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  • rahul_samraat___ 12w

    खुदा से उसके नाल अब क्या मांगते हो?
    हर शाम लिए जाम अब क्या मांगते हो?
    अब तो उसकी नजरें तुम्हें ढूंढा नहीं करती।
    हाथों में है मौत का सामान,अब क्या मांगते हो?

  • rahul_samraat___ 12w


    वो करती रही बातें सब,मैं बातें उसी का करता रहा।
    वो मेरे दिल में रहती रही,कोई उसके दिल में रहता रहा।

    मैं पागल रहा बस उसके लिए,वो पागल मुझे बनाती रही।
    मेरे वक्त में वक्त बस उसका रहा,वो वक़्त कहीं और बिताती रही।

    मोहब्बत किया उसे इस कदर,वो इश्क कहीं और लुटाती रही।
    और जिस शख्स से उसे मोहब्बत रहा,उसे दोस्त कहकर मिलाती रही।

    और वो ख्वाब उसी की बुनती रही,मुझे ख्वाब इसी का आता रहा।
    वो हिज्र की तलाश में रहती रही,मैं वस्ल के इंतजार में रहता रहा।

  • dipsisri 18w

    @writersbay #boys #boyslife #dearboys #boysfeelings #ladka @antheia_
    I am not changing any definitions here, just trying to change the valetudinarianism.
    "Its not about gender,its about HUMANITY".

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    Dear Boys
    (Part - 2)

    "Be A Gentleman".
    It is said to boys since childhood but you don't have the right to be gentle, you have to save your honour too.Forwarding the chair to the girl, wearing a perfect three piece suite with a tie & winning school/colleges fight and hiding your pain & tears.

    Are these the things that make you a "gentleman"?
    The person who raises his voice for the wrong is "Gentleman".The person's moral values make them "gentleman".

    "All Men Are Dogs".
    Most of the psuedo-feminists say this line.Is your father not a man?Is your brother not a man?
    They should atleast think !

    Tell me who has set this seal that boys cannot wear pink coloured clothes.Break this platitudinous things.

    Rape & harassment also happens with boys.Then why are they considered as homosexual/gay after getting molested or raped?? Where do the boys have pain? They get pleasure & they are insane?
    Patriarchy also touched him in a wrong way.
    They are also a human being.

    Leaving homes,they also go to do jobs but this is'nt a big or special thing for anyone.

    Since childhood they are given all the responsibilities.Ohh!! Let them now live as a child first.

    Their heart also get broken many times,
    Bad girls also ruin their lives.
    Always a boy cheats,
    I want to change this misbelief.

    "Its not about gender equality,its about HUMANITY".
    I know being a girl is a difficult thing but being a boy.Is it so easy?


  • misssrivastava 18w

    Be a boy

    The sadness inside the heart and the smile on the face, this is the identity of being a boy. Among millions of problems who never breaks he is the boy who never bows.he carries the responsibilities of the family on his shoulders, not knowing how many times he slips to climb the stairs of success.he wants to cry but this humble society does not let him cry because "he is boy".
    If the boys cry then they are weak if don't cry then
    They are stone heart. In this journey of life, we do not know how many times he played with his heart.
    He is tried at every turn of life,from son to father he performs the duty well.He brings his tears out of happiness.somtimes his heart wants to sleeps forever from this tired life.
    "Is is so easy be a boy"

