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  • sweedle 2d

    The rainy clouds may try to shatter
    my sleep and ruin my dreams
    but I feel comfort in the blanket
    of your silence next to me.
    Since then, hope has never been more beautiful before you came into the picture.

    © Sweedle

  • sweedle 3d

    And there is nothing more beautiful than the sight above.

    An attempt for the #bingoc challenge by @writersbay

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    #soul #repost #wod #pod #rwu

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    The sky is in open canvas, it calls out to me to run to the roof and paint a picture about what love looks like. My soul feels overjoyed whenever I do this and it doesn't me matter if it is freezing cold outside when they not stop me from creating what is meant to be.

    © Sweedle

  • sweedle 5d

    I hope you writers feel the same too ��

    Using the bingo challenge by @writersbay #bingoc for the words : void, poetry, stars, colors, light .

    #sweedledsouza #poetry #writersbay #mirakee #writersnetwork #mirakee @mirakee @writersnetwork #poets #writers

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    Poetry fill the void left out in my heart
    and the stars thank my words for
    letting me their light shine upon me,
    no wonder beauty is never confined
    to just one single colour.

    © Sweedle

  • silly_lad 5w

    Has anyone of you ever experienced the toska shots?
    In a simple language, Toska means the dismay without any reason behind it.
    Actually, let me tell you about the toska shots.
    It's not the actual drink but the drink of your imagination filled with sadness without any justification which causes you distress, pain, and weakens the endurance to survive this life.

    Survive the life, what a humorous term I am saying for sadness without reason, right? But it's true sometimes we ourselves or I should say that I indulge in the try to be under the shadow of dark and stress for a while. I know that deep down it is going to lend me so much pain that even it may get hard to breathe or hope for that one day when she will caress me like the way she always does to the flowers of our garden with the never-ending love. That soothing touch of small hands holds the power to heal the forever wounds like thorns of the rose that always stick to it.
    Whenever you pluck a rose you get hurt by those thorns cause of slaying the beauty holding a rare scent of love.

    Have you ever noticed the constellations in the dusky night? It's now rare you see them as the sky is now more in dark despite having the uncountable stars twinkling every night, trying to nurture its surroundings with its charm. Cause now the change has become more important in the being of a human to realize the true meaning of adoration with gut feeling inducing inside its body. Yes, the gut feeling has now swirl to notations of people stating forget her, leave her, let her live, she loves someone else and She's not worth it, She doesn't love you the way you do, Move on, It's wrong, Don't weak yourself for her and Focus on your life and many more that every time whispers to me the fear of losing her not just in dreams also during the time of the rising sun.
    The dawn of new hope, a new beginning, and many more briefs and definitions are given by the scholars and some of you too in poems.
    But I don't believe in it cause in my life this dawn does rise but ends up sinking in the world without her and with me yet stumbling from my faith in every pray of loving her more every time I lose hope from the spirit exists in uncountable shapes, sizes, and places we call him/her as God.

    I need her, not in this century than in other and nothing can replace the gaiety emotion of finding her around me cause her presence is so much enchanting that even the thorns of flowers do sometimes let her pluck another flower of the natural world but it's just allowed to her as when I first got her sight just one thing flashed in front of me that the whole nature is cherishing the beauty not same wherever some pieces of that kind soul do resemble the part that fills up the sky with birds whispering voices refreshing to the heart, Trees shedding flowers of fruit to praise her beauty, grass getting flattered to let her feel comfy within its appearance.

    I know everything about her and her feelings but How Can I resist my heart to stop feeling for the one he feels its own part or I should say the necessary part to survive or to defeat the life tasks of urging me to forgive and move on again and again whenever I try to love her more and more even if its the last time of me.

    I want her and will always want her only, even it's my death funeral cause her presence will make me alive even if I am still dead as a person but will raise as an immortal soul deeply in love with her like the flowers in the garden hiding its dark side stick to it always to let her touch it and compel it to drown in its essence of love caress over it by her hands wearing a ring with a little piece of the diamond, reflecting the sunshine over her face to overlook the most gorgeous soul inside and out wandering around the flowering ground.

