon and his friends were at home talking.

    " How did it go ? " asked Colouruke.
    " At first we ran into Easeion, Jessica and Flora and the Bear members beat up diners but we attacked and got away " said Crayon. " Easeion seemed happy to cockblock according to him "
    " Luckily we found somewhere else to eat " said Colourea.
    " Bakers are tired of Easeion " said Artby.
    " Well, he is a man who has gone very far " said Colouruke.
    " Bread will stop him " said Artby.
    " Bakers know how to bake bread that stops a man like him "
    " We should continue training tomorrow " said Colourea.
    " For sure " said Crayon.

    Time passed through the day, Crayon kissed Colourea and they all went to bed.

    In the Bear hideout, Whites and Melissa were talking.

    " Good training " said Whites.
    " Thank you " said Melissa.
    " We are getting so great now " said Whites
    " I am happy to be closer to you " said Melissa.
    " Same here " said Whites.

    Easeion was with Xax talking.

    " Glad to see Crayon cockblocked " said Xax. " I laughed a lot at the video "
    " We are all laughing, we enjoy seeing stuff like that " said Easeion.
    " Crayon will be done " said Xax. " Hahahaha "
    " Hahahahaha " said Easeion.
    " The Bear will takeover this country " said Xax.
    " The hideout will be even better " said Easeion.
    " It sure will " said Xax.

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    Colourland Series 4 Chapter 4 Part 1

    Chapter 4
    Dating In Colourland, It's Not Like Other Countries

    Crayon and his friends were currently resting at the hospital. While that was happening, QuackQ had a broadcast.

    " Crayon has done it " said Jack. " The Bear will be stopped again "
    " Colourland cannot have that gang here " said Bryant.
    " These gangs have no respect for Colourland " said Amanda.
    " Colour King would not have allowed it, but luckily Crayon has stepped up " said Jack.
    " Gangs are not Colourlandish " said Bryant.
    " Drugs are not either " said Amanda. " Challenger does not oppose drugs in the way we wanted him to do so "
    " Crayon and Colourea have gotten stronger, they will succeed " said Jack. " Knowing the Smithsons, they will try to deal drugs "
    " Crayon will stop drugs, Numerians must be saved " said Bryant.
    " It would be very Colourlandish if he did that " said Amanda. " It is not Colourlandish when you are a drug loving gang "
    " True " said Jack. " These drugs are not Colourlandish, I am glad Crayon is not taking them "
    " We have to go to a commercial break so stay tuned, QuackQ has a lot of great content " said Bryant.

    Bear members arrived in Colourland with Flora and Jessica. Meanwhile Easeion was on his way to Colourland with Bear members in a van.

    " It's time " said Easeion. " Hahahaha "
    " Bear members are going to love this "
    " We will do our best " said a Bear member.
    " He must be cockblocked " said Easeion. " I have wanted this very badly "
    " It must happen for the sake of the organization, what I have done with my life, as a Smithson, as a brother and as a man who wants revenge "

    Flora and Jessica then approached people and were roughing them up.

    They took their wallets and they saw a chain which they stole.

    They continued doing this and they stole more stuff, other Bear members robbed a store and they knocked out the clerk and took his wallet.

    Time continued passing, Crayon and his friends were ready to leave the hospital.

    " Glad to be healthy, just like the baker " said Artby. " Bakers have been thinking about our taste buds "
    " Thinking about them ? " asked Allie.
    " Bakers think about us eating the bread, not just buying it " said Artby.
    " Well, I think they like us buying it but our taste buds ? " asked Challenger.
    " Bakers care about the customer, the taste buds they care about a lot " said Artby.
    " They know what they do for the baker "
    " What do they do for the baker ? " asked Allie.
    " They let the baker know how good at baking " said Artby. " Bakers like to know how they have baked for the customer "
    " Well, we should head home " said Crayon.
    " Sounds like a good idea " said Allie.

    Warbler and Allie then decided to head home and shared their goodbyes.

    Crayon and his friends then went home with the bread they bought and they ate.

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    Come what may.

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    Some scars, some pains we may forget.
    Those scars and those pains always remember us.
    When ever I try to smile, they pinch me and say we are still alive.
    Sometimes pain empowers our happiness and allow us to die with it's slow poison.
    Scars, my scars always remind me of my innerself, who is hurt, and writhing in pain.
    When you give new shape to broken things ..it appears new n looks fresh
    New vibes works like a wonder
    Broken things are full of cracks ....which can't be hidden. ..
    How much u try to give a new shape. .scars still tell a old story.


    #cees_tp_chall #challenge #topicpromot #battlescars #writesnetwork #mirakee #ceesreposts #readers #writers #battle #scars #pain #feelings

    #reposting with new #caption

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    " Scars "

    I m proud of my scars
    Scars on my soul and on my heart
    My scars shows that I m a winner over my sorrows, agony, pain, crying heart, betrayed but still alive and many more hard to describe
    Each scar has one story to tell.

    My eyes full of tears
    Each drop falls deep inside the heart
    Each drop helps to grow a tree of sadness from bottom of heart
    And roots of this tree run through my body.

