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  • mmbftd 4d


    There was frost on the ground
    I need not brave the elements
    To know
    For your tiny paws
    Handsome dog's
    Little black and pink toes
    Wore the temperature to tell.
    Wrapping you up close
    To me
    Bundles of fuzzy warm cloth
    Enveloping us together
    As I held your cold paws
    In my warming palms
    To take away your chill
    Winter was hard for us both
    We hated cold
    It made us lazy and pained
    Old bones growing old together
    And as our breaths became unison
    We drifted in and out of dreams
    Together and apart
    I felt your dream paws running
    After something fun to chase
    And why not let you dream
    Of springtime's squirrel chase?
    Were there tiny purple blossoms
    An explosion of new growth
    Beneath your paws?
    I nestled my nose
    In your long soft neck fur
    A mane of silky white
    With large black swaths
    Your eyes now
    Half opening
    In their new blue color
    Cataracts like ghosts
    Concealed your once dark
    Brown, round eyes
    Little black eyelashes a flutter.
    I pulled you closer
    Trying to stop time
    And appreciating all these silent moments shared.
    My companion, my confidant
    My protector so fierce.
    Your Papillon-Chihuahua smarts
    And sweet loving glances
    Comforted me and brought me outside myself, when sometimes
    I needed that.
    ColdPaw, I shall warm your paws for you until the end of our days.
    Loving you is the greatest gift.
    As you announce all seasons by walking on my lap.
    Now we are warm again, let's slumber a little longer, and let no one disturb these precious moments. Let me just love you.

    For Loui Pup Pup, my faithful companion in this world.

  • anonymously_mysterious 4d

    अजीब है ना?
    यूँ तो लाखोंं लोगों से घिरी हूँ,
    मगर फिर भी अकेली हूँ;
    यूँ तो किसी से नाता नहीं,
    मगर सबकी सहेली हूँ;
    एक कदम भी चली नहीं इस सफर में,
    मगर थककर बेहाल हो चुकी हूँ;
    अजीब है ना?
    एक दुसरे के होनेवालों की इस दुनिया में,
    मै खुद की बन चुकी हूँ!


  • mmbftd 5d

    Winter(or notes on a Fish)

    It was winter
    When I stopped sleeping.
    A switch
    A change in my body
    Kept my mind racing
    Magnetic waves
    Strewn about from our sun
    Reached me
    Without my notice
    Without an announcement
    And so here I was
    Upright in the dark room
    Listening to the sounds of night
    Fishtank bubbles
    In their patterns
    And then none at all
    The fish himself
    Who liked to jump at night
    And splash through the surface
    With such force.
    He is a fast fish
    Bright yellow
    With faint black stripes
    Vertical on his strong body
    That darken when he gets
    I've had this fish; Coupe
    Since he was tiny like my thumb
    And a bright flash
    Of electric blue
    He was so beautiful and small
    But always alert
    And friendly
    To me at least.
    He ate every other fish
    He was ever housed with-
    Even his sisters.
    A brother and a Chinese Algae
    eater, a Plecostemus, an aquatic frog, assorted snails, two goldfish, and probably a few others I can no longer recall.
    Trust me when I say, this fish wants to be alone!
    He was so aggressive that once we thought we'd put him outside in our tiny pond to live free and have the chance to swim with bigger fish. Our once tiny goldfish, purchased as food for our Red-Eared Slider Turtle, had grown into 8 year old giant and beautiful want-to-be Koi.
    When I gently set Coupe down into the pond so he could get adjusted to his new freedom, he would not swim away from me. He stayed at my side, me with my hand in the water for his comfort.
    And he refused to go. In the end my heart was breaking that I had put him in the pond. I sat there petting this beautiful yellow bully of a fish and was in wonderment that he seemed to enjoy this.
    I brought him back inside and returned him to his tank. That was years ago, and I can't remember how many years we have been together now? Seems like at least 5. I talk to him every day, sing to him, kiss him through the glass, wave from across the room, and feed him. I look forward to seeing him each morning and have grown accustomed to his splashy night sounds.
    He builds elaborate nests of gravel, moving each pebble in his mouth and spitting it out with all the precision of an architect. There are vast hills and valleys in there, and ever few months he rearranges it all again. Recently he pulled part of the filter tube off ( it is about his size, 5inches) and pulled it to the bottom of the tank, into his nest, where he sleeps with it next to him. He confounds me. Is he lonely? Or not?
    Well, I am lonely, and he makes me less lonely, so there's that.
    I have such compassion for this fish. For all fish. I've always loved fish but he is the first I call my friend.
    Ah, and now here is daylight in through my window. Night has gone, and I see the yellow flash of Coupe waking up. A gleam of quick -yellow zipping and zapping about. His day begins. I wave. He looks, straight on at me, staying still but for the gently wagging of his tail to suspend him. We aknowledge one and other.
    And so it goes. An old woman and her solitary fish. A tale of two creatures co-existing. He is an African Cichlid fish, for those who got this far reading me random babblings on my precious Coupe. May you meet and befriend s fish someday. It can absolutely happen. I wish you well!

