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  • biswajitdev 2h

    ** White is the Best-loved colour of mine as it's the colour of Perfection which awakens openness, growth & creativity & offers sense of peace, comfort & hope . **
    Dear beautiful souls, How do you see the colour white, share in the comments section .
    ** White is the colour of
    Blank canvas waiting to be adorned with hues, indicating new beginning .

    White is
    Personification of Purity,
    Incarnation of Innocence,
    Paradigm of Perfection & wholeness . **

    *Adorn - Decorate, Hue - Colour,
    Personification, Incarnation & Paradigm - Symbolisation or Manifestation *
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  • dr_scolly 2d


    Every end is a new beginning...

    But the time spent in transition
    Is a time filled with turmoil!

    ©Dr Scolly

  • nivey14 3d

    #Inspiration #MyPoem #Thoughts #Beginning #Life
    #pod #mirakee #ceesreposts #julietscorner #writersnetwork
    I just wrote it when my mind was blanked.... And the moment when no ideas came to my mind..

    I thought to write a poem

    It's quite strange to ask
    For me....
    Why the night sky blanked?
    Beside to feel bad,
    My mind goes dead.
    I couldn't penned a single poem.
    It proofs what a stupid writer
    I am.
    I thought to write a poem-
    But still my mind is dead.
    I tried to write a poem-
    But still the sky is blank......!!


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    What a stupid writer I am....

    I thought to write a poem
    But still my mind is dead.
    I tried to write a poem
    But still the sky is blank.

  • himayan_writes 1w

    The Rose remembers

    The Rose that he gave her,
    Bought from the little boy on the street.
    The rose that was meant to mark
    The first time they did meet
    As lovers at a park
    Outside a room filled with stars
    And a street full of cars.

    The Rose that she got from him,
    On a beautiful Tuesday in May.
    She kept it in her purse & like a secret,
    She safely stored it away.
    Locked in her closet,
    Though it wilted and dried up
    That Rose remembers their love.


  • anshubharti 1w


    Changes are what indicate the beginning of a new phase..so ..bring the change in oneself __come out of your zone ,try to give life a new taste_new struggle ,new challenge n a new success every day.

    One strong change in your attitude can bring lots of change within one n around..let the past be buried in grave but not lessons from those...... Live a new life... Mark new phase of life..enjoy new sunshine with change..

  • nabin04 1w

    The Expendables

    The C section on her belly was clearly visible
    The pain in her throat was quite audible
    All the pain in the world seems worthless
    When the baby in her arm was laying lifeless

    "Blood cancer took your wife" the doc said
    The emotions in his heart remained unsaid
    All the words at that point was meaningless
    All the sense in the world seems senseless

    The sniper lost his leg in the russian war
    The death seems very near yet so far
    Killed atleast hundred like he was heartless
    Didn't even blink his eyes like he was deathless

    Raped and abused at a tender young age
    With guts & glory broke the rapist's rib cage
    The knife, her weapon made her breathless
    Words around her ears made her speechless

    "I didn't killed him" he cried over and over
    Jury & judge listened with their ears cover
    Stood there throughout the trail being clueless
    System of his own country, made him spineless

    "A perfect bunch of recruit to execute the plan"
    "We got a team which wont mingle like a clan"
    The backdoor of minivan shut with a loud thud
    "Shall we begin " thats all they could heard


  • keates 2w

    A new beginning doesn't always mean the mistakes or the pain of the past are forgotten or forgiven. But it surely means that even though all those bad things still exists, our past doesn't defines us. What we do now, how we begin every new morning, every new year is what defines us.

    Gates or Gateways or Entrances represents Beginnings of something New. When we go through a gate, it always gives one the feeling of entering into something brand new, something that we haven't experienced before. And new beginnings come with a sense of rekindled hope and energy.

    © keates

    Shot on my visit to #hyderabad #golcondafort a few years back

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeworld #readwriteunite #newbeginnings #beginning #door #doorway #keates #past #future #photography

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  • yogiii_s_adhiiira 3w

    भेटावी ती पुन्हा एकदा..नव्याने ! #meetup#again#beginning#like#mirakeeworld#boyside#

    @avyakt..waiting for collabs#girl side#

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    भेटावी पुन्हा...

    भेटावी ती पुन्हा एकदा नव्याने
    पाहुनी विसरावे मी अन् तिने मला पहावे,

    प्रवास सुरू होऊनी एका वळणावरी न्यावा
    तिला मी अन् मला ती समजुनी पुन्हा खेळ व्हावा,

    जुळावे तिचे अन माझे सारे जे नव्हते कधी जुळले
    कळावे तिला अन मला जे नव्हते कधीही कळले..

