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  • sahildandeliya 21h

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    #love #birthday #missing #god

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    अधूरी मुहब्बत

    एक लफ्ज़ है लव मांगना है
    मझे उससे उसका वक्त मांगना है

    कई असार पड़ दिए इस दौरान हमने
    एक ख्वाहिश ग़ज़ल में साथ मांगना है

    छोड़ रखा है मंदिर में दुआ करना उनसे
    इस जन्म दिन पर उसका हाथ मांगना है

    एक सुबह जाऊंगा उसके दर पे फरियाद लेके
    उस रब से अपना यार मांगना है

  • sweta03 1d

    Today is my birthday
    Hey, mirakeens give me birthday wishes

  • artist_star18 1d

    ।। माँ ।।

    पूछता है जब कोई दुनिया में मोहब्बत है कहाँ,

    मुस्करा देता हूँ और याद आ जाती है माँ।


  • jesi23sports 1d


    Maturity comes when
    you don't consider your
    birthday as an important
    day in your life, because
    the ones who were born
    special are special everyday
    in their life not only on the
    date they were born.


  • sachdeva_writings 3d

    Priceless as diamond, Precious as gold!!
    He is the one, Lovely than all!!
    His name is the identity of his goals!(HEERA)
    ❤Happiest Birthday Heera❤
    My Hero❤️My brother❤️
    I wish the every moment of your life filled with happiness and success!!

  • juniflrz 4d

    A Thoughtful Birthday

    Breathe gently the air
    Soak the sunlight
    Go with the breeze a flight
    Let your mind wonder freely
    Walk the path calmly
    Observe nature in its glory
    Admire this beautiful day.
    Have a joyful moment and
    Smile for a thoughtful birthday
    To myself this month of May.
    Go celebrate this day.


  • sayuki 5d

    #birthday #loved
    Treasure each moment in life for it's the little things that make up the memories for reminiscing when your old and grey!

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    Birthday Bliss

    Waiting for the stroke of midnight
    Now a year older than yesterday.
    Doesn't feel much different
    But as I look around,
    My loved ones keep growing each year!

  • sugandhswani_ 5d

    Happy Birthday Ruskin Bond

    His Grandpa tickled a tiger,
    As we saw The Flight of Pigeons with him,
    I felt I knew The Woman on Platform 8 personally,
    And lived Rusty's adventures with him...
    To the man whose endless tales I love,
    A sweet wish and blessings from heavens above!
    19th May 2020

  • chaudhary_manish 5d


    जन्मदिन के शुभ अवसर पर,मुबारक बात देता हूँ,
    बार बार ये दिन आये,इसी की मैं आस करता हूँ।
    खुदा चुन ले तेरे काँटे ,फूलो की बौछार कर दे,
    तेरे खातिर इसी तौह्फे की,रब से मैं फ़रियाद करता हूँ।

  • vasudevrao 1w


    Oh friend,It's your birthday!!
    You've had your family celebrate..
    Now lets have our Celebration!?

    It is the day to celebrate your existence!
    It is the day you need to feel special,
    Make it Memorable.

    When we place the candle on the cake,
    Remember all your mistakes,
    Committed last year and

    Blow down the candlle,
    And make a wish that ;
    You wont repeat the same mistakes.

    The day after Your B'day,
    Is the another chapter of your life;
    Another page make worth of all pages.

    Remember, time will always run;
    But LOVE and FRIENDS can trap time,
    In series of moments that lasts forever.

    When i say Happy B'day idiot!!
    U should reply thanks dumbo.

  • krishna_gautam 1w

    Ajeeb log

    Bahut ajeeb log

    Fir ate he vo ....
    Jo apne birthday wishes ke
    Screenshot status par lgate he


  • s_riyansha 1w


    Birthdays come with mixed feelings
    The entire day keeps a queer spark revealing
    A new day takes the complete worries away
    Embracing excitement, jubilation and intensity, the awaited birthday
    A full new year has again flown away
    and a another new year is bestowed on your way
    Leaving behind all melancholy, vexation and cynicism
    Celebrate the new year with glee, ambition and optimism
    Rise to accomplish your dreams and open all your restricted doors
    After all this the spesh day to be called as yours

  • girish_naidu 1w


    3rd was your birthday nah it was the day which broke my heart . 26th was my birthday nah it was my last one with you ❌.

  • suchi_02 1w

    Happy birthday to my dearest friend! She's finally turning 18 tomorrow ... and so I decided to dedicate this small post to her!

    #love #joy #happiness #writersnetwork #birthday #happy #world #conquer #beauty #throne

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    Happy Birthday!

    You're finally an adult,
    Ready to face the world.
    As exciting as it may seem,
    It can be quite extreme,
    To make all of life's choices on your own.

