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    Frost War

    There has always been
    A cold war
    Penetrating my essence
    By selling down the river
    A cruise of frost deadly love

    I wake up again
    Yet another sunless morn
    Just to witness my remains
    In the bitter war
    I had with myself

    Each night, I reflect
    Upon the sunshine that
    Once dared to fall on me
    And left me with bruises
    I wonder if it shall come
    Again, to give me life
    And smash it back


    Love is poison, isn't it?

    Pc: rightful owner
    @writersnetwork @odysseus @starrdust

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    // Each night, I reflect, upon the sunshine that once dared to fall on me and left me with bruises //


  • __tricky___mind 5d

    Being good with no limit adds
    too much of bitterness into your Life.

  • just_jed 2w

    It sucks that it's all ending.

    #bitter #newbie

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    It was a great voyage,
    Despite all the storms.
    It wasn't a mistake we tried

    All those memories,
    Keep it inside your pocket;
    Unforgettable fights

    It was a love well spent,
    Farewell to our ties;
    So long, my love.

  • jadedraco 2w


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    Vlog Feb 2021

    Sometimes my family just gets on my nerves. I am sure a lot of people feel like that .It is my day off but yet it is not my day off got to get my daughter up for home school. Home school like this sucks so hard the teachers annoying, the computer doesn't want to work. I also got to get my son up for his therapy he takes a hospital van every day, and does therapy. So for the most part I hardly get any sleep these days I am always waking up at four, or six, or seven. My lack of sleep is even becoming noticeable by my son I have dark circles under my eyes, and the bags. I took a nap between her getting her school done and My son at his therapy and I woke up angry a a bear. My mom bitches about cleaning the floor and same old same old ,my daughter is playing on her
    tablet not paying attention, later my son comes from his therapy in a bad mood saying it takes to long he don't want to go no more. I tell her to pay attention to the teacher ,I just half ignore my mom saying yeah and later I tell my son he has to go to therapy and that is the end of it. try not losing my patience with them but omg it is so difficult. Then my brother and his girlfriend come by before Michael get home before my daughter gets off school wanting to go out to eat of course I can't because my son and daughter and their responsibilities augh! My brother takes my mom out to wat I am stuck hear can't do any thing tomorrow I work and they go back to Arizona. Fuck my life! Then I hate this house so much the bathroom the broken walls the falling in floor it is freaking embarrassing. At some points I don't care what other people thing but when other people do come to our house which is rare( My brother and girlfriend are rich so their use to certain things which I am not use to like a new house, new furniture, new everything) I see through their eyes what they see a ghetto house yes I live in what some people might be called the Spanish ghetto most of the time I don't mind it in fat it is comfortable I like the people around me and were good with out neighbors and most of our neighbors are good with us. But sometimes outsiders not use to our habitat look at us like animals in a zoo. you know. I wish I can find some decent house to live in, and have job I can afford a decent house. I wish my job didn't suck. I wish my kids were well behaved, and a normal mental status kid ,but unfortunately houses are expensive my kids are the way they are because of me, and because of this dumb ass school that emotionally traumatized my son, and making my daughter hate school more and more and work is just going to be worst and worst till I find another job, or move to Arizona. I just wish my life was different I wish I had someone else's life because my life blows.

  • beensn 2w

    Truth is so bitter in taste,
    People at fault can never tolerate.
    Facing the truth required lots of courage,
    A strong heart and confidence to manage.
    Just because truth is omnipresent but invisible,
    It doesn't mean, winning over truth is possible.
    Why do people are scared of truth?
    Always better to take its side to prove our worth.
    It may give us a temporary illusion,
    That truth can be hidden under the carpet-. Just an imagination.
    Better be careful and watch our steps,
    Even a small slip may push us down the stairs.

  • _dazzled_viara 2w

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    Scrap diary

    She was a victim..on the bed she lay taking her last breath.Her body was swollen,her legs were as if it would burst now.She had a big tummy not because she ate a lot but because all she had in her body ,her internal organs and all the other parts had meet expiry date.Her eyelids were of the size of a lemon.The only possession she had with her were her clothes,a bed and a pillow..
    Her better half,with whom she saw endless dreams..her dearest husband with whom she spend an entire lifetime has shown his true colours.He had wealth more than he could wish for but he was not rich in heart.He was a selfless man who was not ready to give her wife apt treatment.He was the one who longed to treat his wife without spending much money.My doubt is that did he marry her for her money???
    Walking back from the room my eyes struck on a picture.A picture of a handsome guy and a beautiful woman was framed and kept in the shelf.Those two people were simply smiling in that photograph."A made for each other couples"...that is the phrase that we use right????Yes they were made for each other couples in the eyes of others but were they truly made for each other? I knew not.May be I was mistaken actually the meaning behind that phrase was simply that wife serves her husband till the time she is able to do and towards the end the husband does not pay back for what she had done so far?
    When I understood he, so called husband was not ready to spend money for his wife I felt pity for her.I realized that she had suffered a lot.The next question that came to my mind was that had she got any chances to experience true love?I knew not....
    Is this what life is??Life is a risky track we move forward without knowing were it leads to.At some point of time some may meet an accident and some may proceed further.The lucky are the ones who find a shoulder to rest and depend till they cross the finishing line.
    May all of you out their be lucky enough to find a truthful soul

  • queen_black 3w


    does it make you smile
    living in life that full of shit and lies
    womanizer made womens cry
    that how our relation goes by

  • chongtie 4w


    I saw you drunk
    Both in Love and Bitterness.