  • misssrivastava 18w

    लड़का भी

    चाहे दिलो के अंदर कितनी उदासी हो,
    फिर भी चेहरे पर मुस्कान लाता है..
    मां के हाथ से खाने वाला,
    अब खाना खुद बनाता है..
    जब तक पापा की डांट ना पड़े
    तब तक सोने वाला,
    अब जल्दी काम पर जाता है..
    बहन के साथ लड़ने वाला,
    राखी को तरस जाता है...
    पूरे शहर मोहल्ले में हुड़दंग मचाने वाला,
    आफिस तक सिमट जाता है...
    त्योहारों पर सबसे ज्यादा उत्साहित रहने वाला,
    मुश्किल से घर पर एक फोन कर पाता है..
    अपने अल्हड़पन और नादानियों को छोड़,
    अब वो समझदार हो जाता है..
    एक बेटा, एक भाई,एक पति और फिर एक पिता , इन सब का फ़र्ज़ वो बखूबी निभाता है..
    सबकी ख्वाहिशों को पूरा करके,
    अपनी जरूरतों को कुर्बान कर जाता है..
    अपना घर परिवार और शहर छोड़,
    वो सबके लिए खुशियां कमाने जाता है..
    बेटी ही नहीं होती है विदा,
    "बेटा भी पराया हो जाता है"..

  • dipsisri 18w

    Still there are so many things left to write i will make a part 2 of this.
    Chill out boys!! & Be happy!!:-)��

    Edit:- Part 2 is uploaded now go & check!
    Show your love to 2nd part like u showed here!!
    Thank you so much everyone ��

    #dearboys #boys #social #psuedofeminism @mirakee @macropus @darkerthanblack #boyslife #boysfeelings @philosophic_firefly @writersnetwork #poem #mirakeeworld #mensday #boysarehumantoo

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    Dear Boys

    Dear boys,

    If you ever want to cry,
    Then cry your heart out.
    Because of a false myth that "you are a boy you can't cry".
    Don't grow a poison tree by hiding the seeds of your sad feelings because of a false myth that "you are a boy you can't cry"
    "You are also a human being" Say this to them!!

    Raise your voice if something goes wrong with you.
    Already before complaining about the wrong thing. If you get nervous about the fact that boys are considered wrong, then "How will this consuetude end?

    If you are fond of cooking or make-up etc,then never worry that this work is only for girls.
    In many homes, I have seen that these things are supressed under an intimidation.

    A PASSION is a " PASSION ".
    there is no stamp on it, whether these girls will do it or these boys.

    I was reading other poem on "Dear boys"
    And you know what was the thing in every posts."Advice and only Advice".Boys should behave like this,first they should start conversation & bla-bla :-|.
    So they are "boys" not every boys are demons.Please speak for them also.

    So Dear BOYS just be happy ;-)❤

  • tathagatkaushik 29w

    Boys do cry......

    - boys do cry when they see their mother in pain....
    - boys do cry when their sister leaves them after marriage....
    - boys do cry when they see their father in trouble.....
    - boys do cry when they are hurt....
    - boys do cry when they are heartbroken....


  • deekshasharma08 34w

    Kitna Kunwara, Kitni Kunwari
    Jaan na chahe ye bs
    Ye Chaar logo ki Duniyaan Saari..
    #writersnetwork #girlslife #boysfeelings #wocharlogkyakahege #purelove #puresoul #writersofinstagram

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    Laaj hi Ladki ka gehna
    Ya ye Musibat jo hai Sehna
    Ye Hota h Jo, Jo hua h ye
    Koi kehta bewkufi
    Ab Iska kya hi kehna
    Kitna Kunwara, Kitni Kunwari
    Jaan na chahe ye bs
    Ye Chaar logo ki Duniyaan Saari..


  • tathagatkaushik 36w

    .Do boys read old convos at night ��
    Or is it girls ��
    . #boys #boysfeelings #thoughts #feelings #old #conversation #girls #thinking

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    Do boys read old convos at night
    Or is it girls


  • the_grey_scribbler 70w

    Don't misunderstand us.
    Even we have a life,
    That suffocates under shelter of heart breaks, that smiles under the hood of a lie.
    Yes we are humans. Yes we want to scream and cry.
    #boys #boysfeelings #heartbreak #boysdontcry #brokenheart #love #society #mirakeewriters #follow

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    He starves himself,
    He cuts his wrist.
    This story has a little twist.
    He hates himself,
    He wants to die.
    You can see it in his eye.
    You think he's crazy?
    You think it's a lie?
    Of course you do.
    Because he's a guy.


