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  • silvertonguemaeve 2w

    ����[[<> Disintegrate <>]]����

    Collecting fragments of a heart that shattered long ago, my fingers bleed in patience as they hold a glue to set.

    Just before the final piece a heavy boot arrives, beginnings of the end repeat,
    I feel him break me over.. and over.. and over again.

    Like a child with a stick, he prods my corpse as if to certify my death..Well child? Have you decided? Am I dead now? Or would you deny me that as well?

    ...I feel, so alone. It hurts, so alone. Still from pain I whisper to an ear within the clouds, breaking even further, when only silence whispers back.

    With nothing left to hold me,
    I relinquish feeling form,
    From him I must disintegrate,
    For myself, to be reborn.
    #disintegrate #reborn #brokenhearted #endings #beginnings @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Like a child with a stick, he prods my corpse as if to certify my death..Well child? Have you decided? Am I dead now? Or would you deny me that as well?


  • jithinsharma_7 4w

    I'm afraid of new beginnings... so i stick around with things happening.

  • ayushi_m_writes 8w

    #ray #hope #sunrise #sunshine #misery #storm #escape #chains #storm #calm #answers #truth #key #beginnings

    I wrote this poem for a college assignment, didn't think it'd make it up to this post��

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    The Ray of Hope

    Standing on the east coast,
    On a beach that is unnamed,
    At 6 am in the morning,
    With my thoughts that remain untamed.

    “What is this misery? Why is this misery?”
    I often ask myself,
    But with this storm inside of us,
    How does one calm one-self?

    What is to this, the answer?
    Almighty please explain,
    Where shall I find my escape?
    And free myself from this chain.

    “The answer, you ask eh?”
    Said the voice inside my head,
    “Look in front of yourself…”
    “…A key to this lies ahead”

    I saw just the sunrise,
    The rays making the sand shine,
    Little did I came to know,
    Everything will be just fine.

    This isn’t just the ray of sunshine,
    This is the ray of hope,
    The hope that will bring new beginnings,
    And open up new scope.


  • bleed_rush 9w

    If you are trodden again and again for reasons you were never a part of, learn to lean on the hands that knew you before you were born, to mark a new beginning he would never think twice, for he once gave his life without thinking twice.

  • darsha_the_logophile 11w


    Beginning may be hard but,
    keeping consistency is the hardest!

    Be it job, relationship, good habits, not giving up or self-acceptance.


  • sonysehgal 11w

    The river cannot go back , yet they have the new beginnings....


  • whoisdot 12w


    Oh! How my heart aches,
    Like a speeding car on brake.
    Wrong I have done to you my love,
    Words I have spoken against you my love.
    Spoken not out of hatred,
    But imperfection supercedes us all.
    Forgive dear, please forgive.
    For seeing you today,
    Was a caress on my depressed heart,
    A balm on my torturous loneliness.
    Gushing out like water from a spring
    Beautiful like flowers in the spring
    Tis my love for you.
    Forgive dear, please forgive.


  • whoisdot 12w

    �� I really have come a long way, My first write up.

    Knowing how you began can help to gauge how far you've come in actuality.

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    Beautiful is your name
    Wonderful you are of all.
    Queen of my life.

    Sun, moon nor stars
    None can outshine
    Your golden heart nor beauty.

    Peacocks parade colour with pride,
    You oh mother, are an embodiment of pride itself.
    You are magnificence in action.

    Gray hair
    Old age
    None can diminish this loving glow of yours.

    As the queen of my world,
    Not a drop of this love shall go to waste.


  • spadesunderground 12w

    It's cold up here. Endless. In everywhich direction, there is only silence. I barely hear my bare feet slapping, against the glass panel sea, over the sharp, frantic intake of my breath. I go nowhere fast, and I'm always anywhere than where I starve to be. I'm alone. Not even a reflection to keep me company. It would show me nothing anyway, why bother.
    It's still cold up here. Endless.

  • piyushalbus 16w


    शाम होते ही, लौट आए कुछ परिंदे पेड़ पर,
    और कुछ नए घोसलों की तलाश में मशगूल हैं।
    वो हैं निडर और नई खोज की उम्मीद से भरे हुए,
    उन्हें इस शाम की अंधेरी सब साज़िशें भी कुबूल हैं।

  • splendiferous 21w

    Aureate glimmer of the resplendent sun came in through the glass window. Upon the sill of that same window stood potted lilacs. Soft lavender and white in colour. Mother loved lilacs. It always made her smile. Dad always brought them for her..From the kitchen, the smell of eggs and sausages danced all around the house. Television was on - Richard's morning chore. Father sat on the dining table, a newspaper in his hand as mother put the plates on. Normal Sundays. Warm Sundays. Three years ago, Sundays used to be so warm.