    My lips are very soft
    When I try to smile it shows cracks in it
    Cracks of painful smile when heart is crying but lips are trying to smile
    Many times I turn fake smile into the real one
    Your smile is beautiful most of the time I get this compliment for my fake but real looking smile.

    Scars which doesn't allow us to live peacefully
    One has to learn the art of hiding the scars
    The moment you show it to others
    It becomes talk of the Town.

    Poeple enjoy describing you in different ways with each scar
    Poeple feels good in making matching story with each scar .
    Inspite of not knowing anything they will make u feel that they knows more about you than you.

    Rekha Khanna

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    Colourland Series 3 Chapter 18 Part 2

    " Colour King and Colour Queen will succeed " said Jack.
    " For the sake of Colourland, I really hope so " said Bryant.
    " Crayon and his friends need to understand that Challenger is not good for Colourland " said Amanda.
    " Crayon can be a hero like he was against the Bear if he shuns Challenger " said Jack.
    " Colour King must force it if not done by choice " said Bryant.
    " For sure, shunning him is Colourlandish and what the country needs " said Amanda.

    Eventually Colour King and Colour Queen saw Crayon and all his friends.

    " Well, look at what we have here " said Colour King.
    " Crayon, we must talk "
    " You have failed to shun Challenger " said Colour Queen. " The people are angry "
    " The people ? " asked Crayon. " They are not allowed to protest but they all demand me to shun Challenger "
    " Apparently so " said Challenger.
    " Challenger, I am not saying you have to agree with the opinion " said Colour King. " You could have been silent "
    " You failed to do so " said Colour Queen.
    " Crayon, I demand shunning at once " said Colour King.
    " Why should I do so ? " asked Crayon.
    " You fool, you will meet your end " said Colour King. " You have not respected Colourland "
    " Not everyone wants him to be shunned " said Colouruke.
    " Shun him for Colourland, are you even Colourlandish anymore ? " asked Colour King.
    " By disagreeing with you, you are unbelievable " said Colourea.
    " Colourea, you must understand " said Colour Queen. " Colour King wants all of you more Colourlandish, Challenger did not show that he was Colourlandish "
    " By not agreeing with your ideas " said Challenger. " Where is the freedom in that ? "
    " The people are more Colourlandish than they have ever been before " said Colour King. " I love the people "
    " The people will rise up and will shun Challenger "
    " They will not, just you and Colour Queen " said Colouruke.
    " Colouruke, you just do not get it " said Colour Queen.
    " He gets it " said Crayon.
    " You are lying " said Colour King. " Why hasn't he shunned Challenger then ? "
    " Shunning him will do nothing good " said Artby. " What would bakers say about shunning a customer of theirs "
    " They bake so much and for bakers to see this they will not be happy "
    " Bakers " said Colour Queen. " They are to bake bread and not get involved in any dispute with us "
    " They are there to sell bread "
    " Bakers will be arrested if they dare challenge my opinion " said Colour King. " My opinion is truly Colourlandish "
    " I am the most Colourlandish person ever along with Colour Queen "
    " I am Colourlandish, you have all failed to be Colourlandish "
    " By not agreeing with you ? " asked Challenger. " Colourland is about the people, not just you two "
    " The people want order not drugs " said Colour King. " You have not saved Numerians like I have from the drug dealers "
    " Drug dealers have used drugs to make Numerians commit more crimes "
    " If that is true then Colourlandish people are committing more crimes as well since they use them as well " said Challenger.
    " Increasing the sentences for only Numerians will make some Numerians find these laws racist "
    " They will not play the race card " said Colour King. " The race card is something that not even you play Challenger "
    " That is true " said Colour Queen. " Numerians will be saved "
    " Shun him, Crayon " said Colour King. " This is your last chance or fighting will happen "
    " Also, I have some things to say to Warbler and Allie that are important "
    " King Bobby is a great ally of mine "
    " What does that have to do with this ? " asked Warbler.
    " He got you to be with Allie " said Colour King.
    " I signed up on that dating site " said Allie.
    " It was for people who supported that war against a country you claim to want to save " said Warbler.
    " King Bobby helped you with your account there " said Colour King.
    " Regardless if he did or not, I don't support this shunning " said Allie.
    " Same here " said Warbler. " Shunning him will not make him agree with you or change his views "
    " Well then we will have to fight " said Colour King.
    " Crayon has not shown that he wants to shun either at all "
    " I'm not doing that " they all said.
    " Then prepare to fucking go down " said Colour King.
    " It will be the battle for Colourland " said Colour Queen.
    " We are going to win " said Colour King.

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    Fire & Ice

    I'm Like Fire That Can Only Be Extinguished By Your Love Like Ice

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  • vasubandhu 7w


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    Colourland Series 3 Chapter 11 Part 1

    Chapter 11

    Keeping Challenger Isolated, The Way Colour King Wants Him

    Meanwhile on the island that Brett and the Bear members were, they were talking.