    @writersbay @kriits #bingoc #challengebykriits
    Toska, soothing, constellation, dawn, and gaiety are the words of the last vertical line of bingo. I have used it in my piece.

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    Adoration of the touch
    She once caresses him with
    it's not the cheating she did
    But the adoration made her do
    For the one, she never knew
    Again in the foreign field
    She caresses unconditionally
    The flowers with thorns
    bewitched by her hands
    during the time of dawn

  • mirakeewrites_ 5w

    Unheard silence of your voice is
    Poetry to my soul,
    Music to my ears
    Colour to my canvas of life
    Soothing to my broken heart....


    (PS-I know I'm late. But wanted to write this so here I am...◐.̃◐◐.̃●_●)

    #writersbay @writersbay
    #writersnetwork @writersnetwork

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    Your silence is a poetry to me,
    for it speaks louder than words.

  • mahtobpensdown 5w


    Dreams are beyond the bounds of the roof; helping your aurora reach the brightest stars of a constellation!

  • diyabedi 5w

    This is my first ever collab with this amazing writer @saya__ . I hope you'll enjoy this prose+poetry blend of ours ❤
    The poetry is written by me and this beautiful prose by @saya__
    Have a great day ahead!

    //The cold wind knocks
    at the door of my heart
    Summoning the soul and
    its bitterness to part
    I still love my sour soul
    among those cold things
    Casting a spell like a sorcerer
    brings the enchanting spring.//

    The music of the dancing air jingle around my lobes, loud enough to compel my soul to unsheathe it's extant, yet so low for the world to apprehend. The leaves flutter like the the feathers of the interim azure dwellers. The dust then scattered, glows in the beam, which comes making its way through the canopy of their superior siblings.

    //It holds the finger of sky
    wearing the tangerine and roseatte clouds
    The mellifluous song of the dawn
    awaken the sleeping world in shroud
    The high canopies and green yellow meadows remind me of that perfect filter
    Love and joy that dances together
    to shine just like the gold on glitter.//

    My eyes glowed with a tint of ocherous red, and all they reflected was romance, romance with the blushing sun: winking and waving as it surrenders itself to the horizon. Romance, with the melancholic dust: Slowly sweeping them off the edges of my rusty jounal and blowing them again to see rejoicing, while the entire world was busy ignoring them. Romance, with the soft breeze: Cuddling with them as they kiss me gently and plays with my tress. Romance, with the grass: Caressing and mauling with love, across their lush facets, while hoping to touch their ever-forgiving souls. Romance, with every element left forlorn by this so idly busy world, just like me: abandoned yet demanded.

    And when the plethora of burden heaps down my shoulder, I find my solace within the setting sun and the nature, that time. Reminding me of all they have gone through and yet managing to so beautifully linger on, has taught me only one thing: Maybe not everyone cares about you because that's not important, but there will be a handful of them, who'll notice and soulfully portray your quiddity, just like I do.

    //The sky looked as if the embodiment of delight
    Beautiful it turned all in violet and plum
    Silently my soul steals the colours bright
    drawing them to tunes in balanced hum
    The setting sun teaches me lessons of life
    Self love and self care are my foremost pride
    Smiling when the birds chirp and sun sings
    Behind the horizon that sour soul in perpetuity hides.//

    ©diyabedi and ©saya__

    @mismagical @jeelpatel @branthan @alisdaire_ocaoimph @nether @say_me_krish @word_artistry
    #pod #dds #ceesreposts #tod_wt #bob_201 #6_11 #atd #writerstolli #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeworld #yaish_ #bingoc

    @mirakee_ki_dadima Thankyou dadima for this fun challenge ❤

    Pic credit goes to me!! ����

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  • sapphire_scribe 5w

    @writersnetwork @writersbay
    The bingo challenge of writersbay
    I -vertical group of words (shatter,silence,dreams,clouds,hope)
    @theultimateinsane @poeticgirl @abhishiktan