    Beep. Beep.
    Lilacs no more stood upon that window sill.
    Father is barely home. No more smell of eggs and sausages in the mornings. Burned toasts. Television off. Too quiet. No more warm smiles from mother.
    //"Why don't you go and see her?"
    "I have work. Who will pay the hospital bills?"//
    White everywhere. From sheets to the walls. Mom hated bland places. Potted iris stood by the bedside. The only colour in the room.
    Mother. Get well soon.

    Rain. Tears. Mix together so well.
    //"Mom, why don't you like chrysanthemum?"
    "Because those flowers make your mother sad."//
    Mother - you might hate your funeral as well, then? They all brought chrysanthemum.
    I miss you mom.

    Love brings roses. Mine brought peonies. Dad doesn't bring lilacs anymore. Richard doesn't talk much. They make me sad. But now I have him. Mother, your flower pot by the sill is not empty anymore. Peonies are my favourite.

    Walking by the flower shop that day, I felt so tired. By the flower shop stood yellow hyacinth and orange lilies. Infront of her, he acts like he doesn't know me. It's not fair. Am I not good enough, mother?

    Trusting brings pain. Hoping brings ephemeral relief. I should've seen it coming. Purple hyacinth replaced the peonies he brought. I don't know - I feel like that flower suits me. Mother, why do the people I trust the most keep on leaving? Mother, I regret trusting anyone.

    Richard says I don't smile anymore. He says he misses me. He says he misses dad as well. He is never home. But I - I miss you. If you were here - rather than those Carnations, vibrant lilacs would have been standing by the windowsill. Mother, I miss you.

    For my birthday, dad gave me gladiolus. -
    //"All I need is you, not some flowers."//
    Mother - dad apologised. He is still not ready. But you always said - step by step.
    I know we will get there. Richard - is loud as ever. Dad actually stays in the morning, and says bye before leaving. I don't let him cook, though. He will burn the house. Even though Richard complains about burned toasts - it's better than burned houses.

    By the windowsill stood daffodils - the smell of burned toast surrounded the house. Television was on. It was another Sunday. Dad put the plates on as I cooked. Mother, can I hope for a new beginning?

    Meaning of flowers : Lilacs - family
    Purple hyacinth: regret
    Iris: hope
    Peony: healing
    Orange lilies - hatred, disdain
    Daffodil- new beginning
    chrysanthemum- death
    Carnation: missing someone
    Yellow hyacinth: jealousy
    Gladiolus: hope and strength
    I know this IS TOO DAMN LONG - idk if any of you will read it but I tried ahsusjaka


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    Shades Of Flowers

    Can I hope for a new beginning?

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  • kyanite_queen 22w

    Its you baby
    My number one wish
    Soon to come true

  • kaizaadbanaji 23w


    There Is Something Beautiful About Beginnings. It Is Called Hope

  • ashapornamukherjee 24w

    *A little bit of Likings*

    - Yes sweetheart.
    - Dr.Jha has told you to sleep now. You will not read books from now papa. You need to sleep more.
    - As you command Ma'am. Hahaha.
    - Papa. Do you know how worried I was when Dr. Jha called from your phone.
    *Navinas eyes got teary again*
    - You thought I died?
    - Papa, Enough I'm leaving.
    - Oh no no. I'm sorry honey. How can I die so fast I have to live " a thousand years" as you say.
    -*smiles, wiping her eyes, then she turns towards Suhas.* Suhas, thanks for dropping me home today.
    - It was my duty Navina. But now I have to go home. Bye Uncle.
    - Bye beta , come again.
    - Yes sure.
    * Both Walks out of the door*
    - Suhas?
    - Yes, Navina?

    To be continued.....

  • swiftlove 24w


    So many words with so many meanings and forms.
    blend one word with another to create a master piece of phrases and puns.
    Some words make you appear more intelligent and interesting.
    While mixing the wrong word with another may result in some consequences.
    Everything starts with a word.
    Add more together and it creates a sentence.
    Multiple that by four and you have a whole paragraph.
    This is where your story begins, starting with just one word.

  • dark_night_tales 26w

    Some beginnings are

    Looks impossible....
    But the only thing that can make it possible is trust.

  • olukewan 29w


    They always lead to endings.
    And other beginnings.
    The cycle continues,
    Always, in this way.
    There are the ups and downs,
    The highs and lows,
    What starts, must come to an end.
    A beautiful state of being.


  • thebhavnasaxena 31w


    Eyes meeting across the room,
    Like butterflies kissing 'neath a
    Canopy of roses blushing pink,
    Mellow lamps flickerin', see, just
    In synchronization with my pulse
    Hammering at the base of my throat,
    What intoxication lingers in the air,
    See our silhouettes move closer
    More and more, a shy wallflower
    Inching towards the elixir of the ball,
    What intoxication lingers in the air,
    I'm bewitched, what magic could it be?

  • thesoulscribbles 33w

    And it all begins with a