    @योगिता केशव साळवी_अधिरा

  • abhinavsahare 3w

    Jab koi mujhe mere pasand k bare me puchta hai to my teri tasvir Bana k dikhata hu tumehe tum se bhi khubsurat Bana k tumehe tumahari Nazar se chupata hu

    Tum par Kavitaye likh kar may ne dusro Ko sunai hai har kisi ne tarif kar k mujhe tumhari yaad dilai hai har bar nahi par kai bar tumehe dekh k muskuraya hu tum bhi dekh kar muskura dongi ye he soch kar tere ghar k aage aya hu

    Har bar tum Jann kar anjan ban gai mere liye khas or sab k liye aam ban gai kab tak tumhari tasviron Ko may kore kagaj par uatarta rahuga or tum par Kavitaye kar khud Ko sunata rahuga

    Tumehe nahi lagta Hume batt kar Lene cahiye ye sab band kar Hume mil kar chai pe leni chahie

  • jnaanaxx 4w


    She cried and cried,
    Blurry sight and burning eyes,
    Chaotic her in the pitch dark silence,
    “I’m fine” is the finest lie all heard,
    While staring the hope tripping down,
    She thought she had lost,
    Underneath the new hope,
    Stepping into the shadow,
    She stepped into herself.

  • unsp0ken_w0rds 4w

    We all have a beginning from
    where we turn towards God.


  • waterfall_200 4w

    It is a long process
    Forever blessed, a love selfless
    Born blank and beautiful
    And the parents being dutiful
    A new foundation is laid
    With all the care and aid
    A child to love and shape
    Once begun, there's no escape

    They work day and night
    Trying to make your future bright
    Giving you all that they are able to
    To make you the perfect You
    Like a sculptor working with clay
    Getting the mold livelier day by day
    Protecting it from rain and storm
    Ensuring it doesn't lose the form

    But there are risks engaged
    Obstacles turn up ever and again
    You at times take them for granted
    Attempting to take undue advantage
    Yet they do not let slip the faith
    Handling artistically the bad phase
    We all have our parents to credit
    For we're results wearing their outfits.

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    Difficult Investment

    Like a sculptor working with clay
    Getting the mold livelier day by day
    Protecting it from rain and storm
    Ensuring it doesn't lose the form.


  • piyujain 6w

    Where do I live!

    is silence,
    Of ideas, of ideals,
    It's thoughtlessness unprovoked
    and unrequited. It's neutral, not familiar,
    not unfamiliar. It's the language of your heart,
    It's the home of the mother. It's the origin of the factor.
    It's what no one can get out of, animal or people or the creator.
    It's not the place to be just comfortable, It's the womb, It's the mother.

    Is Meditation,
    Creation of passion,
    Of everything and everyone,
    Truth, sorrow, Merriment or liar.

    Is home.

    Home, Is Fire.

    ©Piyush Jain

  • ribu_writes 6w

    Before it begins

    She smiled and wanted to express her love. He causally talked but never cared and when she expressed her feelings, he didn't even paid attention to her and he's rude but never imagined he destroyed everything she built before it begins.

  • ashapornamukherjee 6w


    Be my Ludo King, I will be your six.


  • broken_nightmare 6w

    How is it guys ?!
    Please read it completely ��

    As the colours of the sky were getting shrouded by an ocean of darkness,
    And the moon didn't peek at the earth below
    And the dark forests cast their wane shadow on the ravish land,
    She lay there, motionless...
    Her faded visage was a forgotten beauty
    A dusted picture of ancestral joy
    Left alone, forgotten...
    The sweet breeze caressed her golden locks
    Her Crystal blue eyes spoke of a billion tales, a billion aspirations
    Serendipity, or maybe by the cruel nudges of nature,
    Her frame was like one of a withering flower
    Waiting for it's petals to fall off, ready to let go
    Not even a single star shined for her in the dark horizons
    There were all just thundering clouds, roaring,
    Then she realized, she was just a side effect, like everyone else, not something to look up to
    Her minds rushed through the lanes in depression, hoping to find a door to admiration, acceptance...
    But there were none...
    None... To accept her broken figure
    None to cherish, none to relish
    Lightning stroke, the forest would burn
    The forest, which had been her only companion in the loneliness...
    But she didn't move, she would welcome the flames to ascend her with open arms
    And burn those last few memories she had
    And extinguish her existence...
    The flames were gluttonous, maniacal
    And as the tongues of the grim destruction neared her
    She felt a capricious will swelling,
    She wanted to live... She had to live...
    She forced her eyes close and pinned herself down, but she couldn't
    As she opened her eyes, they shined, in longingness
    The flames inched closer, they would burn her any moment...
    But she ran... She ran, ignoring the roarings of the forest, she ran to live
    She had to be selfish, and she had to...
    To exist...
    She ran as the flames engulfed the woods in a burning rage
    But all she knew, that the flames had burnt her past
    The flames had burnt her submission
    The flames had shown her she had to live
    Thunder roared, lightning raged terrific
    But all she saw was a grand welcome
    A grand welcome for a phoenix reborn from the flames burning her past
    A phoenix ready to spread her wings and fly...
    And as the flames took down the last bushes in the forest, she dared not look back...
    Tommorow would be a new morning
    The beginning of a new journey
    She let her enjoy the drops of rain as a withering flower relishes these to bloom again
    Yes, she was awake now
    And she began to move on
    Towards a new horizon, a new hope, a new beginning...