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    Reaching out anxiously to share my joy
    I ran to him
    "yaay! I've accomplished my dream"; my heart was delighted
    "and pray tell what is it? " unaware of my dreams and goals;he inquired
    "to become an educator for our challenged citizens";I twirled with joy
    He eyed me with an eerie stare and smiled half-heartedly
    But my heart exhilarated and floated on cloud9
    And from then
    His bewitching ideas ranted throughout the town
    Alas! This young independent woman is now caged in his fantasy of ruin
    Silence grew between us
    Distance drew us apart
    Only to shatter my heart
    Into a million puzzled fragments
    His wicked deeds kept mounting
    To suppress and depress me
    I was left with that
    Poisonous four letter word
    That has torn many hearts
    And left many dreams suspended
    Called hope

  • creative_words 5w


    Let's meet the fear

    Do the thing of which you have fear
    And let see what happens!

    What that really my fear or any interesting thing to do ?


  • bonniesbabu 5w

    My job is to give closure to people,
    Gender, color, creed, sexuality,
    It matters not.
    Some days, the pain is brutal
    But emotions cannot be shown at work.
    Music is my therapist,
    It is soothing to my soul.
    I express my feelings through my words
    Poetry, it flows to show my pain.
    The silence is deafening,
    Because you are paying respect.
    Once, there was a vibrant soul
    But now it is just an empty shell.
    This is life,
    So, live it, share love, and be happy.

  • dee_lines 5w

    B I N G O!

    Bingo words used– void, poetry, clouds, stars, colours, light

    #bingoc @writersbay @writersnetwork @mirakee

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    Streets of my mind

    Void streets of my mind
    Littered with pieces of poetry
    Blanketed by the clouds
    Shimmering with sprinkled stars
    Painted by the rainbow colours

    Streets of my mind
    Filled with light
    Aye! the setting is so right
    Grips me in great delight

  • lovethatneverfades 5w

    Dawn of rising hope

    Sunlight spills over the distant hill
    Filling the horizon with the soulful lit

    Sombre silence, that forbids to break the spell,
    Till the shattered heart pour its agony knell

    The soothing melody of the chirping birds
    Outwells the vicious clouds and the misty murks

    Fills up the skies with hues of hope
    A new day with pellucid dream evokes


  • ashamurali 5w

    4th line sky clouds colours wind dawn
    #mirakee #pod #poetry #freedom #independence day @writersbay

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    Colours of freedom adorns the sky
    Winds of hope pushing clouds of despair
    Heralds the dawn of a new era!



  • anugraha_99 5w

    I of the word BINGO (i.e. 2nd horizontal line) used.
    Words given- soul, soothing, silence, music, poetry

    An extremely innovative challenge indeed @writersbay!

    #bingoc #plethorac #nature #music #pod
    #ceesreposts #writersnetwork

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Immersed profoundly in silence,
    My surrounding I carefully hear,
    A soothing clarion vividly echoes,
    The soul, its rhythm, endears.

    The gentle winds blowing, the rustling of leaves,
    The pitter patter of tiny raindrops falling,
    Minute movements merge into a song as
    The melodies of nature, I heed calling.

    Lexicons being inked, flowing into poetry,
    Canvas being colored with strokes of the brush,
    I find, humming and buzzing throughout,
    A plethora of emotions mellifluously gush.

    From birds chirping to the ticking of the clock,
    From ripples of the sea, to the stars that glisten,
    Lend an ear to euphony all around you,
    The Earth has music for those who listen.


  • pearl_pari 5w

    @writersbay #bingoc

    Words: winter, soul, roof, sky, canvas

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    An empty canvas laid
    In front of me during winter
    With shivering body
    My soul lost to wander
    Sitting on the roof
    Where wind slowly speeding
    Eyes on the sky
    My hands cold yet beaming
    Beautiful colours sprayed
    On the before empty canvas
    Full of liveliness
    Just like the flowers in a vase
    Colours matching the
    Mesmerising sundry sky
    My imagination once again
    I don't think wants to run dry

  • _mypenspeaks_ 5w

    @writersnetwork @writersbay @readwriteunite #bingoc #bingo @mirakee #love #sky #bingooc #short stories
    Words used : winter , soul ,roof , sky, canvas

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    In the cold winter nights,
    covered in the blanket of stars;
    Your thoughts warm my soul,
    The hot coffee telling all the lores;
    The cold breeze Passing by ears,
    Reminds me of our sweetest years;
    All I wish is your Presence by my side,
    Letting all the worries fall aside;
    Sitting on the roof under the dark sky,
    Speaking my heart out for hours and
    Watching the stars of the black canvas.

