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  • voice_of_your_thoughts 14w


    Guys all of us have undoubtedly a lot of friends. But are they really our friends or do they just pretend to be?

    Friend is a person with whom you can start your journey and reach to your destination having a smile throughout. They are the ones who make you feel loved. They are the ones whose hands you can hold and walk through every problem in your life with fun.

    You all might have heard that "जीवन में रिश्ते हमें पैदा लेते ही मिल जाते हैं पर दोस्त हम खुद बनाते हैं I " Yes we choose our friends ourselves and so it's very necessary to have a friend who is really your 'FRIEND' . There are some casual friends we make and that is completely ok, there's no harm in making a casual friend. But when it comes to your friends with whom you spend time, you are close with please think about them once.

    If you want to know who can be your that 'FRIEND' just think about the ones in front of whom you are the REAL YOU. In front of whom you don't even think before speaking. In front of whom you can do whatever you want without getting judged.

    A real friend is the one who supports you everytime. Who stops you from going into the wrong path. Having fun which involves some kind of mischief is another thing but they won't allow you to let you flow in the wrong path which may lead you to some undesirable effect.

    If you are already into the marsh they will lift you up. If they find that it's necessary to jump into the river to save you they'll jump without thinking.

    A friend is the one to whom you can turn to after all the doors are closed and will still get accepted no matter what you have done. They will accept you with a hug and make you smile. Once you are with them you forget your worries and spend a quality time. You'll never return empty handed from them you'll have a beautiful smile everytime you meet them.

    So please decide before choosing whom you make your REAL FRIEND.
    Because if life is a sky and you a bird, your friend is your wings without whom you can't fly high.
    Do comment down your thoughts upon this. And also tell which part you liked or disliked.

  • trovert 17w

    I can't leave you

    I can not leave you

    it's not that I can't leave you, in fact I can leave you

    it's just that I don't want to

    You are the most beautiful thing in my life, how can I leave you alone

    You are something that is difficult I get friends! how difficult it is to find friends, how difficult it is to find someone who can accept me as I am, accepting this personality

    so I will never leave you friend, never!

  • _sak03_ 18w

    I just wanna say that nothing can make me internally smile than your one message.��
    Sometimes you ignore me and text very slowly...yeah! It hurts but it's fine....��
    We all have a special bond with someone, we all wait for someone's message eagerly..…��
    But that special person starts ignoring us when someone else comes to their life then it really hurts.��


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    Be like you were!

    I really wonder whether I was special for you?
    Or it is just to say that the old relations never break by coming of the new.
    It was a time when people used to call us sticky glue.
    But today why they don't say I have no clue.

    I don't know when, why and how you became so special.
    Like the next day to fascinate you by my skills, I used to do rehearsal.

    Even your late reply made be glad,
    Your smile, that damm smile made me mad.

    I still remember how we teased each other,
    Laughing at the jokes which are understandable for no other.

    Whenever I saw you in trouble into which by your mistake you were terribly pushed on,
    I acted like I don't care but internally I prayed to God to save you, morone!

    I miss that version of you were,
    So..please be like the way you were!❤️


  • dil_k_ahsaas 28w

    Get ruminated by dipping yourself in the world of books
    Books are the best to upgrade your mind for new mindset.

    Rekha Khanna

  • un__known__ 30w

    Our Friendship is a Never Ending Relationship sailing on the waves of trust, Holding Itself against the strong wind, and Reaching Ashore Heaven.

  • anroje 31w

    Good words are best friends.

  • kulsum_ 31w

    Jzt a story!

    Ok, so 3 years back I broke up with my best friend, according 2 her I was #selfish. It made me so sad like I've lost everything that I've ever wished to preserve...mtlb damn, it hurted like hell. Came home early and made a diary, till date I write everything on it whatever I feel, it became like a part of my life who listens 2 my endless stupidity, but guess what? Never turns and says me that heyy gurll, u r selfish!!
    Ok, nothing emotional or deep, just one thing? Who said that freinds are only in the look of humans? You know best freind is not a person it's a feeling.

  • my_feelings_08 38w

    #Best Dostii

    उस के वजह से न ही सो पाता हूँ,
    ना ही पढ पाता हूँ,
    क्या करू यार,
    वह भी मेरे कमीने दोस्तो की तरह निकली,
    पढ़ता हू तो पढने न्ही देती है,
    और,सोता हू तो सोने न्ही देती है,,
    बस अन्तर यही है दोनो मै कि,
    उसे मै याद करता हूँ और मुझे मेरे कमिने दोस्त।।

    _Âķåšh Ķùmąř Pâťëĺ_08

  • memorycell 47w

    Coz we lob each other..
    #mirakee #friendship #best_friends

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    Our Friendship

    He blew my hard times,
    And I create his hard times..


  • brooklyn19 55w


    What makes a relationship interesting?
    Going for dates?
    Talking for hours?

    For me a relationship remains charming when the two behave like best friends , tease like best friends and flirt as if newly into a relationship...

  • _muzaan 62w

    Dost mera

    Jaane kitne saal guzaare
    Intezaar main maine dost gawae
    Ek saccha pyaar paane ke liye
    Jaane maine kitne aansoo hai bahaye...