  • pru0001 1w


    Ornamented with fetters of mawkish bonds,

    She clutched her heart and buttoned up her lips,
    As a word or two against ,
    Could devoid her of the only few equips.

    Innocence packed smile she displayed,
    But lifeless eyes betrayed,

    Everybody was so proud,
    And buzzed, 'how well trained she is !'

  • rhythmic_beats 2w

    Sympathy, sympathy, sympathy,
    Oh where are you,
    I feel so drained out and vanished
    From my life,
    Nowadays me and my loneliness only
    Orbit around each other
    As if there is complete
    Voidness around!

    Melancholic life arises daily
    As a side effect of technological
    And robotic life;
    No hugs and cuddles
    But only discharged soul
    At the end of the day!

    Oh I switched off my daily life
    And stepped into the steps of nature,
    Barefoot I started walking
    In the moist soul just after
    The soothing drizzles,
    The fragrance of petrichor was
    Attracting the soul to dance
    With the earth, the peacock feathers
    Lying all around was like
    Rainbow kissing the soil!
    I was smiling like a small child
    Fully free from all the stress of life.
    The squirrels were playing and
    Singing with me
    And the trees were rustling
    It's own rhythm,
    My heart also started to play
    And enjoy with them.

    I heard a voice from downwards
    "Oh my dear child, finally you came
    To visit your mom,
    Come my child,
    Let me feed you delicious food",
    I sat on the muddy ground
    Which charged me instantly
    With calmness of earthly touch,
    I sat on the lap of Earth and she
    Hugged me so divinely
    That my eyes flooded with
    Joyful tears, my ears could
    Hear the most melodious music!

    She feed me all delicacies
    Of life one by one as
    My hunger couldn't hide more
    Which was roaring voice of
    Restless soul of modern life.
    The hug was so divine
    That for a moment my physique
    Turned off and the soul
    Travelled into the soil,
    Like the roots spreading deeper
    To the ground collecting
    All minerals for the tree!

    I could feel her vast sympathy
    Pampering me with full of love.
    All her energy synchronized
    My halted growth,
    She is sympathetic, she is empathetic,
    I understood how important
    It is to live along with soil,
    She is support system of our life,
    All foods, dwellings, trees,
    We all live because of soil,
    Because of her strength; her blessings!

    Can we all just care a bit
    For her selfless sympathy, empathy
    And love which she gives unconditionally daily
    Though we are unaware about this fact?

    After death the one who accepts our dead physique
    Is she, the lovely soil,
    Only she has the power to
    Transform the dead to essence
    Of life for other lives,
    Only she welcomes us with love
    After our physical death!

    Holy verses of soil can never
    Be expressed in words
    As it's an energy upon which
    All are living and breathing
    After death too!

    Sympathy within the soul;
    Sam~e~mpathy within the soi(u)l!

    © rhythmic_beats

    PS. It's said that walking barefoot exchanges electrons between us and the soil. That in turn charges our body and soul with positivity and gives a relaxation and different energy.

    Soil has precious bond of sympathy, empathy and love with all creations on the Earth. Do feel and fill your soul with blessings ����

    Image: Instagram

    #soil #love #poetry #blessings #life #bonds #symapthy #empathy #mother #nature #earth
    #rhythmic_beats #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    Sympathy within the soil
    Sam~e~pathy within the soi(u)l.

  • mawkish 3w

    Why am i so bad at writing poems�� Lol
    #trust #love #friendship #bonds #care #relationships

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    Joyful lies

    We roam the world with
    Scars and wounds
    Caused by your thoughtless words
    Never to heal

    Since we've met
    You've refuse to show true you
    Even mow memories of you
    Are not even half the truth

    Wish we could've known us better
    And either accept or decline each other
    Instead of spending years hating each other
    Even for the differences that barely matter


  • avesta 7w

    The Gems!

    It's rare to find people who are happy about your happiness
    Keep them closer!

  • dishagandhi 8w

    Teri Yaari ,Meri Yaari

    Thodi shehad si meethi
    Kuch imli si khatti.
    Thodi moom si nazuk,
    Par chattano se mazboot.
    Aisi hai yaari humari
    Teri Yaari ,Meri Yaari

    Saath befikr si,
    Dooriyo me bechaini si.
    Hum jo saath toh duniya se beparwah,
    Ek duje se bana humara hai jaha.
    Aisi hai yaari humari,
    Teri Yaari ,Meri Yaari.