  • lilc06522 71w


    ∂σ ѕυρρσят ℓιкє ¢σммєηт
    αη∂ ѕнαяє ωιтн υя ƒяιєη∂ѕ
    @Lilc06522 :lilcutie_06522

    Read my thoughts on YourQuote app at https://www.yourquote.in/lil-cutie-bktlb/quotes/some-guy-s-just-don-t-realize-how-much-one-little-thing-girl-vo13h

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  • i_am_abhi 86w

    We wait for the person to love us first and just hesitate to tell him/her that we have feelings for them and sometimes that wait can end everything and can become wait of life.

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    To the girl I loved in school

    Chlo mana ki mere pyar ki khabar usko na thi
    Chlo mana ki uski notebook mere hi pass thi
    Chlo mana ki mere pass uske saath wale bench pr Beth ne ki himmat bhi nahi thi

    Pr kisi Ko kya pata Roz school Osi ke liye jaate the..
    Or usko dekh kr, hi kush ho jaate the
    Pr kya karee galti apni hi thi
    Bolne ki himmat Apne pass nahi thi
    Or samaj ne ki akal us ke pass nhi

    school khatam hoye saloo beet gaye
    Pata nahi aab vo kaisi hogi
    Shayad apni zindagi se kush hi hogi
    Kisi ke toh pyar mei vo bhi pagal hogi

    Shayad iss Dil mei himmat hoti toh kya pata
    Aaj baat kuch or hi hoti

  • phenil 100w

    I don't know who needs to listen to this right now but Please read this ! If you ever experience or notice this, please understand that don't stop men from expressing themselves, lets break the stereotype and let men cry without being judged. �� #men #menism #boysfeelings #BoysDoCry #life #letter #menfeelings #feelings #men #society #stereotypes

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    Why ?

    I could never cry, when I grew.
    A person who cried could lead to disaster, something I never knew.
    Not once would I feel the tears on my cheeks, even when the torture was at streaks.
    May be they ever wanted to come out of my eyes and scream,
    When I broke, they wanted to be free from my eyes and dream.
    I'm broke, dead but I'm not supposed to cry, and it was never an issue, I didn't know why.
    I just lie there decaying between the society's norms and what you call the worldly forms.
    Even I can feel the sensation but I'm not allowed to be alive, but to live with blood in eyes till I survive.

    No, it was not because I was a toy.
    I got to know, its because I grew up as a BOY.
    Inside my head I killed myself for a cry, but this is the norm, your soul may die but Boys don't cry.
    I needed sense of feel but I was told, You're a man darling, hide your scars in your shield, you're not supposed to heal.
    As bad as I need to cry as I'm torn, I want to yell and cry but I'm a mask forever worn, He will die a man and as a man, he is born.
    I'm percieved to be a man I'm not supposed to cry,
    I'm a gentleman, I'm not supposed to ask why.

    -Phenil Hindocha

  • sushantspy 120w


    We are boys
    We too have a heart
    Which have feelings
    Which too wants to get support
    From our girl
    When we are losing everything.


  • hafsa_writes 159w


    I saw her today,
    It seems like it has been forever,
    She looks better than before,
    I asked her how she was going,
    I picked her out over any girl iam with,
    I can't even look at her without crying,
    I told her that I miss her,
    I mean it,
    I love her,
    I held her for the last time,
    Then I went home & cried,
    I lost her.

    I saw him today,
    If I wonder he still cares,
    I couldn't stop staring at him,
    I asked him about his new girlfriend,
    He's probably really happy now,
    He couldn't even look at me,
    He didn't mean it,
    He doesn't mean it,
    He loves his new girlfriend,
    He gave me a friendly hug,
    Then I went home & cried,
    I love him.