    But don't you worry, my friend,
    This shit will soon end.
    You'll become proud of who you are,
    And you'll shine like a star,
    You'll finally take over your life's throne.


  • neeluv2 1w

    He make me smile, blush, happy
    Yes he is the one priceless person in my life with infinite love and memories...

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    तुझे कहूँ तो बुरा मान जायेगा ऐ " ishq"...

    उनकी (his)❤️ तो मुस्कान भी तुझसे ज्यादा हसीन है!!

  • agustd_daechwita 1w

    #mirakee #pod #writersnetwork #writerstolli @mirakee @writersnetwork #love #life #poetry #nature #inspiration
    #bts #taekook #acrostics #v #jungkook #music #birthday

    Taekook ~ Acrostics

    El Mariachi

    Together was a hollow word until they met
    Around the world, wanderlust met passion
    El Mariachi, they sing, dance and make merry
    Kite above the clouds, flying up and floating
    Oh! The sunrise gathers golden light as they sing
    Oh! The sunset welcomes shining stars as they dance
    Kaleidoscope of music plays on, voyages never end
    Airplane windows, hotel room walls
    Night sky on terrace, stars that shine
    Limelight fades in the lonely nights
    We only had each other to belong to
    I want to see the shine in your eyes
    But never a single tear to find a way
    I want to feel the bliss of your smile
    But never a pretend to hide your fear
    You are you, the real one, the pure one
    No matter how hard the world tries
    To break you, I'll always stand before you
    I'll never let you hurt, as long as I'm alive

    // Wherever I go, whatever I do
    A part of me, the best part, is you //

    To my Dear sister @taekook_maknae
    Happy Birthday ����
    May all of your dreams come true
    Be Happy and Healthy
    Saranghae ��������������

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    Together was a hollow word until they met
    Around the world, wanderlust met passion
    El Mariachi, they sing, dance and make merry
    Kite above the clouds, flying up and floating
    Oh! The sunrise gathers golden light as they sing
    Oh! The sunset welcomes shining stars as they dance
    Kaleidoscope of music plays on, voyages never end
    You are you, the real one, the pure one
    No matter how hard the world tries
    To break you, I'll always stand before you
    I'll never let you hurt, as long as I'm alive
    Wherever I go, whatever I do
    A part of me, the best part, is you


  • a_girl_inkings_her_emotions 1w

    Creative sketch by�� - @a_girl_portraying_her_world
    Drinking Tea was my choice,��
    as i fell in love with you��
    your choice for coffee☕
    became my first preference.♥️♥️
    -Roli Rastogi
    © #a_girl_inkings_her_emotions
    Amazing Words by ✍️ - @a_girl_inkings_her_emotions
    ��Leave your views about this artwork down in the comment section...
    ⏩Dm/Comment�� to order�� "your own potrait"
    Use ��#a_girl_portraying_her_world
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  • lunalight 1w


    It was their birthday
    I want to wish them
    This time not like before
    In which they waited for my wish
    In which they waited for the time to spend with me
    In which they waited for my voice
    Seriously not like before
    But atleast as a person crossed their life
    I know that they will accept my big words
    So I had simple words "Happy Birthday "


  • reddy_alluri16 1w

    The Grownup birthdays

    I was never excited about my birthday. This isolation has no effect.
    It's simply one more day for me in my life. This day just brings back individuals to your life for one day and they will make a decent attempt that they recollect you and they care for you. Growing up I understood that it is the day to thank your parents, they are the reason that you are alive today and remaining in the society with poise.
    I simply needed one day in a year to be with myself I need my time, myself and just me. You will find yourself with that. You can get yourself the genuine motivation behind life.

    Remain solid like a sky consistently.


  • say_me_krish 1w

    Inspired to write this piece for my fav Teacher's birthday by my new Mirakee friends @abhigyan_ and @seyfert ����......


    There he stands; a tall and scrumptious sculpture;
    like a racy, optimistic and a lively sportsman,
    who is ready to sprint hundreds of miles,
    and fill in people oodles of blithe and zeal.
    like the dear almighty, in the form of a doctor,
    who is ready to save millions of dying lives,
    and fill in those lives a sense of gratitude.
    Yet, he is an ordinary-looking man,
    who is a scintillating man; a teacher,
    who is ready to teach Facts of Biology,
    who is ready to teach Miracles of Chemistry,
    who is ready, to pour out all his cognizance selflessly.