    Saath tumhare hai har pal khaas.
    Kabhi khamoshi ,toh kabhi dher saari bakwaas.
    Baatein kabhi foolo toh kabhi kaato jaiso
    Par lehza khushboo samaan.
    Aisi hai yaari humari,
    Teri Yaari ,Meri Yaari.

    Haar ho ya jeet,
    Hum rahe saath hamesha.
    Mushkil haalatho me yaar mera,
    Ek chain ki saas jaisa.
    Aisi hai yaari humari,
    Teri Yaari ,Meri Yaari.

    Na khwaahish hai sitaro ki,
    Na chaahat hai nazaaro ki.
    Jo mila hai yaar tumhare jaisa ,
    Kya zarurat hai hume hazaaro ki.
    Aisi hai yaari humari,
    Teri Yaari ,Meri Yaari.

    Mehboob ki zarurat kise hai
    Jab zindagi ne kuch ajeb ajoobe diye hai.
    Teri he ek janib hai ,
    Jo iss musafir k liye wajib hai.
    Aisi hai yaari humari,
    Teri Yaari ,Meri Yaari.

    Bshumaar yaadein,
    Humne hai baate.
    Ek rishta hai ye dil ka,
    Jisse hum taa umrr nibhaate.
    Aisi hai yaari humari,
    Teri Yaari ,Meri Yaari.

    ©Disha Gandhi
    #missing #love #bond #memories #friends #bonds #poetry #writtersstreet #writernetwork #mirakee

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    Teri Yaari ,Meri Yaari.


  • dishagandhi 10w

    The Past

    The Past , it's gone by
    But never left us.
    It's not here
    But always present.
    It's foregone
    Yet never forgotten.

    It can also be aghast.
    There's always a shadow cast,
    On our present by our past.
    But in contrast,
    Even the present becomes the past
    real fast.

    It's all a yore
    And can make you sore.
    But there are even moments
    That you'll probably adore.
    Because when you look to the yesteryears,
    Its not all bad or sad you see.

    There's moments of pleasance
    And there's moments of perturbation.
    There's times you've stood firm
    And times you've fallen apart.
    You've been through it all.
    Recalling it can still make you numb..

    The past has the power,
    To mould your present.
    It is what you were
    And hence a proof that you've changed.
    I say you shouldn't be the same.
    For the better one must always change.

    ©Disha Gandhi.
    #missing #love #bond #memories #friends #bonds #poetry #writtersstreet #writernetwork #mirakee

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    The Past

    ©Disha Gandhi
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  • wordsmypower 11w

    Though we may not talk,
    we're always on each other's mind.
    For friends I believe are eternal,
    though bonds may find no time.

  • rajyash 11w


    Bonds, dreams and beliefs the shackles and chains that suffocate
    When broken you meltdown into the depths of void
    Seeking to lock yourself back, to chain yourself back
    Seeking comfort in suffocation

  • anonymous68 13w

    Aye maalik! dekh kitnaa badal gayaa tera insaan,
    Rishte kache dhaagon ki tarah toot rahen hai,
    Apne hi apnon ko loot rahe hain.
    Aajakal har ghar shatranj ki baisaakh ban chuka hain,
    Jahaan insaan apne-paraye kaa bhed bhul chuka hai,
    Prem ki sugandh thi jidhar, vahaan siyaasat ki bu aati hai,
    Jise kabhi ghar kahte the, aaj usme koi ruh naa baaki hai।
    Aye maalik! dekh kitnaa badal gayaa tera insaan.
    #family #bonds #life #hindi #poem #changed #sadreality @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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    ए मालिक!

    ए मालिक! देख कितना बदल गया तेरा इंसान,
    रिश्ते कच्चे धागों की तरह टूट रहें है,
    अपने ही अपनों को लूट रहे हैं।
    आजकल हर घर शतरंज की बैसाख बन चुका हैं,
    जहां इंसान अपने- पराए का भेद भूल चुका है,
    प्रेम की सुगंध थी जिधर, वहां सियासत की बू आती है,
    जिसे कभी घर कहते थे, आज उसमे कोई रूह ना बाकी है।
    ए मालिक! देख कितना बदल गया तेरा इंसान।।

  • thatgeekgirlau 13w


    It's taken an entirely tiring year, arduous efforts, many letters and calls,
    Many moments of ire, I've shed many a tear.
    To advocate strongly for my big brother.
    He's different, misunderstood but harmless.
    I love him dearly. He's like no other.
    He is special, and gentle, he's one of a kind. He just landed unfortunate wiring of an otherwise brilliant mind.
    Today marks twelve months of solid work, advocating on his behalf.
    Finally, he'll receive support! Help to relearn how to live and laugh!
    We celebrated at dinner, reminiscing over the good old days.
    And proved to our stunned father, though thirty years have passed, we can still both spit perfect rhymes:
    Grandmaster Flash, The Beasties, even N.W.A's!
    So though outwardly my brother might look different, or seem weird, or "insane",
    I love my brother, with all my heart, for his, and don't judge his atypical brain...