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    The Phoenix


  • medhaa_aanand 7w

    Hey There Guyss!!! I am Medha, a poetess by choice. Struggling through the narrow struggles of life, I always seek time to write for satisfying my passion. I recently discovered this brilliant platform for sharing my love and affection for poetry, quotes and articles. This is my first post and I hope my words and verses will give you a pristine insight of ingenuity and inspiration. #Poetry #Beginning #Newbie

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    When you start something new
    There's a little feeling hidden always
    Call it butterflies in stomach
    Or enthusiastic indiscernible rays.

    I have been writing
    Poetry for long.
    But posting on a platform.....
    Ohh!! The feeling is so fresh and strong!

    I hope my words
    Will get your affection.
    I hope they'll have
    A positive reflection.

  • sayaliparkar 7w



    1. Grief says, "Hold my hand" and you reply
    "You're too late".

    2. The madness mixed with sunlight has dyed
    Each wall of your home. A welcome sign is
    Near front door is brimming with

    3.You left some paperboats in a lake, with
    Your poetry on them/they've reached
    Somewhere behind the curtains of time/
    Where your childhood is still alive.

    4. Your own words are lighting fires/ to show
    You a new ending/ and an entwined new

    - Sayali Parkar

  • bakchod_page 8w


    It has been a while
    It has been years now
    We don't know each other
    You don't know I exist
    All the things that were
    All the things that never happened
    As that which is getting late
    I start looking at pictures
    In imagination how it would be
    To be together at one place
    But still there is universe
    Who doesn't feel it to be mine
    I still don't know if going to meet
    If we even meet, will I satiated
    Still the answers are not worth
    Because it's too late to get answers
    They say all's well that end' s well
    I still don't know what going to end
    If it really going to end then
    Is it worth o even know about it.
    As it has decade now let's just
    Hope it's not the end of us
    If it's not going to end this way
    As I look at stars and stare at sky
    It says the same thing
    It's not the end
    It's a beginning to new start

  • sarahfrancis7 8w



    Started a journey, aspiried to go far;
    It's a billion miles and this is just the beginning;
    But every step we took, we got drained, weaker;
    It's an ocean of people, another dimension;
    And I'm lost, too broken to be your healer;
    Overwhelmed, I'm losing my mind.
    Turned out I was signing a death warrant.

    It's just the beginning;
    Centuries awaits us to fight for what we love;
    But how do we move past the sharks and go for the win;
    It's a constant battle against our own human race;
    So save me a couple shots, I love you but I'm flawed deep within;
    Crazy that I've found what I want but it brings me no peace;
    I'll be the one to clean your scars but I'll be hurting, there's no forgiving;

    It's just the beginning;
    Our love for greater things stayed coloured like a fine painting;
    Just help me move past this storm;
    I'm dying in this darkness and I can't believe I'm slipping;
    I might be the vilain but we know I'm the one hurting;
    Pray heaven help me for I can't make it past this storm;
    It's only just the beginning...

    Say let's look up to the stars and make a wish;
    Maybe this time our whispers won't go unheard;
    Let's wish for a heart red with the riches of love;
    Been knocked down countless times;
    Just hold on to me and let's move past these flames;
    Fix our broken souls, live for us, love for us;
    After all it's just the beginning...


    From the album: Sweetener by Sènamy.

    Copyrights reserved.

    Soon to be out on all retail sites.

    Check my Wattpad for more enticing poems 👉 https://my.w.tt/n2pWWHrbc5