  • sumanaa_ 5w

    Using the horizontal N-line to complete the bingo.
    The used words : Roof, Stars, Constellation, Dreams, Aurora

    An interesting challenge by @writersbay!

    #bingoc #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersbay #sumanascribbles #pod #wod
    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Under the roof of the dark night sky,
    I let the stars of my hope,
    Form constellation of dreams,
    And paitently wait for the aurora of my life,
    For a fresh inception of my aspirations.


  • sadafiqbal 5w

    Words used O: canvas, hope , light , flowers, gaiety

    #bingoc #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    In the canvas of my shattered life
    When all was lost
    And no hope remains
    When darkness prevailed
    And no light shines
    When all flowers faded
    In my garden of dreams
    I chose to walk alone
    And found gaiety in loneliness!


  • a_discursive_writer 5w

    As the winter wind, shatters the silence of the sky
    From the roof of the igloo, a bird begins to fly
    Dawn has just broken, leaves dropping with dew
    Stars still shining, as the sky colors itself a purple hew
    Like a canvas, the sky soon becomes void of all colors but one
    Clouds all over, white as snow, as for light, there is none
    All there is, is hope.. And the will to survive!
    The bitter harsh cold, the frozen life
    In the Arctic, every day is a test of the souls
    Death in the open, and lives in holes
    Yet nature gives us a reason to go
    Watch as the snow slowly melts, and gives life to flowers hidden within
    Swaying to the music of the land, and the people there in
    The pretty aurora, which no poetry could begin to describe
    The snow white sheet, and the seals that dive
    The polar bears of Narnia, come alive..
    As soothing as the gaiety that comes after a bout with toska
    The bright constellations in the dark sky Show
    that darkness is necessary, for light to glow
    I smile as i inscribe this poetry, for now even i have a dream
    To see the sky white, and the aurora at night
    To lie in the warmth of snow, with no thoughts on mind
    #writersbay #challenge #bingo #writersnetwork #arctic #bingoc
    I wanted to have the first 3 lines, but as I kept writing, I think I outfitted all of the words in anyhow.. So yeah bingo.. Toska and gaiety were very different to play with, so if anyone else has written with them. Tag me, I want to read.

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    Bingo challenge.. Accepted!

    Bingo! ©mr_cheesy

  • deepika_nair 5w

    #bingoc by @writersbay
    Bingo line - "B" vertical ( winter
    canvas )

    I really don't know how much sense does this make ...I was really confused about posting this ... But the challenge was so tempting that I decided to take a shot ��❤️

    #poem #thoughts #pod #wod @mirakee #daadigotyourback #writersnetwork #ceesreposts @writersnetwork #mirakee @shaiz_fs @bluepuppy01 @mirakee_ki_daadima

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    BINGO challenge

    I stand before you,
    On the ROOF top of jumbled words,
    Which I arrange into long sentences
    My SOUL stiches word after word,
    Using colons and semicolons
    In between I take a pause ,
    To ask why I began.

    I am a reckless drawing from a five year old,
    Whose colours extending out of margins,
    A landscape with a silver sun,
    And a yellow SKY dipped in gold.
    I wave to you from recluse island,
    Where a dilapidated lighthouse stands at a distance.

    I have a garden growing on my skin,
    With a smell of distant summer air.
    And then your eyes shone on them.
    You brought daffodils under your feet ,
    And painted my world yellow.
    Spring began to bloom under my summer skin,
    And the sky began to dance with purple lilacs.
    And he watches with his tongue tied,
    At how WINTER bows to the summer,
    Of you and me.

    You are the brightest color on my CANVAS,
    Extending out of borders,
    Breaking norms of what is defined as art
    You coloured every direction,
    Until the margins disappeared,
    And the sky appeared in the colour of your eyes.
    Until I tasted the marriage of seasons,
    While I lay , wearing your arms around me.