  • angels_halo_shines 4w


    You can be all but warm to me.
    No warm invitation to your arms.
    Got me wondering why we are here in this moment now.
    It's getting colder and colder.
    I am learning to get used to the cold tho. No love, only bitter cold.
    One day you will need warmth. And I am gonna do as you did me, be bitter and cold as ice. Bet your ass. You will see then after all these damn years, how it's felt. Enjoy it, embrace it. And don't get to comfy.

  • jenaroaragon 4w

    #writersnetwork #sand #Bitter #old #death #LA
    I'm humbled by the attention this has received. Thank you to everyone for all the likes and reblogs! And please, feel free to check out my previous work.

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    Bitter Sand

    I'm stranded in the desert.
    The sands may shift, but I,
    see no substantive changes.
    So this is where I die.
    Continual conversion of
    the grains about my form
    insult me as they sting,
    but it's the wind that makes them swarm.
    So how can I be mad at them?
    So hard and tired and old.
    Still, I'd rather die of thirst
    than buy what they've been sold.


  • rachelezell27 5w


    How are you so hard?
    How are you so cold?
    You know I've loved you,
    but this pain is getting old.

    How can you love,
    with a soul that you sold?
    If this is a game,
    then fuck it, I fold.

    Your heart runs deep,
    with cruelty untold.
    It's become so putrid,
    it's starting to grow mold.

    I have held on so tight,
    but I can no longer hold.
    I have seen this play out,
    so let the tapes roll.

    I want my heart back,
    it's something you stole.
    Now my chest is hollow,
    with a vast empty hole.

    This life with you,
    has taken it's toll.
    Like running the gauntlet,
    at a leisurely stroll.

    I'm not okay now,
    I'm not entirely whole.
    Will I make it or won't I?
    Let's hear the drum roll.

    ~ Rachel G Ezell

  • jithinsharma_7 7w

    Life is a balancing act on a rope of emotions ✍🏻

  • jaded_angel_ 7w

    Freezer Burnt

    It's been cold for so long
    I've forgotten the melody to our song
    It's freezing here, im alone
    You froze me,and left me on my own
    You said i was weak for feeling,
    You intertwined numbness with healing,
    Sadly, I forgot what I learnt,
    So, my heart didnt stay freezer burnt.
    The ice around my heart still smokes
    You'd kiss it roughly with bitter strokes
    You turned off my emotions and said to care no more.
    You walked out my heart and locked the door.
    You rocked me like a child in your arms,
    "Hush now baby, you're away from harm
    I'll sing you a bitter lullaby and wrap you in snow,
    I'll feed you ice,hush now baby please let it go
    You have frozen wings my butterfly dont unfold.
    Sleep now love,your soul has caught a cold,
    The sickness is your cure, its ok to be ill
    It's a part of the plan so swallow these bittered pills,
    It's for your own good, so sleep baby feel no more."
    Then I felt nothing, i was chill to the core
    All the colors left and i saw in black and white
    I mocked loved, and flew it away like a kite
    Hate was my drug, numbness was my high
    You took the little girl in me and killed her twice.
    Once when you struck me in the back with a knife,
    While you showed off the new girl by your side,
    Then again whenever i see hope in fervent eyes,
    You kill me again and again, every time
    This is how you create the princess of ice
    The angel of snow,the beast of winter
    The light stopped flickering and her flowers withered.
    But when you left me frozen in place,
    Another walked by and touched my face
    He thawed me out and undid your curse
    He spoke softly and prayed a verse
    Little by little his fire made your snow melt
    But suddenly i regret what I felt
    Because fear and pain are also an emotions
    So, I beg of you,do you have any more portions?
    Let me take just one more sip,
    I just need that bittered kiss upon my lips,
    Tell me to let go and this time hide the door.
    Teach me to not feel once more
    Send me to our river, let me fall through your ice,
    I'll walk in his blizzard cuz to be numb, my heart I must sacrifice.
    It's been cold for so long,
    Please play back the melody of our song,
    It's freezing here, im always alone,
    You froze me,and left me on my own
    You said I was strong because I stopped feeling.
    You intertwined numbness with healing,
    I shall always remember what I've learnt,
    That this time my heart will forever remain feezer burnt.

