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    I love you #truefriends #be real

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    True friends

    I have recently been in a toxic friendship and so much was about her she was never happy and always put me down. Its 2021 and im in high-school. I am now realizing who my true friends are and who don't care or are too self conscious to care and I hope you learn your friends because your true best friends will love you no matter what and not even that they are the ones to appreciate the little things and 5 minutes together is better then none but even if we don't text were not less friends it just makes me sad because your life is my life and your family is my second family and I like to know what happening meet your soul mate your sister and you will find your way through life.Just remember tell them you love them ❤

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    Be an individual who stays good not only when everything is fine but also strong on rough days.

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    #be positive...

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    Fakhar hota hai in parindu pay
    Jb b inko udhtay huay dekhtay hai,
    Soncha jaata hai kbi na kbi hum b apni kamyabiyoon se bht dure tk udhtay jayein gay...

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    #ARMY_ROOM #BTS #BE #Army #Curated_For_Army
    #First_Anniversary #Life_Goes_On #Acrostics #ak_bts
    #mirakee #writersnetwork @mirakee @writersnetwork

    19 February 2021 5.30 pm

    We are celebrating the First Anniversary of Our Army Chatroom. BTS surprised Army with the concept 'Curated_For_Army '. We are celebrating our anniversary with the concept of our own Army Room. This one is open for indefinite period. I'm excited to know about your room.

    Gist - This is both a dream and a description of my
    room. It's my safe space for all my activities, creativity and also healing. Some of them are real like bedspace, bookshelf, photowall, speakers and my violin. I wish to have a gramophone, it's one of my musical dreams since childhood. There is a collection of Audio cassettes and then music albums. I wish to have more albums in future. ( Of course, BTS albums. Today BTS launches BE Essential edition) Even though Narcissus is my birthflower, I think baby's breath represents me the best, as it symbolizes purity, innocence, sincerity, love, compassion, trust, everlasting love and romance. It's also small and precious like Me. I used to have Jasmine flowers growing by my window side, in the room I had since my teenage. I spent years in that room and the fragrance of Jasmine blossoming was so soothing in the night. I wish to have that again. Grow up and glow up is the motto here. Nirvana here simply means, ( def by L.S. Cousins) " the final removal of the disturbing mental elements which obstruct a peaceful and clear state of mind, together with a state of awakening from the mental sleep which they induce." Finally I wish to have floor to ceiling glass windows with soft angelic white curtains and lavender scented candles. Peace. ��

    ~ Army Room ~

    Life Goes On, set on a momentous sail, I go on...
    Instilled into melancholy are those mellifluous melodies that echo
    Fantasies materialize and visions manifest within this sphere
    Embellished with virtues of baby's breath in a classic ceramic vase

    Growing and glowing keep abreast with Grace, becoming golden
    On a corner grows Jasmine on strings of passion, my hope blossoms
    Elegance of vintage Gramophone and Violin, my soulful companion
    Silvery Safe Haven with sunshine hues and lavender blush

    Over the moon, flying on buoyant wings of peace, fueled by a thirst for life
    Nirvana, beyond the realms of dearest daydreams, I find it here... In My Room


    I Purple You ��������������

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    Life Goes On
    Set on a momentous sail
    I go on...


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    #be kind #be with us #insta..@poonam._23

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    मतलब की इस दुनिया में प्यार दिखा कर तो देखो,
    सब सिर्फ लड़ रहे है तुम पास बिठाकर तो देखो,
    राग ,द्वेष, क्रोध ,ईर्ष्या ,मिटाकर तो देखो,
    सब सिर्फ़ चीख रहे हैं तुम प्यार से बुलाकर तो देखो

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    Let there be light.


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    Don't let your failure to define who you are
    But let your success to define how strong you are.

    @words vibe

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    Never forget those who are there for you in hard times
    Forgive and thank them who left you in the middle of troubles.

    @words vibe

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    #be like water......

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    Be like water.

    Flow wherever you want.go wherever you want.break each and every single barrier that resist you or oppose you.be clean from face as well as from heart like water be pure like water and save life of every people like water be calm like water but if some one threats you then be like water

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    Sometimes all you can do is
    Don't do anything
    And wait for someone to do it for you
    But that's pure myth
    In real world you have to step up
    Your game
    Or else you will be left behind.
    It's wiser to take a step rather than
    Waiting for no one to show up.