    " So Xax and Melissa are not here " said Brett.
    " It appears that way " said Maxclever.
    " Maybe they are in Colourland " said Willemease.
    " I could see it " said Brett.
    " Right now Colourland is the middle of a clash between Challenger and Colour King "
    " Well that is something else " said Flora.
    " True " said Jessica.
    " Well we will look if we still have their contact " said Flora.
    " We need them to join us " said Brett.
    " For sure " said Jessica.
    " The Smithsons should wake up soon " said Maxclever.
    " They should " said Willemease.

    They called Xax first who then answered back.

    " Who is this ? " asked Xax.
    " Xax, it is me Brett " said Brett.
    " Brett, very long time no see " said Xax.
    " Xax, we need you to join us " said Brett. " The Smithsons should wake up soon "
    " Good " said Xax.
    " We will call Melissa and the two of you come together " said Brett. " See you soon "

    Then Melissa was contacted.

    " Who is this ? " asked Melissa.
    " Melissa, this is me Brett " said Brett.
    " Glad to see, is Whites around ? " asked Melissa.
    " Whites should wake up soon " said Brett.
    " Good " said Melissa.
    " Melissa, we will have Xax meet you and both of you will join him " said Brett.

    Melissa and Xax then met up with each other.

    " Hello " said Melissa.
    " Hello Melissa " said Xax. " The Bear will return to what it was if not better "
    " I need to see Whites " said Melissa. " There is a boat waiting for us at this location "

    Melissa and Xax got onto the boat and they arrived at the island where they were greeted by Bear members.

    " Welcome " said Brett.
    " Glad to be here " said Xax and Melissa.
    " I think about Whites " said Melissa.
    " Whites was great for us " said Xax. " I have heard about it from Brett "
    " Glad to see everyone is here " said Flora.
    " Me too " said Alice. " Now we should go inside "

    They went inside and made themselves at home in the giant building that was on the island.

    Meanwhile, Crayon and his friends were talking.

    " Colour King really has gone so far " said Artby.
    " He doesn't even want us contacting Challenger " said Colouruke.
    " He hates Challenger and everything he stood for " said Colourea.
    " We cannot let him do this " said Crayon. " Challenger must fight with us if we want to end all of this "
    " Colour King keeps claiming how Colourlandish he is, but what is Colourlandish about any of this " said Colourea.
    " He is trying to turn people against Challenger by claiming that Colourland is against him which I do not think is true " said Colouruke.
    " It isn't " said Crayon. " Unfortunately some Colourlandish people will buy into it but others won't buy into it "

    They then ate their supper which they enjoyed.

    Colour King was talking.

    " Now we cannot support Challenger " said Colour King.
    " We must refrain from contacting him "
    " I have now forbidden all contact with Challenger outside of family members "
    " This isolation is an isolation which we need "
    " His views are very bad for Colourland "
    " We are Colourlandish and we cannot forget that, we will take action against drugs which are making Numerians commit crimes "
    " Challenger just thinks that the longer sentence will make Numerians think they are discriminated against "
    " We cannot have that type of thinking, maybe isolating him will make him change "
    " Numerians will be better, Colourland will have less crimes to deal with "
    " Isolating Challenger will help Colourland "
    " Colourland's great, everyone must love Colourland at all times "
    " I believe Crayon and his friends do not hate it but Challenger has misled them when it comes to loving Colourland "

    Colour King sent it to the news who then broadcasted it.

    Time passed, Crayon kissed Colourea and they all went to bed.

    Morning came and then Crayon and his friends got up and they had breakfast. They met Warbler and Allie outside. They then headed to train and then they started to train.

  • kashish__gupta 8w

    #corona#battle#safe yourself##be happy#care...
    Happiest New year to all of you guys ��������

    You are going to start your new life again… ..
    I hope you will win in every battle… Happy New year dear ☺️☺️…

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    फिर से नई शुरुआत करने जा रहे हो
    अपनी जिंदगी की.........
    आशा करूंगी हर जंग में जीत तुम्हारी ही होगी

    ...नए साल की शुभकामनाएं तुम्हारे साथ ...

  • james_taumas 8w

    Crimson sands

    Playground dissolves
    Games no more
    Innocence lays bleeding
    Lines in sand
    Sides chosen or defaulted
    Oni masks worn
    Hate trough full
    Fatal utensils in hand
    Crimson soil soaked
    Grim reaps our wheat
    Regret on our lips.


  • aivsairandhri 14w

    #medusa #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork #ceesreposts #julietscorner #tanzread #shaliya #writersbay #cees_tp_chall #battle #past

    The worst battle is when you wage it against your own self and your past.
    Here, 'medusa' is the haunting past.

    Medusa slithers around
    Hissing the scaly past
    Turning present to stones
    And smashing them to scintillas
    Such 'eyeopeners',
    Their pity crash the ears.
    They giggle at the blindness
    And mock the escape plan.

    You had sworn to kill her
    But you are no perseus.
    You have no thunderbolt,
    No pegasus will fly to you
    You lost before the battle,
    You think and sigh.
    Then the puzzle gets solved
    The light at the end of the tunnel
    Has grown.
    Looking at Medusa
    You saw the marble tears.

    Its upto oneself whether to slay or to embrace their demons.

    Pic credit to the rightful owners.

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