  • gamechanger1 9w

    waiting for their texts who forgot you in a single day is a severe heart pain


  • beensn 9w

    #truth #lies #bitter
    # mirakee # writersnetwork

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    Sweet lies n bitter truth

    Lies are hugged and truth is kicked out,
    Sweetness is coated on lies and truth is always hidden- no doubt.
    People are happy and comfortable with the monetary gains,
    Not knowing that even the truth it hides.
    There are no takers for 'Truth' these days,
    Lies are in great demand like hot cakes.
    Lies are like summer shower,
    Just enough to rise the Petrichor.
    Even though truth is hard and bitter,
    Taking its side is always better.

  • aliish 10w

    It's a peaceful way to manage your stress by writing what's disturbing you inside and sharing with those who really worth reading that

  • yashvibansal 11w


    You complain that storytelling is gory.
    You complain that storytelling seems to have become story yelling.
    You complain that storytelling weaves magic with witches and demons, not fairies and angels.
    You complain that stories smell of sweat and blood, not roses and dew drops.
    That they whisper muffled screams, not sweet nothings.
    That they glorify death, not life.
    You complain that stories shout ugly truths, not pretty lies.
    That they murder virtue, and glorify vice.
    You complain that storytelling doesn't work one step at a time, but rather rolls a dice.
    It isn't a make-believe world where fairness rules
    Instead, it's a world where cruelty reigns,
    And angels sigh
    And devils grin.
    Where happiness droops
    And sadness sings.
    You complain that storytelling is bitter.
    The opposite of sweet nectar.
    You cry that it is devoid of colour
    But it isn't my darling, it's simply grey
    It's simply a reflection of the real world
    Where tigers stalk their prey.
    You complain that there are no muffins on the tray
    But there are my dear, they are simply made of mud and clay.
    You complain now that storytelling mirrors the real world
    And of course it does.
    But my darling, it doesn't have to be that way.
    You see,even though witches rule,
    Fairies do live.
    And both bask in magic.
    And even though cruelty reigns
    Kindness does breathe, you know.
    Even though the words are bitter
    At least we know of sweet nectar.
    And though devils grin
    We do have the knowledge that angels sing.
    And murdered virtue can be avenged
    And glorified vice condemned.
    Cause darling, sometimes the rolling dice,
    Does give one, you know.
    And sometimes, just sometimes, you get a six too.
    Cause darling, storytelling is magic.
    Even though it may be black at times,
    You see,
    It's all a matter of perspective.

    Image credit to the rightful owner. I picked it up from Google.

    I tried my hand at turncoat poetry, the results of which are in front of you.��

    Wrote this while I was supposed to be studying and got a nice scolding��, but I believe all the pain is worth it when it comes to writing.��

    This is Part 1 of the 'You Complain' series. I was going to just leave it at 'You Complain', but then decided that 'Storytelling' was a better title. The second part of 'You Complain' will be up soon.

    #story #storytelling #gory #magic #witches #demons #devil #angel #fairies #fairy #complain #you #stories #sweat #blood #roses #dewdrops #whisper #screams #sweet #nothings #glorify #death #die #gold #life #ugly #lonely #truths #prettylies #pretty #lies #untruths #uglytruths #cries #loveNpeace #musings #thoughts #pod@mirakee #daily #challenge #chal #imagination #destruction #whirlpool #emotions #crescent #soul #sprituality #home #cruelty #perspective #darling #nectar #dear #earth #anotherworld #makebelieveworld #world #worldsofwonder #worldofwonder #wonder #colour #grey #reflection #real #reality #dreams #one #six #black #white #colourful #bitter #virtue #vice

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    Murdered virtue can be avenged
    And glorified vice condemned...
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  • ravindra_singh 12w

    Mein bata raha hu

    Jiske piche tum ja rahe ho !!
    Kaynat gawah hai !!
    Use sath lane m logo k gar bar ujad jate Hein!!


  • vintage_soul70 12w


    Truth, is bitter

  • sadafaftab 14w

    जिस तरह एक शजर क़ी शाख़ों से उसके फल-फ़ूल अलग़ क़र दिए जाएँ,
    तो भी वो दोबारा फल-फ़ूल जाता है/
    ठीक उसी तरह अगर क़िसी इन्सान से उसकी कोई जुड़ी हुई चीज़ अलग़ हो जाती है,
    तब वो भी एक वक्ती ग़म मनाने क़े बाद ठीक हो जाता है/
    इस ज़माने में कोई क़िसी क़ा साथी नही है!
    यहाँ तक़ क़ि माँ/बाप से भी औलाद का रिश्ता क़ुछ सौदों पर टिका होता है/
    आपको ये बात बुरी लग सकती है पर कड़वा सच है ये;
    कि आप क़िसी क़े लिए तब तक ही ज़रूरी हैं,
    जब तक आप उसकी ज़रूरतों को पूरा कर रहे हैं/
    जिस दिन आपसे मतलब नही आपका भी कोई वजूद नही।।