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    Red Clot


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    मेरी जिंदगी की सबसे खुबसूरत तोहफा है तु।
    मेरे चलते साँसों की सबसे बड़ी वज़ह है तु।
    तेरे हर मुसकान पे मैं अपनी जीवन वार दूं।
    मेरी जिंदगी का एक खुबसूरत गुलिस्तां है तु।।

    मेरे हर कदम से कदम मिलाया है तुने।
    मुझे हर डगर पे संभाला है तुने।
    तुने मेरे भटकते कदमों को रास्ता दिखलाया है।
    अरे तेरा क्या शुक्रियादा करुँ, मुझे तो चलना भी तुने ही सिख्लाया है।।

    मेरे तपते बदन पे अपने गीले आँचल की छाँव बना देती।
    मैं सौउँ चैन से, इस खातिर अपनी नींद मेरे फ़िक्र को बेच आती।
    अपने थाली में एक रोटी कम ही रखती थी तु।
    कभी कभी पेट भरा है कह कर भूखे रह जाया करती थी तु।।

    मेरे हर जीत पर मेरे सिर को प्यार से चूम लेती।
    और मेरे किसी बात पर रूठने पर चट से मना लेती।
    मेरे हर सुख दुख में अपना हिस्सा लेने चली आती थी तु।
    सच कहा है किसिने की माँ कितनी अच्छी है तु।।

    कहती है दुनिया की शायद दिन है आज तेरा।
    लोग आज को मातृ-दिवस कहते हैं शायद।
    कहूँ क्या इस दुनिया से, के नही चाहिये दिन एक पूजने को तुझे।
    तु साक्षात शक्ती है, एक दिन नही, हमारा समस्त जीवन है तेरा।।

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  • moonwritespoetry 56w


    You love the Moon,
    But you kown, you'll never get there.
    Said them.

    Yes. But I sleep looking at him
    Somewhere in every Dream, We meet
    And will meet tonight. Said i, Smiling.

    You Speak about him all night,
    When you're awake.
    He wouldn't hear you.

    Yes, But the Moon watches over Me
    All night. Every night!
    Because I belong to him.

    Moon has all the Stars
    Where he always looks at,
    He never thought of Seeing Your face!

    Yes, But As I fall asleep
    Right Near to the window,
    I feel him brightly Falling on to my face!!

    He is up in the sky.
    Yes, He is inside my heart too....
    What have he done for you?
    It's him..., who brought me to this world.

    But Darling, He would never come down.
    Yes, but I could always see him,
    I live in him, There is no me without Him.

    Are you both the same?, asked them.
    Yes, He is my Birth giver.
    "My Father..." Said I, Smiling.

    ~Anagha Lakshmi Ajitha~

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    When all the world turned away from me
    You SAVED me from fire, wind and thunder
    When they said rubbish things to you
    You didnt react but ENDURED
    When some one hurted you
    You FORGAVE them like holy Jesus
    When I was sad or tensed
    You saw me work and blessed me
    When I was drooping and tired
    You made me stronger with words like water.

    Thankyou for the life, love , care, and all innumerable things you have given me in life.


  • laatsaabthewriter 95w


    ऐसा नही वो केवल घरवाली बन सकती है
    चाहे तो कानून की रखवाली बन सकती है
    वो चुप है तो उसे पैर का पत्थर मत समझो
    जाग उठे तो चंडी महाकाली बन सकती है

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    This Woman, Birth Giver.

    This woman so brave
    Call her fighter if you will
    She is strong and tenacious and soldierly
    The kind of spirit warriors crave.

    This woman so kind
    Call her angel if you wish
    Selfless, sensitive and sweet
    The most tender soul you'll ever find.

    This woman so beautiful
    Call her sophisticated if you would
    She is gorgeous, stylish and elegant
    The captivating magnificence of her body is indisputable.

    This woman who cares
    Call her soothing if you can
    She breeds a peaceful and soft environment
    The safety in her arms you can't compare.

    This woman so fierce
    Call her savage if you want
    Scintillating, saucy, sassy and sarcastic
    The snidest remarks she shares.

    This woman so flawless
    Call her mother if you like
    She is saintly, loving and overall overwhelmingly wonderful
    The greatest ever created, I call her goddess.

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    It's not only on this one day, women deserve to be happy on every single day!!
    Like I said about women's role in life!!
    I love to see my mom, my sister, my friend, my teacher, my wife happy!!
    But it's international Women's Day..
    So wish you all beautiful ladies happy Women's Day!
    #women #womensday #8march #happy #life #bunnywrite #mom #friend #sister #wife #birthgiver #ladies #girls #female @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @mirakeeworld @moon_and_me @mausiqii__ @sunshine13

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    Women are there in our life on every different stages..
    I saw my Mom when I born!
    I saw my sisters while I started learning about surrounding!
    I saw my female friends when we're playing together while we're in our childhood!
    I saw my teacher while I was learning to become educated!
    I saw my girlfriend when I fall in love!
    Everytime I saw women they are helping me somewhere somehow!
    Women play different roles in every man's life, as a mother, as a sister, as a friend, as a teacher, as a wife...
    I can't imagine world without women...