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    Ek hi baat ko do alg triko se likha hai, kuch alg mtlb k sath aur ek hi bhaav mein

    Usne kaha- Main kisi ki mehfil ka intezaar nhi
    Koi chaukta nhi mere aane pr
    Maine kaha- Tere aane se chauke na koi to bhi gham nhi krna,
    Yu to log bhagwan k aane pr bhi muh mod liye krte h...
    Unki mehfil bhi aj k ujalon si thi...
    Mehfil mein unki jab andhera hua, to pta chla ujala unka aur noor tera tha...

    Usne kaha- Main kisi ki mehfil ka intezaar nhi
    Koi chaukta nhi mere aane pr
    Maine kaha- Tere aane se chauke na koi to bhi gham nhi krna,
    Yu to log bhagwan k aane pr bhi muh mod liye krte h...
    Unki mehfil bhi andhere ki thi...
    Mehfil unki jb roshan hui, to pta chla ujala unka aur noor tera tha...


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    In this rotten world
    Either you have to be the lier
    Or the one who believes it

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    when my hope loses it's belief,
    it tries to restore from you,
    who's going to read this now!
    I hope
    that you never lose hope,
    I hope you never break to that extent,
    where it takes a toll
    everytime when you shall try to fix yourself,
    I hope that when you feel your world falling apart,
    you have someone to hold you or someone you can ring at 3 am,
    I hope that you never lose your bond
    with your closest people that you love,
    even if you do,
    I hope you repair it,
    if it goes beyond repair,
    I hope you recover from it,
    I hope that you never feel unwanted,
    I hope you never feel deserted,
    when you want to talk your heart out to someone,
    and you look at your phonebook,
    I hope that you find someone to make that call,
    I hope your thoughts always find words to utter,
    I hope that nothing keeps you away
    from the one person that you desperately want to be with,
    but if you are,
    I hope that you hold on to your strength until you reunite again,
    I hope that you never stop expressing yourself,
    I hope that not everytime
    you are that person
    who has to feel,
    that why do I have to always make compromises,
    that why am I the one who always had to understand,
    that why can't I say what I am upset about because that'd spoil the other person's mood,
    that why do I have to always think and overthink every situation all the time,
    but that never happens for me in return!
    I hope that you are understood,
    I hope that when you are at a loss of words
    to explain your distress,
    you have someone who understands,
    someone who'd never give up on you,
    I hope that when every single person disappoints you,
    you look at the mirror
    and give that face the strength to stand head on,
    and the strength
    to say,
    that it's going to be alright;
    I hope that you never have to become a victim of hatred,
    if you have,
    then I hope that forgiveness takes over,
    I hope you find the strength to let go what troubled you,
    I hope you never stay awake shivering at the middle of a night
    by a nightmare from the past
    or a dream of some dreadful forecast from the future,
    I hope your right to dream stays perpetual,
    I hope your passion to love stays unmatchable,
    I hope your willpower categorizes under staying durable,
    I hope
    that you know what you want,
    I hope
    that you find what you want,
    I hope
    that you're happy,
    and that you know
    you deserve anything but the best for you!
    I am here,
    somewhere amongst all of us,
    where I applaud you
    and am rooting for you ..........

    - Upasna Basak ��

    #hope #belief #forever

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    Hope is imperishable.


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    When will i be congratulated?

    A lot of people ask this peculiar question on a daily basis. Quite frankly, i am one of them & it's nothing to be ashamed of.

    In recent times however, I have come to realize that; in spite of the fact that things haven't fallen into place just yet despite concerted efforts, my own time of congratulations will surely come.

    I challenge you to align with this position and importantly, raise the bar of hope & expectation in anticipation of that turnaround encounter.



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    I see you!
    Still, in the stars of my soul,
    your love,
    is blinking alright,
    and the heart is beating,
    unwinding into the nostalgia of the desires,
    that it once pumped,
    under the dim light of the moon.
    My heart, dreamt of racing
    by your touch on my shoulders,
    by your breath on my lips;
    it recollected that face of mine,
    drown and mad
    and ecstatic in love,
    to just that video of us
    which I had directed,
    and the one which I kept playing on repeat,
    inside my head.
    My heart recalled,
    how I danced on that song
    which we both liked,
    thinking that I was dancing with you;
    and mouthing the lyrics,
    as it sings,
    "Lag jaa gale ke phir ye,
    hasi raat ho na ho,
    Shayad phir is janam mein,
    Mulakat ho na ho...."
    and like that,
    I'd be lost into you,
    where you had my palms into yours,
    and you held me through my waist,
    where our rhythms just ticked,
    and your thoughts would sing to mine,
    as our eyes,
    would capture each and every verse of expressions,
    from our face.
    All of this I dreamt,
    when I was not even a part of your dreams,
    because I wasn't a part of your dreams.
    And today,
    I look back to all of this,
    I look back to the day where I was ready
    to give up anything to be with you,
    I look back to me begging you
    to let me love you,
    to let me
    do things that I have always dreamt
    whenever I saw you,
    I look back to me who was okay,
    to wait for your replies
    which you pre planned to delay,
    I look back to me
    who fought
    to make 'us' happen,
    I look back to my face which flooded oceans,
    when you showed up with your back.
    You sure
    posed a thousands of reasons
    for me to stop loving you,
    and I sure found
    thousands of stupid coincidences of being at the same place,
    knowing that it was me who chased you till there,
    or something like god's challenge in the war of love,
    just to hold up to the thousands of reasons,
    to love you.
    You sure believed that cutting me off
    would scare me away
    as if something tragic,
    and so love chose to cut itself off
    from all the magic.