  • pranalishah 13w

    Life is too short to
    Not mend old bonds once broken...


  • liii17 15w

    When a little baby is soared high in air,
    Ginormous elation is seen in face...
    The time when we have to shift to other place for higher education or work,
    Parents expectations and happiness is observed...
    When two people start their relationship,
    Immense Love and care develops...
    In all, infinite trust is backbone of all these bonds,
    Until it exists, nothing can be shattered!

  • ranji_pens 15w

    என் அம்மா

    Indian Cinema says,
    Mother is an angel |Mother is a sacrifice|Mother is an epitome |Mother is a connoisseur|Mother is a godly figure|Mother can never be a satire.
    Okay…. Let me get clear.

    Indian cinema says,
    Mother doesn’t feel hunger, pain, anger, wants, or needs.
    But my mother,
    She uses to munch a lot of snacks |She cries out of headache, with no tears|She yells at me, for my mistakes|but she gives me tighter hugs|every time after the fights.

    I also once had my mother glorified,
    But she, in turn, was petrified,
    By all the worship and glorification, I gave her.
    She didn’t want me to worship her, she wanted me to befriend her.
    She didn’t want me to fall at her feet, she wanted me to hug her.
    She didn’t ask me to get her consent, for all my activities, she wanted me to keep her informed.
    She isn’t an expert in cooking, But I would die for her milagu rasam.
    How many ever kids she has/or might have had,
    I am treated extra special.
    And she makes my sibling too feel the same.

    Every dosa reminds me of her when I am home away.
    Every sky-blue saree woman resembles her on the streets.
    Every Hariharan vocal reminds me of her sleek humming voice.
    Every amma, calling her child, reminds me of my mother.

    She loves traveling|she loves two-wheeler rides|She loves mountain drizzles| she loves reading| she loves talking to people| she loves music| she loves naadan kappa kizhangu| she loves sarees| she loves to smile.

    She loves her life even more than she loves me,
    And I am happy about it.
    She lives her life, and makes me understand,
    how we can make others' lives more beautiful, by living one’s own life, with all happiness.
    If that makes her selfish,
    Yeah, let her be so.

    Let’s not glorify mothers or motherhood.
    It’s a choice.
    To be a mother, to be a mother of one’s own style.
    No generalization |No stereotypes|No ifs and buts.
    Just love & friendship between the mom and the child.

    Now, Ask your mother, what she really likes!

    -Mommy’s li’l friend

    Dedicated to all the "now- mother/then-mother/don't want to be a mother/can't be a mother/to be a mother/dog or cat mother/whatever mother", out there

    #mother #daughter #poetry #friendship #bonds

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    The weirdos-mom & daughter


  • shaka_bts 16w

    No matter the efforts and love that were poured, only few friendships and bonds withstood the test of time and circumstances. Not that I blame anyone, but it's the effect of the decisions of both the sides. I must have grown tired of putting a lot of effort with no outcome or you must have grown tired of my multi behavioural patterns.

  • shamli_mali 16w

    A bond stronger than every other,
    This is something beyond
    the world's perception of love!!


  • rjs_11 17w

    Deep down,
    I do miss some bonds.
    My lips are sealed
    With the glue of dark memories.
    And my eyes shut
    With tears of a heavy heart.

  • mm94deepsea 17w

    Friendship is the beautiful flower�� who neither shade their petals nor stop to scent and never stop growing. Sending tight virtual hug�� with infinite love�� to my all friends. ��Happy Friendship Day��

    Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain in words but still want to say something for friends. ��

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    @rimmi24 @1992sakshi @anamika_goswami @udit94

    �� #rimmi #pooja #ritu #ajay #anil ��
    �� Happy Friendship Day ��

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    We meet so many people in life
    Some gives us great lessons of life and move on but some stay with us forever live together and help us to confront dispute.
    Without any blood relation or greed.
    They always stand with us in any circumstances. They gives us light of hope in our darkest days. They hold our hand when we feel alone. They bring smile on our face in our disinterested days.

    Sometimes they are so much irritating but still they try their best make us happy. Sometimes they become humourists and do weird things. Just only to make us laugh harder. They always understand the reason behind our silence. They are the only with whom you can share heaviness. We always feel so much comfortable with them and do everything that we want to.

    They understand our past. Always believe in our future and accept us just the way we are. I am so glad to have friends like you in my life. Always stay healthy and wealthy. Keep growing in your life and Stay connected forever. Thanks all my friends for being a part of my life and for all the little happiness you gave me. Those people are very fortunate who have friends close to their hearts. Luckily I am one of them.