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    #be true
    #be you....

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    Being hard is another cause to this world,
    Being polite is quite inevitable...
    As you can be both at a time....
    Nothing is incapable in this world as long as you know
    That you can go through it...
    The power is in you and the confidence too....
    But more importantly the world though tough seeks the you, the inner "you" no matter how much you paint yourself...
    The truth never fades away....
    So, love thy self and be true to yourself as well as to the world.

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    Me,Myself and I

    In this world everyone runs for something
    somebody runs for their careers ,education
    of course somebody runs for nothing but I shall,too chasing my ambition.

    People build themselves a path to chase their goals but I don't wanna follow anyone's path that they left so.

    For chasing my ambition I build myself a path.The end of the path is like a door or an end, but mine path is kinda different than others cause I don't even know whether the door exists or not.

    But i'm keep going ,if it does exist
    Do I have the key to open that door?

    Answer is " I don't know ".

    Mine path is full of obstacles,it's too hard to overcome besides it's full of dark,can't see further (FUTURE),don't know what happens next but one thing i surely know that it'll take so long time to finish it.

    All I need is to do trust god and be patience.

    So "ME Comfort MYSELF that I never get lost".

    I hope,one day I'm gonna knock the door and I believe the door will open,Indeed.

    People often mocking me,Bullying me rather than encouraging and they are said that I'm nuts,outta mind,weirdo, crazy and even my family and friends think so like that.

    Actually I'm quite agreed with them because "yes!! I'm different"
    The way of thinking is different ,my ambition is different ,my path that I choose to chase my aim is also different.

    They said "you are gonna lose it"
    But I never listened to them besides none of it matters,if you're clearly know
    -Who are you.
    -What are doing.

    I'm so distress about their notion to describe me.

    I sacrificed everything that I have for my ambition, now I've got nothing to lose but my ambition.

    "Eventually I can achieve "
    What about you?

    Does this story means anything to you?

    Just keep going♡
    Just keep going ♡

    @words vibe

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    #love # happy valentines day in advance
    #be loved

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    Would you be
    there next To me
    every morning When
    I arise and every night
    I close my eyes to sleep ?
    Would you be there to
    Hold my hand and walk
    With me through this
    Journey we call life ?

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    Don't be someone's fanboy if you want to be true to yourself.


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    #Be safe

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    We should be aware of things because
    They can be very harmful
    We should maintain ourselves
    Anybody can harmwithoutanyface
    Robbery and kidnapping are taking much. Place
    We should aware of things because they can harm us without any face
    We should be sincere for our safe and secure future
    Be healthy be aware for thinking about your nature
    We should be aware because anybody can harm us without any face.

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    Things do change after love But nothing has changed for me I am still the same person Who fell in love with you
    It's my promise that I will stay
    Forever and ever in your way
    It's my promise that will bring Us close to forever in life.....

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    Be the change ,drive the change, to change everything conditions and people too along with yours lifestyle and conditions tooo.....
    #Be respect,being gentleman !!!

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    Haters :- the offensive reporters ......!!

    It's easy to report wrongly ,
    But it's too difficult too support right being ,
    It's easy to see in being just like in mobs quietly ,
    And talking on the current issues without any important issues infinitely ,
    There's a class of haters , who's are superlatives to the criticises ,
    Being putting down in every marks ,
    But my efforts with lord's grace made me every times to made mine marks and got passs ,
    Some times I am caring & faces alot of rising fears but then suddenly mine inner self rises and tells me that you can conquer and conquer any conquests ,
    It (Inner self) tells me that it's the life that sems unfair ,and being we constantly being unaware,
    But being silently this life teaches me to being at backs and sees everybody going further or rap up at speeds by being throttling the gears ,

    #Haters :-Reason that why I want to being succeed & successful in lives so that I can prove mine everyone ,everybody and to each and every other hater that yes I said ,done & proved you wrong ,#definitely relatable to me : every one ,just be strong ,#Never give up !!! #PritzkahnZeus001 #PKZ ,#Respect100 , definitely!!!!