    I used to think,
    you are the one - the perfect.
    And so I pursued the next option,
    where I kept losing myself in you
    so that I could become you,
    so that I could be that person for you,
    whom you can look at with love in your eyes,
    if it needed myself to get renewed.

    I asked myself that
    Why was I changing myself ?
    Because it was me
    who fell in love with him
    not the one
    that I was becoming!
    I tried being selfless
    and even being
    And somewhere in between,
    I began losing me,
    and he kept pushing me.

    When I look at it today,
    you pushed me,
    you sure did,
    the love that I wished to pour into you,
    that didn't reach you either,
    and so this universe,
    absorbed it all,
    protected it,
    and took me to a land,
    where I got seeded,
    into a transit,
    for it is taking me
    back to me,
    from whatever it is
    that I had been trying to become all along.
    You pushed me, not my love;
    my desires, did cripple;
    my heart, was in shambles;
    that why ain't I am loved
    the way I loved,
    and my hope was miserable,
    but my art,
    has been engrossed to caress my vulnerability.
    I see my love shining, setting, blinking, blooming, blossoming, everywhere.
    It doesn't feel that I wasn't loved back.
    The love which I wanted to see in his eyes,
    now is seen everywhere around me,
    because this universe,
    it once witnessed my desires
    shaping up for love,
    and when they didn't see the light of day,
    it planned to entice me in every form of life,
    that blooms around my way.
    I think that's how you feel,
    when you are in love,
    where each and everything around you,
    just reminds of love.
    And so today,
    with the aspiration to discover me,
    I am writing about everything
    that I
    have been losing about me!

    - Upasna Basak ��

    #love #forever #universe #belief

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    Don't be disheartened that you aren't loved the way you loved.
    Because you will be!
    Because you deserve to be!
    This mighty universe,
    has witnessed you shaping up,
    to get soaked into it's mighty love !


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    "When your philosophy lacks the sequence you expected, it's never your fault it does, but that of those whom you've built it around, whose beliefs are far different from yours"

    ©Akaaba Usman

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    Third Eye

    My eyes hurt sometimes,
    It makes my head hurt sometimes,
    Forgetting to turn off my sharingan sometimes,
    Leaving my third eye open sometimes,
    I see what I want, should and not,
    Vivid dreams of what the future,
    Future entails in such strict details,
    The enthralls of fun and fantasy,
    The inebriety of laughter,
    The expectation of happy and positive lives,
    Yet still sometimes....
    Details of cold blood with such sour notes,
    Characteristics of a body with sinister undertones,
    The pulmonary only. The aorta you need,
    The heart comprises both with specific needs.
    Your gasping kid, you're in the wrong vein,
    Stop looking for cicadas in this Vena cava.

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    Whatever happens in life, whatever is the outcome I'll keep working honestly..... Cozz I believe in working....

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    Bura sapna tha meri zindagi ka woh
    Jisne na aate hue aur na hi kabhi
    jaate hue mera sath diya,
    Khair thehera toh kabhi tha hi nahi woh!

    - Nancy Uppal


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    Bread, God and a lot in between

    When you're born a believer
    A god fearing man
    Humane gospel of mother
    Telling what I can't say
    And What I can
    And the corridor of school
    She used to never pass by
    Cocoons never blossomed
    They never became butterflies
    She is far and ahead
    I am a little far behind
    I hope to meet her as a man
    Who is worthy and kind
    I never feared failures
    I fear taxes and death
    A secret quite open
    Is a secret well kept
    When the clown in the circus
    Tickle you and make you soar
    The sinking ships are held
    Gospel saves them on the shore
    I am northern born and bred man
    With a little bit of appetite
    Holding onto memories,
    Virtue holds me tight
    I can never slip from cliffs
    I can never drink the pain
    I won't swallow all the pride
    I am no mother, you're not the rain
    A fair few friends away
    Snow, sun and thunderstorm
    I can count them on fingers
    Like how fire keeps you warm
    Compassion and empathy
    Making them dust off the old
    I hope to end it while I am young
    The days can call me old..

