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  • _musks 12w

    Fighting Fighting

    Keep your inner force alive
    Do You know?
    When you start feeling heaviness
    The scorching fire started diminishing
    What you are doing?
    Find Reason to suffer this cold
    Reverse the action cause ego is burying in tortorous mud of slow death
    Continue burning;Sometimes silence is giving chance to freeze the consciousness
    Else it may doom into ashes
    Fog of darkness will seal you at nowhere
    Don't accept damage as fate
    Raise voice to live your will

  • outofleague 12w

    #blue_pd_nowhere #positional #error
    Picture Courtesy: Jon Tyson

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  • moody_muser 12w

    The word nowhere can mean either 'now-here' or 'no-where'.
    I've tried to justify both of them in this write-up. Perception..I'll leave to you but I'd request you to try reading it both ways.

    Challenge by @cyan_rose ; @pragya_a_dreamer
    #ceesreposts #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersbay

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    The big bad world was letting me down.
    I struggled,
    Struggled because I was stuck nowhere
    Longing for a better place to exist.
    Till I found you,
    I found you and my world condensed into one person.
    Just one person.
    The world was not big bad anymore
    And being nowhere was all I could ever wish for.

  • bluepuppy01 12w


    Nowhere is where I belong.

    A place I can call my own
    Is nowhere in this world.

    I made it this way.

    I carved this of my life
    With my own bare hands,
    And created it so perfectly-
    Too perfectly.

    Now, I can’t withdraw
    From this space
    Even if I wished to be
    Someplace else,
    But nowhere is where I belong,
    So why would I dare
    To seek “a somewhere”
    Not destined for this someone I am?


    Dear Reader,

    Please read this all over again, but this time read “nowhere” as “now here” instead.

    ��Many thanks,
    This is an entry for the challenge created by @pragya_a_dreamer on my @cyan_rose account. ��

    #cyanentry #prettypic164
    #blue_pd_nowhere #bluepup

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  • cyan_rose 12w

    Lol This is the First Mirakeean Challenge I've posted in a long time (lol I had to go back and look to remember how I did these��)

    • Ok, so if you didn't know, my Mirakeean Challenges are basically just ideas that other people have suggested to me to post as a challenge.

    • I used to post something, like probs the day b4 posting a scheduled Mirakeean challenge- it was a place purely open to suggesting challenge ideas in the comments. The next day, I would choose one from the suggestion comments and post later as an official challenge. The idea would be credited to the one who came up with it and I would use their username initials along with the usual tags I use for this cyan_rose account.

    ��This is basically that all over again except I didn't post anything about Mirakeean challenges beforehand...
    ��This challenge was suggested by @pragya_a_dreamer *a silent moment of appreciation*

    N O W H E R E

    Write a creative piece including the word, "nowhere"

    ☆��☆Here's the TWIST:

    "Nowhere" is to be used
    as the double meaning of
    "no where" and "now here"



    ~no plagiarism

    ~English only

    ~use ALL of these tags:

    ~Comment below "Mission Accepted" if you decide to participate

    �� Get creative and have fun with it!
    ��Please repost and tag to spread the word #ceesreposts

    ��Reminder: all of my challenges are infinitely open, so you can participate in any of them at any time.

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    By Fellow Mirakeen:
    n o w h e r e Challenge

  • pragya_a_dreamer 12w

    The word 'Nowhere' has always fascinated me...
    It's dual meaning of no where and now here is what that made me attempt to this poetry...
    Now while you are reading this I wish you take both the meanings... For that is the gist I have tried to bring out...
    Hope you enjoy reading...
    And keep inking...

    _The White Dahlias_

    These white Dahlias
    Are the proofs darling...
    That I waited for you
    Even when you were
    Nowhere to be seen...
    The changing seasons
    Which lead to the
    Changing generations
    Of these Dahlias
    Are the proofs darling...
    That I loved you
    Even when you were
    Nowhere to he heard...
    #writersnetwork #pod #mirakee #writersbay #bluepuppy01 #ummerveeri #ceesreposts #readwriteunite #blue_pd_nowhere

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