    Koi kehta ek aati ek jaati
    Koi kehta ye tere liye sahi nahi
    Kabhi koi ye nahi kehta
    Jo hai tere paas
    Hai wo sabse haseen
    Hai wo sabse haseen...

    Haan maanta Hun main
    Pyaar ko dhundte dhundte
    Hath choot jata hai dosti ka tujhse
    Par yaad rakh eh mere dost
    Dosti kisi rishte ka mohtaaj nahi
    Ye wo saaya hai
    Jo andhere main dikhta nahi
    Par saath hamesha hota hai har ghadi...

    Khoobsurat ye pyaar hai
    Dosti main saare jazbaat hai
    Har rishte ki dorr dosti hai
    Ye dorr hi toh har rishte ki shurwaad hai...

  • shivanginagar 66w


    you've got the prettiest smile and heart which can not only make someone's day,but will also make them regret not knowing you until so far.

  • it_happens 68w

    It happens

    Best friends are forever there for you. But your growing life priorities will keep their call on hold.

  • poetic_snowdrop 71w

    While everyone is having a pretty good conversation in the group but you and your best friend are also chatting personally in between just to discuss about that annoying human in the group whom your best friend and you hate the most and cannot even afford to digest the things that he/she blabbers.

    #dearbestfriend #that_chudail_is_your_bestfriend

    Tulika Deka

  • talksofheartnmind 75w

    To my Best Friend

    A six letter word that gives a new meaning
    Has got me over you leaning
    A friend like you is a pillar of support
    For you I will hold a fort
    We are destified to be best friends forever
    Our relationship is what will never sever
    I feel lucky and proud
    To have a best friend forever like you.
    Best friends forever r hard to find because the very best one is already mine
    Love you a lot my
    Best friend forever...❤️❤️

  • md_rahbar 77w


    It has been a long journey since, my Love. From the warm days of "Pakdam-pakdai" in the field's gallery during the summers, as I have it in me, I, for the first realized your presence in my life.

    Carrying no idea of you being a person I'd be admiring the most during the sweaty plays, relaxing besides with a slight dose of your shitty talks was probably the first time I embraced your cuteness with the tilt of a basic understanding. From then we had have started having conversation excluding vocals; which were mere eye contacts by chance, often popping up the bluntest, yet the cutest smiles on both the faces... little did I knew that face would once be the one I'd always want to have in my "Life_diaries".

    From there we boarded the Friendlies blowing in our hearts, from strangers to someone we knew by name... yes... only by name!

    As eyes crossed and words began to come out, the journey of ours was caught up by the friendlies it seemed.... little time did it take me to register you in myself.... with a sprinkle of thoughts still popping up to remind me, maybe you never did. Yes dear, I dedicated myself to your enthusiasm, the way you carried me, the way you let me in, your guidance, love, the way you made me feel that "Yes, maybe I'm not that worse than people have carved me for."

    Here was the punch I got through nothing, explaining me, maybe I won't love her as I would to a girl I'd want to have for more than just a friend, but why not...?! Yes, I accepted you as the best part of me, loving you, for more than once, as I would Love my Darling. Guess It meant the point where I carved myself in your name... "Maybe I can have her for more than a Friend.... but not as the one I love though." and Yes I did it... loving your for many times more than anything else and you respecting it seemed to have the best of anything I had ever achieved.

    Oh you dear, I gave you more than what I had of myself in you, to have you... and what for?.." "Nothing" as you showed it to be!
    He entered in like a small spark.... burning all of me in you and even myself, disobeying all the laws I followed, Tearing apart my world, having my eyes flushed with tears which still bleed... I was still happy until you chose him for me.

    What not did I offer you... more than what I had of me, yet you decided to have him who would never understand you as I do, who'd never be a part of you without being him. I lost myself in you for the millionth of time... just to have you besides me, to have you to hug me for nothing, to have you to love me for no reason you could have, to have you to scold me whenever it takes you in, just to see you happy... I'm ready to have any sphincter in me.

    Yes I can't scold you... it's not easy for me to make someone bleed into tears whom I had promised to never let go, yet I tried to tell you of my loss, with a smile always being there to ruin all of what I wanted to express, just because your face gave me everything to have the twelve of them work.

    Yes I claim it, you replaced me for shit and yet you desire to have him who probably couldn't offer you more than half of what I do, and yet you can't have me over him still nails my heart and makes me cry for everything yet nothing, for my life yet preferably death and all of the stupidity I laid on to make you have everything, but never did I knew... you were the beautiful Nightingale who had your dreams nourished by me, just to have mine thrown off the nest when yours were fed.

    Forever yours... yet,


  • akash_67 82w


    Dear bestfriend you don't need a right time to call me up. You are free to call me anytime. You don't need to say sorry for disturbing. Your these disturbances make our bond more stronger.

  • raakhaa_ 83w

    Chhoti chhoti baton par gussa hona bhi

    Teri ek anoothi shaan hai

    Aur aaj tu jise ANJAAN keh raha hai na mere yaar..

    Asal mei vo teri JAAN hai.


  • jazbaat_dil_ke 86w


    The more I spent time with books
    The more I realize
    There are lots of
    Beautiful and ravishing things in the world
    I was missing...!!!!

  • malikyasir 87w

    Best Friends

    The best memories come from bad ideas done with best friends