    Which priceless words, can I use to describe him?
    Which words can be used to match his virtues?
    No words in my lexicon can justify him precisely.
    He's cozy, lusty, happy and funky.
    He's loving, solicituding, appealing and soothing.
    He's passionate, affectionate and compassionate.
    He's homespun, chic, pure and hearty.
    He's better for the good ones, best for the better ones,
    and Ultimate for the best ones!
    Yes! He's the one I longed to have in my life!
    He's the sole solace to my heart that I longed for!
    He's the unalloyed and concerning one I longed for!
    He's indeed, the ally I longed for my whole lifetime!

    He's my favorite since years,
    He was my first male crush, in real honesty!
    Coz he was very cute and smiling with lips wide...
    I asked myself, "Was it love at first sight?"
    Whatever the thing was, I started liking him.
    I waited for his classes eagerly, looking at the door,
    To listen his wonderful and inspiring teaching,
    To listen his hilarious jokes and burst out laughing,
    To talk sweet words with him; blushing all along.
    I felt, he's the ideal teacher, the best one,
    Coz he makes every concept simple and pellucid,
    And brings interest in every single student, to listen merrily.
    He tries to look into every student in every corner,
    And speak words of comfort to those who look dreary.
    He's more than a teacher; he looks like a 'Father'!

    I used to appertain every word he'd say,
    For he was an idyllic ilk in my views.
    He made me an adept from an inept.
    He revitalized, and inflamed a new splang in me.
    He bought me nous and made me nerveless.
    He had a solicitude on me; and I loved it!
    I was happy of being so close to him,
    Yet I got afraid, "Will he too leave me?"
    He got my thinking proved erroneous,
    For he neither cheated, nor faked on me; he was true.
    My mind buzzed, "He was the one you needed."
    His countenance was always the same,
    A beautiful smile on the cheeky round face,
    Which had oodles of moxie and zing,
    Which would make everyone feel happy and palmy.

    Yet, he has another mysterious and concealed side;
    The acrimonious and monstrous side,
    Which was very appal and frightening for me.
    Even god couldn't seem to control him; then how can I?
    I'd wait for his miff to cool down,
    And the time would come after a few minutes.
    Despites, he would never put his anger on me.
    Instead, he would sit mum and enigmatic,
    Saying me in signs not to speak much.
    I would feel relieved, and thank god for making him cooler.
    Then I would try to get him back in euphoria,
    By my consoling and cheerful words.
    Yes! I would end all his jumpiness successfully!!

    He is not pompous in any ways, undoubtedly!
    Instead, he would come out of his way,
    And extend his long hands to help the needy.
    I love this attribute the most infact!
    He can dance to explain you alkanes and alkenes,
    He can burn Magnesium to show you dazzles,
    He can crack silly jokes to see you laughing,
    He can take 3 tuitions every day with the same zeal.
    Yes! My guide can do anything and everything!

    He made me forbearant, good and gutsy,
    He consoled me when I cried out of depression,
    He made me laugh when I looked tired and bored.
    I felt very cozy to speak openly with him,
    And so I shared all of my secrets with him,
    With a belief, that he can resolve the tough ones,
    With a belief, that he wouldn't reveal the peculiar ones;
    He made my heart lighter in a trice!
    He triumphantly brought out, a new face of mine;
    The unseen, snazzy and a beautiful face!

    And this new pot, he moulded with his own hands,
    Was in a really good and firm shape,
    Which can never be depressed or hurted.
    All due credits is for this rightful person; the moulder,
    Who said me that the world wants to make you feeble,
    The world waits to see you fail humorously,
    I have experienced a lot of it; he said.
    His feeling brought a high feeling of verve in me,
    His words inspired me to succeed, not perish,
    His words were pillars for the house of strength,
    His words are the magical verses of my gander today!
    His words are indeed so powerful,
    Even the most depressed can make out of being extraordinary.
    Such is the miraculous strength of my dear guide!
    Who has faced myriad ginormous challenges.

    To see my dreadful experiences of the past;
    Those bad days now look hilarious!
    I would thank you guide,
    For making me strong like the Mehrauli Pillar.
    I would thank you guide,
    For making me shine, like the stars in the murky sky.
    I would thank you guide,
    For making my thinking practical, as what scientists have.
    I would thank you guide,
    For making my ego conceal, like the cement between the stones of a house.
    I would thank you guide,
    For making me wise and clever, like the ministers of the king.
    I would thank you guide,
    For making me energetic and highly enthusiastic.

    In short and sweet words, "THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!!!"
    Most thanks for your sweetest Fatherly love.
    Hey listen, my second Father,
    I pen these words, straight from my heart,
    On this day, the day of your birthday shout-out!
    I was thinking of gifting you something precious,
    But later I realized, words are the most valuable ones,
    And it can be the most surprising gift one can have!
    I wanted to write something for you since years,
    And today I realize, I'm at my destination dear! ��

    Pic: Google (credits to the rightful owner)

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