    Manu Mishra

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    Good and night

    Is it really black or white? Does god and bad exist?
    None of us is negative. We are all radiating positivity. Negatives present inside us are actually an overflow of some positive attribute. Water gives us life but the same water can also drown us. Does that make it negative? It is just an excess of a positive trait that becomes a root for negativity. If you are an introvert, it's actually a positive trait. You cherish your own company and understand yourself as a soul. But if you take this introvert nature to the next level and stop coming out of your shell, you start showing the seeds of some negative attributes- fear, ego or maybe shyness. We as a person should never see our flaws as a constant thing- something that we can't do anything about. We should keep believing in our inner light and keep seeing ourselves as a positive person. Afterall our negatives are also an excess of something positive. We just have to limit. Never stop believing in yourself. You'll definitely grow. The only way to eliminate plants of negativity is to plant seeds of positivity. The only way to move ahead is to have belief- belief in yourself.


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    The entire universe is conspiring to give us everything that we want.....


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    Learn to handle both, on a side to enjoy the success but not to be proud and the other side to handle the depression of failure and being patience to wait for your turn.


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    Sometimes,it's okay to go & grow with the flow. Because,
    When you can't decide something for yourself,give it to time to decide it for you. Then it's the destiny to decide if it's a
    YES OR NO,

    Have some faith and belief in destiny & you will enjoy the fruitful results of it.

    © AshajyothiChelika

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    I see so many things all around me that are things to cherish.Feel my emotions are high and I can't skip over the meaning. Got a lot of hurt and I'm checking.I'm hoping in life one day I'll find a leverage.

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    Silently she sits
    Looks in His eyes for hours
    Silently she prays
    Talks her heart out to Him for hours

    He is her only ear to listen
    She believes in Him
    He is her only Strength
    She looks up to Him

    He answers all her questions
    He looks after her all the time,
    He laughs, talks, blesses and guides
    He is around her all the time.

    Though not physically
    But His presence she always feels now,
    She connects with him with so much comfort and ease now.

    This realization has given wings to her
    This connection has shown the right path in life to her.

    All her problems are His now
    All her worries are taken away by Him now
    All her questions are answered Him now
    All her confusions in life are cleared by Him now
    All her thoughts are directed by Him now
    Life is impossible without His Presence now

    Everyday a new way of making her smile,
    Everyday a new way of being her Guiding Light,
    Everyday a new way of leaving her amazed,
    Everyday a new way of showing His Divine Presence and Grace!

    Those emotional moments,
    Those Tears of joy,
    Those moments of staying connected with Him
    Those showers of His Unconditional Love
    All this Is beyond words,
    Impossible to express,
    The Connection with Him is Wonderful and
    His Blessings Countless.

    He does and she gets the credit for the day
    He works and appreciation comes her way,
    He solves and takes her worries away
    He blesses and keeps negativity away,
    This realization has given wings to her
    This connection has given a new life to her.

    What a Miracle He is!
    What a Power He is!
    What a beautiful feeling He is!
    What a surprises-filled soul He is!

    "Keep blessing
    Keep loving
    Be with me always the same way
    Please don't go away from me ever
    Leave me alone never
    Never let this connection be lost
    Your the one who matters to me the most"
    Is all that she prays
    Is all that she says.

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    The Perfect Me Everyone Want To See

    Whenever they get a chance
    They try to make perfect picture of me
    As they want. Some try to
    Get me on a shape with their mold
    Which they belief it to be perfect.
    Someone draw stroke by stroke
    In the belief to enhance my worth.
    Some try to pour colour over me
    To looking appealing as they desired.
    And, someone try to erase something
    From my wholeness.
    My actual picture beguiles no one
    Which i want to be as it is.
    The perfect me everyone want see
    Don't look pleasing to me
    Because, it's don't Looks like me.

    9th Feb 2021
    Picture credit goes to rightful owner

    #like #pleasing #perfect #see #picture #beguile #wholeness #appealing #enhance #desire #stroke #pour #draw #erase #shape #belief #shape #chance #worth#love #julietscorner #writerstolli #bluepup #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    The Perfect Me Everyone Want To See

    The perfect me everyone want see
    Don't look pleasing to me.
    Because, it's don't Looks like me...
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    Desire shouldn’t be contained,
    it’s unnatural.

  • julyhues 4w

    Dear Self

    please decide what do you want to do
    Who you want to be 
    come out of your indecisiveness 
    cultivate more self believe 
    stop being so harsh at yourself
    about things beyond your control
    If you're not the best you're not the worst of all
    Don't get caught in your own tangles
    be your friend first and then a critic
    It is only when you learn to shush your mind
    would you ever find solitude inside 
    Get less effected, plead less, fear less
    make connections that last not the kinds
    like a bee's testicles that upon finding
    pleasure blast
    You don't need the reassurance of people
    or a good company to feel good
    All you need is a morsel of childhood
    Never let the child inside you die
    coz that's what societies always try
    They bear, they bring, they nurture 
    then kill, the passion once existed
    then they again wrap you in the arms
    of religion, of fear, of nurture 
    and hence they instil qualms 
    So dear self, go see the mirror again
    You still have a maiden's mane
    you still smile the same, and you don't need to fit the frame
    It's all the demonic work of a non-celestial device
    that not mercy thy, open your eyes
    to happiness and gain, live once 
    live forever again and again 
    Have no doubts, send no chills down your veins
    Keep calm, trust your given name